The In-Depth Comparison HubSpot VS MailChimp !

Over the recent years, online marketing has become something that everyone wants to be involved in.

Various developers have come up with various software to help this.

And to be on the safe side you have to take your time before jumping on a random software and subscribing to a plan.

🚀 Which One Is the Ideal Pick for a Business Owner ?

To succeed in online marketing, you need to have a solid idea of what you want and how to get things started.

Choosing which software to use depends on your vision and at the same time what amount you are willing to spend.

Everybody nowadays wants to be successful when it comes to doing their thing.

But the reason why most fail when it comes to online sales and marketing is not using the ideal channel to execute their ideas.

Honestly, I don’t think it will take just a single day to implement your idea.

But given adequate time and adequate research, you should be in a position to know how you can make the best out of your business.

HubSpot and MailChimp are equally good sales and marketing software that help you steer your business forward.

With amazing features, both software have proven their worth for a while, but definitely, you are bound to find out that one will outwit the latter.

This time it is HubSpot.

Ranging from its features, plans, and additional tools, it makes sure that your business is up to date, but you must be willing to at least put a solid investment on it.

But on the real side would it hurt making those payments knowing that when you run everything accordingly you are bound to succeed ?

I don’t think so.

MailChimp is commonly used for those running a small business since it comes with a cheap monthly price tag on it.

But is it worth your time ?

We will see …

Besides HubSpot being the superior option, with little knowledge on how to run it you are just wasting your time and money.

You need to be willing to learn how to use its features in order to get the best out of it. Unlike when it comes to MailChimp that is very easy to learn.

But who knows, the harder is it to learn, the better the output!

First things first !

We need to deeply understand what both software’s have in store for your business before jumping to any conclusions.

🧐 An In-Depth HubSpot Overview:

HubSpot is a sales and marketing software that helps a certain organization lure more visitors, convert leads and then close customers.

The software is accompanied by various tools that will, in turn, assist you in:

▪️ Controlling how you interact with your customers.

▪️ Hosting web

▪️ Creating blogs, and a series of emails

▪️ Landing pages

You can assess the level of success of your campaign and also track user behavior.

With quite a number of tools, that will help you make the difference as you strive to market your products.

These tools are split into “hubs” and can be purchased individually.

But when they are all combined, they work towards the same goal that is equipping you.

With a full suite of tools to help your sales, marketing, and the support crews.

HubSpot Features:

▪️ Lead scoring

▪️ Lead segmentation

▪️ Web activity tracking

▪️ Personalize web content

▪️ Bi-directional CRM syncing

▪️ Social CRM

▪️ Mobile app

▪️ Real-time sales alerts

▪️ Sales reports

▪️ Split testing creates invoices

▪️ Event management

▪️ Predictive analytics

▪️ SMS marketing

What The HubSpot Marketing Hub Entails:

It is a combination of all the tools that you need in order to effectively run a campaign that lures.

Engages, and at the same time impresses the current customers or potential ones.

It will assist you in creating compelling content and avail it to the ideal people.

At the same you can convert the visitors into leads and finally leads to customers.

What is incorporated in this HubSpot Marketing Hub ?

▪️ Emails

▪️ Blogs

▪️ SEO

▪️ Landing pages

▪️ Market automation

▪️ Analytics

▪️ Social media

HubSpot CRM (Customer Relationship Management):

This customer relationship management tool helps you sort and at the same time track your leads and customers.

Interesting enough is that this tool is completely free.

That means you won’t spend even a penny purchasing this tool.

It will save you the hassle of using a spreadsheet in order to sort your contacts systematically.

Sounds like a lot ?

Yes, it is but that’s what you just need.

What You Can Do With The HubSpot CRM:

▪️ Tracking activities

▪️ Retrieving user contact information

▪️ Live chat with customers and customers-to-be

▪️ Pipeline visibility

▪️ Syncing capability with Outlook and Gmail.

All About The HubSpot Sales Hub:

With this sales hub, you can now communicate with, manage and track your leads.

