The Definitive Comparison Between HubSpot And Hootsuite !

Today almost all businesses and brands are making use of their social media accounts.

For increasing the visibility along with their brand awareness among their audience.

As a result, they decide to invest in tools such as HubSpot.

These platforms help them in providing visibility along with varieties of other tools required in their buyer journey.

There is one more platform called Hootsuite, which is also used by some businesses.

They make use of this platform, especially when they decide to crush social media management and marketing.

Even This CRM tool provides social media management feature.

Let’s understand these HubSpot and Hootsuite and their features.

HubSpot VS Hootsuite

Hootsuite tool can be understood as a social media management tool.

This tool offers features needed for social media management like social media engagement, promotion, and monitoring.

Whereas This CRM tool is inbound marketing software, which is highly robust, and it offers fully functional CRM, lead nurturing features, and CMS.

Along with all the required social media management tools.

Both The marketing tool and HootSuite provide very similar features which are useful for social media.

But some marketers prefer social media management features inside all in one tool.

Some marketers decide to combine the CRM tool and HootSuite.

Way, they grab most out of the combination and from each device.

Some marketers always prefer the marketing tool, and when it comes to social media management, they choose HootSuite.

Hence there are many choices available, and marketers can choose one among them.

Before deciding on anything, marketers must understand the functionalities offered by these two tools.

Once they know all the features, it becomes easy for them to choose between one among them.

Social features of Hootsuite

HootSuite is considered to be one among the most popular and highly influential platform available for social marketing.

One must admit that it is arguably the most used and most recognised name in the world of social media management.

The is true, especially for more prominent brands.

Let’s understand some of the features offered by the tool.

Social media project management

In HootSuite, it is possible to follow up the responses and mentions o any other members in the same team.

It is resulting in making it very easy for the marketing teams to share their load.


It allows scheduling the posts from all accounts.

Hence users can continue to perform their social publishing on every platform like WordPress, Facebook.

Twitter, Google+ profiles and pages, LinkedIn profiles, YouTube channels, and Instagram.

Free users are allowed to post up to 5 profiles, and hence, it is ideal for beginners.

If the user wants to share something online.

The platform offers a Chrome plugin which helps them to schedule their posts instantly, and it is from outside the platform.

Highly advanced Keyword tracking

The platform offers users features which help them to conduct social listening.

This feature helps in tracking keywords.

It is one among the intelligent features which are considered to be above all the mere metrics.

The functionality can track users most of the competitive keywords, pain points.

And even uncovering discussions which ideal customers have related to their challenges.

Channel streams

It is possible for the users to add in their social media tabs into their dashboards.

In these tabs, they can see many streams of posts which are published earlier, posts from their followers and subscribers, received messages, and posts shared by users.

Users must create a tab for every social media profile.

The features help much in tracking engagement.

RSS Feeds

 RSS feed should be set up for helping in pushing the content.

The feature results in promoting materials which are published by influencers followed by users and even vice versa.

The same feature also helps in getting brand awareness for success.

Affordable monthly subscription

Initially, users can make use of HootSuite for free.

At this point, they should try posting as many posts they want, and later they can start paying the monthly fee.

There are many add on features made available for users which they can purchase like additional user accounts and custom vanity URL.

Social reports

Social reporting offered by HootSuite is upgraded.

Hence it has become easier to track followers, posts.

And even engagement along with traffic coming from the posts which are published along with and HS traffic.

Also, they offer to upgrade for reporting, and there is one more feature offered called boards.

The feature is nothing but a dashboard as well as a tool for report building.

Board feature helps in providing more significant insights on followers.

The Hootsuite platform makes social marketers to gain complete focus, visibility, management on their social media accounts.

There are many newer features like content curation, which helps users in helping the teams organize and to queue up assets which can be scheduled later.

Social features of the CRM tool

When the CRM tool is used, teams will be able to master the usage of automation.

