🚀 HubSpot VS Infusionsoft:
Which is A More Versatile Option for Your Business ?

Both HubSpot and Infusionsoft are counted as the leading CRM software solutions in the market these days.

We will examine them along with their Pros & Cons in detail to highlight which one is more versatile and the better option than the other.

Firstly, let us discuss what CRM actually is. It stands for Customer Relationship Management.

It is a methodology or a system to manage all the customers and their relevant data at one place.

A CRM system assists an organization in staying connected with their customers.

Getting all the processes streamlined and subsequently improving the profit percentage.

It not only saves time but also increases productivity substantially.

Those times are now a history when a sales guy had to input as well as manage the customer’s data manually.

It was a time-consuming process and the chances of human errors were also high.

In contrast, CRM software provides the automation of maintaining customer data with lesser chances of errors.

thereby providing higher work productivity.

A CRM software records all the information about the customer such as contact information, social media profile, customer preferences, etc.

And organizes it to brief you the complete view of your customer-

And surfaces the information required to improve the interaction with the customer.

🤔 Should You Use A CRM software ?

Without any doubt, the answer to this question is “Yes”.

It is the simplest way to manage your internal as well as customer-related data.

It also provides the scope of growth for a company which is in a growing phase.

Wondering how it is possible to grow with the help of software ?

The answer to this question is simple.

Manual data keeping takes more time and it is always a big task for the sales team to maintain spreadsheets or other files.

Such tasks tend to decrease the productivity of the team.

In addition, it makes it more likely for them not to be able to focus on their main task which is to increase revenue and profitability.

The use of CRM software leads to the growth of a company in several ways.

It relieves salespersons of a company from the complications involved in entering the data on a manual basis.

Because it allows data to be accessed from one place.

The employees of an organization do not need to shuffle through a host of files and folders.

It recognizes and removes your in efficacious practices and saves your time from double entries to automated and regulated records.

Thus increasing the work efficiency.

Also, it allows you to monitor the performance of your team by creating a schedule for each employee and comparing the achieved target among all.

Although, there are some other tools as well which contribute to the overall growth of your company.

Further, we are going to start the major part of this article and that is the software tools and features which both the companies offer.

 An Overview Of Infusionsoft:

Infusionsoft, currently known as Keap, is one of the leading providers of customer relationship management (CRM) software in the market these days.

Founded in 2001, this private service provider has come a long way to be one of the leading CRM service providers in the United States.

The CRM tool of Infusionsoft packs various useful features to help companies meet their objectives with finesse.

With this tool, you can store the data of all communication with your clients in a systematic or organized way.

This makes it easy to follow it up later and manage client records efficiently.

More control over your email inbox:

For every business, using an email service is a must.

Some use outlook, whereas others use Gmail for exchanging email communication.

Though it works well, it has a downside.

One needs to refer to the email inbox in order to pull up the records of both incoming as well as outgoing emails.

A program which can make things simple and easy for a professional of a company.

To monitor the movement of email is a valuable addition to the existing list of tools.

Infusionsoft is the CRM software which has the feature that enables one to keep a track of the movement of emails.

In addition, it also allows users to update the contacts automatically.

With these features, it makes the life of customer service agents a lot easier.

More control over leads conversion:

Communication with both existing and potential clients for the lead conversion is an important aspect of conducting business.

Failing in this important process can hit the revenue of business hard.

Keeping this in mind, most companies do not take a backseat when it comes to investing in tools.

And assets that can help build interaction between a company and its clients of customers.

Infusionsoft is tailor-made to maintain seamless communication with both existing and would-be clients systematically.

By virtue of this facility, it helps customer service agents in two ways:

It promotes sales by helping the agents follow up once a prospect gives a green signal.

Better communication or interaction with such prospects not only enhances the chances of making a sale but also brings in new customers.

When both these factors are added up, it takes a business to its apex of success.

Infusionsoft has a feature to send across a piece of communication to a new lead automatically.

This provides a company with an edge over its competitors and sets it apart from the rest.

What makes this feature even more useful is the fact that it consists of pre-written email templates.

By making use of these templates, a user can save one’s precious time.

And send across a piece of communication quickly to the clients of a company.

An organized way of communicating with clients:

One of the highlights of a top-notch business organization is the fact that it not only keeps its customers or clients happy.

With a service of the highest quality but also shows the same level of professionalism.

When it comes to interacting with them.

Oftentimes, companies miss out on the previous communication with clients which may be required at a later stage.