Having more visibility into the pipeline, your sales crew is handed the power to interact with different customers within a fraction of time.

Since they won’t be writing the same emails each now and then and also enter the same data.

The sales hub generally gives you more tools to close even more deals.

Features that are in this HubSpot Sales Hub:

▪️ Email sequences

▪️ Free Calls

▪️ Meeting schedules

▪️ Pipeline tracking

▪️ Email templates

What Is The HubSpot Service Hub ?

This customer service software from HubSpot makes it easy for customers to address their queries with the helpservice thus managing a good relationship.

Besides, when customers are happy so are you.

That means better performance of your business and thus growth.

Things that the HubSpot Service Hub includes:

▪️ Live Chat

▪️ Knowledgebase

▪️ Reporting and goals

▪️ Conversational bots

▪️ Support tickets

▪️ Customer feedback

HubSpot has quite something on the table.

For you and your current or potential customers can interact with it in many ways.

Note: Each hub has a subscription package to choose from and some features are only available depending on the subscription package you are using.

Why is HubSpot loved by many ?

Everything is sorted in one place

If you keep an account of your customers by using various programs or even in a spreadsheet, things can prove to be challenging enough.

But thanks to HubSpot, you can track customers’ activities, write blogs easily.

HubSpot streamlines your taskforce communication since you are aware of where all your things are.

That is in HubSpot.

Easy to measure the success

One of the best things about HubSpot is the data you receive.

From the latest update, you can easily find the information in order to track success.

Everything can now be gauged and you can navigate easily to acquire the crucial information you need.

Even better is the ability to customize reports and create the dashboards to share across your company.

The phone integration tool is perfect

With this feature, you can easily create a queue of those phone calls that you might want to make.

Equipped with a special redial feature, all you need to do is select once to call.

And the redial feature will sequence itself and dial the next person in line after every 40 seconds.

The HubSpot phone tool will also assist the user by recording the calls and also your log call notes with absolute automated means.

It also enhances a proper way in which you create or view previously scheduled appointments.

Because of the manner in which the phone tool is synced with google calendar.

The sole focus of the phone integration tool is on that delight stage of the inbound methodology.

In which it is very much possible with the phone tool that helps the salesperson to give their undivided attention to the client.

More data and less work

According to the HubSpot research statement.

There is a clear indication of how consumers are likely to complete their buyer’s journey long before they contact a sales representative.

That is where HubSpot interferes the contact profile page.

Providing the salesperson a clear timeline recount highlighting the conversations that have taken place with a specific client.

Not only the conversations that have taken place.

But also which websites they have visited most recently or what is trending for them in social media.

With the sidekick email add-on, it helps work with your inbox.

In order to provide you with the information you necessarily need on clients or the companies you normally interact with.

Thus, it is much easier to track your contacts’ engagement with your active marketing content.

It is wonderful in line with the marketing platform

In the recent years, passing a lead from marketing usually did involve a lot more than you expect.

Especially when it came to communication or integration, there was always a lot of activity going on.

Luckily enough, all the information from HubSpot marketing is available at a salespersons fingertip which is perfect.

Therefore, it means that there is less work involved in managing duplicate leads.

Also there is more knowledge on the jolt of one’s marketing efforts.

But also there is, of course, more communication between sales and marketing which is generally a good thing for the business.

How HubSpot works in real life.

Let us use joy as a potential customer and carefully see how HubSpot impacts her journey.

Joy randomly comes across a blog that you have written at Google (Marketing hub).

She is interested and wants to acquire more information about your blog and she signs up to receive your newsletter (Marketing hub).

HubSpot then keeps track of all her activities on your site (CRM).

You then send her emails with more resources to assist her (marketing hub).

Your sales crew then receives her information as a possible lead (CRM).

Your sales taskforce then reaches out to her through email and phone (sales hub).

She then plans a demo to learn even more about your firm and products (saleshub).

She then decides to make the purchase (sales hub).

