The One Funnel Away Review In 2020 !

The Challenge from ClickFunnels, One funnel Away, is a 30-day training, aims at the marketers of today’s competitive world.

This video training will walk them through creating as well as building sales funnels.

This training will provide them with video guides, free audio clips, and workbook.

Along with this, they will also get a complimentary guidebook.

This training is meant for marketers who are running their online business and wish to take it to the next level.

This innovative Challenge is created by Russell Brunson, who is an expert in sales funnels in 2018 September.

Later this has been relaunched because of its massive success.

Russell is the founder of many other multi-million-dollar online businesses, and he is the bestselling author as well.

He has already sold thousands of books.

This One Funnel Away Challenge Review has been rated nine on a scale of 1- 10.

This video training series ears this super high rating because of the best value offered by it and for the price it is available.

This video training series comes with a series of video training lesson, which helps in building the sales funnels.

Sales funnels can help in generating revenue for the business in just 30 days.

There is much other training series available online, but this One-Funnel Away training series offered by ClickFunnels looks more actionable.

It ensures that people will go through the video lessons provided.

Moreover, it is a highly recommended training series and each, and every video lesson is worth the price.

All about One Funnel Away Challenge:

Let’s understand what this sales innovation Challenge is and how effective it is for business.

This One Funnel Away can be understood as a premium, a thirty-day challenge which is available online and sales provide it funnel expert Russell Brunson.

This is a guide which helps in all the stages of sales funnel creation.

These video series will guide business in build, set up, and even launching the first or any next online sales funnel.

This training series is suitable for both beginners and also for business owners who have experience in creating a sales funnel.

Brunson in this video series aims to go through with every step needed to build the sales funnels.

The main goal which is behind this video training series is to build something.

That the business owner always wanted to do in his life rather just a regular sales funnel.

So, it helps him in building a family which he always wanted to do, his dream business, achieve that freedom in creating the sales funnels which always wanted.

Through this fun challenge, Russell’s aims to explain everything through holding your hand, and he will be there in your entire journey of achieving everything you wanted.

This one challenge is not specific to something or some business.

Every business can have some benefit from this video training series.

What this One-Funnel-Away Challenge can bring you and your company always depends on what you want and who you are.

Being a business owner, you must be very clear that what you are expecting from this One-Funnel-Away Challenge.

Then you can achieve the same through this video training series.

For example, think of a situation where your job is sucking you and every day you have started thinking that you have to get out of this in some way.

This is the main reason you are thinking about starting an online business.

Finally, feel that you have started it, but here also you have started facing some challenges.

Maybe, in the beginning, this will happen to every online business owner.

There will be many things in online business which will not move the way you think them to be.

Some of the common problems can be revenue is not growing as it should be, the client base is in the same state.

How it was in the last few months; customers are not growing as expected.

In some cases, people will have some business, but they are willing to create some product which is all new in the market.

They want to sell this product but have no idea how they can start this.

Most of the new business owners have a belief that no one will buy their new product;

It may take a long time for traffic getting converted into sales and clients getting turned into actual customers.

The better the challenge can become the answer for all these questions and Russell believe that it can bring solutions to all these problems.

Through which business owners can start achieving their dreams.

He believes that Funnel can be the solution for most of the challenges faced in online business.

Today there are many online businesses which are making use of these funnels for selling their products.

There are many businesses which are using the benefits of pipes for serving their customers.

The best part is most of them are making over $1M through their sales funnels.

Majority of the businesses which got benefited from sales funnel will receive many more customers through this media after a few more months.

To achieve this, they should set up everything correctly, and they should put together their funnel system.

It is possible to achieve the goals in business by proper use of the sales funnels in the market.

Through the effective and best sales funnel system; it is possible to get recurring revenue every month.

Once everything is in place, income can be received even for years.

Once you succeed in this online business, there is no need to depend on the 9- 5 job which you always hate.

Also, if you are already running an online store, using the sales funnel is a good idea for increasing the revenue.

The one funnel away challenge review aims to go through the benefits, features, and even the cost of this training series.

Is the One-Funnel Away Challenge worth it ?

At first, let’s discuss what you can get when you sign up for this video training series.

Once you join this sales funnel training challenge, there are many things which you can get.

