🤔 How Much Does a Sales Funnel Cost ?

If you have launched a new business or you wish to take proper course of action.

Dor selling your products and services artfully and vigorously then your only chance is through a sales funnel.

Modern marketing has outgrown traditional ways and methods for attracting clients or customers.

And this makes it even more imperative that if at all your business needs proper conversion of its customers or visitors.

Then you need to create a proper sales funnel for your particular sales model.

Unlike the website which when optimized ranks on top of the search engines.

You need to go a few steps further for the actual conversion of customers most of whom may simply pay a quick visit and then disappear from view altogether.

It has been seen that many visitors walk away because they have not got the desired information or that they are confused about a product or service.

Although the website optimization is a prerequisite for good sales yet visitors may still shy away.

For they need to be taken along steadily and gracefully so that they actually end up as your valuable customer.

How Does A Sales Funnels Impact The Customer Behavior ?

Your website may be good enough for allowing you to get information of prospects by studying data and understanding your audience.

But this is not enough.

You also need to understand the way your visitors navigate your website and slowly or quickly reach buying decisions.

This is where the sales funnel concept enables you to quickly understand your prospects.

And how a detailed sales process leads them into becoming long term customers.

Depending upon the product or service a sales funnel may have few to several stages.

And accordingly the cost of installing such a process too goes up.

Generally, the sales funnel includes the following stages.

The first stage is the Awareness Phase where the customers get to know your product or service that gives a unique solution for their problem at hand.

They naturally generate interest and conduct their own product research online.

Naturally, they also visit competitor’s sites before taking a buying decision.

This may be known as evaluation stage.

The stage after this is the decision stage which customers make to purchase your products or services.

This may be either quick for some while for other customers it may take some time as it may involve some negotiations.

The next stage is the buying stage where the customers purchase your product or service.

The last is the repeat purchase stage where the same customer may make his or her own revaluation.

And then come back to purchase more of your products or services.

This is how an average consumer behaves.

Yet most vanish at some stage before they get to the decision stage.

Hence to lead these customers to make positive buying decisions you need to adopt good marketing strategies and tools.

So that they are guided properly at each of the above stages.

Naturally, depending upon your products or services any consultant or expert.

May charge you anything from a few thousand dollars to even hundred thousand dollars.

This is where things get to a bit tricky as you need to have a good plan in place.

And the required budget so as to get the most out of what you invest.

Why Sales Funnel Costs Matter to a Business ?

Most businesses are newly launched and they wish to cut down their overhead costs as well as immediate costs of high profile marketing.

They may want to achieve a break even point before making further investments.

It is quite likely that business may not be able to get much initially and even the best sites often struggle to keep their neck above.

This is especially so in the current economic scenario where competition is fierce.

In this context it is better to get quality sales funnel that allow the freedom to operate as well as help in better conversion of their visitors without being too expensive.

Small and medium sized businesses needn’t invest a large portion of their fund into hiring top notch professionals who may charge exorbitant prices.

They would do better if they get almost all that sales funnel expertise or professional consultation at a much reduced rate.

This seems a more risk free way to ride the waves of success.

So what should a business aim at ?

It should aim at a more affordable and realistic sales funnel concept.

That serves its marketing goals and attracting clients over a period of time in a sustained manner.

Further, the services of sales professional shouldn’t be lacking when it comes to business expansion or that when the sites go for updates.

Many professional sales funnel experts have hidden costs that they reveal to you after you have agreed to hire them.

This may make your business expensive as you may not get that many customers to cover up your costs.

In fact, most businesses would love to have a high yield sales funnel.

At not much of an extra cost so that they may carry out their business without even installing the software.

But is there such a unique sales funnel online ?

The answer is surprisingly a ‘Yes’ and it is also highly acclaimed sales funnel as thousands of businessmen all over the world are registered with them.

The name of the company is ClickFunnels and you get everything right here at no extra costs.

You will never again have to ask as to how much does a sales funnel cost.

What is ClickFunnels ?

ClickFunnels is software that enables you to enhance your marketing strategy and conversion rates at a fast rate without much of expenses.

Your business needn’t have to start with spending huge amounts as consultation fees or other hidden charges.

You must be already aware that having an optimized website is the first prerequisite before you start with ClickFunnels.

It is rated high among numerous businesses and the conversion rates of visitors to your website.

Through the funnel would enable your business to develop to the next levels.

The whole concept is again designed for non-programmers or non-software engineers as you only need to have a working website that is obviously optimized.

The rest is easy.

It is also to be noted that websites that are optimized already have a funnel, but it is not within the knowledge of most website owners as to how to use them.

Even less as to how to cut down cost for the business with the knowledge as to how much does a sales funnel cost.

The concept of ClickFunnels rests on the easy to build web pages on the sales funnel to make your business become enormously active on the Internet.

In order to make things even smoother ClickFunnels have introduced a 14 days free trials.

Which is rather a great offering from the company as you may by this time know as to how it works.

And whether it gives you the necessary conversion rates for your products or services to be sold in the market.

After the 14 days if you honestly think that you are happy about their services then you may become one of their registered members.

The monthly fees is relatively very cheap when you compare the cost of other consultants or experts that may go up to several hundred thousand dollars and even more.

Other good news is that ClickFunnels has no long time contract and everything you do is on a monthly basis only.

This makes it sufficient for you to arrange the necessary funds monthly for your online business.

As well as try hard to make the most out of your sales funnel marketing efforts.

Above all you don’t need to install any software either.

