The present times are the times of entrepreneurs who are coming up with lots of new ideas to generate income.

Many entrepreneurs have come up with excellent ideas to make money without much investments in employees, infrastructure, etc.

Russell Brunson is one such person who has changed the entrepreneurship scenario today through his company Clickfunnels.

In this article, we shall explore who actually Russel is and how he stumbled upon the idea of Clickfunnels.

The Russell Brunson Bio !

Russell Brunson is basically an entrepreneur who was one of the pioneers of the concept of sales funnels in the past decade.

He has a following of over 1 million entrepreneurs and has sold thousands of hundreds of copies of his books.

And has also co-founded a software company called Clickfunnels to help entrepreneurs to quickly get into the market place and market their markets.

The Early Life of Russell Brunson !

It would not be wrong to say that Russell Brunson was a born entrepreneur.

He had a deep interest in the television and radio commercials that used to market products of companies.

When he was 12 years old, he used to collect junk mail that consisted of advertisement material.

He grabbed every possible opportunity that acquainted him to the science of selling and the art of direct response.

He was a champion wrestler during his high school days till his graduation.

He bagged several championships like the State wrestling championship and the 2nd place in the All-American High School Wrestling Championship during his senior year.

His days on wrestling helped him to learn the valuable lessons about hard work, competition, and winning.

By the time of his graduation, he was one of the top-10 national wrestlers.

This, however, is not all about Russell Brunson bio – there’s more.

The Career of Russell Brunson !

Right from his college days, Russel tried all the businesses he could.

He had his first success as a marketer when he sold Potato Gun DVD’s online.

This was just his hobby which soon turned into an obsession.

And Russel launched himself to the world of Internet marketing and soon became one of the finest marketing brains of the world.

Within a year of graduating, he earned his first million dollars.

He sold everything right from shakes, food items to books, consulting, t-shirts, technology, etc.

He soon became one of the top-rankers in many marketing agencies and also won a Ferrari.

And has the credit of generating over one and half million leads in just a month and a half.

Here we come to an important turn in Russell Brunson bio (and his life) here.

The Starting of ClickFunnels !

As an entrepreneur, Brunson encountered many problems – right from generating ideas to creating websites, feedback forms, shopping carts, leads, sales funnels and so on.

These are challenging enough to deter an entrepreneur, no matter how strong he desires to be in the field.

To help the budding entrepreneurs get rid of these problems, he co-founded Clickfunnels along with his partner Todd Dickerson, as a one-stop solution to all the needs of the entrepreneurs – right from building a website to showcase their products to increasing visitor-to-customer conversion rates.

In just three years, the company has grown to the net worth of one hundred million and about fifty-five thousand customers.

Clickfunnels - A short glimpse !

To understand what Clickfunnels has to offer the entrepreneurs, let us consider an example.

Let us suppose that Nick starts a car service business providing car service needs like washing, vacuum, spare parts, tyres and so on.

The business runs pretty well, thanks to his marketing strategies and service.

Now, he aims to expand his business through online marketing.

If he were to go with the old method, he will have to hire developers to build.

And maintain his website, set up a customer service center to deal with customer enquiries, so on and so forth.

Another addition to this list will be getting visits from the potential customers, given the fact that many similar businesses exist.

ClickFunnels addresses all these things under a single roof.

It allows the entrepreneurs to design their websites with their own hands and mind and decide what is best for his business.

And the most exciting thing is that it is super easy – you don’t need to know coding stuff to do this.

You can design your company’s website with a single click, with hundreds of templates you can choose from.

You can create many kinds of pages, depending on your needs.

You can create an opt-in page to build lists or sales page to showcase your products or even order form pages to collect payments and so on.

You may also want to create pages webinar event pages or membership pages – all of this is possible in Clickfunnels.

To check out all of the features of Clickfunnels, you can always try the 14 Day Free Trial.

The Trial includes all the features of Clickfunnel free of cost for two weeks. 

Later, you can continue if you wish to, or just opt out if you don’t like it.

The One Funnel Away Challenge !

With the mention of Clickfunnel, it is worth to mention the One Funnel Away Challenge.

The One Funnel Away Challenge is a campaign that aims to spread the awareness of the utility of funnels in businesses.

So that more and more entrepreneurs take its benefit and grow richer.

The Challenge involves a Challenge kit and the campaign challenges that within 30 days of following the instructions in the kit.

You will have a better customer-turnout and your business life will improve a whole lot.

The kit includes the “30 Days” book, the Workbook, MP3 Player loaded with funnel training and a lot more.

Visit the official site for more information.

The Funnel Builder Secrets !

The Funnel Builder Secrets is also one of the packages that Russell Brunson offers.

It includes freebies like free access to all the premium features of Funnels Enterprise Account for 6 months,

Access to Funnel Hacks Masterclass,

Traffics secret memberships and so on.

All of this will help you to increase the online presence of your company and even if you don’t have a company, make you make money through funnels.

Beyond any doubt, Russell Brunson is the inspiration to the entrepreneurs who are newly venturing out in the field right now.

Clickfunnels and his kits, along with his motivational words.

Can definitely help millions of entrepreneurs to establish their businesses and come up with great entrepreneurship ideas.

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