But it is much more than a social marketing platform like HootSuite.

Can be considered as a full service and integrated platform.

The primary reason for choosing and investing in this platform is that it can be utilized for all kinds of sales and marketing capabilities.

When it comes to aligning the strategies with the features available, users also make use of social tools available in the platform.

This helps them to make the most out of this platform.

When a social management platform is used in the platform.

Teams can monitor how social detracts and various social aspects in the overall customer experience.

There are many advantages of using the tool and let’s consider some of them.

Social media management:

Even in the tool, it is possible to schedule posts like HootSuite.

Through this, it is straightforward to make out where customers are engaging.

Post from multiple accounts:

The platform allows users to auto-publish and schedule out blog posts.

The feature is beneficial and helpful when the blog is on the tool.

Very similar to HootSuite, it will enable tracking engagement for every social profile connected by the user.

The marketing tool also offers Chrome plugin like HootSuite.

Which helps in scheduling articles as well as content which are found outside of the device.

Inbox streams:

Even streams are offered by the marketing tool.

But streams are little different here.

Inbox streams help in getting all of the engagement which happens on the channels on the same place.

One more feature is it also offers a separate stream for Twitter, which helps the marketers to see activities which occur on the channel separately.

Comprehensive reports:

Through detailed reports, users can get a complete overview of entire digital marketing efforts.

Along with this, they also help in analyzing where social performance is making the highest impacts.

The information provided by this feature is much more than and goes deeper when compared to Hootsuite.

The results in making the job more comfortable when it comes to updating the buyer personas.

Users can get complete insight on individual social posts like how many visitors have clicked URL or how many visited landing pages, etc. 

RSS Feeds

Users are allowed to set up an RSS feed by using the tool as well.

The module offered by the marketing tool called follow me helps in bringing new visitors from all available social platforms.

When The marketing tool is used, users can track the entire lifecycle of leads just from the first social engagement.

The device is considered to be ultimate when it comes to customer relationship management.

The social media capabilities offered by the tool helps the brands to connect the dots.

Which are present between their enhanced reporting, tracking with marketing initiatives they have.

Who is the winner HubSpot Or Hootsuite ?

Before 2012, over 20 per cent of the brands were making use of Hootsuite.

They were using the platform for social media management.

Today the user’s number is 15 million.

There are few features which are good at Hootsuite like Unique dashboards.

The focus on social is also celebrated in HootSuite.

But there are many other features which are best in the tool.

When compared to HootSuite, HubSpot shines in many aspects like.

HubSpot, users can see how their social media fits with other marketing strategies but just not social media in isolation.

Most of the interactions tracked by the user will fit into their contact database and analytics seamlessly.

Since it is straightforward to follow the social media campaign’s performance across all the website interactions.

When this platform is used, it becomes simpler to nurture the activities, and it is beneficial.

This particular platform makes it better when it comes to an understanding of the customer.

It offers abilities like adding and filtering by the buyer persona along with allowing to see every interaction which is made by the leads.

These are the features which help in getting more information about the customer quickly.

Other benefits of HubSpot:

HubSpot is a marketing tool, brings together business marketing efforts with an ambition to gain more and more traffic along with increasing conversions.

Since it is a leader in inbound marketing, it comes with a complete bunch of software for sales, marketing, and even for customer service.

It also offers a CRM at its core, which is entirely free.

Some of the best features of this particular platform are developing highly responsive landing pages.

Improvements in SEO, A/B testing, enhancing social and reach influence, tracking leads, and qualifying points to get converted into customers.

Other than this there are some key benefits offered by the marketing tool, and they are

▪️ Competitive prices

▪️ Best customer support

▪️ Mobile ready and well-connected platform

▪️ Robust analytics

▪️ Optimised and suitable for market targeting

▪️ Social media and mobile marketing

▪️ Ready to use as well as compact marketing funnels

▪️ Completely personalized marketing abilities

HubSpot and its main purpose:

This platform comes with a primary goal that is making the businesses easier.

