👨‍💻 The Better Software Similar To Instapage in 2019 !

Welcome to this article here I will present you a software which is similar to Instapage and in my opinion even better.

I am speaking of ClickFunnels.

ClickFunnels is exactly like Instapage a Sales Funnel Software but has even more features which I am going to present in this following article.

By the way here you can get  your Personal ClickFunnels Expert.

🍉 Why ClickFunnels is Better Than Instapage:

So let’s get started with the pricing of ClickFunnels.

ClickFunnels has two different pricing plans the “Basic version” for $97/mo and the Etison Suite for $297/mo.

Moreover has ClickFunnels an special bundle only a few people know about.

It’s called Funnel Builder Secrets and gives you many bonuses compared to the normal ClickFunnels Plans.

Such as the Funnel Hacks Masterclass,

Funnel Builder Secrets Training,

Traffic Secrets, 6 & 12 months Access to the ClickFunnels Etison Suite,

12 months Access to Funnel Scripts.

And the Unlimited Funnels Bonus for your ClickFunnels Account !

🥥 The Basic Plan of ClickFunnels !

With the basic version you can create 20 Funnels and 100 Pages.

Likewise you can receive up to 20,000 visitors to your Funnels.

Moreover you can have an Unlimited amount of contacts.

You can create 3 Domains which are included in your ClickFunnels Account for Free.

So let’s see which functions are included in ClickFunnels.

First of all you can create A/B Split Tests, this means you can test different Funnels, Landingpages, elements of Pages against each other and see which better performs.

Next you have a ton of Email Integrations which are compatible with ClickFunnels.

I am pretty sure that your current E-Mail Marketing Provider is compatible with ClickFunnels.

Here you can take a look at the List of connectable E-Mail Providers with ClickFunnels.

And if you don’t have a E-Mail Marketing Software currently that’s no problem at all since ClickFunnels has their own one.

It’s called Actionetics and is integrated in the Etison Suite.

Beyond that has ClickFunnels also their own Affiliate Marketing /  Management Software “Backpack”.

Later in this article I will present you their awesome features.

But first let’s get back to the basic ClickFunnels Plan.

Obviously can you create a ton of different Sales Funnels with ClickFunnels.

This includes all Advanced Funnels, Optin Funnels, Sales Funnels, Membership Funnels, Automated Webinar Funnels complete with E-Mail Integrations and more.

Additionally you can create Webinar Funnels and Hangout Funnels.

And with your Membership Funnels you can convert Unlimited Members.

The Click Pops Feature allows you to create & place Pop Up Boxes on any website.

This is perfect for your Blog or existing websites.

With the Click Optin Feature you can include one click Links Optin Links in the emails to your existing subscribers or affiliate subscribers.

Moreover you can accept credit card payments directly from order pages inside ClickFunnels.

Therefore you only have to pay $0.30 +2,9% Total Merchant Fees !

Likewise you can create Upsells and Downsales in your Funnel to maximize your ROI per Customer.

Beyond that you can share your Funnels with your friends and colleagues and let them use yours.

They can also customize them to their own needs.

Finally you receive with your $97 per month ClickFunnels Account, 1 SMTP Integration and 1 Per Type Billing Integration.

Also offers ClickFunnels a 14 Day Free Trial.

During this 2 week trial you have access to every Feature of ClickFunnels and can experience the software on your own behalf.

🥝 The Etison Suite of ClickFunnels !

Now let’s take a look at the Etison Suite for $297 per month.

This one has major differences to the normal $97 per month account.

First of all you can create an Unlimited Amount of Funnels.

There are literally no limits to your Funnel Building fantasies.

Secondly you can create an Unlimited Amount of Pages.

Next you can receive an Unlimited Amount of Visitors to your Funnels.

And just like in the basic ClickFunnels Account you can get an Unlimited Amount of Contacts.

Beyond that you can create Unlimited Custom Domains.

With the Etison Suite you receive all Features of the basic ClickFunnels plan.

🎁 The Exclusive Features of the ClickFunnels Etison Suite !

But you have access to Actionetics & Backpack which are only available in the Etison Suite.

Let’s start with Actionetics.

📧 The E-Mail Marketing Software "Actionetics" of ClickFunnels !

Here you have an integrated Visual Email Builder.

With that one you can give your emails your personal, unique touch to build a deeper relationship with your audience.

Next you can manage your Lists with Actionetics.

You can send Broadcast Emails.

These are Emails which are getting send to all members of your list.

So if you have to make important announcements this Is definitely a beneficial feature to use.

Additionally you can track the Clicks and Opens of your Emails.

From these statistics you can conclude which copy is the better one and more appealing for your audience.

Moreover you can set up Autoresponder Series, this enables you to automate your email marketing process.

But I personally prefer the Action Funnels, these are comparable to the Workflows you might know form other Email Marketing Providers.

This Action Funnels are allowing you to send out emails on specific actions your list have done.

Thus you can target every member of your email list on a specific way.

For example if you see that a person of your list is more interested in informational content.

Then you can add him automatically with the Action Funnels Feature to a “Informational Content” list.

Another member of your list might want to buy your most valuable package directly.

And shows no interest in going through your whole Funnel in which you are selling him cheap stuff.

With Action Funnels you can let him automatically add to your “Lucrative Members” list where you sell him your most valuable products.

Action Funnels is by far my favorite feature of Actionetics since you can dissect your list and give every member of your list exactly what he wants.

Besides that you can send out emails based on the location where your members are located.

For example you can hire a translator and send emails to your subscribers in their origin language.

You can as well send emails based on the social media activities of your list.

Thus you have a Flexible & Advanced Segmentation.

Another Feature are Lead & Action Scores and the special Magic Social Contact Profile.

With the Magic Social Contact Profile you can create up to 100k contacts.

So now you know everything about Actionetics.

💰 The Affiliate Marketing / Management Software "Backpack" of ClickFunnels !

Let’s take a look at Backpack.

As I already mentioned is Backpack your Affiliate Marketing & Management Software.

You recruit Unlimited Affiliates for your products with Backpack.

This enables you to scale your products in a massive way.

Therefore you can create Unlimited Commission Plans.

I should also mention that everything in the Backpack Interface is easy to setup with 1 Click.

In your Commission Plans you can pay your Affiliates with One Time Payments and in Subscription Plans.

This depends obviously on the product you are selling.

As well you can manage your Affiliates and see your Top Affiliates.

Obviously you can also the commissions paid to your affiliates and the commissions owed.

Beyond that you can brand your Affiliate Sign Up Area with your unique Design.

All in all you have a Complete Customization to your needs.

Finally you have 3 SMTP Integrations.

And 3 Per Type Billing Integrations.

My final words

ClickFunnels is similar to Instapage and in my experience much better.

So if you are currently unsatisfied with Instapage.

You should try the 14 Day Free Trial of ClickFunnels and experience for whether it fits your needs.

I can only speak for myself.

ClickFunnels is currently my favorite Sales Funnel Builder Software.

So I hope I could help you with this article !



I am an independent ClickFunnels Affiliate, not an employee.

I receive referral payments from ClickFunnels.

The opinions expressed here are my own and are not official statements of ClickFunnels or its parent company, Etison LLC.