👨‍🏫 The Value Ladder Of Russell Brunson In 2020 !

Welcome to this article here you learn everything about Russell Brunsons Value Ladder.

Before I begin with explaining you the value ladder of Russell Brunson.

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📈 What is a Value Ladder ?

So let’s begin with the article.

First of all what’s a value ladder.

Let’s imagine you are a dentist. 

And a potential patient calls you.

You make an appointment and offer him a free consultation for his or hers teeth’s.

That’s the first section of the value ladder where you get in contact with your potential customer.

The next step is to make him spend a little bit of money to get his trust.

So if you are a dentist this could be a professional dental cleaning for $150.

The purpose of this service is that your client becomes familiar with you and learns about the quality of your service. 

After the dental cleaning the chances are high that he becomes a recurring customer.

This is the next stage where you can upsell him for braces if his teeth’s need that.

This can be up to $7000 for the braces.

I assume you understand now what the purpose of a value ladder is.

It’s basically there to get familiar with your potential client.

Thus you offer him low cost treatments like the dentist a free consultation or teeth cleaning.

Than once the trust is established you can upsell the client into higher priced services.

Every business has a value ladder the only difference is that some businesses aren’t conscious about it and aren’t utilizing the value ladder proactively.

What do I mean by that?

For example when a client has reached the highest priced service of your business many businesses let the client stay there.

Even though the client has showed that he likes your service and wants to spend his money with your business.

So the logical reason is to create a higher service to offer your client more benefits.

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