This article gives you insights into John Reese Marketing and how he managed to earn 1 million dollars online, during 1 single day.

Moreover I will introduce you to  his online course “Traffic Secrets” and how you can buy nowadays.

And i show you here what Bonuses you receive when you buy Traffic Secrets or another ClickFunnels product over my affiliate link.

 Even though, John Reese has taken Traffic Secrets from the market.

There’s still an opportunity you shouldn’t miss out on.

🚀 Who is the internet marketer John Reese ?

John Reese was the first internet marketer who accomplished the goal to earn 1 million dollar during one single day.

He did this with his online course “Traffic Secrets”, which he launched back in 2004.

This online course shows passionate & aspiring online marketers 127 different ways how to drive traffic to their offers.

John Reese gives step by step instructions how he would use these traffic strategies and gives up close, detailed examples.

At the beginning of his career has John Reese he made Affiliate Marketing & Domain brokerage.

Moreover has he established the importance of Google Adsense and he contributed to the creation of several business models.

Furthermore is he recognized in the internet marketing community as the person who made the method of the product launch a popular one.

Besides his famous product “Traffic Secrets” has created other products like the Reese Report, Product Launch Formula and eBay Secrets.

John Reese has also created “Outsource Force”, which teaches internet entrepreneurs how they can outsource their work to the Philippines.

He showed every online marketer with his efforts that it’s definitely possible to earn 1 million dollars in 1 day.

And inspired so many with his accomplishment, including Russell Brunson.

He recognized that domains are very valuable for online advertisers and thus bought many and sold them for a higher price.

John Reese gained a lot of experience with his online ventures.

He therefore advises people to make changes wherever required to appeal to their clients more.

He himself followed this philosophy turned his life around.

So he came out of a debt of $100.000.

He did this in learning from the mistakes of other online marketers and trying new strategies.

John Reese inspired many online marketers including Russell Brunson.

Who made 3 million dollars during a 1 hour presentation.

And is nowadays the highest paid speaker in the world, he also published an the 10X Secrets Masterclass in which he teaches you all about how he did this.

🧐🔎 How to buy the Traffic Secrets Course in 2020 ?

The awesome thing is that you can still buy the Traffic Secrets Course and only few people know about this opportunity.

Russell Brunson is nowadays the CEO of ClickFunnels, an incredible successful sales funnel software.

And he also bought John Reeses Traffic Secrets company, because he absolutely wanted to include this course as a bonus in his Funnel Builder Secrets product.

Besides that offers Russell Brunson “Traffic Secrets” as an upsell in the Dotcom Secrets Funnel.

So I am going to show you how you can get “Traffic Secrets” nowadays in 2019.

You have two different options, you can buy Funnel Builder Secrets which starts at $1,997 or you can get Traffic Secrets through the Dotcom Secrets Funnel which costs you $418.

🚀 John Reeses Marketing in Traffic Secrets Course !

I show you now all the different methods which you will get in Traffic Secrets.

First of all will John Reese introduce you the Foundation.

Here he shows you are going to set yourself a goal and consistently pursue it.

Moreover will he introduce you to the “Core Theory” of Traffic and how you are going to use it for your projects.

✅Chapter 1: The Foundation ! ($47 Value)

Next you will learn how you profit from sacrificing early profits.

Next you learn everything about Brand& Design.

Furthermore you learn after which parameters you should choose & get your domain name.

That’s by far not all in addition you are going to learn every detail about “Macro & Micro Targeting”, using Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel Tracking, Google Tag Manager.

Additionally you learn how you set up GTM with Analytics & Facebook Pixels.

John Reese has included for all this sections a comprehensive  25 item checklist.

✅Chapter 2: Market Discovery ! ($97 Value)

First of all gives John Reese you a briefly overview about every topic this chapter is covering.

Then he introduces you to the power of surveying and the benefits of subscribing to a competitors list.

After that he shows you how you can use Google Trends & Alerts to your advantage.

Moreover shows you John Reese with his incredible marketing knowledge, how you can monitor your Advertising and from your competition with several tools.

Then he shows you his strategies about how he uses to monitor Blogs, Discussion Forums and Freelancer sites.

✅Chapter 3: John Reeses Copywriting Secrets ! ($197 Value)

Chapter 3 of John Reese Marketing course Traffic Secrets is all about Copywriting and here he reveals all his Copywriting secrets to you.

