All about the KWFinder Free Trial 2019 !

KWFinder Free Account

Welcome to this article here you will learn more about the Free Trial of the KWFinder.

Yes you are right, the KWFinder offers a free trial for new users.

You can search two keywords for free after that you have to register for a new account.

You receive 5 lookups per 24 hours, 50 keyword suggestions per search and 100 backlinks per 24 hours. 

And you don’t need a credit card to register yourself for the free trial !

To activate this free trial you just have to go to the KWFinder website and then click on the button “Register”.

Then you get redirected to the formula where you can fill in your user details.

After you completed the sign up process the KWFinder provides you with 5 free searches per 24 hours.

This is really amazing !

Benefits of the Free KWFinder Trial !

Now you can search for your keywords for completely free.

 If you want to upgrade to a paid account that’s also very easy.

The KWFinder has three different pricing plans.

The “Mangools Basic” starts at 25,90$ a month.

After that comes the “Mangools Premium” for 34,90$ per month and finally the “Mangools Agency” for 69,90$ per month.

When you purchase the Keyword Finder you receive simultaneously access to the other tools of the “Mangools Suite”.

My favorite feature is the SERPWatcher.

This is a Rank Tracking software with that you can analyze the rankings of your website in one interface.

The next one is the SERPChecker. This feature shows you the metrics of the SERP Results.

For instance you can see the amount of backlinks a certain site has or the amount of referring domains.

Moreover is there the SiteProfiler. This software is comparable to an website audit software.

It shows you the demography of visitors a website receives.

And you can find similar websites to to the one you make an audit of.

Thus you can let you inspire by these websites.

Finally there’s the “LinkMiner” it’s so called because you can lookup backlinks of your or others websites. This is really useful since you can find great backlink opportunities.

Which can be very useful and help your website to rank higher in the SERP results.

These are all the features of the Mangools Suite.

But my favorite is by far the KWFinder.

So if you are right now indecisive I really would like to encourage you to try the fee account of the KWfinder.

 I am using the “Mangools Basic” plan now since one year and it helped me a lot since my projects suffer no longer on a shortage of keyword ideas.

 And I can store all my keywords in the List feature of the KWFinder.

Also is it for me much more relaxing and iam more focused when I can observe the rankings of my websites in one clear designed interface.

So when you ask me personally the KWFinder is absolutely worth it.

This article contains affiliate links which means i receive a little commission when you decide to buy the KWFinder.