The platform doesn’t do any marketing.

It is left to the users that they should apply some inbound marketing methodology.

Which is provided by HubSpot.

User must understand that, when the required effort is made by them when they carry out the Inbound marketing steps.

It automatically attracts visitors, helps in converting them to leads.

Along with that closing customers will also happen.

Here are some stats which help in understanding what This particular platform can provide for a business.

Companies which regularly make use of This particular platform, on average have

▪️ 55 per cent more visitors

▪️ Inbound links are expected to be over 97 per cent

▪️ On average Indexed pages are 434 per cent

More than 91.5 per cent of the people never clicks the first page on Google.

Eighty-five per cent of the clicks from the search usually takes place on the organic link.

Fifteen per cent of the tick from the search is generally paid links.

Inbound leads cost 61 per cent lesser when compared to outbound leads.

One example of an inbound lead is search engine optimization.

Outbound leads are usually from the cold call.

A search engine brings over 93 per cent of internet traffic.

Sixty per cent of marketers looks for analysis options.

Along with many other analytics options in the social media management tools in which they have invested.

Over 75 percent of the B2B companies usually do not quantify or measure social media engagement currently.

Over 50 percent of the marketers have not yet integrated marketing technologies have not gone beyond the primary level.

Just 4 percent of the marketers feel that they are prepared to move forward with the cross channel marketing.

Which is based on technology stack capabilities.

Compared with many other software solutions available for marketing.

HubSpot is capable of empowering a complete marketing journey.

Hence it makes Swiss Army Knife for modern marketing.

Rather piercing the marketing together by using through disconnected platforms.

It comes with seo, blogging, content management, social media, landing page, call to action, and even page optimization.

Also, it even offers keyword analysis, web forms, lead generation, email marketing, workflow integration along with marketing analysis.

Which is entirely sophisticated in a single place.

Even though The marketing tool doesn’t offer a subscription for free, it provides 30- day free trial.

There are three subscription tiers which are paid called a pro, essential, and enterprise.

Who can make use of HubSpot ?

If the requirement is just the social media management solution, then there are many options available.

The marketing tool is mainly designed and built for agencies and businesses which are expecting a thorough answer for marketing.

There is a social media tool available HubSpot, which is similar to HootSuite.

But users must understand that this is just one part in many things available in HubSpot for complete marketing wheel.

The marketing tool users are the ones who are looking for widespread solutions compared to HootSuite.

There are many other reasons behind marketers choosing HubSpot.

Inbound marketing HubSpots philosophy

The overall interface provided by The marketing tool makes it easy for any user in creating content for social media.

Through this social media content, it becomes easy to get the ideal customers into the business.

When The marketing tool is used, it is possible to create a search which helps in seeing social media posts which are receiving most interactions and clicks anytime.

Through the information, collected, businesses can reshape their content plan for the future.

Through all these features, one can genuinely avoid chasing after customers just by yelling Buy me or Click me.

The reporting system offered by HubSpot: 

When marketers make use of the reporting system provided by The marketing tool.

They can create comprehensive reports.

These detailed reports can be built for collection accounts or even for individual accounts just in few seconds.

For example, users can take a more in-depth look at their ROI, engagement clicks, and rate, social reach, and even interactions received for a message.

The best part is The marketing tool showcases the gathered data in terms of simple line graphs and bar charts.

Hence users can easily understand the collected information, and they can even compare it with the previously collected data.

The marketing tool HubSpot offers posting content from multiple accounts:

There is no need to spend time and effort to log in separately into various accounts.

It is possible to login in and logs out different reports through The marketing tool.

The platform houses many different accounts under a single roof, which helps in saving a lot of time along with energy.

Habits of customers and gaining valuable insight through the CRM  software HubSpot:

In addition to all the above features, there is one more aspect of The marketing tool which should be mentioned.

