How To Sell Art Fast Online Tutorial !

In this article you learn how you can sell art fast by leveraging the power of sales funnels in 2020.

You create a funnel for your art pieces and then drive traffic to your funnel.

For creating such a funnel i use ClickFunnels. 

ClickFunnels has a 14 Day Free Trial that you can sign up for.

How To Create A Funnel For Selling Your Art Online !

With ClickFunnels it’s super easy to create a Sales Funnel for selling your art pieces !

You neither need technical skills or coding knowledge.

The software is self explanatory and when you need support you can contact the support team of ClickFunnels.

Or you can watch the Funnel Flix Training Online Course Training Videos. 

The first step in your Art Sales Funnel should be to get the e-mail of your potential cutomer.

So you can send him e-mails and remarket to him if he doesn’t buys your art piece at the first time.

After this step you redirect him to the sales page.

There you can embed a video from your art piece and where you the artist of your art tells your story about your art.

This creates a relationship between you and your customer and makes your art pieces even more interesting for potential buyers.

Once you have built your Art Sales Page then you can create an upsell page.

There you redirect the visitor if he has already added one of your art pieces to the shopping cart.

Because it’s certain that when your customer has bought an art piece from you one time.

That he will buy another art piece from you as well from your collection.

If the customer doesn’t buys your upsell art piece then i would offer him a digital version of your art piece for a discounted price.

This way you have almost no costs and you can make more money and satisfy your customer even more.

Finally now you can redirect your customer to the check out page.

There the order that your customer has made is summarized and he can pay for your art pieces.


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