🕵️‍♀️🔎 What is Funnel Hacking ?

You might have read or heard  this word “Funnel Hacking” in some articles or videos from online marketers who are using the sales funnel software ClickFunnels.

So I assume you want to know what the word “Funnel Hacking” means & for what it stands.

This article will answer your “What is Funnel Hacking ?” in detail.

🧐 Who is the inventor of Funnel Hacking ?

Therefore I have to introduce you to Russell Brunson, he’s the founder of ClickFunnels & he created & invented this term.

And made it popular in the Digital Marketing Community through his bestselling books Expert SecretsDotcom SecretsSoftware Secrets & 108 Proven Split Test Winners.

He even created an event called “Funnel Hacking Live” which is extremely popular in the digital marketing community.

Furthermore created Russell Brunson Webinars like the “Secret Funnel Strategy”.

Where he explains exactly what Funnel Hacking is & much more important how you can apply it to the real world and benefit from it.

Moreover has Russell Brunson created a big Community of Funnel Hackers which are actively building & enhancing their Funnels with ClickFunnels.

So now we are coming the origin of the term Funnel Hacking.

In the beginnings of Russell Brunson’s online marketing journey he discovered that instead of trying & testing new Squeeze Funnels, Sales Funnels, Optin Funnels etc.

He could just look at successful Funnels which are actively making money.

And then copy & modify the single elements to customize them for your own Funnel.

During this process you examine the Sales Funnel for example of your competitor.

To get access to the Sales Funnel of your competitor you different options.

You can buy a product of him and see what for upsells he’s offering or you can join the newsletter.

Additional can you follow his Facebook Page where you can see which kinds of ads he’s paying money for.

My favourite option is to buy a product of your competitor.

In doing so you can empathize into the customer & experience exactly the customer journey.

🤔💭What exactly means Funnel Hacking ?

Funnel Hacking stands basically for looking behind the curtain of succesful Sales Funnels and then tweaking & testing these elements within  in your own Sales Funnel. 

💻Why is Funnel Hacking so important ?

Imagine you have built a Sales Funnel which is designed for selling an workout supplement.

But unfortunately you don’t get as many orders as you expected over your Funnel.

So what could you do to improve the amount of orders in your Funnel ?

Yes your right, looking at Funnels which are designed for the same target audience.

But how do you find those Funnel s which are in your industry ?

You could search in google “yourindustry companys”  and might find some but this strategy isn’t really effective.

So let me pass a secret to you use SimilarWeb.

This software enables you to find similar websites & naturally also funnels which are similar.

So all you have to do to discover Funnels which you can “Funnel Hack” is to copy your Funnel Link and paste it into Similar Web.

And there you go now you have a list of Funnels of your competitors which you can model & test.

I assume now you see how important Funnel Hacking is.

Because without Funnel Hacking you wouldn’t have the ability to discover Funnels which are making a lot of money & model them.

✍️👩‍🎓📚 Can i learn Funnel Hacking ?

Yes you can, there’s a course and the good news is it’s from Russell Brunson (currently the best Funnel Builder/Hacker) himself.

The course was called Funnel Hacks and now Russell Brunson decided to change the name to Funnel Builders Secrets.

By now Funnel Builder Secrets together with the 10X Secrets Masterclass are the best products Russell Brunson and his team have ever developed.

Funnel Builders Secrets is a package with different products within it.  

First of all you get 6 months or 12 months of the ClickFunnels membership for completely free.

This means you can use Actionetics & Backpack of ClickFunnels completely for free.

If you don’t know what Actionetics is it’s the Email Marketing Software from ClickFunnels and Backpack is the Affiliate Marketing Software.

With that you can recruit your own affiliates.

Secondly you get access to the “Funnel Hacks Masterclass”, this is an incredible in depth training about Funnel Hacking & some other secret strategies.

Moreover you get access to the Funnel Builders Secrets Training where you learn how you can build your first Funnel from scratch.

Furthermore you get access to 12 months of Funnel Scripts which helps you with your copywriting or should I say it does it almost for you.

So if you don’t like writing copy this software is a must have for you.

It writes your Facebook Ad copy, your Sales Letter, your Webinar slides just literally everything.

But this that’s not all, Russell Brunson bought the Traffic Secrets course for 1 million dollar form John Reese. 

If you don’t know John Reese he’s the first online marketer who made 1 million dollars during 1 day.

 And Russell Brunson bought his course from him and gives it to you.

In this course John Reese presents you 127 traffic sources you can use which is incredible powerful.

Obviously you shouldn’t use all of them but you can pick some of them and then focus on those.

Now we are coming to the Unlimited Funnel Bonus which gives you Russell Brunson also for free.

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