The platform allows users to tailor as well as create buyer personas.

There is an excellent reporting system offered by The marketing tool.

Which provides an accurate snapshot about customers like and dislikes regarding the content posted by the user.

Also, the platform encourages users to create buyer personas to make sure that social media contents are always hitting the nail on the head.

HubSpot can be used through a tablet or any mobile device

In this modern world, people want to manage their businesses on the go.

Also, it is highly essential that managers of social media should be able to check their phone and get updated on their business quickly.

When The marketing tool is used, they can through checking social media profiles, managers can instantly get updated information on their business.

It is straightforward to get information through The marketing tool.

The User Friendly Interface Of HubSpot:

Even though there are many other platforms available for business; all may not be user-friendly.

Some software has complicated interfaces, and users may find it challenging to use.

But this is not the case with The marketing tool.

It offers a straightforward interface, and the best part is all the tabs are easily navigated since they are present on the top navigation bar.

In case if the user gets stuck somewhere, they can instantly refer official website of The marketing tool’s and check the information regarding the issue.

They will quickly get step by step information in resolving the problem.

The support system provided by the CRM Software:

The support system which is offered by The marketing tool is best, and it goes above and beyond compared to any other online marketing suite available online.

Along with the general chat support and telephonic support provided.

The marketing tool also offers best and extensive library online which comes with infographics, blogs, ebooks, and videos.

Also, there will be quirky tips which also help in improving every aspect of the marketing strategy along with strategies for social media.

HubSpot Is A Trusted system

The marketing tool is a well-trusted system which is used by over 18000 Businesses and used in over 90 countries all over the world.

Majority of the businesses owners who have invested in the platform openly admitted that they have left with no desire.

To try out any other platform in the market other than The marketing tool.

This can be the best compliment for The marketing tool, and it shows that it is the best platform available right now.

Utilizing HubSpot  as a social media management tool:

For a social media manager, there will be multiple social media accounts which he should manage daily for varieties of clients.

There are many kinds of responsibilities which he may have to manage inside this unique role.

Along with all these responsibilities, there is one more main responsibility.

That is making the sure regular posting of great content, which helps in creating interest for the target audience.

Also, the other responsibility is tracking stats related to social media content like reach and engagement rates.

There is an excellent deal when The marketing tool is used for social media management.

Majority of the marketers already have understood the benefits of The marketing tool for inbound marketing purposes.

But still many of them are not aware that The marketing tool can help in improving their social media marketing as well.

Here are some benefits which can be yielded when The marketing tool is utilised to manage social media accounts.

Improving the Client Communictaion With HubSpot: 

When users are working with The marketing tool, it is possible that they can enable improvements in terms of conversations with their clients.

The reason being they are allowed to log in to The marketing tool account given to them.

And they can monitor the work done on all other social media accounts.

The best part is there is no need to go and login to every social media accounts and schedules for viewing the created content for them.

Just by logging into one account, they will be able to go through and monitor their social media content everywhere.

Majority of the users have goals to keep them up to date when it comes to social media.

And they like to add content into their social media accounts on their own.

The marketing tool allows users to make this happen.

Any user, even without any skills, can take advantage of all the features provided by The marketing tool.

And they can run the reports as they wish.

Scheduling social media activities at a single place:

As said earlier, there is no need to login and manage the multiple accounts separately.

The reports, content, and even social media posts are integrated into one single system.

The feature makes it easier to publish their stories.

They can manage their workload quicker, and they can make use of their saved time into focusing on the production of great content for social media.

Intelligent reporting system:

The social media reporting system offered by The marketing tool is brilliant.

Users can produce the best social media reports, and they can do it in a few seconds.

Along with highly comprehensive compared to any other platforms.

Which provide social media reports, the statements given by this platform are elementary to understand.

Hence it avoids the confusion, and users need not spend time in understanding figures and facts.

The reports which are produced by The marketing tool get straight into the point .

