My Favorite Russell Brunson Products
In 2020 !

In this article I present all currently available ClickFunnels Products to you.

I have also sorted them depending on what you want to learn & which of Russell Brunsons Products might be the best for you.

These Are My Top 3 Russell Brunson Prodcuts:

1. Place:
Save $567 On Your Yearly ClickFunnels Platinum
Subscription With Funnel Builder Secrets

2. Place:
The Unlimited Funnel Scripts (Lifetime) Account
For A One-Time Payment Of $797 !

3. Place:
Your 14 Day Free ClickFunnels Trial + Included Access To Funnel Flix !

The first ClickFunnels Product which I personally see as most valuable & the best cost effectiveness.

If you are serious about starting/scaling your business is Funnelbuilders Secrets.

This product offers three different pricing options.

For $1,997 you get 6 months access to a ClickFunnels Enterprise Account.

In the Enterprise Account of ClickFunnels are the E-Mail Marketing Software “Actionetics” & the Affiliate Marketing Software “Backpack” included.

In addition you get access to the Funnel Hacks Masterclass & the Funnel Builder Secrets Training.

Here you can read my in depth article about the Funnel Hacks Webinar.

In those two Training Courses teaches Russell Brunson you exactly how he builds his Funnels and hacks other Funnels to improve his own ones.

Furthermore you get access to John Rees Traffic Secrets, this course is only available in ClickFunnels Funnel Builder Secrets product.

Because John Rees took Traffic Secrets from the market and Russell Brunson made a bought the rights on Traffic Secrets.

From John Reese to offer you this amazing marketing course.

In which you learn to use 127 different traffic strategies.

🚀 My #1 favourite ClickFunnels Product: Funnel Builder Secrets !

clickfunnels products

As I already have mentioned is this product provides you with everything need to start your online business.

Thus Russell Brunson included the Copywriting Software “Funnel Scripts” also in this package.

This copywriting software facilitates & accelerates the whole Funnel creating process remarkably.

Moreover gives Russell Brunson you the “Unlimited Funnel Bonus” which enables you to create as many Funnels in your ClickFunnels Account as you want to.

And naturally offers ClickFunnels you a 30 Day Money back Guarantee, so you will get your money if back if you are not satisfied the Funnel Builder Secrets.

The mid-tier pricing option of Funnel Builder Secrets is available for $2,997.

The difference between this plan and the prior plan is that in this package there’s a 12 month access to a ClickFunnels Enterprise account included instead of 6 months.

In the highest tier of Funnel Builder Secrets are additionally 8 Click Start Coaching Calls included.

They have a value of $9,997 that’s also why the price for the Funnel Builder Secrets package is $5,997.

Because ClickFunnels is an investment in your business, that’s why ClickFunnels supports you with their onboarding called “Click Start”.

During this onboarding program you work one on one with an a coach extensively for 8 weeks.

The coach will ensure that you know every single important detail of ClickFunnels and how you can use it to to enhance your Funnels.

I recommend you to invest in Funnel Builder Secrets if you want to have everything is place and ready to start your online business.

Without worrying about different tools & how they connect or work with each other.

🔥 My #2 favourite Russell Brunson Product: The 10x Masterclass !

My second favorite ClickFunnels product which I absolutely love is the new 10x Secrets Masterclass from Russell Brunson.

You might have already heard of the keynote from Russell Brunson where he spoke at the 10x Growth Conference from Grant Cardone.

And earned over $3,000,000 during a one hour presentation !

Thus Russell Brunson is right now the Worlds #1  highest paid speaker.

Yes you heard right has earned more with his presentation than any other Speaker in the world by now.

In the 10x Secrets Masterclass reveals Russell Brunson his amazing selling secrets.

He breaks down every single detail of his presentation, everything during his presentation was exactly planned.

And he reveals all his inconspicuous selling secrets to you in this training.

Even if you are not a platform speaker this 10x secrets masterclass can be extremely valuable for you.

Imagine by how much you can increase your conversion rate on your Landingpage, if you enhance the video on your sales page with all of Russell Brunson selling secrets.

