What Is ClickFunnels Used For In 2020 ?

In this article I show you exactly for which purposes 100,600 ClickFunnels users  are actively using ClickFunnels and what they actually use ClickFunnels for.

Before we begin I want you to know that ClickFunnels offers currently a 14 Day Free Trial.

What Is ClickFunnels Used For Answered !

 Which means you get full access to all the features of ClickFunnels for a time period of 2 complete weeks and you don’t have to pay anything for that.

So if you are interested in ClickFunnels and want to learn more about it I recommend you to start using it and testing it for these 2 weeks.

So you can see whether it’s a good fit for you and your business.

Learn How To Use ClickFunnels in this article. 

The Usage Scenarios Of ClickFunnels Explained !

So now let’s start with the topic of this article for what can you actually use ClickFunnels ?

You might have asked yourself this question and now you’ve landed on this site.

Perfect because I will reveal to you everything what you can do with the sales funnel software ClickFunnels.

🛠️ The use cases of ClickFunnels ! ⤵️

Clickfunnels is mostly known for their amazing sales funnel builder/editor.

And that’s simultaneously the biggest use case of ClickFunnels.

Russell Brunson the CEO of ClickFunnels has published a total of 4 books entirely focused on the model of sales funnels.

And currently he’s writing his fifth book about that topic.

Which i am personally really excited of.

This suggests itself that his software ClickFunnels is strongly focused on enabling entrepreneurs to design & craft their own individual sales funnels.

Without having to hire expensive designers or programmers.

🚀 #1 The E-Mail Marketing Autoresponder -> Actionetics !

Furthermore has ClickFunnels also other very usable features such as the E-Mail Marketing Autoresponder.

This extension enables you to craft your own automated E-Mail Sequences.

So you can send specific customized e-mails to your E-Mail list subscribers based on their personal needs.

For example you see insights in their social media activity.

According to this information you can  personalize your emails, to help your potential customers specified on their current needs.

This extension is called “Actionetics” and only currently available in the “Etison Suite”, the advanced version of ClickFunnels for $297 per month.

Moreover has ClickFunnels another very useful extension, called “Backpack”.

This one enables entrepreneurs to create recruit their own affiliates for their physical & digital products.

This can be an enormous advantage because so they are able to scale without spending their money on advertising.

🔥 #2 The Affiliate Marketing/Management Software -> Backpack !

Besides that provides “Backpack” the clickfunnels users with the ability to manage & motivate their affiliates with contests or incentives.

Additionally gives the Affiliate Management Software the admin insights into how many products the affiliate has sold. 

According to these statistics can the user of “Backpack” regulate the provision which he’s willing to pay his affiliates.

Subsequently offers ClickFunnels their users also the opportunity to create membershipsites.

Where you as an Clickfunnels user can host your own online courses and sell them.

This means you can make Product Launches over ClickFunnels as well.

👩‍💼💻👨‍💼 Why around 100.000 people are actively using ClickFunnels every month !

I personally think ClickFunnels is mostly used for creating Sales Funnels, Optin Funnels & Automated Webinar Funnels.

Because this kinds of Funnels are extremely valuable & effective nowadays.

Also I mean that a lot of people are using ClickFunnels.

Because of the incredible valuable knowledge which Russell Brunson the CEO of ClickFunnels is providing in his online courses and in his books.

To name some examples there’s the 10X Secrets Masterclass.

Where Russell Brunson reveals his exact strategy about how he earned 3 Million Dollars during a 1 hour presentation, LIVE at Grant Cardones 10X Event 2018 !

In addition there’s the “One Funnel Away Challenge” which offers enormous value & knowledge for an irresistible low price. 

In this 30 Day Challenge Russell Brunson and two other incredible knowledgeable mentors.

Julie Stoian and Stephen Larsen are helping you with extensive video coachings & live calls to build your first or next funnel in 30 Days !

Then finally there’s Funnel Builder Secrets and I really don’t think I have to say something about that offer.

But if you don’t know Funnel Builder Secrets already here’s a short summary.

Funnel Builder Secrets is the ultimate ClickFunnels product and provides you with everything you could possibly think of you need to start your own online business.

funnel builder secrets pricing

You receive depending on the package you choose 6 or 12 month access to an complete Advanced ClickFunnels Account with all available Features.

Moreover gives ClickFunnels you Lifetime Access to the “Funnel Hacks Masterclass”, in which Russell Brunson teaches you personally his secret Funnel Hacks.

Furthermore you get also access to the Funnel Builder Secrets Training.

THis product shows you exactly how to build every Funnel.

Starting at the beginner level with Optin Funnels and ending at the advanced level with Automated Webinar Funnel/ High Ticket Funnels etc.

Then ClickFunnels gives you a 12 month access to Funnel Scripts, which is the self-made Copywriting Software of ClickFunnels.

In addition to these bonuses provides ClickFunnels you with the legendary Traffic Secrets Course from John Reese.

That’s by the way the only opportunity these days to get access to the Traffic Secrets Course.

So don’t miss out on that.

Subsequently adds ClickFunnels also the “Unlimited Funnels Bonus” which enables you to create as many Sales Funnels as you want to.

There’s literally no given limit.

And ClickFunnels obviously provides you with a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee !

So you can get your money back without problems if you shouldn’t like Funnel Builder Secrets.

As you can see is ClickFunnels used for many different purposes.

I’ve already told you about the amazing training courses which ClickFunnels provides.

But you still don’t know about the books which consist of pure online marketing knowledge by Russell Brunson.

So until know has Russell Brunson written and published 4 books, these are Expert SecretsDotcom Secrets108 Proven Split Test Winners and the Funnel Hacker Cookbook.

They are playing also a big role in why people are actually using ClickFunnels.

Because these books exemplified those people the deep knowledge of Russell Brunson.

Therefore using ClickFunnels can be a very good improvement in their business.

Disclosure: I am an independent ClickFunnels Affiliate, not an employee. 

I receive referral payments from ClickFunnels.

The opinions expressed here are my own and are not official statements of ClickFunnels or its parent company, Etison LLC.