💻 HubSpot: The Go To Software For Non-Profits !

It is the era of technology now and prevails everywhere.

No matter what a business is, it has to implement modern technology.

As is known to many, the primary motive of any business is maximizing profits, and whatever strategy the companies implement.

It is for the welfare of the organization and its customers.

Health here need not necessarily mean profits.

It can be anything which aims at struggling for a cause, improving conditions of its customers, building fundraisers and attracting supporters.

This is why technology is prevalent even with non-profit organizations where peoples’ welfare is put on top priority.

By bringing the people belonging to the cause together, half of the motives of the organization are achieved.

The rest can be tackled effectively with the right execution of policies and frameworks.

For this reason, new age technology is coming up with many tools and advanced software.

With numerous solutions available for a myriad of problems.

Just like the way it works for regular businesses.

It works wonders for non-profit organizations too.

One of such powerful tools some aspects that The CRM tool will take care of are:

How Does HubSpot Help Non-Profit Organizations ?

The All-in-one platform HubSpot:

HubSpot is a reliable all-in-one marketing platform which helps enterprises in dealing with fundraising process effectively.

It helps not only in that, but it is also useful in attracting customers to invest in respective organizations.

It helps in building various funnels right from multiple ways of approaching customers to show remedial measures for problems.

Marketing and communication are not just profit-building tools but also welfare promoting sources.

The non-profit organization also needs content, email, sales, and channels to improve their reach of customers.

To get a 360-degree angle of the pupil working for a cause, these channels are very much essential.

How to attract donors:

There are specific funnels like campaign management, which help in drawing people in campaigns.

Also, the marketing and communication channels help organizations win sources of funding, whether it be individuals or associations.

The CRM tool provides centralized data, swift publishing software.

And tools as well as advanced and centralized analytics, thereby helping in building advocacy base.

With advanced web tools and internet being available almost everywhere, it is now possible to keep donors under control.

With Fundraising Pyramid, it is now easy to get donors.

360 availability of marketing campaigns:

The campaigns tool is used to tag marketing content.

Assets involved can be valued, and content can be effectively managed so that you can measure the productivity of your overall marketing efforts.

There are easy steps through which you can navigate your route map of creating a campaign

▪️ Create a campaign

▪️ Insert budget

▪️ Add description

▪️ Enter goals

▪️ Add content

▪️ Enter assets

▪️ Create tracking URLs

In creating a campaign step, a user can create as many as 1,000 campaigns in a HubSpot account.

In the Add Budget column, add a budget that means how much money you want to allow for a specified task.

This gives a clear picture of your budget.  

The best part is campaigns are available in a much flexible format, and there is 360 visibility.

Experiencing lifecycle of Donors:

Lifecycle stages in a marketing process show you where exactly your contacts are in the cycle.

Based on the stage that they are in, you can define a particular policy to turn them to the next step.

To enable your donors to realize your drive and purpose, you have to build strong relationships with them. 

The requirements of a donor with enormous contribution will be different from the one with a lesser donation.

For this purpose, there is a facility for SEGMENTING your donor list into various segments and enter related names in a specific category.

Further, the “drag and drop” buttons make your work more friendly as they enable building personalized.

And professional emails targeted at each donor in different types.

Segmentation plays a crucial role here.

By using the option called Segmenting, you can easily find out the various kinds of the Donor list.

Irrelevant messages can be ignored, and list attrition can be made with ease making the right communication to the right person possible.

Also, a well-segmented database lets you send only urgent messages and that too to the relevant group.

HubSpot makes in my opinion the most out of Web marketing:

The CRM  tool can be defined as an all in one package which provides everything for a non-profit as well as profit organizations.

Especially for web marketing, it is the best go-to software for farther reach towards customers and appropriate maintenance of their database.

You can start with a blog that can be set up quickly and build an interface.

And going further you will be able to capture the benefits of social media, marketing automation, search engine optimization, and campaign management.

This implies that you can get A-Z tools under a single platform, a great way to head start a voluntary organization.

The Pricing page of the CRM tool gives you all the details of various features available to them.

The fascinating fact is it is 100% free to use and comes with a check mark.

The one that comes with a dash can be used with some conditions.

For this, you can buy a marketing hub package through which you can access more features.

 Here you will not have a restriction on the number of features also.

To take an instance, you get only five email templates for each account.

If you subscribe for free CRM whereas you will have an option of creating up to 1,000 email templates if you purchase Sales Hub professional.  

HubSpot’s Ease in functionality:

The CRM tool does not require excellent technical skills to work on.

Neither you have to be a marketing genius to get a spell of it.

Just a few basic operations and you are in there.

it does all that is required for you.