She then has some questions concerning her purchase and how it all works (service hub).

She takes a glance at the online knowledge base and then contacts your support task force (service hub).

Joy receives a topnotch experience with your company and spreads the word online.

Her friends are amazed and join your site and make individual purchases.

Instead of implementing traditional sales procedures to pursue customers, inbound focuses on attracting customers.

And providing value for them that can ultimately skyrocket your sales.

With all user’s action tracked, your team knows when and how to do the follow-up.

As you can see, HubSpot is a powerhouse tool that will have quite an impact on your company’s operations.

You just have to know if the HubSpot software is right for you and you can get started with your journey.

Here is how you can know if it is ideal for you:

▪️ If your aim is to invest in luring and impressing your customers.

▪️ If your aim is to have a single tool uniting your sales, marketing, and support teams.

▪️ If your aim is to examine and optimize the success of your campaign.

▪️ If your aim is to manage your potential customers and customers effectively.

▪️ If your aim is to supply your sales team with warm leads

Everything About MailChimp:

It is an all-inclusive marketing platform that provides help.

When it comes to managing, communicating with your own customers, clients and other concerned parties.

MailChimp also helps you group your insights, marketing channels, and audience data all at one and thus making you reach goals faster.

Especially in the startup world, MailChimp has been adopted by many businesses as the ESP of choice.

MailChimp features:

▪️ Lead scoring

▪️ Web activity tracking

▪️ Bi-directional CRM syncing

▪️ Create membership sites

▪️ Sales reports

How MailChimp works ?

Many people have tried out several email service providers.

And that’s why you’ll realize that it’s almost similar to most providers.

Since it has all the necessities to collect leads or create emails.

Signup forms

You’ll need to create some forms at MailChimp in order to get subscribers onto your lists.

But first,you’ll need to learn the various ways to build signup forms in MailChimp.

First, you can learn how to build a form using MailChimp editor which is very easy.

Once you setup the signup forms, it will provide you with some special sort of code in which you can attach to your website.

Alternatively, you can use a subscriber popup option to create some sort of a popup style opt-in form.

You can click on any element to customize the design of it.

But you have to click on the separate design it tabs so as to do any styling customizations.

The form editor usually handles custom fields with absolute pleasure.

Thus adding this like checkboxes to any form is simplified and very easy to do by yourself.

Things that you can do with MailChimp:

There are several important things that you can do with MailChimp that will act as a benefit.

Put your audience at the heart of your marketing.

When it comes to strategically planning on how you want to pursue your campaigns.

It further entails how well you know your people.

With the marketing CRM tools, it enables you to convert your audience data into formidable insights.

That act as a torchlight for your campaigns.

Generally, when you put your audience first, then you are having access to information like you basically know who you’re talking to.

Data is simplified that you learn a lot more about your team of people with some raw data.

You are also able to do a lot more with audience data.

By this, it means that with the application with just a few clicks, you can turn insights into a more targeted kind of message.

The Campaigns Of MailChimp:

MailChimp is all about campaigns.

It’s all about creating the emails that you want to send.

With a step by the wizard to help you set up campaigns, the process is simplified.

Here are the steps that you need to follow:

▪️ Pick the campaign type you want

▪️ Pick the subscribers that you want to send to.

▪️ You can opt to send them to all of your subscribers or even create a section basing it on certain conditions.

Here are some of the fascinating segments you can create:

▪️ Subscribers launched a certain campaign

▪️ Subscribers who opened the last five campaigns

▪️ Subscribers who have responded to a specific program

▪️ And subscribers who have met certain goals.

Input the campaign details i.e.

The campaign name, subject line, and if you want to enable a range of tracking options.

Once done, you have to create a template (MailChimp’s present layouts that can be used for emails that you need to send).

You have the option to pick one of the MailChimp’s premade themed templates or just craft your own.

If there is need to adjust how your template looks.

You can always switch to the design tab and work on the borders, background colors and other style elements.

In this last step, you can review all your campaign options and it can forewarn you of any problems that may arise from your campaign.

