🚀 An Honest Review of Sidekick by HubSpot !

Any business which intends to run successfully on a digital platform has to apply a CRM approach.

CRM (Customer relationship management) is a method adopted to deal with existing and potential customers of a company.

To drive the sales, any company ought to analyze the relationship of the customer.

Previously through data analysis to ensure existing customer retention to establish a firm client base.

Customer relationship management could be done by compiling data from different means.

Of communication channels like company website, Email, chat, social media, etc.

Focusing on CRM facilitates the organization to know which aspect has to be improved.

While catering to the needs of clients and to know the actual requirement of the target audience to upgrade the performance.

This allows the evaluation of the level of customer satisfaction.

Customer data could be gathered and analyzed using statistical methods.

Enquiring about customer experience would maximize lead potential.

This is now linked to business intelligence system and communication software to improve corporate communication and end user’s experience.

The tool is one such platform where you would find tremendous growth.

Sidekick by HubSpot is a strategic approach which aims at a customer-centric business culture.

By integrating sales, marketing, and customer support service.

It is like an all in one literally.

This is a smart e-commerce platform helping you to sell quickly by automating the process of sales.

Marketing automation would see failure if there are no right people and the right resources.

Client info, past sales, lapses in previous marketing strategies.

And other aspects have to be introspected to develop a business and to make sure it runs successfully.

It can be connected to your local and online databases.

Where all the data would be displayed on a dynamic dashboard which could be accessed on any device.

the dashboard tracks and records critical metrics which are related to customer’s behaviour.

The tool is facilitating to connect to Gmail directly.

This will allow you to acknowledge when anyone has opened your mail and to know what they clicked, nothing but complete Email tracking.

▪️ Chance to drive productivity with Email templates.

▪️Scheduling meetings is made much more straightforward.

▪️ Ability to manage contacts up to one million.

▪️ Several users are unlimited.

▪️ Logging into sales activities is quite simple.

▪️ I have an integrated lead management system.

▪️ All these services are free of cost.

The entire process would help to discover huge leads within a short period.

This software is designed such that the integration of marketing and sales platforms is smooth.

Application Programming Interface: (API)

API allows quick and user-friendly integration with other apps of the stack.

It is organized for fast performance, reliability, growth which is updated and managed without interruption in the services.

Two potential means of authentication are available, which are offering optimum security for commercial use.

Right from social advertising to the top-level APIs, it is being served by a highly and diversely skilled technical and developer teams.

Smooth synchronization of all the tools in a simplified manner is making it the best choice.

Small businesses which are looking for an advanced level of marketing automation platform.

With high capabilities for marketing automation can opt for the tool without any doubt.

This ensures a steady stream of leads to the company.

Email automation workflow is the easiest on any market.

It allows you to connect with leads, with all your contacts accessible in a central database.

This leads to a quick closure of deals.

All that you require is a tool account to use this extension.

Email tracking:

Track the Emails through your Gmail account.

You would receive a notification instantly when someone opens your Email.

If anyone opens a link or an attachment from your mail, you would be notified facilitating a relevant follow-up.

You can hold the leads without slipping by not giving any chance to miss by this tracking feature.

It frees up more time to deal and close warm leads.

Gmail CRM:

By connecting directly to your Gmail, you can log Emails automatically.

Which ensures an organized communication and its backup or record.

Email template creation and sharing:

Iterated sales Emails could be modified to use templates.

This would save a lot of time instead of repeating the format.

As time progresses, you would be able to estimate the performance of a model.

All templates you have created could be accessed directly in Gmail account and can be shared to your team members.

Automated Outreach:

All your contacts can be enrolled into a sequence in Gmail.

To upgrade CRM performance, you are supposed to queue a systematic follow-up Emails.

Which would get delivered automatically on a specified date and time.

When they seem to engage most likely. Reminders also could be sent in a similar pattern.

Scheduling of Meeting:

This ensures eliminating the fuss of back and forth of Emails just by sending a link.

Which facilitates the lead to opt a time which would serve the purpose of both the client and the company.

Reducing Manual Hassles:

Manual entry of all the details of every contact is not required hereafter.

Sidekick by HubSpot would log all the lead’s info, Email clicks, etc. automatically.

Pipelining Sales:

Speeding-up of the process of transactions without any difficulty in the maintenance of spreadsheets and any other tools.

The entire process of pipelining of sales is very much manageable with the help of sidekick.

This can act independently or can be connected to the tools which are already in use by the company.

A fully integrated system which would modify the whole perspective of your company’s CRM.

