👨‍💻 What Is A Sales Funnel Approach ?

Welcome to this article about the Approach of Sales Funnels.

You learn exactly in this article what a sales approach is.

And how you can create a sales funnel for your business.

So first of all What is a Sales Funnel Approach ?

The sales funnel approach is always individual & customized to the business.

For example for a coaching business it can be better to use Auto Webinar Funnels to offer the attendees a free coaching session.

Than using only an Optin-Funnel which only collects the E-Mail Adress of the potential customer.

The benefit of a Auto Webinar Funnel for coaching businesses is that it helps building a personal relationship between the potential customer and the coach.

Thus the potential customer feels more connected to the coach which is extremely important for business.

Since people are buying from people.

A very good example for this is Sam Ovens.

He pays for Youtube & Facebook Ads and then builds up curiosity in the ad.

After that he sends the interested visitor to his Webinar where he establishes a personal relationship.

Subsequently the potential customer has the option to enroll into Sam Ovens Consulting Accelerator and other training programs.

A normal Sales Funnel on the other hand works differently.

Here the sales funnel collects the email address of the customer and then sends him oftentimes directly to the sales page.

There a video and copy converts the visitor to a customer.

I assume you have a business or you consider starting one since you wouldn’t google “What is a sales funnel approach ?”.

For creating a sales funnel for your business you need a sales funnel software.

And you have to learn how to create a sales funnels specifically to your business type.

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