With now everything set, you can just send the campaign instantly or schedule it to be sent another day.

Why Use MailChimp For Email Marketing ?

MailChimp is forever free

For those businesses who are starting out on the email marketing journey.

The MailChimp forever free account is the perfect fit for those new business owners.

You generally get a subscriber list of 2000 and also a monthly send limit of 12000 emails.

When your email list exceeds beyond the free limit which is possible even for startup businesses.

You can then upgrade to one of their paid accounts.

Has a variety of rich features

When it comes to email marketing, then MailChimp makes it easier due to the useful features it possesses such as scheduling.

Scheduling usually allows you to prepare your mails long in advance so as to process them for sending at scheduled dates and times.

The list segmentation feature is also very useful since it ensures that your emails acquire the right and matching audience.

The reporting feature has also helped its users to breakdown their reports.

Like knowing who opened your emails and the specific times they were opened.

A Wonderful support that is convincing

The helping and assistance staff of MailChimp is fairly outstanding.

They shower you with satisfying speedy and friendly responses in case of any query addressed.

They also provide a vast knowledge piece of explanatory articles on how to get started on your account.

The MailChimp Automation Feature

MailChimp offers you with simplistic automation capabilities and has 15 ready-made automating workflows you can choose from.

Access these automations by fabricating a totally new email campaign and then picking the automated tab

The e-commerce automationsare the most practicable at present and if you have an online store, using this automation hands you.

The opportunity to send the follow-up emails to your potential customers.

Who have already added the items they need to their shopping cart but have not yet finalized the purchase.

Editing the automations seems like some good news, but on the other hand, it is tedious unlike when it comes to HubSpot.

The MailChimp Pricing

MailChimp comes with a bunch of different pricings to choose from and when it comes to purchasing.

It can be a little confusing, so you need to take your time and read the pricing page cautiously before making up your mind.

Being a newbie, you can use the eternally free plan but limits you to 2000 subscribers and also limits you to send 12,000 emails a month.

Depending on how you want to run your content, you can choose the plan of your choice and you will make monthly payments.

Example: for 0-500 subscribers, you will need to pay $10 a month and for 10,000 subscribers you will pay $75 a month.

The good thing is that MailChimp allows you to have the pay as you go option.

One mail will cost you $0.003 so if you want to dispatch 10,000 emails, it will cost you $300.

But the more credits you continue to purchase, the less that you will end up spending.

With $199 per month you can have the MailChimp pro-add-on and comes with account advanced features.

Like comparative reports, multivariate testing campaigns, advanced segmentation, compliance, and delivery insights and priority support.

HubSpot VS MailChimp | Which Software Is Better For Your Needs ?

When deciding if an expense is worthwhile, you have to consider the price tag.

This is an important factor, but when it comes to TRANSITIONING to HubSpot from MailChimp.

It is not all about the cost, but also the vision and how you execute all the marketing effort.

If you are not willing to learn and explore the HubSpot’s numerous features, you will not get the best out of their CRM.

But for those who succeed in their efforts can outgrow Mailchimp easily.

In the long run, not only the features that matter but the ability to fully integrate your email scheme within your CRM.

This is what separatesa simple marketing approach from a sophisticated one.

The fact that MailChimp will not require your utmost effort or pro-skills to run it, you will definitely miss out on valuable information in your CRM.

Which in turn can assist you to nurture, sell to, and generatethe key leads using the email analytics.

Features of HubSpot and MailChimp

HubSpot is generally built for those marketers.

That need all in one marketing platform for blogging, social media, email marketing SEO and also marketing automation.

HubSpot marketing is also unique due to the fact that it integrates with other HubSpot tools.

As for Mailchimp it usually best suits bloggers and small business owners who are only in need of a slightly simpler and easy to useemail marketing platform.

The fact that in both software you can track the web activities seems cool but it is a thumbs up for Mailchimp.

Since you can get this feature considering you have to spend very little cash on its subscriptions.