Sidekick by the device is compatible with IOS and Android mobile apps.

Talking to voicemail could be eliminated and this time can be utilized in giving demos to the clients and to close the deals.

Tools of HubSpot:

The tools in the platform are pretty practical.

This is suiting and serving the needs of the top-class organization and even first-time users or entrepreneurs.

This is a platform for a powerful marketing, and customer retaining strategy.

Which ultimately leads to the growth of the business connects with other software like Gmail, outlook, etc.

Advantages Of HubSpot:

Whenever a lead opens the Email, you can send a perfectly timed follow-up.

This perfect timing ensures to close a deal faster than ever.

With an efficient lead management system, it is converting leads to sales and efficiently managing the current clients.

Contact timeline, list segmentation, custom properties are few features which are becoming the game changers of any business.

You have access to other management features that keep the company on track, ensuring you and your customers to land in a win-win situation.

HubSpot Is Easy to deploy:

It is swift and easy to use. Its layout is designed for easy usability.

There is a lot of help in the form of information and support.

Lead generation, nurturing, and closing:

Sidekick by the platform is perfect in capturing leads, nurturing them, and closing the deal.

Blogging, Social Media, Calling, SEO, marketing automation, Email tracking, Analytics, and many more to offer all at one platform.

Perfect integration:

Seamless integration right from marketing and sales without any communication lapses between these wings.

Which ultimately reduces the chances of missing a lead during the transition.

Perfect sync between the sales force and a point is possible using a record of every mail, meeting, call, etc. which are just a click away.

Software integration:

Be it Google Analytics, Facebook, whatever it is likely to integrate and work with.

Completely integrated social media management tools are available, which gives you a scope to improve your content.

You can easily add any of the social media platform links to the social module of Hubspot.

Once it is added, you have a chance to post on those platforms through this tool.

Continuous engagement and monitoring of social media channels without leaving the platform is facilitated.

This helps in building hyper-targeted social streams.

It facilitates tracking of social interactions to contacts which are present in the database.

It blends easily in any software ecosystem as it is incorporated with several corporate and productivity tools.

This could be used in sync with other apps and popular CRM, depending on the type of plan you have opted for.

Guesswork elimination:

Knowing about a warm lead would eliminate guesswork regarding points to a greater extent.

It allows us to personalize the outreach after a point engages with your Email.

Automate outreach to the prospects who are not involved yet.

The cold opportunity will not be given a chance to waste your time as no guesswork is required here.

A precise data of warm leads is available, which takes less time to close the deal.

Accurate info of the leads would allow you to make sure of your follow-up with them.

If any document like proposal has been downloaded, then the next moment itself you will be notified without any time lapse.

When you contact a lead making sure of his inclination towards the proposal would make it a successful deal by converting a point into a sale.

With this, you can expect more calls answered, meetings held with leads.

And an increase in the number of transactions as you are reaching them at the right time.

Lead History:      

Every lead’s history can be known just with a glance by the in-built activity stream.

Which automatically logs.

Getting a sale is easy if a customized approach is being employed.

Built-in analysis with vast data is offered.

You are provided with the correct information, which is to be analyzed.

Reports are prepared on essential metrics.

The tracking history of every contact is available any time to ensure that you can get done with accurate and detailed descriptions.

Connect with apps:

Your team might be already familiar at using few apps or some softwares.

And the advantage of using Sidekick by Hubspot is that it can work seamlessly with all of them.


 You have the power on when and how to receive notifications.

Choose depending on your requirement and flexibility.

Ensure the surfacing of most relevant notifications on the top of your activity feed and try following the saying hit the iron when it is hot.

In this context of business setup, it is nothing but sending a perfectly timed follow-up.


Personalize your business platform and optimize your documents by identifying.

Which pages can attract and convince the leads to spend more time on them and which pages need to be improvised.

Live Chat:

 When the leads are actively engaged with your site, try connecting directly with them.

Direct the chat session to the right person.

Whom you think can build a strong relationship and has the caliber to modify the lead to a successful sale.


It gives a chance to queue up sales calls, log calls, and record calls from your browser.


Try to employ workflows to ensure automation of time-consuming and manual tasks.

Sales automation process has to be implemented.

Preparing customized reports and sharing the statistics with executives and sales team would allow driving sales.

The standard reports of contacts consist of the info regarding the life cycle stages funnels, wins and losses; revenue.

Customer reporting has got more value because of its ability to propel the business forward.

There are four types of customer reports that offer useful data.

Single data set:

This report allows to know data of only one data set, which includes contacts, deals, tickets, activities, etc.