You just go to their website and navigate as easily and with each click you will be guided as to what to do next and then next and so on.

Why Choose ClickFunnels over other Professional Consultancies ?

The first and foremost reason for choosing ClickFunnels is that it is quite cheap for any business pockets.

Again, you don’t need to enter any long term contract and the whole concept is outright straightforward without allowing any room for confusion.

The next reason is that it is also good for visitors who try to navigate your website.

Of course, they don’t know that their behavior is being channelized so as to make an intelligence purchase.

Yet they do it on their own without the least interference from outside sources.

Although other consultancy services too offer this yet they do it with some thrust and the hefty charges that you pay ultimately leaves you short of revenue.

With ClickFunnels you guide your visitor with each step that they take at each stage of the sales funnel.

They do this almost voluntarily.

At the very outset the software begins to point to each visitor as to the single most important product or service that your business has.

This is projected to help them identify the source, your website, as their one stop solution for their problem.

Lastly, ClickFunnels make sure that there is a follow up on visitors even after they have left your website.

In other words, ClickFunnels has an excellent service package to offer you depending upon your online business.

You may start to get result with ease as they look after each stage of your sales funnels.

This means they will extend you the necessary tools so that you may effortlessly market and deliver your products.

All tools are pretty easy for you to use as ClickFunnels enables you to drag and drop by using their webpage Editor.

A greater percentage of visitors also get converted as you now have a high performing sales funnel.

It also helps you to automate both your email and social media performances that further give impetus to your business.

Your visitors too get Smart Shipping Cart with just one click and help them quickly add purchases one after another.

Above all ClickFunnels helps you have a simple dashboard that is organized and easy to use.

One Funnel Away Challenge and More

It is generally seen that ClickFunnels can be used in many different ways as it offers a lot of flexibility of approach.

However, for some people this may look a bit confusing and therefore they want certain discipline to focus on their mission in a better way.

Hence, for these business owners ClickFunnels has the One Funnel Away Challenge for them to create an overall understanding of the whole concept in one go.

The One Funnel Away Challenge is actually a 30 day program.

To be used as a guide for you to learn everything about launching and using your new sales funnel.

It trains you to make the most out of your sales funnel so as to take your business to newer heights.

And as far as reviews of other users show it is very well accepted and does deliver on what it is meant to be.

You will be trained under the One Funnel Away Challenge by three of the best trainers that ClickFunnels may actually possess.

The first trainer who introduces you to the whole concept of sales funnel is the co-founder himself by name of Russell Brunson.

  It is he who will show you the ‘Why’ part of using ClickFunnels and why your business needs one.

Apart from teaching you to aim strategically.

You will be given video demonstration so that you may catch things fast while learning.

The next coach is Julie Stoian who is an entrepreneur and will take you from where Russell has finished.

This is the ‘How’ part of things that you would learn about ClickFunnels right away.

This is actually the implementation part of the part one of the program that you have learned from Russell.

The third coach is Stephen Larsen who will be making live group calls and does this with great fun and enjoyment all through.

There are 5 weeks of lessons to be learnt from in the One Funnel Away Challenge.

In the first week your mind will be set as to how you are going to proceed with your sales funnel.

In the next 4 weeks the lesson comes into your email inbox everyday having links.

You are to go through all of them for missing one lesson may prove to be difficult as they are all linked to one another in stages.

And then there is finally the homework that you need to do so that you actually start off things seriously and apply them soundly.

The One Funnel Away Challenge has great affiliate program too, but this may cost you $100.

However, you may also recover the full cost of the program by selling the course to another person as this is allowed.

And mind you after the program you will also get a Challenge kit right at your residence with the summary of everything that you have learnt.

It is generally seen that businesses do well after this One Funnel Away Challenge as it is teaching you the heights of marketing and converting your visitors.

In fact, you actually recover the cost of the program quite easily.

You will never ever ask as to how much does a sales funnel cost after this for a premade sales funnel from others may look quite expensive.

The Cost Effectiveness with ClickFunnels

With most sales funnel expert advices you almost reach the bottom of funding for they often charge you frequently for any updates or slight deviation in the business line.

With ClickFunnels you are charged for any updates whatsoever.

The company adds new templates and updates the software free of charge.

Again, ClickFunnels is in cloud everything is automatically shown in your account.

Unlike other software on sales funnel you have no fear as to the security that the ClickFunnels system offers.

Security is embedded in them and both your subscribers as well as members too are secure.

You may question about loss of data with ClickFunnels like all other software running sales funnel.

In the case with ClickFunnels you may download all your data before you close your deal with the company.

You may even save your data with backups with ClickFunnels so that the next time you visit you may again browse them.

Use all the plugin you want as well as make use of your auto-responders at will nothing will happen to your account at ClickFunnels.

If you have any doubts as to the capacity of ClickFunnels for storing space.

Then for information you may take note that it is powered by Amazon and backed by Cloud Fore Security plus CDN.

This means unlimited space and ability to scale up and down any number of data and businesses in real time.

Finally, you also own the data including your customers and visitors and the company has no say in this.

You may easily login and logout and in case you need to cancel then it is as simple too.

Just click on ‘my account’ and then click cancel.

Everything about it just breeze.

You need to click up for their 14 Day Free ClickFunnels Trial to get the feel that other software rarely provides.

I am an independent ClickFunnels Affiliate, not an employee.

I receive referral payments from ClickFunnels.

The opinions expressed here are my own and are not official statements of ClickFunnels or its parent company, Etison LLC.