In such situations, the concerned staff members may request the clients of a company.

To repeat those things which were already discussed before.

While this may sound like a normal practice in conducting business, there is also the possibility that it can displease clients.

According to most clients, nothing is more displeasing than repeating a single thing all over again.

Because clients, just like the staff members of a company, work on tight schedules.

They appreciate it when one understands them without stretching them for too long in a conversation.

And repeating the same things again is a strict no-no.

Infusonsoft CRM software has been a revelation in this connection.

It keeps all the conversation history with a contact at one place.

This neat and clean arrangement of storing the conversation history helps customer service executives.

Pull up chat records as and when they feel the need for it.

Thus, it gets the job done for them without irritating clients in any way.

It helps in storing the client information in the following ways:

▪️ It helps store information like name, contact number, communication email and details of social media profile.

▪️ It allows storing proposals, contract, folders, images, documents, and shared files.

▪️ A user can store conversation history, and the history of quotes, payments, and meetings, logged notes and email conversations.

▪️ It also provides for clearing backlogs.

▪️ Oftentimes, customer service agents forget that they have backlogs that need to be addressed urgently.

▪️ By sending timely notifications, Infusionsoft allows clearing backlogs.

The feature to decide when to send a piece of communication to a client:

Sometimes, a customer service agent needs to send a piece of communication to a client at a later time.

However, they may not be free at the time when they are supposed to communicate a piece of information to the client.

The ability to send such messages automatically can simplify matters for them to a large extent.

Packed with the ability to personalize messages, Infusionsoft empowers customer service agents.

And other concerned staff members by giving them the power to choose when they would like to send out the communication to their clients.

In fact, they can make an arrangement to schedule the delivery of a message at a particular time.

Keap, the new version of Infusionsoft has come up with a revamped look.

Its previous avatar used to do the job perfectly well in connection with marketing automation and sales.

The new variant isn’t too far down the line.

Keap has been designed with the aforementioned features to help small businesses grow by covering all bases.

It is aimed at making such businesses not only grow but also establish a firm foothold in the market.

Sales teams in a business organization perform well when they get a systematic interface to deal with business data.

This makes it uncomplicated for them to manage the data at their disposal.

Wrestling with a complicated spreadsheet, clunky tools and inboxes that are cluttered can slow them down and take a toll on their performance.

An Detailed Overview About HubSpot:

HubSpot is designed to enable the productivity of salespeople.

It is built to deliver top-notch performance by virtue of automation – a technology that gets the job done in a matter of a few minutes.

What it means is that a piece of work which generally take days to get done.

Can be completed in a few hours, the one which takes a few months can be completed in a few days’ time.

And the one which takes a few years can be done in a few months.

This accounts for the rationale behind having CRM software at the disposal of salespeople and customer service executives.

The best part about HubSpot CRM is that it also helps in monitoring various client interactions on a single dashboard.

Apart from saving time in terms of data entry, it also provides a convenient means to view the work in progress.

One does not need to browse several windows to find information pertaining to one’s progress of various assignments.

Plus, it also gives an unlimited storage space to store contacts and data of users without literally an expiry date.

This is the standout feature of this CRM software which makes it one of the best in the market.

Due to these useful features, it is the pick of the bunch for employees of an organization.

No matter how large or small a business is or how many staff members it has, HubSpot is a CRM solution which is made for all.

The highlights of HubSpot are discussed below in greater detail.

Organization of data in an effortless manner:

HubSpot has a neat and clean dashboard which makes it a breeze to view the updated data.

Unlike other CRMs that look cluttered and messy when it comes to showing up the updated data, HubSpot fares much better.

When professionals work, the worst possible scenario they have to deal with.

Is the one wherein they are not able to view data in accordance with their convenience.

This proves to be a major roadblock in the path of delivering their best performance in one way or the other.

It is a lot easier to schedule appointments with HubSoft CRM.

Of course, there are other means to set appointments with clients or customers.

But remembering the exact date and time of an appointment, especially the one which is set on a future date, can be a little tricky.

Ensuring that a set appointment is not missed is of vital importance for a business.

It shows the level of commitment and professionalism a company has towards its clients.

With HubSpot CRM, one can get to know about appointments with ease.

It sends out notifications in a timely manner to inform a user about it.

Another important thing, apart from appointments, is a contract.

Companies not just deal with a single deal but a host of deals with clients to run business activities.

With more numbers, it gets harder to remember the ins and outs of the content of each deal.