You can send messages to donors and encourage more of them to donate to your mission.

All it takes is to get used to the tools and build automated marketing templates, and workflows.

Transparent and accurate reports:

Contrary to popular belief, it is not easy to run a non-profit.

They have to give a clear picture of their mission, motives, practices, and performance prospects.

Generally, as a matter of practice, non-profits maintain separate data for each donor.

And the trust has each entity’s records and put all of them together when their financial year comes to an end.

This results in a lot of confusion when the final documents have to be checked.

To eliminate this, it is essential that an organization install necessary tools that put all donations.

Averages, and list of donors in an effective way. This is where advanced software like The CRM  tool.

Comes in to picture giving intuitive methods for maintaining data.

It is also straightforward to use and lets you retain transparent accounts free of errors.

HubSpot Customized reports:

Customization of releases is one of the most prominent aspects of account maintenance.

Non-profits need a unique setup to maintain their details of funds collected, remunerations received donors’ details and amounted to be allotted for various causes.

The CRM tool’s custom reports allow non-profits to discharge customized reports department wise.

With this, you can interact with the association board easily.

Your volunteer list, who have a similar interest.

Will automatically get associated with the management taking part in future initiatives with natural approaches.

For example, in the reports tool, it is possible to watch all necessary reports in your account.

In addition to this, the descriptions and transactions that you create can also be added and viewed by various means.

Creating Funnels with HubSpot:

Funnels are of different types.

It involves creating multiple stages through which a customer travels from becoming a lead to a customer.

In the case of Non-profits too, they help in channelizing different segments like donations, points, donors, number of franchisees, and other details.

It is easy to retrieve data from funnels and frame required strategies to attract more funds from donors.

Also, the best part of Funnels is they are straightforward to use and require no technical knowledge.

Non-profits, which do not employ active professional personnel, can use it easily as funnels work with just drag and drop buttons.


Attribution is the set of policies or rules that a company or organization creates to know how their marketing channels can get credit.

As a result of their inputs in transforming visitors to customers.

Non-profits need donations and funds from donors to keep their finances floating.

To make this happen, they need various tools through which they can approach the right people.

This tool provides users with five essential ways to attribution. 

There will be ad campaigns in attribution to see how donors are reacting to your ads.

 With the help of Attribution reports, you can filter ad campaign data.

Some of the attribution reports through which you can filter ad campaigns are first web session, first form session, Re-engagement, and all form submissions.

By selecting the correct attribution, non-profits can get the right contacts and metrics.

Single datasets and across datasets:

These two types of data sets are used for reporting on each data type like tickets, deals, and other non-profit connections. 

While Single dataset is used to indicate a kind of data, across data sets is used to estimate the relationship between two types of record types. 

If you want to know the relation between your donors and fund reserves or any other record.

The options like Add filter and currency.

are peculiar to This  tool where the former is used for filtering your report.

So that you can search for various properties and the latter is used for filtering deals with any particular currency.

For example, If you want your donors to be arranged in sequential order or screen your donations, the ADD FILTER option works the best.

The track campaign performance:

The track campaign performance of this tool determines the performance of each HubSpot campaign.

Whether each campaign is having an influence on contacts and leads in turning them into potential donors is determined under this tool.

Non-profits need donations and significant funds to build up their finances.

To make leads come back to your website and understand the motive that you are working for.

Campaign management becomes vital as you can keep an eagle eye on all aspects of your cause.

Content and communications management of HubSpot:

Communication involves interacting with the customer through various sources.

Now that we are living in the Internet world, there are many sources.

Of online communication like email marketing, content marketing, funnel marketing, and many others.

The marketing and advertising efforts that non-profit organizations make help them in sales pitches, public relations, and disaster management.

You need to make your brand communication healthy to attract more donors.

When you advertise in the search engines, people should instantly get attracted and open your webpage.

It should talk about actively about your cause and make customers think.

Content plays a vital role in this aspect; the stronger your content, the more your leads will be.

Once you make the edges turn to be donors, most of your job is done.

HubSpot’s Content and communication tools help in rendering effective communication to customers through advanced software.

Communication is essential even for non-profits because though they don’t work for profits.

They need to educate society about their cause. 

The marketing tools that this tool brings are necessary to increase traffic to your website.

And allow more significant inflow of funds.

Managing Your Non-Profit Website with HubSpot:

The website management of Hotspot involves various features right from website creation, management, and optimization.

The strong CRM that it uses allows you to customize customer or lead data flow, streamlining sales, and filtering unnecessary data.

It enables closed-loop reporting and even allows additional integration with leads.

Managing Your Non Profit Blog with HubSpot:

Blogs are a great way of communication.

The primary source through which you can take part in Blogs.

