🚀👨‍💻 Work Together With Your Personal Sales Funnel Consultant ...

You are looking for an experienced Sales Funnel Consultant ?

Yes ? Awesome !

I want to present you the ClickStart Program of ClickFunnels.

The ClickStart Program of ClickFunnels provides you with 8 Coaching Calls with your personal experienced Sales Funnel Consultant.

Each coaching session with your sales funnel consultant goes up to one hour.

 And you learn in each session about a new topic of funnel building.

🤔💡 What Do I Learn From My Sales Funnel Consultant ?

learnings from the sales funnel coach

First of all you have a “Welcome Meeting” with your Sales Funnel Consultant.

In this 30 minute meeting your ClickFunnels Consultant will gather information about your business, goals and ideas so you are revved up for Session #1.

In your first session, you are going to create the value ladder of your business & the Funnel Blueprint together with your sales funnel coach.

Thus you will choose the right funnel customized to your business.

Hence your sales funnel coach has already a lot of experience in building sales funnels.

He’s going to help you pick the right funnel type for your business.

So your Funnel can generate leads and sales faster.

For example you can use a autowebinar funnel, membership funnel, launch funnel, one click upsell funnel or a combination of these funnels.

So it full fills the needs of your business perfectly.

So after you had your first session with your Sales Funnel Coach.

You will have a clear understanding of how you have to structure your funnel and how to present your products in your funnel.

In Session number 2 your sales funnel coach will start building out your funnel while he shares his screen with you.

So you can see exactly what he does and so you learn by watching & observing, the sales funnel software ClickFunnels.

Furthermore will your coach begin with writing your copy and the scripts for the sales funnel.

Therefore your coach will introduce you to the ressources he’s using for the creation of copy such as the copywriting software Funnel Scripts.

In Session number 3 your coach teaches you the ClickFunnels sales funnel software and especially the page editor.

Here your coach will go through your sales in the role of a potential customer of your business.

He ensures your funnel flows right and that every step works and guides the visitor to the next page.

After you have seen how such a Funnel works in action and how your coach have built out your funnel.

You won’t have any problems if something in your funnel doesn’t work like it should.

In Session #4 you are setting up together with your coach order pages, one time offers, products and integrations for your sales funnel.

So your funnel runs like a well oiled machine.

In detail this includes Autoresponders, web services, sms text messaging, payment processor, STMP and custom domains.

In Session number 5 your coach will analyse your funnel needs and will help you based on these enhancing your funnel.

For example you would like to add an membership area to your funnel.

Or a membership area for your customers.

No problem your sales funnel consultant helps you.

Whatever your question is just ask your coach.

Your sixth session is purely focused on the E-Mail Marketing Software “Actionetics” of ClickFunnels.

 And laying out the blueprint for your “Follow Up” Funnel.

Your “follow-up” funnel ensures that you will convert more leads into customers & sales.

By giving your leads massive value through automations you set up inside of Actionetics.

To give you some examples you will be able to follow up via email, SMS, direct mail, voicemail broadcast.

And you can even retarget your audience with the pixels such as the facebook pixel.

In Session #7 your coach will help you setting up lists inside of Actionetics.

Customized to the blueprint you’ve created in Session #6 together with your consultant.

These e-mail lists & action funnels ensure that you are providing your audience with massive value all in automation 24/7.

Moreover will your coach show you how you can send one off emails through the “Broadcast Email” Feature of Actionetics.

So you can reach your list your with specialized messages whenever you would like to.

In Session Number 8 everything comes together.

First of all you will walk through your funnel to test that everything works perfectly together and correctly.

After that your coach shows you how you can strategically optimize your funnel to beat your competition.

Beyond that you learn how you can leverage the Split Testing Features of ClickFunnels to enhance your funnel as your business grows.

So at the end of the ClickStart Coaching Program you will have your Funnel up and running plus the skills and knowledge to build any other funnels you want to build !

The ClickFunnels ClickStart Program provides you with Accountability, Knowledge and Business Momentum.

The Benefits Of Funnel Builder Secrets Compared To The ClickStart Program:

Plus the ClickStart Program is included in the $5,997 Funnel Builder Secrets Selection, where you receive some exclusive bonuses.

First of all you get access to the ClickStart Coaching Program which normally has a price of two payments of $2750, so all in all $5,500.

Plus you receive 12 months access to your personal ClickFunnels Enterprise Account.

Which gives you access to all Features & Functions of ClickFunnels including the extensions Actionetics and Backpack.

12 months of the ClickFunnels Etison Suite would normally cost $3,564.

Furthermore you receive 12 months access to the Funnel Scripts Copywriting Software of ClickFunnels.

A 12 months access to Funnel Scripts costs normally $497.

Beyond that you receive access to the training courses Traffic Secrets from John Reese.

Which isn’t for sale, so you can get only access to Traffic Secrets by buying Funnel Builder Secrets.

A few years ago John Reese has sold his course Traffic Secrets for $997, and now Russell Brunson has bought the company from John Reese.

And John Reese has updated the content of Traffic Secrets.

Ultimately you receive access to two courses of Russell Brunson which are as well exclusively available in Funnel Builder Secrets.

These are the Funnel Hacks Masterclass and the Funnel Builder Secrets Training.

In these online courses teaches Russell Brunson you exactly how you can build Funnels with ClickFunnels plus he reveals to you his secret tactics on Funnel Hacking.

And your Enterprise ClickFunnels Account is upgraded with the “Unlimited Funnels Bonus”.

So you can create as many Funnels with your ClickFunnels Enterprise Account as you would like to.

And ClickFunnels provides you with a 30 Day “No questions asked” Money Back Guarantee.

So there’s no risk for you involved when you find out that you are unsatisfied with Funnel Builder Secrets.

Besides the great bonuses is Funnel Builder Secrets a great way to save ClickFunnels Costs in the longterm.

Since you don’t have to pay as much as normally for the ClickFunnels products and services.

Disclosure: I am an independent ClickFunnels Affiliate, not an employee.

I receive referral payments from ClickFunnels.

The opinions expressed here are my own and are not official statements of ClickFunnels or its parent company, Etison LLC.