Moreover, it can be even trickier to pull up the records of deals from the list of all monthly deals when multiple deals or contracts are signed on a single date.

With HubSpot CRM, one cannot go wrong in this connection.

By virtue of this CRM software, one can retrieve the information.

Relating to not only one but multiple deals of a specific day in a matter of a few seconds.

As far as searching the contract is concerned, one can find them out easily but various filters.

These include the amount, name of the owner, date and time and so on.

In case a manager has set a quota for a team, they can also view the progress of their team’s performance in an organized way.

This not only makes it a breeze to monitor the performance of a team.

But also helps in analyzing whether things are working in a planned way.

And make quick decisions to save a hassle at a later stage.

Automated logging of each and every activity:

There are various means of tracking the interactions of customers.

It depends on the modes of communication by which a sales team or customer service agents reach out to customers.

The mode of communication can be a call, email or a message via any one of the social media websites or platforms.

Syncing with email such as Gmail or Outlook or capturing every detail of emails and calls manually can be a hectic process.

  If a staff member of an organization is asked to do it manually, it would be next to impossible.

No matter how diligent an employee is, the rule applies to all staff members in an organization.

This is precisely where the automated logging feature of HubSpot comes in handy.

It saves the time and effort involved in doing the process manually.

Because automation involves machine-based technology, things can be done a lot quicker.

Than the usual duration of time it takes to do a job manually.

Viewing the details of all contacts in one place:

Digging through a cluttered spreadsheet or email inbox to just find out the details of a contract.

On an individual basis can send a chill down the spine of even the smartest professionals of a company.

Not only does it affect their productivity but it can also lead to the possibility of committing mistakes while noting down the information of contacts.

But with the HubSpot CRM, one can transcend the boundaries of job titles and names involved in an interaction.

The details of notes, meetings, emails, and calls are stored in such a tidy manner that one can view all details relating to a contact in one place.

For the members of a sales team, managing the data of leads based on their preferred services is a challenging task.

The automatic synchronization feature of HubSpot CRM software helps personalize the approach.

In this regard by virtue of the automatic syncing feature.

Interaction with customers and prospects on a real-time basis:

Nothing beats the prospect of engaging in one-to-one conversations when it comes to building relationships with clients or customers.

This is an aspect which can transform a potential customer to a regular one. Plus.

It also proves to be of great help in retaining existing customers of a company.

A one-to-one conversation is the best way to find out whether or not all is well with the services of an organization.

Customers are more likely to use a service when they find that there is a proper channel to redress their grievances.

They appreciate it more when they get proper means to communicate their concerns and complaints.

HubSpot provides various options to perform this task.

It allows customer service agents to interact with existing customers via features like a universal inbox, bots, team email, live chat and so on.

Aside from replying to all conversations, one can also view and manage the details of them.

Without ambling aimlessly across several windows of different programs.

And the best part of it is that one can do all of this without even paying a dime.

Other features Of HubSpot: 

Aside from the aforementioned features, HubSpot has a host of other features.

To make the things simple and easy for professionals who are involved in a sales project. 

These include the following:

▪️ Sending personalized sequences:

With HubSpot CRM, arranging emails and sending them at a particular time is simple and straightforward.

▪️ Creation and measurement of templates:

It is easy to create or edit personalized templates from the existing ones in a matter of few seconds using the HubSpot CRM.

▪️ Real-time notifications:

Whenever a prospect opens emails or simply downloads an attachment.

Which is sent with an email, a customer service agent can get to know about it immediately.

This makes following up with the former a productive or fruitful process.

▪️ Auto-enrichment of contact records:

The database of HubSpot comprises 20 million businesses.

Capturing and storing contacts from its database using its CRM software is an automatic process which takes only a few seconds.

▪️ Placement of calls directly from the CRM:

Instead of noting down the numbers and making calls on them at a later time.

One can just push the call button next to a contact to make a call.

This boosts the possibility of making a sale.

Arrangement of more meetings without any hassle: HubSpot CRM allows shareable links that sync with the calendar of a user.

A lead can choose a date and time of their choice, and a customer service agent can book a meeting in accordance with it.

Infusionsoft vs Hubspot | Which Software Is Better ?

Picking the best and relevant CRM software from a bunch can be a challenging task.

What are tools required the most ?

Which is the best CRM software available in the market ?

What should be the parameters for selecting one among the available ?

All of these questions are logical and require a detailed comparison.

Here, we are comparing two popular CRM software solutions: Infusionsoft and Hubspot.