And show up the information needed for the user. For example, they contain the information required by users like

▪️ Interaction per message

▪️ Clicks  occurred per word

▪️ Engagement rates

▪️ Social Reach

▪️ ROI

Ease and quick performance monitoring system:

When The marketing tool is used, users can monitor their social media account’s performance very quickly and without any issues.

As they login into their The marketing tool account, they quickly come to know that which of their social media posts are performing the best.

The platform provides them with engagement rates and clicks through rates for every social media post which the user writes.

With the information, the user can understand which social media content and strategies are working for him.

Also, they gain complete information which is needed for deciding what type of content should be created and should be posted in the future.

ROI with HubSpot:

The marketing tool, it is easy to get a complete understanding of ROI.

The reason behind, the social media reporting system in The marketing tool can reveal all the required information about leads received directly from the social media account.

The report also helps in understanding return on investment along with understanding how social media marketing is currently making money for the business.

HubSpot and building relationships with social media followers:

Users can make use of features in The marketing tool for learning more and more about the businesses they are running and the followers they are getting into their business.

As said earlier, it is straightforward to maintain the conversation across all the social media platforms from a single point, that is The marketing tool.

The platform even allows the user to look into his follower’s complete history with the business to date.

He can also check page views, customer statuses, and email opens along with gaining a great understanding of their followers in social media.

When we consider managing as well as organising the social media campaigns.

The marketing tool has many things to offer along with the factors mentioned above.

Final thoughts On The Comparison Of HubSpot VS Hootsuite:

Even though we can find many tools available for inbound marketing.

The marketing tool is best among them and is considered as all in one tool for inbound marketing.

It provides many solutions at a single platform like email, landing pages, blogging, marketing automation.

Analytics lead management, social media, CMS, class to action, SEO, Ads, and even Salesforce integration.

Through blogging, users can publish engaging, conversion-optimized, and relevant content by utilizing the tools which speed up the creation.

These tools also help in optimizing the search easier.

When we consider the landing page.

The marketing tool allows users to launch perfect landing pages which work across devices.

Also, they can add forms which are optimized for completion in just one click.

And they can even change the content automatically based on the visitor who is viewing the page.

If we consider the email feature offered by The marketing tool.

Users can create stunning email templates, and they can even personalize content and subject lines automatically for unique recipients and later run A/B tests.

Through these tests, they can make improvements in click-throughs and open rates.

Marketing automation offered by The marketing tool helps in leads finding their unique paths for purchase through closing more and more deals.

Through the marketing automation provided by The marketing tool.

users can understand leads behaviour and through which they can tailor content, emails, outreach scale, and even offers.

Lead management is the best part of The marketing tool.

Users can access information about the contact and look into every interaction made.

Through the news, they can even create hyper-targeted campaigns and the ones who close more deals.

Analytics is the next part of The marketing tool, which should be considered.

Through the analytics provided by the platform, users can get a complete insight into the entire funnel.

This makes them understand which the marketing assets that are working best and how can marketing impact the bottom line.

If we think of CMS in The marketing tool, it has provided a drag-drop system.

For the users through which they can create fully integrated, SEO friendly, and responsive website.

Templates can also be used to build the best designs and launch pages faster.

Through social media, feature users can monitor their brands and relevant conversations.

Also, they can track their engagements automatically.

And they can even schedule their social posts so that they are published at the right time.

Through the SEO features offered by The marketing tool.

Users can plan their content strategy about the topics which help in elevating their authority in the search engines.

It also helps them in measuring integrated analytics with real SEO ROI.

Another best part here is calls to action.

Users can understand who the visitors that are clicking Call to actions are and later through the data.

They can measure performance and optimize over time and click-through rates.

Users can track the ROI of Instagram, Google, and even Facebook advertising through The marketing tool with high precision.

They can also avoid struggles related to justifying the money spent on paid Ads.

The marketing tool comes with one more feature that is Salesforce Integration.

