🚀 What is Russell Brunson 30 Days ?

Yes you have heard right Russell Brunson has created in cooperation with his amazing team the 30 Days One Funnel Away Challenge.

But that’s not all by a long shot.

Russell Brunson has published the 30 day book together with his Two Comma Club Winners.

This book is has incredible knowledge and you can only get it in combination with the One Funnel Away Challenge.

📚 Russell Brunsons 30 Days Book !

The name of the book is “30 Days”.

Russell Brunson wrote an email to his Two Comma Club winners asking them what they would do if they had to start again from zero.

That means you would lose everything.

That includes all your money, your name with your reputation and you only have your marketing knowledge left.

In addition you must pay bills.

The only things you have left are a ClickFunnels account for one month (30 days), an internet connection and a telephone line.

In summary, today’s Two Comma Club winners would be beginners again without their big “Guru” name and without joint venture opportunities.

In the book “30 Days” the Two Comma Club winners describe exactly the things they would do from day 1 to day 30 to make their business successful again

🥇💽 Learn directly from the Two Comme Club Winners !

They have no product, no email list, no traffic, no reputation and no funnel.

Each of the Two Comma Club Winners sent Russell Brunson their 30 day battle plan.

Russell Brunson then took all these 30 day plans and put them into a 550 page hardcover book.

I don’t think I have to explain how incredibly valuable this is to be able to look directly into the minds of Two Comma Club winners.

Who made $1 million dollars with one single funnel during a time period of 12 months.

The “30 Days One Funnel Away Challenge Book” contains 30 chapters with exactly 30 detailed action plans from the Two Comma Club winners.

With that is the One Funnel Away Challenge a good alternative to the Two Comma Club Coaching.

This means you can actually read page by page to find out exactly what the Two Comma Club winners would do in this 30 day period.

The Russell Brunson 30 day book gives incredibly enlightening insights into the process of launching a successful funnel.

So I still can’t believe that Russell Brunson and ClickFunnels are selling this book, the “One Funnel Away Kit” and access to the One Funnel Away Challenge.

For just for a $100.

🚀 The One Funnel Away Challenge !

Let me show you what else you’ll get if you decide to tackle the 30-day One Funnel Away Challenge.

In addition to Russell Brunson’s 30 day book, ClickFunnels will send you the “One Funnel Away Kit” right in front of your door at the beginning of the Challenge.

This is a box which will contain the bound edition of the “30 Days” book.

But in addition, ClickFunnels has thought about how best to support you on your journey during these 30 days.

📚 The One Funnel Away Challenge Workbook !

So Russell Brunson has thought about what would help you to build discipline during these 30 days and stay persistent.

That’s why every day in your intensive video coaching sessions.

You will be given daily tasks to complete in order to successfully finish the 30 day One Funnel Away Challenge.

In addition, ClickFunnels will provide you with a workbook that is tailored to your daily tasks.

In this book you will find pages that correspond exactly with your daily tasks.

In addition, the Workbook offers checklists with your daily tasks or reminders of what you need to do today.

You get lots of space to brainstorm ideas and journaling.

You can also answer the main provocative questions that will help you find out more about yourself and your business.

By the way, you also get a Digital Workbook.

Consider the workbook as your guide during the 30 day challenge which will help you to stay on track and fulfill your tasks.

🎧 The One Funnel Away Challenge MP3 Player !

As a third bonus, Russell Brunson also sends you an MP3 player with the live recordings from the first “One Funnel Away Challenge”.

This means you can listen to the recordings wherever you go. For example in the gym, cooking, travelling I think you understand what I mean.

So you stay focused on your goal and are more reluctant to distractions.

In detail the MP3 player contains all audio recordings of Russell Brunson.

In detail, the MP3 player contains all audio recordings of Russell Brunson from day 1 to day 30 and Stephen Larsens recordings of his live coaching calls during the first challenge.

You also get access to the One Funnel Away Challenge.

This has been designed to customize your plan and turn it into a funnel in 30 days.

Your mentors during these 30 days are Russell Brunson, Julie Stoian and Stephen Larsen.

Russell Brunson will help you build the basic foundations and understand the big picture as well as your daily tasks.

Julie will accompany you through the process and help you turn your imagination into a true funnel.

Stephen Larsen supports you with daily group live calls.

Here you can ask your questions, Stephen Larsen keeps you responsible for your daily tasks.

Your mission during these 30 days is to do the tasks you are given every day.

👨🏽‍💻 My personal verdict about Russell Brunsons
30 Days Challenge !

In my opinion there is currently no better course to learn the funnels of Russell Brunson’s One Funnel Away Challenge.

It’s the perfect mix of marketing knowledge you learn, the execution of your daily tasks and finally the accountability your coach takes care of.

That means for you if you think you have what it takes and you want to go through and launch your funnel in 30 days.

Then the One Funnel Away Challenge is a great way to do just that.

And if, strangely enough, you don’t like the One Funnel Away Challenge, ClickFunnels will refund you $100 once you return the One Funnel Challenge Away Kit.


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