There are 100s of problems in this series and let’s look into some of them.

Initially, after signing up to this training series, the sales challenges Kit will be shipped to your doorstep.

Let’s see what you get in this kit.

Hardcover book- 550 pages, 30days:

Even before the release of this sales challenge, Russell contacted a lot of customers of ClickFunnels, and he asked them their experience.

These were the customers who were succeeded in earning more than a million dollars by using sales funnels.

He asked them what they could have done, in case if they want to start everything again.

In this case, they should answer this question, thinking that they must begin with only their marketing experience without reputation, influence, email list, and traffic.

They must consider themselves as newbies with just vast amount of marketing experience and nothing other than this.

Funnel experts gave him the best strategies, and they explained to him.

How they would implement all these in just thirty days in case if they want to start everything again.

They discussed everything in detail, starting from day one to day thirty.

There was a thirty-day attack plan from all the customers he contacted.

They explained everything in an obvious way, and any newbie was able to understand this.

With this knowledge, Russell compiled, and the result was the Hardcover Book compiled in 550 pages.

To be right, most of the users have an opinion that only this book itself is worth over $100, which is the entire cost of One Funnel Away Challenge.

Challenge Workbook for more benefits

Next thing available in the kit is a physical copy of the workbook, one funnel away challenge.

There will be online workbooks available for most of the online challenges today.

But the physical copy is scarce.

In some cases, they email the paper or worksheet and then the user needs to get the printout of that if needed.

But Russell follows a different way.

As said earlier user will get free Hardcover 550 Page book for 30 Days as soon as he signs up for One funnel away challenge.

This will get shipped to the home address given by the user.

This book helps in keeping up with the assignment and daily tasks.

But when it comes to this workbook of the training challenge, a checklist is given for the different daily tasks.

The user should complete this daily.

If the user wishes to make a note of valuable points as well as ideas during the course, he can.

If needed, he can also make a note of active links and training links given in the video training series.

Challenge– Live recording and other things

The third thing which is available in the challenge kit of one funnel away is an MP3 player which contains the live recording of the one pipe away challenge.

These are nothing but the live sessions.

Once the user gets registered for this one funnel away challenge, he will receive a small mp3 player.

This will contain the first recording of the challenge.

The value of this mp3 player is $247.

With this, it becomes possible for the user to listen to the recording wherever he wants to like in his car or when he is travelling, or just lying on his bed.

This is the primary reason the user feels that it is straightforward to follow this video training series.

This is best suitable for people who are still doing 9- 5 jobs.

They can think of multitasking and listen to the lessons given in the mp3 player.

In total user will receive more than 50 recordings for training lessons and there will be more than 40 hours of the training lessons.

Thirty days Russell Brunson Video Missions – For the Marketers

Next, the fourth thing which is included in the kit is the significant content of this video training series.

This is the first value which you get from One funnel away challenge.

Once the user registers to this, he will receive complete 30-day video missions.

This will be from Russell himself.

These are the actual lessons and complete guide where he takes the user holding his hand through building the exact sales funnels.

In case if you have already tried to start some online business, then you have already understood that what it takes to start it.

It can be challenging to build some product and make people buy it.

This may end up spending a lot of energy and time.

Sales can be understood a bunch of steps which should be executed in order with the help of business plans for converting the visitor to an actual customer.

For example, when a visitor comes and visits the landing page, they will come across some incentive for signing up the actual email list of the business.

Through this, the company will get their email id, and they tailored emails with product details are sent to their id.

All the emails sent to the subscribed visitor will mainly focus on building a relationship as well as a trust.

Which is necessary before even marketing then services or products.

One must understand that these sales funnel was in place and helping the businesses also before businesses started using the internet.

Building the sales funnels for any business can be challenging.

Especially for the newbies in the industry since they will not understand from where they should start.

Initially, before the existence of all in one platform, business owners were building individual purchase pages, landing pages, thank you pages.

And if upsell pages and then they were putting a lot of effort to connect them all.

In most of the cases, beginners used to give up at this stage.

Even though they came with an excellent idea or product, with all these complications which need to be faced at this stage, they were giving up everything.

Sales Funnels

Sales funnels play a significant role in building a passive and stable income.

They are imported for any online business.