You learn about the “Power of Benefits” and the “Core Elements of Copy”.

What I love about this chapter is that John Reese gives you even a list of 37 Power Words which you can implement in your own copy to make it stronger.

Furthermore John Reese shows you his Headline Formulas and introduces you to writing HTML.

Moreover you get to know Bullet Formulas and Video Sales Letter Flows.

Next you learn about how you can copy & model the ads of your competition and about word counting your copy.

✅Chapter 4: Deep Keyword Science ! ($97 Value)

Chapter 4 is all about Keyword Science and how you can profit immensely from it !

You learn how you are going to build your “Keyword Master List” !

Now we come to my favorite part the “Super Conversion Keywords”, John Reese teaches you everything about finding them and using them to make money.

Next you learn about Broad Match vs Exact Match and the benefits & disadvantages of both.

 Additionally you learn about “Negative Keywords” and the Google Keyword Planner in general.

Next John Reese reveals to you the Keyword software’s he uses:  “KeywordSpy” and “Ubersuggest”.

In addition he shows you how you can find keywords with Amazon and Answer the Public.

✅Chapter 5: E-Mail Marketing Tactics ! ($147 Value)

In Chapter 5 you get to know every important detail about E-Mail Marketing and why it’s your most valuable asset.

You get to know the different types of opt-in mechanisms.

And how to increase the Opt-In Rates for your E-Mail Newsletter.

Next you learn about several tactics you can apply to promote your E-Mail List and the power of “Automated Monetization”.

Moreover you learn about when & how to e-mail your list and the different types of campaigns you can make.

The next lessons I think are very important, because you learn about “Behavioral Triggers”, ”List Maintenance” and using “Brite Verify”.

To verify and only accept valid e-mails to your list.

🚀 Chapter 6: Borrowing Traffic ! ($147 Value)

Chapter 6 will teach you everything about “Borrowing Traffic” !

John Reese shows you his methods about borrowing a ton of traffic.

Next he reveals the decisions to you which you have to make.

Then he introduces you to the software’s & services which he personally recommends for borrowing traffic.

Moreover he gives you his tips for maximum success and his “Power Recruiting Secrets”.

The next thing I really liked that’s the method of the “Product Launch Windfall Cash”  which is very impressive and smart.

Next he shows you his secrets strategies of the “Webinar Cashflow” and the “Recruit Snooping”.

Additionally he reveals his “Genuises of” tactic and his “Grow with Simple Monitoring” strategy to you.

💡 Chapter 7: Shopping Engines & Amazon ! ($97 Value)

This chapter is all about e-Commerce Product Promotions, eCom to non eCom opportunities and the other way around, comparison shopping engines and so on.

In detail shows John Reese with his impressive marketing experience “Kindle Books Lead Generation”, “Amazon Product Advertising API”.

Next he reveals his knowledge to you about “Alibaba Product Suppliers”, “Supplement Private Labeling” , “Worldwide Brands Dropshipping” and “GoDataFeed”.


đŸ’» Chapter 8: Traffic Formulas ! ($97 Value)

First you learn about Traffic Formulas & their Methodology.

Then you learn about common marketer mistakes.

After that you get an intensive lesson about “How to mine Campaign Traffic Gold”.

Subsequently John Reese teaches you about the “Split Testing Discipline” you need to develop.

Next you get the “Traffic Secrets Base Formula” from John Reese which is of immense value.

Additionally gives John Reese you access to his 10 Traffic Growth Formulas.


💾 Chapter 9: Buying Media & Sponsorships ! ($97 Value)

First John Reese gives you a brief overview, after that he gives you tips for media buying success.

Subsequently he introduces you to Advertising Price Options and Setting up Conversion Tracking.

Next he teaches you about “Conversion Hunting” and his “List of Media Buying”.

Furthermore you learn about Negotiating Media Buys and about John Reese “Sponsorship Secrets”.

In addition you see how John Reese makes his Ad Creative Analysis and which Content Distribution Networks he uses.

đŸ”„ Chapter 10: Google Ads ! ($247 Value)

In lesson 1 of this chapter you learn how to master Google Ads.

Lesson 2 is called “The Data decides !” here John Reese shows you how you can which parameters are important and on which you should focus on.

In Lesson 3 you learn about that “Relevance makes all the money” and how you can use this to your advantage.

