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It comes as a no surprise with most of them buying products and services online, in fact, it is taking over the classic brick and mortar stores at a rapid pace.

The reason for this is quite simple, people prefer browsing for products and services online.

As more than half of the world’s population completely rely on the world wide web.

This being the case, over the decade, most of the businesses whether they are small, medium, or large-scale.

Have also taken to the internet for selling their services and products online.

Right from medicines to groceries to clothes to other kinds of hardware to downloading e-books and other software, it is all done online.

While you had a hobby like knitting or building automobile before, it was confined to the four walls of your house before.

But now with everything going online, you can sell your knitted products or take up custom orders for an automobile online turning your hobby into an income.

This is just a simple example of what could be achieved with the world wide web today.

👨‍💻 An Effective Sales Funnel Is The Key To A Successful Business Online:

There are countless people and businesses that sell things and services online.

While earlier businesses had an online presence to increase their customer base or increase their profits by 30%.

However, today the general idea of small businesses is to sell their products and services completely online.

This being said, there are three aspects of online businesses, that is marketing their products or services, selling it.

And the third aspect that completes the sale is delivering the product or services.

Which is pictorially represented as a funnel where the tapered end depicts the end of a sale.

Which is case of any online business involves delivering the product or service.

Successful online business owners who make huge profits, earning loads of money consciously.

Or without their knowledge use a sales funnel to complete the sale.

So, what are a sales funnel, and why is it important for an online business ?

Sales funnel visually represents a potential client’s journey through the buying process where it narrows down to the successful completion of sales.

It is used in businesses to form marketing plans and strategies that would pool in the potential leads where these leads convert at the bottom of the visual funnel.

Sales funnels are imperative to every business whether online or otherwise as to the profit in terms of the number of sales reflect only.

When your potential lead when purchase from you which is visually represented at the bottom of the funnel.

Thus, creating effective sales funnel for online businesses is very important.

Typically, the sales funnel starts with marketing, then selling, while the last step includes delivering the product or service.

However, one must also consider the fact that a sale funnel is of use only when it is effective.

Thus, creating an effective sales funnel is very important for an online business to thrive.

Also, developing an effective sales funnel is a daunting task where one not only has to invest time but also money.

And after trying out a couple of trials, they derive at an effective one.

But what if an online business owner can create an effective sales funnel in a matter of minutes.

This is possible with Sales Funnel Software like ClickFunnels.

Using the software, people having online businesses can create amazing sales funnels.

That will give the desired results which are not only attracting potential leads but also converting them into sales.

Any kind of business online, whether a wannabe best-selling author or a designer or you want to simply sell products online.

It will help you create an ideal sales funnel for whatever you want to do online.

You Can Make A Living Out Of Affiliate Marketing Programs !

It is due to this fact that ClickFunnels has grown in popularity and scale in a very short term.

It has not only become one of those online platforms that help online businesses drive traffic and profit.

But also has turned out to be a continuous source of passive income for thousands of affiliate marketers.

In fact, there hundreds of affiliate marketers who are quite well-off and live on their earnings via affiliate marketing.

As a few extra earnings is what everyone dreams of but fortunately, there are only a few opportunities to venture into where one of the means.

Which actually helps you make money is affiliate marketing.

Basically, affiliate marketing enables you to earn money as a commission for promoting others’ products or services online.

Though this sounds to be daunting, when rightly done will help you earn that additional income you have always been looking for.

And this sales funnel goes that extra mile by giving you an opportunity to make a living out of affiliate marketing.

With their many products that aid online businesses to grow by increasing their sales with effective sales funnels as an affiliate.

All you have to do is promote the tool to bring in leads that convert.

It helps you earn over $100 in a day and if you can bring in the said number of leads through, they will give you an additional $500 to lease your dream car per month.

More than 90 people have had the opportunity of leasing  their dream car by successful bringing the required number of customers.

Moreover, you get an additional commission on a monthly basis when your lead makes a purchase.

This gives you the opportunity to keep your passive income flowing and over time, you can turn it into the active income of your livelihood.

You can come across many inspiring stories on how this tool has made it possible for both new and successful affiliate marketers in earning money as an affiliate.

The products on the platform are very easy to sell as these give away pointers and effective sales funnels to make one’s online business a huge success.

The Key To Higher Earnings Is By Effectively Promoting:

Some of the affiliate marketers earn more than $4000 a month by being an affiliate.

And depending on the duration the clients you have brought in make purchases.

You get a recurring commission of 40% every month as long as your lead remains a customer.

For example, if your lead A signs up via your affiliate link and continues to be a customer for 5 years.

You will be paid a recurring commission of 40% for the period of five years.

This sales funnel tool has basically two types of packages that their leads can sign up for.

They are $97 and $297 package respectively.

To reach your $4000 a month mark, you will need to bring in leads that convert to 103 accounts.

And in case of the $297 package, the number of leads converting into active accounts is only 34.