Without the use of sales funnel, it can be challenging to develop some stable business which helps in replacing the 9- 5 job you already have.

Without these sales funnels, it is challenging for a business owner to achieve the freedom which he desires.

Majority of the online business owners usually target for a stable, reliable monthly income.

Meantime they do not want to put in complete effort and time.

Many online business owners are making significant money, and they are satisfied because they are putting a lot of time and energy into this.

Sales funnel suitable for business owners who want to make their online business as a reliable source of incomes and meantime wish to put in limited effort and time.

Once sales funnels are in place, there is no need to trade in much of time for the money.

It becomes possible to make their online business as passive incomes stream and meantime owners are happy that they didn’t strain themselves for achieving this.

With this idea, Russell started his company, which is called ClickFunnels.

This is a SAAS company by Russell.

This company helps the online business owners to sell more products, get more income without the need to trade a lot of time.

This is the route they have wherein they need not put much effort into building the marketing sales funnels.

They can straightforwardly do this.

This is the tool offered by Russell, which today is famous as one among the best tool which can be used for creating sales funnels in the entire globe.

Today’s marketers are using it for building sales funnels and through which they are making millions of dollars daily.

The best example being there is a funnel by Russell, which is making $500000 every month.

The main idea behind this One funnel away challenge is to make the business owners realise that his tool can offer the best solution for growing their business.

Through this challenge, they will also understand that they can achieve many things in their business, which they dreamed.

Through using his too, it is possible for business owners to take their business into a level wherein they can completely escape from their 9-5 job.

Many business owners have already benefited from this and made their online business as a reliable source of income.

Russell’s video training lessons are helping the business owners in understanding how they can start from nothing.

And how can they build funny, which helps in growing their business gradually.

The video lessons available in One pipe away challenge will guide them through all the necessary steps to improve the company from $0- $1000s.

It will teach them and make them understand that just by using the right sales funnels this can be achieved.

These training lessons by Russell don’t teach the business owners about all this, but they also show how it can be done in only 30 days.

Anyone can learn this through One Funnel away challenge and grow their business the way they want it to be.

Training by Stephen Larsen and Julie Stoian- 30 days

These are nothing but the coaching sessions which are required in an online training session.

This is the coaching which allows students to ask their personal questions.

They will get the right answers from highly experienced people.

This is the same for the sales funnel challenge also.  

Here Russell is providing the students with two experts of sales funnels, Julie Stoian and Stephen Larsen.

Recently Julie is showed up in some podcast, and she shared best strategies for selling the courses even before creating them.

This is the platform designed for students wherein they can ask questions, and experts will answer them.

Through this, they have made the learning more accessible, and in most of the cases, they are trying to minimize overwhelm.

The mastermind behind One-funnel away challenge


It is Russell who is considered to be the mastermind behind this challenge.

Meantime he is the strategist as well.

Russell tutors’ students who start with this challenge through the training videos.

This will help them in building the perfect and suitable sales funnels for their online business.

He has come up with entire groundwork which is needed for building the sales funnels.

Along with this, through these training sessions, students will also understand.

All the basics necessary for getting started and meantime how can they scale their pipes.

Julie is considered to be the transformer, and she will help in turning the ideas learnt in 30 days into the actual funnel.

She is expertized in converting the business ideas.

Which was just a dream into some real business which generates income.

Stephen is the executioner.

He is the one who provides coaching daily through live group calls.

He is the one who answers all the questions from students, and he makes sure that an extra hand is always provided for those who need it.

He is the one who makes sure that all the students succeed in executing their assignments, tasks and become successful in building their sales funnels.

The course

Let’s look into the basic breakdown of this course lessons.

This is something which students get when they register for this course and join this innovative Away Challenge.

▪️In week one, there will be pre-training.

This helps in getting the perfect mindset for this course

▪️In week 2, students will understand the actual hook or story and the genuine offer.

This is where they should set their business apart and getting people to believe in the services and products

▪️In week 3, the building of the funnel.

This is the stage, time to bring the idea into reality

▪️In week 4, this is all about valid promotion and traffic.

Students will understand here that development and transportation are things which fuel the business growth

THE MINDSET – first week

This is the first week of the challenges, and this focuses on making the right mindset.