And it doesn’t matter whether you are selling products in person or online through webinars.

If you implement this knowledge from Russell Brunson I am sure you will become more successful.

🎓My #3 favorite ClickFunnels Product: The One Funnel Away Challenge !

The third ClickFunnels Product i can really recommend you is the “One Funnel Away Challenge”.

Russell Brunson has created this Challenge specifically for every aspiring Funnel Hacker.

Who wants to learn how to build & launch their first or next Funnel during 30 Days !

The price performance ratio of this ClickFunnels product is extremely good.

The price for the “One Funnel Away” Challenge are tiny $100.

So ClickFunnels makes even a little loss when they sell you this product.

But for ClickFunnels it’s worth it because if they teach you how to make money with their software “ClickFunnels” and you have success.

Then the probability that you use their software is bigger.

Which makes you money and ClickFunnels, so this is the ultimate win win situation.

Because ClickFunnels acts after the principle “if they can’t make you money then they don’t deserve yours“.

So what do you receive if you invest $100 into the “One Funnel Away Challenge” ?

✅ First of all you receive 30 days of daily video missions from Russell Brunson.

✅Additionally you get 30 Days of intensive  Coaching  Lessons from Stephen Larsen & Julie Stoian.

✅ClickFunnels even ships a “One Funnel Away Challenge Kit” to your doorstep.

✅This Kit includes a physical copy of the Challenge Workbook, in there you have place to take important notes for your daily tasks.

✅ClickFunnels sends you also a MP3 Player with over 40 hours  valuable Online Marketing & Funnel Building content from Russell Brunson.

✅Additionally ships ClickFunnels a 30 Day Hardcover book to you with over 550 pages of pure content.

✅How the successful 2 Comma Club Winners would proceed to launch a successful Funnel.

✅Also gives Russell Brunson you Unlimited Access to the incredible informative 30 Days Interviews.

✅And you get access to Behind the Scenes Two Comma Club Interviews.

✅The reason why I love the One Funnel Away Challenge is, because you get professional guidance.

✅For building Funnel from successful Two Comma Club Winners & Russell Brunson himself.

This is incredible valuable and a Fastlane to success.

📚 All of Russell Brunson Books !

The last products I am going to present you are all of Russell Brunson books, because I think all of them are extremely valuable.

And I am sure you find some precious nuggets in these books.

Furthermore are these books the entry to Russell Brunsons own Funnels.

In buying his books you can see exactly how he structured his Sales Funnels and experience those  from the consumer perspective.

I think this gives you deep insights into the consumer.

And with that you’ll get a better understanding of the customer which is in this case you.

Keep that in mind when you are going through Russell’s Sales Funnel.

I start with Expert Secrets in this book Russell Brunson shows you how sell information products.

And how you can establish yourself as an expert in a given market & earn the trust of your potential customers.

In Dotcom Secrets teaches you Russell Brunson everything about Value Ladders.

And how you can use them to make money with your products & services.

In section 2 of Dotcom Secrets you get taught about the attractive character your customers can relate to.

Section Three is about leading your customers to the sale.

Here I was surprised by how much he revealed and I thought I could hold a little knowledge back, but he reveals a lot.

Section four is about the different forms of offers you can put into your Funnels.

And how you can find the right one for your own Funnel.

In Section 5 he introduces you the power of ClickFunnels.

The next book is Software Secrets which is all about how to create a successful software product.

To be more specifically in this book shows you how to qualify an idea for a actual software business.

Garrett Pierson and Scott Brandley the both authors, have built up multiple highly successful software businesses.

And in Software Secrets those two successful entrepreneurs are sharing their valuable knowledge about creating successful software businesses.

The last book is 108 Proven Split Test Winners by Russell Brunson.

Russell Brunson has summarized 108 split testing results in this book which you don’t have to test yourself.

So you can make yourself a favour and copy these results and save yourself a lot of time & headaches.

Beyond that i want to mention that i published an big article about Russell Brunsons Age !

So when you are interested in learning more about Russell Brunson this article might be the right one for you.


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