Thus, by simply bringing in quality 100 leads you can gain a recurring commission of $4000.

This seems to be an easy task. But the trick lies in promoting it to attract these leads.

So, how to promote ClickFunnels ?

This is a loaded question as you need to understand what works and what does not to bring in quality leads as an affiliate earning a hefty commission.

To become a successful ClickFunnels affiliate you must understand and learn the various ways of promoting to attract potential leads.

This is because the more leads you bring in, the higher the chances of conversion and higher the commission you earn every month.

Thus, when you want to earn commission understanding promoting sales funnels is very important.

It is very efficient in paying its affiliates, thus, you never have to worry about not being paid on time.

To make the most of this large-scale affiliate network which has grown considerably in a short period of time.

You have to first learn everything associated with it to become a part of the huge ClickFunnel affiliate network.

Thorough knowledge about the platform is required to learning promoting the tool.

As a successful site that helps its members derive at successful sales funnels in minutes is the key to a successful online business.

This being said, people who want to start an online business or the people who already have an online business.

And are not able to sell their products and services need a sales to funnel appropriate to their business.

They need it to come with effective strategies to market their products in order to attract potential leads.

And then the process of selling their products to these leads and delivering the same that completes the last step of the sale.

An effective sales funnel also prompts the clients to come back for more products.

After the sale is complete which means that the sales funnel helps in retaining the leads that convert.

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced affiliate marketing, you still need to understand certain factors to become an affiliate.

Knowing the ins and outs of sales funnels is of primary importance to increase your chances of earning a higher commission.

You can learn all this and more at the ClickFunnels Affiliate Bootcamp which is absolutely free.

All you have to do is sign up for it. This boot camp is a carefully drafted intense and detailed program where you can also learn all about affiliate marketing for free.

Thus, at the Affiliate Bootcamp, you will not only master affiliate marketing but also acquire the skills where you will be able to reach your targeted number of leads.

As an affiliate, you will be indirectly selling their products. And the golden rule of any sales protocol which comes before presenting the sales pitch is the pre-selling on the product.

While promoting services and products online, most often we directly start throwing our sales pages to potential leads.

Without realizing whether they have a convincing purpose for buying the product or not.

Irrespective of their need, we try to push the products at them to buy. This is a very bad practice and makes for a negative sales funnel.

Hence, before jumping in to sell the product, understanding it and also realizing the prominence the product holds for the client is important.

This is the pre-selling which most of us neglect or overlook.

In fact, pre-selling establishes the trust factor with your clients which is very essential for you to sell your products, in this case which is ClickFunnels’ programs.

Once you establish trust with your audience and use it to building up your sale, you will find more potential leads converting wherein they sign up for the Programs.

To achieve this, you can either opt for direct marketing or create a sales funnel.

And, the fact is for long term lead generation that converts.

Creating sales funnel is considered to be more effective where you are chances of earning high commissions is more.

This is because, while creating a sales funnel, you are also building a lasting connection with your potential leads.

You may earn their trust by offering them free products like software, e-books, learning resources, or even tip to become a successful affiliate.

In this case, the clear indication that your clients trust you is when they share their email id with you for receiving more information .

Thus, gradually you can share your affiliate link with these potential clients for them to register for program using your link.

And as long as they remain a customer, you will earn your 40% commission for that particular lead.

Thus, by providing added value to your potential leads by offering them free tips, books, and other services.

You can convert them successfully by creating a pre-selling sales funnel.

Moreover, by earning your potential leads’ even when they do not convert, you can still promote other products you have.

Thus, the leads stay with you and you can always convert later when you have products related to their needs.

This way, you can also grow your client database.

You will know their interests and develop sales funnel and choose products for affiliate marketing that holds their interest.

So, you can either create a sales funnel to acquire lasting leads for your business, or directly market, or do both to develop a loyal client base.

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The Bootcamp will also have sessions on what went wrong for those affiliates who could not earn their commissions or the ones who made very little of it.

As a part of the Bootcamp, the super affiliates will share their experience with their 100-day plan.

The 100-day plan is to enable you to become a successful affiliate earning a commission.

The free affiliate boot camp 2019 will have exclusive interviews of the super affiliates where they will share their secrets on becoming successful as super affiliates.

After the end of the Bootcamp, the founder of ClickFunnels Russel Brunson believes that anyone who enlists for the same.

Will walk away as an expert affiliate marketer on their way to earn that dream money and dream car.

There are many ways of promoting the sales funnel.

Learn the medium and strategies used by the super affiliates where they share their personal experiences as to where they failed and how they overcame the same.

The best aspect of the affiliate boot camp is that you can register for the same for free.

It is an attempt to help the beginners and also the affiliate who have not been able to earn enough commission.

The boot camp will help them realize their drawbacks or where they are actually going wrong.

So that they can start afresh and earn a higher commission by promoting the tool.