The content that you create and modify your voluntary association reaches a greater audience is by creating blogs.

The info that you give here should give answers to all questions regarding the agenda of your organization.

The cause that it stands for, annual donations that it collects and other significant aspects.

HubSpot’s content and communication management are designed in such a way.

That it not only enhances the profitability of businesses but also increases brand value and recognition of non-profits.

It was developed from ground up for business and voluntary organizations alike.

To help users, write, edit, analyze, and optimize great content, it has got many interior features.

Tracking conversion rates for content with HubSpot:

Creating great content and maintaining is part of the coin.

The other is to optimize it and tracking it and see if the leads have been converted to donors.

The conversion rate typically signifies the percentage of increase or decrease of conversions over a specific period.

By installing and utilizing advanced software tool like HubSpot, your conversion rates will only increase for good.

Improvement in SEO rankings and Results of the Organization:

This tool is high-end marketing software with advanced techniques on how to improve your business or NGO to a grander scale.

To stand perpetually in the market and to show consistent performance throughout the years, you need to climb the ladder of SEO rankings.

Your business may not be profit-oriented, but employing specific advanced marketing techniques.

Will take you to the target audience, and it is essential that your organization receives required financial aid. 

All the features and up to date tools in HubSpot have been developed.

By expert marketing professionals and are sure to offer you the desired results.

The moment you move up in SEO rankings, you will be automatically visited by people.

Powerful web analytics application of HubSpot:

This tool has got some rare features which tell you about specific offerings and behaviours of donors.

The data of supporters and the total donations received by them everything is maintained in a separate time format.

This makes users retrieve data and utilize it in the right place quickly.

 Also, web analytics application is proficient in letting you go up in having more conversion rates, which ultimately will lead to more funds.

HubSpot is a company which provides software products about marketing and sales.

Founded by Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah in 2006.

it aims to develop software that helps companies in optimizing profits by increasing sales.

Modern techniques like content marketing, search engine optimization.

And social media marketing can have the required tools and services to help companies maximize their sales and build up the right strategies for profits.

It provides a lot of integration features to benefit various CRM software.

Like Microsoft CRM, Salesforce.com, Siebel CRM, NetSuite, and other major customer relationship software.

Services offered by HubSpot:

▪️ You might have heard about Inbound marketing.

Inbound is a phrase used for indicating marketing through online sources like the Internet.

It can be anything from email marketing to Website modification.

HubSpot has also launched an online resource academy for training in Inbound marketing tactics.

Where users will be trained on different types of marketing tactics with a focus on online methodologies.

▪️ It offers consulting services for improving sales and profits through various tools that it developed.

For those wanting to be professionally certified and improve chances of betterment in career.

This tool also offers certification programs in Inbound marketing.

After the completion of the course, users can also take part in user group conferences.

Where countless valuable ideas are shared and worked on for better prospects of respective organizations. 

It is called Inbound Marketing certification.

▪️ This came into popularity as “prolific creator of content.

“As it specializes in creating and maintaining blogs, webinars and social media marketing like facebook and twitter.

▪️ One of its marketing tool MARKETING GRADERS was found to have offered the best website performance.

▪️ This marketing platform started a Twitter tracking feature in 2011, and it integrated Taboola on the dashboard. Taboola is incidentally pay-per-click ad network.

▪️ It offers all kinds of training and consulting programs thus helping in increased donations for non-profits and maximum profitability for businesses.

▪️All the courses are budget friendly and are offered at flexible timings.

▪️ This marketing platform Academy provides product documentation, training videos, and online certifications.

▪️ They also offer onboarding services to ensure that all resources are carried out from a real and live supporter.

▪️ One of its marketing tool MARKETING GRADERS was found to have offered the best website performance.

▪️ This marketing platform started a Twitter tracking feature in 2011, and it integrated Taboola on the dashboard. Taboola is incidentally pay-per-click ad network.

▪️ It offers all kinds of training and consulting programs thus helping in increased donations for non-profits and maximum profitability for businesses.

▪️ All the courses are budget friendly and are offered at flexible timings.

▪️ This marketing platform Academy provides product documentation, training videos, and online certifications.

▪️They also offer onboarding services to ensure that all resources are carried out from a real and live supporter.

Is HubSpot the right solution for non-profits ?

Non-profit organizations also require all the advanced software tools, just like regular business enterprises to keep their work inflow and cash inflow intact.

Just because they don’t work for profits, it doesn’t mean that they need not have to employ advanced techniques.

The cause for which the organizations work, the hard work of the volunteers.

The donations of the donors, everything will reap their maximum benefits if a robust network and reliable software are implemented.

This marketing platform inarguably comes in the top list for this.

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