Using HubSpot you can market your content through SMS.

Which means that you can reach out to almost everyone in real time.

As opposed to Mailchimp where you can reach to people only with the help of internet access.

HubSpot users can get real-time sales alerts as opposed to the latter.

Even better is that IOS and Android users can access the HubSpot software that is available in the respective Appstores.

For MailChimp, this is a complete zero since they have not yet developed a mobile app.

Both platforms provide you with personalized support via email or online support.

But HubSpot also includes HubSpot training videos which offer clear guidelines.

Thus making it very comfortable for the user who might have any kind of question.

When it comes to the landing page templates of both HubSpot and MailChimp.

You’ll realize that HubSpot has more than 68 free and paid landing page template packs which are available from the HubSpot marketplace.

Whereas MailChimp has no landing page at all included with MailChimp.

For HubSpot, its more advanced email features are accessed when you purchase a mid-tier subscription.

Even better is that immediately new features are released, they are added automatically without the need to maintain or download them.

For instance, when you purchase a mid-tier subscription, you can send segmented emails based on the user data.

Assess the granular analytics, and run the A/B tests and if more features arise, you can access them in no time.

When it comes to MailChimp, you will have to integrate add-on specifications in order to obtain the related tools.

Becoming pretty conversant with the integrations that facilitate the performance of the more complex operations can be really time-consuming.

And on top of that requires quite a number of accounts and logins.

Opting to go for the free or low-cost integrations can be an added disadvantage since they need a lot of time and testing.

Before they are deployed thus slowing your speed of unleashing your content.

It’s fair enough to say that if you need to do more than sending segment emails.

And if you want substantial data acuity to evaluate your email campaigns performance and refine them with time.

Then HubSpot should be your best option.

When it comes to marketing, dispatching the right email at the right time to the right person is key.

Theoretically, you can not manually subdivide your lists to target within MailChimp, but in turn.

You will lose your power to advance your efforts with lead nurturing.

The fact that HubSpot integrates your email tool with the relatively wider CRM.

You will be in a position to create the “set it and forget it” robotic email workflow for diversified nurturing functions like:

▪️ The triggered nurturing campaigns

▪️ The ongoing subscriptions

▪️The form submission follow-ups

▪️Re-engagement campaigns following periods of dormancy

Using the personalization tokens in HubSpot, you can easily tailor your emails with the lead data from your CRM.

The fact that the new information is assembled on the email receipts.

You can easily reference the new data points in your robotic emails.

To top it all is that list building with different filters is fast and painless.

You can create a segmented list in just minutes without copying and pasting the email addresses.

When it comes to MailChimp, sending a tailored message will involve building your target list from zero.

This is error-prone and really time-consuming.

Despite having a number of basic automation tools.

You won’t still have the ability to scale up your email nurturing on the basis of a broad variety of the CRM factors and data points.

For companies willing to increase their email marketing efforts and send self-acting nurturing campaigns.

And those who are ready to learn how the tools work or even go to the extent of hiring an agency.

To assist them, HubSpot offers a more advanced solution.

The fact that doing things like assessing data, deploying workflows, launching email campaigns.

Usually demands a lot of skills and time that’s why you might find small marketing teams struggling to use HubSpot to its fullest potential.

Team members with little experience usually find themselves struggling when using HubSpot.

Since it is designed to make the process of designing and creating actionable or automated emails easy to each and every user.

MailChimp can be considered a simpler option since novice users may find it rather difficult to setup reports dedicated to state some key information.

And translate the data which HubSpot gives by default.

If you learn to setup HubSpot correctly, then you’ll find some amazing insights.

Into who exactly visits your website and also mainly how they interact with your content.

Pros and Cons of HubSpot and MailChimp:

Both HubSpot and MailChimp have their advantages and disadvantages depending on which platform one wants to establish his or her business.

