✅The Mangools SEO Suite Review 2019

Welcome to my review article about the Mangools SEO Suite.

In this article I present you all the functions of the Mangools Suite.

And give you all the informations about all tools which are included in the SEO Suite.

So let’s begin, first of all you should know that there are 5 Tools included into the Mangools Suite.

The KWFinder might be the most popular one and is known for it’s great keyword research methods.

So I would propose we begin this article with the KWFinder.

In the picture below you can see all the tools which are included in the Mangools SEO Suite⤵️

The Mangools SEO Suite !

The KWFinder: An Awesome Keyword Research Tool

As you maybe already know has the KeywordFinder has the most precise SEO Difficulty Metric.

This Metric describes the difficulty of getting into the first 10 Google Search Engine Result’s.

You can see this metric here marked with an arrow. Besides that, there are also some other really useful metrics you should know about.

So there’s the “Estimated Visitor’s” metric which show’s you how many people will approximately visit your website.

Then we have the “Link Profil Strength” abbreviated as “LPS”.

This metric show’s you how strong the Link Profil of the specific website is. Moreover we have listed the amount of Facebook Share’s as well as the number of “external authority passing links” to from other website’s to this specific website.

Also known as “Backlinks”.

Besides those metrics we have also the “Moz Trust” and the “Moz Rank”, in addition we have also the “Page Authority Score” and the “Domain Authority Score”.

Overall is the KWFinder in my opinion the best keyword research tool right now on the market.

Das Interface des KWFinder's.

 Then on the left side we have the “PPC” (Pay per Click), this is the level on competition in the Google AdWords. 

Next to this we can see the “CPC” this is the Average Cost per Click what  companys are spending in Google AdWords for a Click.

Furthermore you can see the “Average Search Volume in the last 12 month’s ” for your specific search term.

On the top right corner of the interface you have listed three options for your keyword research “Suggestions”, “Autocomplete” and the “Questions” functions.

These are very useful if you search for related questions or keyword variations.

Or if you want to come up with new keyword ideas.

Nothing else feels more interesting than when your site ranks at the top in search results.

As a matter of fact, boosting site rankings is a must-do to every website owner who’s really committed to making things work.

Regardless of whether you’re a renowned economic giant or just a newbie in this venture, you’ll probably want to maintain your rankings regularly.

This is where the importance of the Mangools SEO suite really comes in.

 Sincerely, you can never regret the outcome when you use this incredibly powerful SEO tool.

In this review, we’ve gathered all the relevant information from an expert point of view so that your final decision, thereafter, could just be the least biased one you’ve ever made.

Shall we get started? 

The SiteProfiler: Spy on your Competitors !

After the most applied Keyword research,the Mangools Suite have added this tool following closely with more excellent information and operations.

With the SiteProfiler, we can accurately check the keyword and get the targeted traffic to our website against our competitors.

 Get to the top ranking using this tool. 

Everywhere on all the Mangools products, question mark icons appear to enable you to know what looked tougher during the search immediately.

There’s also added data via the virtual site and online support conversation.

The tools when combined get very powerful on your search; we’ve realized this upon reconsidering the SiteProfiler and used it again and again.  

Following our site’s performance, it has remained key to controlling our advancement of the SEO operations.

By having a profiler like SiteProfiler, we have followed many other websites and seen how they function.

We’ve learned and tried what we never implemented before and seen it work correctly.  

The LinkMiner: Dig the Links of your Rivals !

Did you know that how
Google’s algorithm gets to rank your search results ?

Well, we’re made to understand that all the websites linking to yours affect this extensively.

And that’s the role of the Mangools SEO Suite’s unique LinkMiner element brings to us.

Being able to track who’s linking to your site or articles is remarkable, and this tool also shows who are associating with it especially your competitors.

The details will help you come up with similar or better content than them. 

The link tool’s accuracy has made it a vital thing for our business, and this makes us consider LinkMiner incomparable.

By watching a number of our pieces on the links, we got pleased seeing even the most recent ones.

LinkMiner is the best we’ve ever used.

This tool acts as a backlink research tool that gives you a chance to see the backlinks of your site.

It works when you enter your websites URL and start tracking.

 You’ll be able to see all in the site and also detailed information like any Citations or Trust Flow.

It’s vital pointers revolve on the capacity to understand all the domains that your site links to and operate it through LinkMiner for new analysis.

We use the given information from LinkMiner as essential backlinks tool and compliments to entire Mangools package. 

The SERPWatcher: Supervise your current Rankings easily !

 If you look to track your sites or critical keywords search rankings, then SERPWatcher is the ideal tool for you.

It’s an exclusive feature among the Mangools SEO Suite tools with a user interface function to enable you to understand the trend.

We have watched our rankings and for the keywords many times forgetting to concentrate on the highest ranks.

We learned that to enhance the traffic; we’ll need some extra work on our sites. 

Therefore, SERPWatcher is worth in growing your keyword database and updating it.

I’ll recommend you start using it now and track the highest number of essential words at the same time.

It’s a significant number of keywords for any range of small or medium site. 

The SERPChecker: Study the Google SERPs !

This tool also blends in well with the others mentioned earlier for the perfect SEO strategy.

It offers you the chance to research the data people look for and find on their search engines.

RankTracking lets you have an in-depth look to what the KWFinder provides alone like the top sites and contents with the keyword. 

You’ll be able to see a reasonable amount of information including your websites rating and also the total Facebook shares.

 Also, to expand your analysis, you access featured snippets and related questions.

Once you generate a report on your search, you’ll have the opportunity to publish the findings.

You can include a snap of the results.

This tool’s feature is straightforward and well-done, and I found it more useful to enable you to get the required results.

  I believe in this excellent keyword research tool and guarantee it’ll help you expand your business.

It’s user and budget friendly with a worth Premium Yearly package, though there’s an enjoyable free start to introduce you to their products unhurriedly.

✅My final Verdict about the Mangools SEO Suite !

 As much as it has limited use, you’ll estimate the significance for yourself.  

Since I’ve had a chance to use other keyword finders and SEO tools, the only Tool that has proved being equal is the XOVI Suite.

But i have to admit that  I’ve honestly enjoyed Mangools SEO Suite the more.

I started exploring with the tools as an option to XOVI Suite, but now I have advanced. I have found much fun beyond the simplicity.

The first time interaction with the suite provided me with an extensive understanding of ideas about e-commerce or a brand-new blog.

It also assured me it’s worth for additional research.  

Mangools SEO Suite is now expanded compared to when it began.

With added tools like SERPChecker and LinkMiner which have proven very helpful to me.

We know the extra tools will make you that SEO expert with in-depth knowledge.

This combination is the perfect purchase and upgrade means for your blog and website, and also for writers who wish to select traffic drawing keyword selection. 

 I apply Mangools Suite SEO now and then and even before I compose my content.

I wholeheartedly recommend you subscribe to most of the tool; success is your way.

We love the tools since they’re dependable and easy to use and understand.

Mangools have offered the best operating combination of tools, with very accurate information to allow you to be in that position you’ve always desired to be on the search engine.

They’re also cost-friendly, and if you do not wish to subscribe first, there’s a free trial version and if you want to you can upgrade later.

In addition to the Mangools SEO Suite i can recommend you the XOVI Suite, there’s a 14 Day Free Trial !

In this Trial you have access to all functions & features of the XOVI Suite ! 

That being said i hope i could help you with my Review to the Mangools SEO Suite and wish you a lot of success !

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