Across data set:

Report on data the same as above, but across two different datasets.

It helps in realizing the relationship between properties across two separate sets.

For instance, the relationship between deal and contact.


This is the report on the progress of contact, deals, and events.

With this, you would be able to analyze how a transaction is being progressed.

Through the stages of your specific buyer’s funnel and can make the changes accordingly.


This report is to analyze the movement of the visitors through the website.

This is a custom attribution report.

This gives info about how the customers got into the site and what feature ultimately led to contact you.

You can also know the functionality of social media websites and how far they are successful in getting the leads.

The number of reports, the more will be the data and metrics.

This reflects the state of your company.

Metrics which are to be examined are average deal size.

Lead-to-close time, customer acquisition cost, the average number of sales or activities and lost reason or close win.

The central dashboard combines all marketing and sales reports into one interface.

Allowing you to know the progress of the initiatives you have taken and go with the modifications as needed.

This tool allows you to create segmented reports based on lists, types.

And reflect all the contacts. It is helpful for you to see and estimate.

How your various target clients are reacting to the efforts and strategies you have implemented.


Data can be transformed into insights which would be delivered to your mobile or smart tv channel with the support of databox.

It connects multiple data sources at one platform.

It creates a customized way to the team to delve into a few other essential metrics of the business progress.

The marketing purpose of the CRM is very well known and implemented.

This tool provides a report on total contacts, the average time to close the deal, new deals amount.

Closing deals, deals won, sales lost, total revenue of the company, etc.

Analyzing extensive statistics related to business would allow you to improve the business practices to gain a vast potential client base.

Sales report:

Sales dashboard gives five stories by default to provide an overview of your sales process.

The list of these five reports includes deal forecast; the deal closed vs goal, team activity, sales performance, and productivity.

Deal forecast:

This report gives information about the amount of forecasted revenue for deals which are in the pipeline.

The deal stage probability is multiplied by the deal amount of each transaction while calculating forecasted revenue.

All deal stages are shown in this report.

A deal appears here if and only if the amount and the close date are in the dashboard date range.

The deals closed vs goal:

This report shows the comparison between the revenue of a closed deal to the team goal.

In due course of time, the progress of the team could be tracked, giving a chance to set better sales goals.

Within a selected data range, the deals which were closed as won can be known with this report.

Team activity:

Within a selected data range, this report tells you about the recent 20 sales activity of your team.

Sales performance:

This further consists of five basic metrics.

They are contacts created, contacts assigned, communications worked, new deals created, and deals closed won.


This report gives the total number of calls and emails sent, emails.

Which are logged as activities on contact’s record, tasks, and meetings occurred during a selected date range.

The job appears in this report only if the due date is within the selected time range.

Get started:

You need not worry about knowing whether the lead has checked your Email or not.

Sidekick user primarily uses a chrome extension to build a great set of tools that help you throughout the sales process.

By using a simple browser plug-in integration with Gmail, g suit, outlook, and office 365 are possible.

Sidekick was successful in building a substantial market share and significantly impacted the business of many companies.

By this, the companies were able to create a more effective and interactive lead campaign.

An intelligent lead tracking solution should be a holistic approach that encompasses all the essential aspects and tools of lead generation campaign.

It is an excellent free service. It plays a vital role.

When you want to track an urgent Email, and if it is not opened, it allows you to send a reminder for the same.

This is effective and useful.

It is easy to understand and operate. It is not merely to track, but it is an option to let you schedule your mail.

You have to sign-up with the link to start using these fantastic features.

Facilitates free account creation.

A flexible signup process is to login through your Google account.

Then install the sidekick chrome extension.

From its dashboard, give access to Gmail account.

The platform is a reputed and a genuine company where the security of reports of its clients is given utmost importance.

How to use Sidekcik by Hubspot ?

For a new user, all the instructions which are on the sidekick app dashboard are simple to understand.

Once the user is familiar with the instructions, he can get the maximum benefits from sidekick to expand his business.

After configuring the Email service, sidekick starts to work with all its features.

Even you will be given info regarding the links in the Email which you have sent, whether opened or not.

If any mail need not be tracked, you can control its tracking just by unchecking it.

Scheduling Emails is an excellent feature where sidekick will send automatically.

After you have signed up for sidekick and installed the chrome extension, click on compose, now you have the flexibility to schedule it for a time later in future.

Here you are supposed to give offline access to Gmail account to HubSpot.

Smartphone compatibility is making it widely accessible.

Even on the phone, all the features are executed promptly.

The mobile app is allowing us to send emails directly.

