The Traffic Secrets ClickFunnels Course !

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In this article you will learn where you can buy Traffic Secrets from ClickFunnels.

As you may already know has John Reese sold his popular course “Traffic Secrets” to Russell Brunson the founder of Clickfunnels.

Unfortunately you can’t buy Traffic Secrets directly but you can get it if you invest in Funnel Builder Secrets.

🚀 Option #1: Get Traffic Secrets with Funnel Builder Secrets for $1,997 !

In the basic version of Funnel Builder Secrets are 6 months of an Enterprise Account included.

Furthermore you get access to two comprehensive training courses Funnel Hacks & Funnel Builder Secrets Training.

Moreover gives Funnel Builder Secrets you 12 months Access to the Copywriting Software “Funnel Scripts”.

(Here you can read my guide about Funnel Scripts Pricing).

And you get upgraded ClickFunnels Accounts with the “Unlimited Funnels Bonus”, which means that you can create as many Funnels as you want to with your ClickFunnels Account.

Normally you are limited to 20 Funnels and 70 Pages.

And naturally gives ClickFunnels you a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.

Besides that gives you Funnel Builder Secrets Lifetime Access to John Reese Traffic Secrets.

In Traffic Secrets shows John Reese you 127 different ways to get Traffic to your offers.

If you don’t know the story of John Reese already I will tell you about it.

John Reese broke the “4 Minute Mile” of the Internet Marketing.

He launched his course “Traffic Secrets” made 1 million dollar in 24 hours.

After he reached this milestone other internet marketers also reached this mark.

Because many online marketers recognized that it’s doable and finally did it as well.  

📈💻 Why should you buy the Traffic Secrets ClickFunnels Course ?

First of all is John Reese an extremely knowledgeable Online Marketer who has proven already several times that his stuff works.

And even Russell Brunson the CEO of ClickFunnels has decided to buy the rights on John Reeses Traffic Secrets course then that’s a big statement.

Besides that are you getting with the Funnel Builder Secrets Package everything you need to start your online business.

Not to mention the incredible comprehensive Funnel Hacking & Funnel Building training from Russell Brunson.

If you want to get more insights then you are welcome to read my in depth article about Russell Brunsons Funnel Builder Secrets.

How to get the Traffic Secrets ClickFunnels Course for only  418 Dollars.

🚀 Option #2: Get Traffic Secrets with Dotcom Secrets for $418 !

There’s also another way how you can get the Traffic Secrets ClickFunnels Course for less money.

In fact is Traffic Secrets also an upsell of the Dotcom Secrets Book which you can buy.

First you have to buy Dotcom Secrets.

Then you get the offer from Russell Brunson or  ClickFunnels to buy the Black Box for $14.80.

After you have bought the Black Box you have the ability to invest in in the “3 Funnel Bundle” for $37. Then Russell Brunson offers you the opportunity to buy the Audio Books, you have to do this as well.

Then finally ClickFunnels or Russell Brunson sends you the offer with the opportunity to invest in the Traffic Secrets Course for only $297.

That’s the secret way how you can get the Traffic Secrets Course from the legendary marketer John Reese for just $418.

I hope I could help you a lot with this guide 🙂




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