The platform allows bi-directional sync with the Salesforce platform.

And the integration helps in recording every CTA click, email open, and even form submissions just at the tips of his finger.

Through data collected user can also create segmented lists and score leads.

Social reports provided by The marketing tool.

Which are out of the box, helps in comparing the performance of all kinds of platforms, publishing times, and even campaigns.

Through making use of YouTube reports provided users can understand how their target audience is engaging with the video content.

The data also helps them in developing the best video strategy.

The marketing tool integrates entire marketing with the CRM; they can look into several leads, visits, and even customers which social media is generating for their business.

Through making use of The marketing tool, users can avoid struggling to make social media ROI reporting.

It is not easy for a business to get used to a new platform. Change is always challenging in any transaction.

But with The marketing tool, since it comes with a partner program, users can connect with the inbound marketing agencies all over the world.

Through this, they can get the inbound journey to get kicked off on the right path.

How HubSpot stands differently than any other platform ?

As we said earlier, HubSpot is an all in one and integrated platform.

The platform is a marketing automation system as well as lead generation system which can assist users in their marketing efforts at every stage in the lifecycle.

The inbound methodology, which is used by The marketing tool, is attracted, convert, close, and then delight.

There is an entirely functioning system for content management.

The CMS helps in the creation of the templates a content with the help of responsive design.

The same system also supports the user in creating landing pages and CTAs.

The marketing tool even provided systems for keyword tracking, maintaining optimizations tactics like white glove SEO for search engines, and helps in creating blogs.

There is a best social media marketing platform which is completely equipped and through that users can perform listening, scheduling, and even participating in the social engagement with the customers.

There is a sophisticated email marketing system offered by The marketing tool, and it even provides a lead nurturing system which is also fully equipped.

They provide lifecycle tracking, segmentation capabilities.

And even workflows, which help in triggering emails which are based on the interests and onsite behaviour and website visitors.

Every marketing effort can be tracked using analytics provided by The marketing tool.

The sales integration system in The marketing tool helps in creating a bridge which fills in the gap between sales and marketing.

The marketing tool can link social interactions and the real people that are present in the user’s database.

Through the feature, users can have deep insight, and they can prioritize  conversations with people who matter a lot.

Through messages, users can look into the interactions, and they can even create monitoring streams which are custom keyword based for everyone in the team.

It can help them in surfacing the interactions they care about.

Later they can trigger email alerts for specific people on the sales team when the prospects mention the hashtag.

Users can never miss out an opportunity here in they can get engaged with their followers, to nurture their leads, and to delight their customers.

Currently, The marketing tool is the leading platform for growth.

It is used in over 100 countries, and it is an award-winning software.

Its services and support help in transforming the way customers are attracted, engaged, and delighted.

Majority of the customers who are working in sales.

And marketing for many years think that there were no such CRMs which they liked the most in their experience before they met The marketing tool.

The platform entered sales and marketing and helped in waiving the magic sales wand.

It also came with a CRM which is highly sales minded.

The customer chooses The marketing tool mainly because they believe the CRM can handle their leads coming in.

The best part is when they use The marketing tool, they feel more organised and place themselves on top of every point, which comes in.

Through utilizing The marketing tool features, their revenue growth, and they never saw their sales slipping into any cracks.

There are many customers whose inbound leads have been increasing dramatically both from search optimization and from the website.

Because of this, they are investing in more on the sales team, which can take care of the works related to inbound sales.

They have never experienced such results before using the marketing tool platform.

Bottom line Of The HubSpot & Hootsuite  Comparison ! 

HubSpot  is straightforward to implement and user-friendly platform available.

The marketing tool can be considered as a mission which helps in making this world of marketing more inbound.

Businesses use it all over the globe for delighting their customers through bets engagement.

The marketing tool is the best tool which comprises sales hub, marketing hub.

And even service hub along with highly powerful CRM which should be utilized by companies to grow better.

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