Entrepreneurs and startup companies would be benefited a lot with these features to expand their business further.

Two hundred emails per month is a limit to track Emails in a free version.

You can invite and encourage others to get this free version.

You have an option to upgrade your premium.

Once you start using, you are likely to continue its usage because of its extraordinary features to drive the sales.

This allows us to manage deals and tasks, stay connected to your leads, and leaves room to concentrate on other aspects of the business.

Activity feed:

There is a feature which gives access to view complete recent activity at one place.

These are grouped by contact.

The info is unique to the account you are signed into.

The Email tracking activity feed is Email specific.

To know activity feed in your  HubSpot account navigate to contacts, then to the activity feed.

Using search bar try searching for a specific activity.

To filter by specific activity type, click on events dropdown menu.

All account types:

To view total recent activity.

Email opens:

To view all recent Email opens.

If any open location is seen, then your feed would notify where it was located and at what time it was opened.

For the same mail, sometimes you happen to see multiple opens.

Email clicks:

To view all recent clicks of Email here.

Sent Mails:

You can view all emails which were posted recently.

Doc views:

View all recent pictures on your docs.

Lead visits:

You can view all recent lead visits.

Prospect visits:

View all recent visits from the prospects.


View all form submissions recently.


All recent meeting booked can be viewed with its meeting link, which would be provided.

Show all activities:

To view all recent events of a contact.

If you wish to follow-up with a contact on phone or mail, hover over the activity and select accordingly.

You can find an option called ‘more’ where you can create a note, log an account, schedule a meeting, and mute a notification.

Buyer’s journey:

You would be able to see the stage of the buyer in which your contacts are progressing in like initial marketing, lead, qualified lead, sales qualified lead, the customer.

Analytics and tracking feature:  

These are making sure to make customized content to strike the target clients who would be best for inbound strategy.

This changes the course of your entire sales process.

Several free tools and considerations are available when you wish to select a device for any specific aspect of your business.

Marketing and sales teams are supposed to use essential technology.

And should know the apt considerations before choosing a technology.

A proven powerful tool to manage your strategy, which is combined with the perfect team to execute, will ensure your success.

Commitment to a long-term content strategy would generate exceptional results.

The reputation of an organization is likely to be influenced by the marketing strategy.

Which plays a massive role in shaping brand perception among the public.

Content strategy is very crucial for maintaining an online reputation, ideally in tune with that of offline.

A content calendar is to be prepared and followed meticulously.

Monitor the schedule and be prepared for the activities planned like the promotions or the offers which are to go live.

Smooth coordination between various departments is vital to avoid back and forth of any information.

A wrongly cited mail would change the perception of the client towards the company

Being Robust software, the inbound marketing results are as follows:

Content marketing costs are 62% less than conventional marketing.

Lead generation is three times as many leads to traditional marketing.

Inbound marketing is giving an assured, higher return on investment.

This is all possible because of the right software and perfect execution.

And the efforts to understand that the relationship with the customer has to be unique and efficient.

Campaign tools:

The performance of your website pages, social media marketing, landing pages, blogs is all kept on track with campaign tools.

These tools would avoid all sorts of ambiguity, giving you a clear idea on return on investment.

In a frequently changing marketing landscape, these tools would come to the rescue of a business.

You can drag and drop your content on a webpage, blog posts, landing pages.

Editing and modifying the content and its designs are straightforward.

These features have eliminated the need for externally contracted designers.

Real-time search engine optimization suggestions would help you to see your content in search and social media by posting at the optimal moment.

The design of the content would draw your visitors and make sure to click, and coding is not at all required at any stage of business.

This adds to the quality of the work you do and results in high productivity.

It fills all the lapses and voids, closes the loop to deliver a substantial ROI.

Hubspot academy and support:

The culture of educating the customer is being promoted here.

An ace marketing training is being provided to business owners to make them flexible.

And familiar with the tools to gain maximum benefit of its capability.

Webinars on crucial topics like content marketing.

And contact management, how to increase web traffic and leads is allowing the users to gain sustainable knowledge.

There are several subscribers to their blog, and any salesperson or a marketer can learn many new things.

New methodologies and best practices from qualified trainers are taught.

You can open a ticket on the site and request technical assistance.

You can even ask to be called or can submit your query via Email, and for sure you would receive a response on the same day.

Another reason for choosing this is there in time support with a reliable team of professionals.

To assist you in need and can contact through your convenient mode of communication.

Many training materials and guides are offered as it has a large user community.

You can even share your own experience. All the feedback and suggestions from the community are taken into consideration.