Both Infusionsoft and Hubspot are the best options in the range of CRM software available in the market. 

Infusionsoft is a specific email & sales automation tool.

Whereas the Hubspot CRM offers a few more features other than CRM, emails & sales automation.

It allows you to perform tasks such as keyword-research, Website analytics, Landing page, Social media, and lead generation.

There are certain aspects wherein HubSpot fares better than Infusionsoft.

These features are discussed in greater detail below.


If you are using Hubspot, then you can directly blog from their platform.

Apart from it, you will be able to view how your post will look like.

Each of your blogs is optimized for Google followed by your approach for SEO.

Also, it displays the complete data about the leads defining the posts.

That have been converted into leads and customers ultimately after tracking the Google analytics.

By virtue of this information, you can do some improvisation in your posts and track how effective your posts are. 

Now, the time has gone when people used to rely on Word-press for blogging as Hubspot.

Comes with added things like pop-ups, call-to-action and many more which has made the crowd move from WordPress to Hubspot.

Track Keywords by Searching

Hubspot allows you to search for the keywords and get to know your ranking for that particular keyword.

It will also show you the number of searches that particular keyword has.

Which can be very useful for determining the quality of the blog which you have written.

You can also get to know the number of leads that translated into sales.

Customize Landing Pages

Using Hubspot, you can customize the landing pages.

And you can even see how effectively your pages are changing as the software provides the feature of analytics.

Moreover, it provides the flexibility for building your own landing page.

In case you do not have much idea about it, you can simply download templates and tweak them a bit to use them in your preferred way.

Social Media Management

One of the major tools that Hubspot provides is social media management.

It comes in handy for ensuring a proper synchronization between your contacts activity and their respective profiles.

By using this tool, you can even schedule your posts for LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter a month before.

 Unfortunately, Infusionsoft does not come with the above-stated tools that are important for many companies.

Here is a list of tools that both the CRM software solutions offer.

Lead Scoring

With the help of this feature, you can actually assign points to your leads according to their actions.

Suppose 4 different leads have taken different actions like clicking on an email link.

You can assign them 10 points.

On the other hand, you can assign 100 points to a lead if they have purchased a product.

Whenever a lead takes actions, points will keep on adding to their score.

Both Hubspot and Infusionsoft have this feature but in Infusionsoft.

Every contact’s score or rating is represented by flames on their contact record.

On the contrary, in Hubspot, you can assign a point to the leads based upon their actions which cannot be done in Infusionsoft.

However, Lead Scoring is not generally used much as people are more likely to forget about the scoring.  

Contact Management

Both work decently in contact management keeping complete data about your contacts.

Which definitely makes a big difference if you are from sales and marketing.

However, both software programs have different user Interfaces.

For example, there is a quick-view style Interface which enables you to click on the name of the contact and in return.

A drop down will pop up showing all the information about the contact you clicked.

On the other hand, the UI in Hubspot features a timeline view which gives the customizability.

In Infusionsoft, you cannot do any kind of customization. 

 The Marketplace

You can visit the marketplace in both the software programs in order to download extra add-ons to your account.

Now, let’s look at the differences in things available at the marketplace, starting with Infusionsoft first.

The major features of the Marketplace include the following:

▪️ Website Plugin Integrations

▪️ E-mail follow-up campaign Templates

▪️ The major disadvantage is that most of the add-ons are paid.

▪️ Blog Templates

▪️ Website Templates

▪️ Email follow-up Templates

▪️ Landing Page Templates

The disadvantage is that Hubspot displays only its own templates.

In-depth analytics

Hubsoft is great in analytics and provides the data about the conversion of leads from different social media platforms.

It displays the number of visitors along with the percentage of conversion of leads.

From all social media platforms like Instagram, YouTube, Twitter & Facebook.

With the help of this data, you can determine which social media platform is getting you better leads,

And in what ways you can improvise your content while posting.

On the other side, Infusionsoft does not provide such data for analysis and betterment of your content.

The Sales Tool Of HubSpot

This is the most useful tool which can prove to be a game changer in increasing your sales or business as it offers the following features:

❖    Tracking the deal: It will help you in tracking the deals that are right for you and can be potentially converted into new business.

❖    Email sent tracking: Each email sent to the leads can be tracked.

❖    Email Send Templates: You can choose from a variety of templates that help you save time and may act as a second opinion.

❖    Pipeline Management: Pipeline management is an important aspect for sales as it will get you more business.