Before even the business owner starts building the marketing sales funnel, which may change his life, it is essential that he has the right mindset.

If he moves with the wrong mindset, he cannot move in, and he will not be able to achieve his goals and dreams in his life.

Russell is here for fixing all these.

He helps in getting the right mindset.

He will also help the business owners for finding and getting rid of their worst fears.

Meantime he will help them in discovering their strengths as well.

One must set all these right and then only they can build their online business successfully and escape from their 9- 5 job.

This should be treated as pre-training, and this is to help them build their right mindset.

Here they will make them right for the next big deal.

Forgetting prepared for the next big sale, Russell concentrates on igniting some factor in everybody.

He will focus on inspiring each and everybody and get that flames burning so that they can conquer tasks in the next steps.

This step helps the business owners in believing and discovering something in themselves.

This will also help them in getting a mindset where they start thinking that they can achieve their goals.

After this week they will be wholly prepared for 30 days challenge.

The story, hook, and offer- second week

For a business wherein people start paying the business owner withers for services or products, there is a need for story, hook, and even a mindset.

This is something which helps in setting the actual business apart and getting the people to believe in services and products which the company is offering.

There is a saying that people are interested in buying the story and not the actual features.

This is the week wherein One funnel away challenge focuses on setting the business owner for this story.

Hook here can be understood as something you write being a business owner.

It can be something which is used to communicate with the audience for getting them pumped or excited towards the services or products and to the business itself.

When we consider the sales copy message, the hook is soothing, which the first step here is.

This is the strategy which should be used not only by business owners but also by teachers, trainers and even speakers.

There will be some meaty aspect of the sales copy, and that is a story.

There should be some unique as well as the engaging story which is aimed to appeal the potential buyer or target audience.

Russell is considered to be the master in this story creation.

His stories are observed to be on point, and they succeed in capturing the target audience.

They always succeed in captivating them.

Through this, they get quickly excited by deciding to buy his products or join the programs.

Offer can be understood as something through which the product is presented.

The offer is something for which people pay for.

The offer is actual services or products, and this product should be targeted to solve some issue or problem which is faced by the target audience.

A business owner should always think in some unique angle which is missed by competitors.

Using this, he should focus on and target the audience.

If there is no perfect hook and ideal captivating story, there is no use of using an offer.

The offer becomes utterly useless in this situation.

Since Russell is master in all these things.

He will guide the business owners who enrolled in this challenge, and he will make them pro too.

Building the funnel- third week

This is the module which helps you in showing exactly how can you start building the actual sales funnel.

This is the actual stage where business owners bring in their ideas, dreams into reality.

Here they will try to bring it out and express it through the actual funnel.

When this is done correctly, it will start generating immediate revenue.

This is the module which explains how to make use of the tools available to build the actual funnels.

They will explain everything needed to use the original software and build the marketing sales funnels.

There are many over the shoulder video, which will be explained by Russell in this module, which is based on software.

This is the reason users are practically taken through the actual building of the sales funnels.

They will learn to build landing pages, squeeze pages, thank you pages, and even upsell pages.

The software they offered is produced with simplicity, and it is straightforward to use by not only for business owners but also for customers.

The platform offered by them aims to make the buyers comfortable.

They make sure that buyers will always have a pleasant experience.

Through this, it is possible to give the best experience so that customers will ever want to come again.

Through this software application, it becomes possible for the business owners for setting up sales funnels.

Which are highly converting for the offered services and products in just a few minutes.

There are business owners who are creating the sales funnels today in only a few hours.

Here is one pipe away challenge which comes to show you how can you perform this for your business and succeed through building sales funnels.

Active promotion and traffic- fourth week

 In simple words, without the presence of active promotion and transportation, it is possible that marketing sales funnel may become useless.

There is no point in using excellent marketing sales funnels without the presence of this promotion and traffic.

For every sales funnel, transportation and development can become fuel.

These can also become fuel even for landing page and squeeze page.

There should be sufficient traffic needed for every online business for it to thrive, survive, and even to grow.

No business can survive if no people are coming to receive the service.

If there is no traffic, no customer will come to know that there is some service or product and there is no chance of paying.

This is the module where Russell will show strategies for highest traffic generation.