The basic version is free of cost; premium versions are available which are having more features comparatively.

This software is providing competitive pricing and assuring more to offer.

This requires the user to sign a one year contract.

Three plans and various add-ons are equipped to provide flexibility regarding pricing.

The company can choose as per its requirements and the size of the contact database.

When compared to what it offers, it can be treated as on budget option.

With a vast number of tools available and an all in one software.

Which provides marketing strategy is a must to experience a change in the way, you have been following so far.

Substantial influence would be noted in due course of time, and the businesses would become more capable than ever.

Additional benefits:

Fifteen thousand free Email credits per month are offered.

24×7 real-time customer service support.

Free migration is provided.

Free training onboarding is given.

Inbound marketing would be done through:

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)


Social media marketing

Marketing automation



Landing page

Email marketing

Lead management


Increase in web traffic.

Increase in social media traffic.

Increase in referral web traffic.

Increase in simple view to lead rate.

Increase in landing page conversions.

Sales visibility:

You would get a clear view of sales and have the chance to sort deals by name, stages with the help of custom filters.

A platform is a cloud-based software which has got its benefits.

Low cost:

Cloud solutions do not need servers and local installations.

Here you only need a system with internet connectivity and your login credentials.

Updates are free:

For locally installed software, would you always need to pay for the license of a new version with updates.

Here the updates are for free.


You will have the full-time support having the core of the software installed in data centers much faster.

Than if you have the software which is installed locally.

Easy integration:

Cloud platforms come with preloaded APIs resulting in easy integration.

With less complication. Secure access anytime, anywhere from any device is possible as it is cloud-based software.:

SSL certification:

Hosting your website in Hubspot has a benefit of having all your activities sorted from a single point of access.

And you can optimize your website for better marketing performance.

Your website would get a free SSL certification and can be listed under HTTPS.

Which would be ranked higher in Google search results for various reasons like security.

Smart content:

Communication can be personalized based on the attributes of buyers considering various factors like the device.

They use to visit the site, life stage they are in, etc.

With the support of this software, visitors will be shown the content which is apt for them.

Smart forms:

Usually, marketers are eager to gather a lot of info possible from their leads and extended arrangements, asking many details of the points are prepared.

Quick ways would cut down the unnecessary columns, and only relevant fields are in the form.

Competitor analysis:

With competitor tool, you can evaluate your place in terms of marketing activities.

And can compare with your competitor just by adding their site to the instrument.

With this, you will be able to modify your strategies and would go ahead with necessary changes as required.

The internal sales alignment is many years ahead of the competitors.

Bringing leads:

Not only managing existing deals, but every company also has to concentrate on how to get new points to expand their business.

You will have a clear picture of where to promote your content and which section of the society is most interested in that content.

This helps you in monitoring who is visiting and what are the constraints that are refraining them from making a deal.

Sidekick by HubSpot is having affordable pricing scheme, including a free plan for small and startup companies.

The paid plan is also worth the price, which has to be paid every month.

It covers the full suite of sophisticated sales and marketing features.

It’s code free function is making it simple even to inexperienced agents.

Known for its productivity, one can confidently invest in this software either individually or with another plan.

CRM is available for free, which is a valid point to note.

Loaded with an array of benefits and a proven reputation of boosting sales.

When compared to other conventional methods.I it is chosen as the best solution for all the hassles of sales improvement.

Any such robust sales platform would involve complexity usually which needs training for hours together.

Whereas here sidekick by HubSpot which is catering the needs of small and developing businesses.

Came up with a simple module and interface which takes almost no time to become familiar about how to work with it.

As already stated, it is cloud-based and does not impose any complex setup and installation fees.

Sidekick by HubSpot is well synced with The platform CRM which tracks sales pipeline, including ongoing, won and lost deals.

This could be used along with conjunction with Hubspot marketing.

Which lets you manage promotional activity all in a single account and easy integration with many third-party apps.

Any software solution may seem to have thousands of users, but it may cater to the company specific needs or may not.

Keeping this point in view, go through the reviews and go through the factors like pricing, integration etc. and then conclude.

Try with a free version and do exhaustive research to assist you in selecting the best software.

Which caters your needs specific to your firm.

The free version of Sidekick by HubSpot has the features of limited calling, limited email tracking history, limited email templates, insufficient documents.

Gmail and outlook integration, email notifications, email integration and the platform API.

It provides the ability to create sales automation which even a non developer can use effectively and get benefited from.

This is an ever-updating platform which always surprises its users with substantial improvements.

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