Next you learn about the “Money Management Principles” which are essential for mastering Google Ads.

Moreover you learn about the Quality Score & Ad Rank and whether Google Ads are affecting your SEO.

Subsequently John Reese introduces you to the Value of your Ad Position and his “Landing Page Secrets”.

Furthermore shows he you the Google Ads Account Structure and how you should structure your own account.

Here John Reese shows you step by step how to organize your account and to set up conversion actions and then to connect the conversion actions with your tag manager.

The next lesson is about Keyword Match Types here covers John Reese the “Negative Keyword Strategy”, “Short Tail vs Long Tail”, “Brand Name Keywords”, “Ad CTR of Adwords”, “Ad CTR & Conversion Balance”, “Profit Machine Keyword Strategy”.

That’s quite a lot and John Reese explains & illustrates his teachings with examples which clarify a lot.

Moreover introduces he you to the Ad Guidelines & Rules.

Furthermore he shows you how you can craft Super-Clickable Ads in using Pre-Qualifiers.

And he reveals some of his Domains & Display URL Tricks which are very beneficial and even and I didn’t knew some of them.

After that John gives you tips about when you should use different campaigns and gives you deep insights in his own “Bid Strategies”.

Then you get a manual how you can create your first campaign, this includes creating your first Ad Group, Setting up Ad Split Testing, Creating a Landing Page Split Test, switching to manual Bidding, Copying Ad Groups or campaigns.

In addition you are learning about the Awesomeness of Dimensions, Setting up Ad Scheduling, Ad Extendsions, Dynamic Keyword Insertion, Creating Custom Reports and finally “Prioritize, Optimize, Expand !”.

✅Chapter 11: Podcast & Broadcast ! ($197 Value)

Chapter 11 is all about “Podcast vs Broadcast” and teaches you which equipment you need to start your first Podcast.

How to acquire new leads and customers with your own Podcast.

How to actually create &  launch your own podcast.

How to use the “Interview Model” to drive traffic to your podcast.

How you can “hack” the “ITunes Podcast Directory”.

How to use Twitter, Facebook Live & Youtube Live to promote your podcast.  

✅Chapter 12: Mobile App Marketing ! ($197 Value)

Chapter 12 is about mobile app marketing, this chapter includes lessons about “Mobile App Spying”, “App Annie”, “SensorTower”, “App Store Optimization”.

Moreover you learn how to boost your Brand & Authority & Building an E-Mail List.

John Reese also clarifies the question whether you should develop from scratch your app or you should use an App Builder.

Furthermore you are learning how to buy mobile App Installs.

✅Chapter 13: Software & Widgets ! ($47 Value)

In Chapter 13 John Reese teaches you about Software and Widgets.

Here you learn how you can get leads with giving away software.

How to use Facebook Apps correctly.

Additionally you get taught about Browser Toolbars, SAAS Tools, Finding Software Ideas, Mockups & Wireframes and “Secrets to Software Development”.

✅ Chapter 14: Facebook Ads ! ($247 Value)

Chapter 14 is purely focused on Facebook Ads and extremely valuable.

First gives John Reese with his incredible internet marketing knowledge a brief overview about the topics which he will cover in this chapter.

Next he shows you how to set up Conversion Tracking and FB Pixel Conversions with GTM.

After that he illustrates the Power of the Facebook Pixel,  Facebook Ads Hierachy, Anatomy of a Facebook Ad.

In addition you get tips about things you should avoid when you craft & create your own Facebook Ads such as editing Text on your Facebook Ad Image.

Next you learn which Facebook Ad Model you should use.

Then John gives you very valuable Facebook Ad Success Tips from his own experience.

Furthermore he shows you how to name your campaigns & Ad Sets, developing your core strategy, Facebook Ad Fatigue, Email List Supplementation, Setup a Business Page, Engagement & Quality of Likes.

After that he clarifies the question whether you should buy Facebook likes from a service or not.

Then you learn how to setup a custom URL for your page and you see three different processes you can use to craft your own Facebook Ad.

Moreover you learn how to balance your Click-Through-Rate & Conversion and how to identify your target customer.

And you learn about the “Power of Audiences”, “Audience Targeting Mistakes”, “Ad ‘Placement Options”.

After that John Reese gets into the “nitty gritty” and the nerd stuff of Facebook Ads.