Through these strategies, business owners can bring in 1000s of online traffic for into sales funnels.

Some of the plans which will be explained here are social media, paid ads, and even search engines.

For example, for Facebook ads, Russell pays attention.

Since he believes that this can be one among the effective ways through which people can be brought to the sales funnels very quickly.

Through some investment, it is possible to drive thousands of visitors to the squeeze page where the business sells actual services and products.

By this means, it becomes possible to get back some returns on the investment made.

For example, the product which is offered by business costs $50 .

And the business put some effort in creating an effective marketing sales funnel for this product.

The company decides to invest around $200 just for Facebook ads.

Let’s imagine that these ads were successful in driving 1000s of traffic to the sales funnel created.

Understand that only by four sales, it is possible for the business to recover the investment done on Facebook ads.

All about Cost

Business owners can join One-Funnel Away challenge just by spending $100.

Only with $100 it is possible to get all the necessary features, bonuses, training, and even entire coaching sessions present in this video training series.

There is no doubt that every penny spent here is worth it.

This whole program is worth over $3126, but it is available for just $100.

Since the program is available for the best price, cannot recommend it more.

Understand that you have to spend just $100, and it becomes possible to build the business of your dream.

Think of this $100 as bucks needed to escape from that 9- 5 job.

Final Thoughts

One funnel away challenge is a valuable investment which can be made when you are starting a business.

The teachings, bonuses, and content you receive from this video training series are of top quality.

This training is available just for $100 today. Irrespective of what your ideas are or what business you have started, startup, high ticket closer.

It is assured that business will get the tone of value through this challenge.

For getting ready to build a business of your choice.

It is recommended that business owners should register for this one funnel away challenge and you deserve this.

The best part is this challenge can work for any business regardless of which industry it belongs to.

Even though there is no service or product to sell yet, this training can become useful.

Participants who have benefited from are from all kinds of industries like

▪️real estate,





▪️B2B lead generation,

▪️affiliate marketing,


▪️and supplements etc.

Other best thing about this training can be used by a beginner as well as experienced business owners.

It is possible that any person can start from the ground even when he comes up just with an idea and nothing else.

Eventually, he can start crafting the offers needed as he goes through the challenge and understands everything required.

Even when the person doesn’t have any idea, he can go through everything necessary to build his business and take actionable steps.

It offers thirty action plans in detail, and these are from experts from all kinds of industries.

In case if the user finds some idea, which matches his skills set, he can go with it.

This challenge can be beneficial for many along with product creators it can help serviced based industries and affiliate marketers as well.

Through this training business owners will understand.

How they can create products and services or how can they promote their affiliate offers through the help of marketing sales funnels in the software.

This is a personalised training, and this helps in executing the business plan in just 30 days.

Once the challenge is completed, the business owner will have everything necessary for bringing the leads as well as sales for the business.

In this OFA challenge, every post comes with some mission daily.

This will include one video from Russell, videos from Julian, worksheet, and along with these a coaching session.

Every post is considered to be a challenge, and this represents a day in the problem.

These will remain throughout the issue.

This OFA challenge can bring in opportunities for people who are not interested in creating their product.

These are the people who are interested in selling products of other people as an affiliate.

Even for these people, it is necessary that they understand all about converting sales funnels, driving traffic into their offer, and how can they create irresistible offers.

There are many ways through which it is possible to earn money by using this One Funnel away challenge.

For example, one can create some physical product or digital product and start promoting it when you build a funnel for sales.

Another way is they can begin as an affiliate.

This is for people who do not have their produce to sell.

Start doing as an independent affiliate and promote other product.

To get the most out of this, it is necessary to watch the videos daily.

If needed, make a note of important points when watching and take the right action.

Building sales funnel essentially for marketing any product.

For learning how to build sales funnel and how can it be utilized for promotion of products, this Challenge is the right training that you should take up.

Just in 30 days, even the beginners will understand how to convert an idea into reality or how to start a business only with a dream plan.

So, what are you still waiting for ?

Grab all the know how of this challenge before you get started.

I am an independent ClickFunnels Affiliate, not an employee.

I receive referral payments from ClickFunnels.

The opinions expressed here are my own and are not official statements of ClickFunnels or its parent company, Etison LLC.