🚀 KWFinder Group Buy 2019 !

In this article you get to know how you can get your own KWFinder Group Buy.

So as you probably already know is the KWFinder a great SEO Keyword Research Software.

Especially is the KWFinder popular for it’s great design and cheap price.

But the best part is that the KWFinder is only a small part of the whole softwares you are receiving.

When you decide to buy the Mangools Suite.

👨🏽‍💻 What else you receive with the KWFinder ?

In the Mangools Suite are currently 5 softwares included the KWFinder, the SERPWatcher, the LinkMiner,the SERPChecker and finally the newest extension the SiteProfiler.

So the big question you might ask yourself know is how can the Mangools Suite be beneficial for you & your business.

Well first of all are you getting access to the KWFinder and it’s great Keyword Research opportunities.

Precisely for finding low competition keywords.

Beyond that you can monitor your website rankings precisely with the SERPWatcher.

This is especially for me extremely useful since I am tracking currently 2 websites and more than 100 Keywords.

 Following this approach you can see which of your articles are performing and which aren’t so you can enhance and update them.

Next you receive access to the LinkMiner which enables you to research the Backlinks of every structure.

This way you see exactly which backlinks your competitors are using so you can model them.

Through seeing what’s working for them best.

Next you get the SERPChecker, this software shows you all the SERP metrics like Domain Authority, Page Authority Moz Data.

In a nutshell all those metrics which are crucial to understand when you want to rank higher nowadays in the search engines.

The newest feature is the exceptional Site Profiler.

Through this tool you see the successful articles/ good performing sites of your competition.

Moreover can you analyze them and see what you can learn of your competitors.

✅ 💻 🚀 How to get a KWFinder Group Buy ?

A Group Buy can be very beneficial of all members of the group.

I personally recommend asking your friends who are also into SEO & Keyword Research  whether they want to share the costs for the KWFinder.

But make sure you trust the people who you want to share your KWFinder Account with.

Besides that I recommend you since you are at least two people to get a larger plan when you want make a deep Keyword Research and you plan to use the KWFinder everyday.

Because I am using right now the basic plan but even for me is the 100 Keywords a day research volume sometimes not enough.

And especially when you also plan to monitor several websites with more than 200 Keywords I would pick at least the Premium Plan of the Mangools Suite.

My personal favorite recommendation is to find 5 – 10 people and then buy together the Agency Plan of the KWFinder.

With this plan you receive 1200 Keyword Searches per 24 hours and 700 Keyword Suggestions per search.

Furthermore you can track 1500 Keywords and 15000 backlinks per 24 hours.

But much more important you receive a total of 10 simultaneous login accounts which you can actively share with the whole group.

This is the most efficient way how you can share your costs.

The Agency Plan costs 69,90€ per month.

When you share the costs with ten people you only have to pay 6,99€ per month which is totally worth it.

Since you are deciding to pay for 1 year directly because I assume you want to save 40% on the original price.

The yearly price would be 838,80€ and when you make a group buy of 10 people everyone only had to pay 83,88€.

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