This includes choosing an objective in as well as setting up a new Ad Set in the Ads Manager.

Likewise are you gaining knowledge about  “Initial Ad Settings”, “Split-Testing Facebook Ads”, learning about the Power Editor”, “Creating Custom Audiences with Customer Lists & Optin Lists”, “uploaded Custom Audience Matching”, “creating Lookalike Audiences”.

Finally gives John Reese his secret bidding strategies & tactics to you, so you can use them for your own Facebook Ads.

✅Chapter 15:Traffic Retargeting ! ($ 147 Value)

In chapter 15 John Reese passes on his in-depth Traffic Retargeting knowledge to you.

Therefore he shows you his own Retargeting Mistakes so you can learn from them.

Then he explains you his E-Mail Marketing Campaigns and Content Campaigns.

After that you learn about “Special Customer Offers” which are very useful in Retargeting Ads, Lead Getting Campaigns, Retargeting & Ad Fatigue.

✅Chapter 16: International Oportunities ! ($ 97 Value)

In 16 Chapter teaches you John Reese about International Opportunities.

First of all he introduces & explains you how you can grow your revenue with licensing deals.

Secondly you learn how to leverage other languages, such as English to market internationally to other countries.

Therefore you get introduced into John Reeses tactics & strategies for “Repurposing your Content” and “International Trend Watching”.  

Moreover he shows you how to use Rev Transcription Services effectively and reveals some of his own secret services which he’s actively using.

✅ Chapter 17: Social Media Strategy ! ($ 197 Value)

Chapter 17 is all about the Social Media Strategy.

At first he answers the question whether Social Media Traffic is valuable.

Then he clarifies the purpose of Social Media.

After that he gives you insights into how to achieve the viral effect and reveals some of his Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Buzzsumo Tips.

✅ Chapter 18:Traffic Recycling ! ($147 Value)

Chapter 18 is about Traffic Recycling & Turning Non-Buyers into Revenue.

Therefore you will learn about “Traffic Asset Leverage Points” and “Types of Traffic Recycling Campaigns”.

In detail presents you John Reese some the softwares he’s using (Rafflecopter, Votigo, ShortStack).

✅ Chapter 19: Google SEO ! ($ 197 Value)

In Chapter 19 you learn a lot about Google SEO !

Firstly you get to know the “Natural SEO Approach” and the “SEO Lottery Mentality”, “Using the right Keywords” and the “Google Search Console”.

Moreover you get deep insights in the CMS System WordPress and your Website Health.

Next you learn about why a sitemap is so important for indexing sites, the GA Checker, GT Metrix, Proper Page Indexing, 301 Redirects, Why Links are so important, Social Sharing Signals, OnPage Optimization Factors, Cross-Linking on your Site, creating Summary Articles, Getting Links from other Sites and how to finding competitor links.

Finally you get taught how to build up your own SEO Empire.

✅ Chapter 20: Building a Content Fabric ! ($ 97 Value)

Chapter 20 shows you the exact strategies & tactics which are necessary for building a massive Content Factory.

Therefore John Reese answers the questions “What to create content about ?”,

“What content format to use?”,

“Who will create your content ?”,

“When to release your content ?” and

“Where to post your Content ?”.

Moreover you learn how to craft your Content Factory Pipeline.

✅Chapter 21: Content Curation Methods !($ 97 Value)

Chapter 21 is about “Content Curation Methods”.

This includes critically monitoring your market,

getting traffic by sharing great content,

create an opinion piece, create roundups & summaries,

crafting powerful case studies,

expert collaborations, customer collaborations.


✅Chapter 22: Youtube Marketing ! ($ 197 Value)

In Chapter 22 you learn a lot about Youtube Marketing.

You learn how to use Google Trends for Youtube,

Finding Video Keywords, Video Ranking Ranking Factors,

using Canva for Design,

External Ranking Factors, Channel Optimization,

Using Annotations, Promoting for Higher Rankings,

using VidIQ.

✅Chapter 23: Expansion & Scalability ! ($ 47 Value)

Chapter 23 Is purely focused on Expansion & Scalability strategies.

Here you learn how to expand in your market with several products & Traffic Sources.

How to properly make Content Site Acquisitions,  Business Acquisitions and  Reinvesting.

Finally John Reese teaches you about Maximal Results from maximal Leverage.


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