Which tends to increase sales by avoiding the loop-holes due to which the sales suffer a lot.

❖    Lead Distribution: You need not to worry about distributing the newly acquired leads among various persons in a sales team.

Both the software programs offer these feature, but Infusionsoft can track leads linked with contacts.

And can only be managed within its own platform which is a limitation, on the hand.

Sales tools of Hubspot are really very effective and have no such limitations.

Progressive Profiling

When you make any change in the content as per the kind of customer, then this is Progressive Profiling.

Suppose, when there are 2 buyers: one is the end user and the other one is a wholesaler or say a company.

You would approach them differently.

In Hubspot, you can set it up but in Infusionsoft, you do not get the feature in such depth.


Both software systems are good in automation which can provide the functionality of automatic emails to customers or even your team members.

In Infusionsoft, automation depends upon the following:

⮚    Retrieval of emails

⮚    The number of clicks in emails

⮚    Products Purchased

⮚    Tags applied

⮚    Lead score

 In Hubspot, it depends upon:

⮚    Retrieval of emails

⮚    The number of clicks in emails

⮚    Products Purchased                        

⮚    Tags applied

⮚    Lead score

⮚    Web pages

⮚    CTAs clicked on your website

Automation saves time and acts as a reminder. Let us suppose, a lead is in the loop with a salesperson.

In such situations, you can set automatic emails to the team, so that they would not forget to follow-up with them.

Head to head Comparison: Hubspot & Infusionsoft

Hubspot: Pros

▪️ Creating and editing emails along with landing pages content.

▪️ Editing in this software program is easier as compared to the other editors.

▪️ It brings the feature of the smart list along with effective contact management to the fore.

▪️ You can search for contacts in a blink of the eye and change the information about them at the same time.

▪️ The UI of this software program is user-friendly.

▪️ Which makes it easier to use it than the ones that belong to other competitors in the market.

▪️ You can get leads in bulk along with the option of downloading their information like contact names as well as emails.

▪️ You do not need to worry about losing leads even when there is chance.

▪️ Just due to the single loop-hole, as once you are done setting up emails for follow-ups.

▪️ It will notify you and keep you updated with leads as per their priority.

▪️ Customizability for email design is the major pro here and it also offers templates.

▪️ Which you can use or make reference to customize your own accordingly.

Cons :

Sales CRM tool in Hubspot offers Business calling.

But it also has some limitations, you can’t add any contact you have called and cannot even call.

Now, let’s have a look at some of the pros and cons of Infusionsoft.

Infusionsoft: Pros

Infusionsoft has a useful interface among the leading units of CRM software in the industry.

The feature of a visual campaign builder makes it both fun and intuitive to nurture or craft various sequences.

With the collaboration of more than 300 applications, Infusionsoft provides great integration & API.

It is simple and easy to connect Infusionsoft CRM to numerous tools.

That belong to third-party providers. Infusionsoft offers quality customer service.

It has one of the highest customer service ratings which reflect the fact that it has happy customers.

It does not take a long time on the part of a user to get accustomed to its features.

The scalability feature of Infusionsoft makes it easy to monitor the behavior of a customer across distinct marketing channels.

It has in-built e-commerce and shopping cart features.


In order to use the features of Infuisonsoft, a user needs to pay a kickstart fee of $1999.

This is a hefty amount of money to get started with the service in the first place.

This puts off most customers.

Lack of native integrations of Infusionsoft translates into the fact.

That you would need to pay an extra amount of money for integrating with third-party applications.

This is more likely to increase the cost of operating the CRM software beyond a set budget.

Despite the claims of a good rate of deliverability, its data claim otherwise.

Going by data, it has a deliverability rate in the vicinity of 98%.

Other CRM tools, including HubSpot, are capable of providing a better deliverability rate in comparison to that of Infusionsoft.

Conclusion Of HubSpot VS Infusionsoft:

From the above, it is crystal clear that both Infusionsoft and HubSpot have their own share of pros and cons.

But if these pros and cons are weighed against one another, it becomes clear that HubSpot wins the race convincingly.

While both the versions of CRM software have more or less the same level of usefulness in terms of features.

It is the price factor which marks a fine line of distinction between them.

HubSpot has an edge over Infusionsoft.

In that it is a cost-effective option which serves as the permanent solution to the customer service management requirements of companies.

While HubSpot also has premium features, a user gets to know what amount of money they would pay in lieu of using the features.

Plus, HubSpot is more flexible and versatile in comparison to Infusionsoft.

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