Let’s have a look at the pros;

HubSpot Pros

As indicated, HubSpot is also ideal for small business owners with no coding ability and that’s why HubSpot is;

Considered as an easy to use and intuitive platform

▪️ Also considered as an all in one solution platform

▪️ A place for learning about online marketing since the blog usually holds a wealth of useful knowledge for one’s business

HubSpot Cons

▪️ The marketing platform normally demands a 12-month contract

MailChimp Pros

MailChimp is regarded as a cheaper option for a smaller business, but also MailChimp usually has;

▪️ An easy interface for almost everyone to interpret and use.

▪️Unique and affordable pricing budget

▪️ A wide variety of wonderful templates

MailChimp Cons

▪️ Has limited email segmentation features

▪️For advanced users, there is relatively limited customization and flexibility features.

Some of the integrations available with HubSpot include:

▪️ Salesforce integration

▪️ Outlook integration

▪️ Lead for my integration

▪️ Net Suite integration

▪️ Sugar CRM integration

▪️ Gmail integration

▪️ Microsoft dynamics integration

▪️ Zapier integration

The list is quite endless since it has 1000+ integrations included

Some of the integrations available with MailChimp:

▪️ Salesforce integration

▪️ Outlook integration

▪️ Lead form lntegration

▪️ Sugar CRM integration

▪️ Gmail integration

▪️ Microsoft dynamics integration

▪️ Zapier integration

▪️ MailChimp has 1000+ integrations.

The notable difference is that MailChimp will not have the privilege of accessing the Net Suite Integration.

What exactly does success entail in your business ?

When you choose your desired platform of choice, then success should mean something to you.

Depending on the various analysis, you can easily determine the cost per lead of letting in a few strangers or visitors to your site.

To relatively give you the food of thought whether the investment you basically make in the CRM is compatible or even worth it.

Success is demanding and that’s why HubSpot should be a clear choice if your business emphasis.

Is on improving the lead generation and to also grow the sizeable package of sales opportunities.

HubSpot named in a list of 100 best companies to work for 2019.

As proof of diligence and proper services to the customers in general.

HubSpot made it to a cutout 100 best companies to work for 2019.

This was made after a thorough global research and consulting firm.

The HubSpot platform clearly indicated how far it has come towards customer satisfaction.

And that’s why it was included amongst the top leading companies.

Below you can witness an anonymous review, which explains about HubSpot office culture.

According to a customer success manager, he believes that development and learning is something from another planet.

The customer success manager also believes that the HubSpot learning and development.

Which is the L& D is like no other since they provide a lot of resources and feedback thus providing you with absolute comfort and flexibility.

The company itself has also hired some decent and conversant team of customer service which takes nothing for granted.

And always has answers to the questions that come up.

The HubSpot platform has attracted many customers.

And made its name well known to the global business communities out there seeking an appropriate CRM tool for their businesses.

My Conclusion Of The In-Depth Comparison HubSpot VS MailChimp !

One of the defining factors that make a CRM tool unique in the market is its compactness,HubSpot ticks that box and a few others.

It has also enabled businessmen and women to take their marketing efforts into their own hands.

If you are not prepared to manage it in the right manner, HubSpot will be full of unsegmented information and chaotic contacts.

When you are at the early stages of marketing and you just want to launch your own email campaigns.

As you monitor their performance, you will find HubSpot being so tough for you.

Trying to keep your marketing efforts simple.

MailChimp can be an option for you. It will allow you to create, segment lists, and also monitor their effectiveness.

Choosing at times is a bit difficult and complicated.

But it isn’t difficult to decide when all the facts and features are laid innocently on the table for you to choose.

Mostly for the fact of being relatively strong with its undertakings and also the services given by customer support team.

Then there is no need for many unnecessary thoughts of what is the best choice for your business.

On the contrary, if you are ready to get to more leads with more targeted campaigns.

And construct a data and erect a data set of email analytics, just go for HubSpot which will make complete sense to you.

HubSpot is simply a leader when it comes to email marketing and marketing automation and there is simply no doubt about that.

We are a HubSpot affiliate and receive a commission when you purchase over our link.