Learn Promotions via Email Marketing:

It is a fact that email marketing has grown to be one of the most effective marketing of all.

This is further attributed by the fact that the businesses engaging in email marketing.

For promoting their products and services enjoy a higher rate of returns on investment.

Moreover, the conversion rates of emails are 2% when rightly done.

And if you have developed a lasting connection with your client database, you can always expect a good conversion rate.

Another benefit of email marketing is that you can gradually build the promotional tactic of slowly introducing your clients.

To the product and convince them to register with ClickFunnels.

However, your emails do not indicate your sales pitch, this yet again revolves on pre-selling.

Thus, reiterating the importance of a good pre-selling rapport you establish with your visitors.

The instant impact is yet another aspect of email marketing that will benefit you in promoting the tool.

This is attested by the propinquity of the email you send. It allows you to anticipate results immediately.

You can also reach the audience globally where you can further enhance your client base where you can urge clients from across the globe to register.

Email marketing as a means to promote it can also be measured which is a great way of understanding and analyzing your visitors that will convert.

To carry on with it, you will require an email marketing software.

This software provides you with the scope of tracking the rates of conversion, unopened emails, read emails, etc.

When your campaign fails or your message not delivered rightly, you will thus be able to analyze it, rectify, and retry and thus convert.

You can also join active Forums to learn. In facts, forums are an ideal means of establishing you as an expert.

As you actively participate in community discussions by sharing your reviews and suggestions.

Once you successfully build your credibility on the forum which will further instigate the forum members to click on your affiliate link.

To achieve this, make sure you use your affiliate link in your comments and suggestions.

Promote ClickFunnels Using Solo Ads:

You can also promote the sales funnel through solo Ad which is a kind of email marketing.

Where you send your affiliate links would be sent to a list of emails owned by a vendor where you will pay only for a link click.

It’s a type of pay per click marketing where you will have to pay the vendor when your affiliate link is clicked via email sent to the email list owned by the vendor.

You can find many solo Ad vendors where you can research your best possible options by going through reviews of their previous and existing clients.

While using solo Ad, ensure that you never use a direct link that is not send the traffic to the affiliate product directly.

This also enables you to build a database of traffic that you can control while simultaneously making front end sales by sending the traffic to a squeeze page.

Unlike direct email marketing, solo Ad traffic usually does not convert at the beginning.

However, you can capture the email list and share follow-up sequences to these addresses at the backend.

If you are uncertain about investing in solo Ad then you can start with opting for 50 to 100 clicks initially.

Analyze whether this converts well, and if it does, you can try again.

When you try it out for the first time, it will also be a testing phase which will allow you to understand what will actually work by testing and re-tweaking the content.

Promote ClickFunnels Using YouTube:

When we consider social media, YouTube is one of those platforms that is fast garnering popularity and is a very close second to Facebook.

It is also a wonderful platform for promotion and generating leads.

You can promote it through video reviews which are likely to earn you more traffic and leads.

All you have to do is shoot a video of you talking everything you know about ClickFunnels.

In fact, there are different scenarios where you can use different kinds of review videos where you directly compare ClickFunnels with its contemporaries.

Or simply talk about the perks of becoming a affiliate or create an how to video which basically is the most common type of most viewed YouTube video.

Here you can simply talk about what to do and what not to do as an affiliate to earn high commissions.

But before you start with the shooting of the video based on the different kinds of themes your video is based on, you to perform a keyword search.

This is very important because SEO is not limited to websites or web pages.

Researching keywords includes analyzing the mindsets of your viewers and understanding the kind of phrases they would most probably type in while searching on YouTube.

This is also imperative for other kinds of web pages as well as SEO will also influence in bringing in a targeted audience to your site.

There are easy to use tools that will help you select the right set of keywords.

After researching your keywords, you can proceed with the shooting wherein you can also record your PC screen .

Where you direct the audience of the various steps involved in becoming an affiliate.

 The options are many, provided you use the right keywords to attract potential traffic with different kinds of videos.

While uploading the video, you must also consider the video’s title or heading where always make sure to add the highest ranking keyword or phrase.

Next comes the part of writing down the video description.

Here optimizing the video description is very important.

The description has to be in simple language and contains an adequate number of keywords.

But make sure that you never stuff it with keywords.

Apart from the video description, also optimize the video tags by adding the appropriate keywords.

These keywords should always be the ones that rank high on the SERP.

Promote ClickFunnels Using Facebook:

To date, Facebook has been a widely used social media platform.

Where you can not only connect with individuals and businesses but also promote products using both organic and paid campaigns.

By investing a little in the paid ads you can certainly promote both your affiliate link and increase your conversion rates to earn commissions.

Facebook has a greater reach where almost every minute, there are millions of users visiting it to check the posts of friends and their liked pages.

You can also set up your own Page that will direct the visitors to your affiliate link.

Basically, there are three fundamental ways if promoting your affiliate link and ClickFunnels on Facebook.

These are, using your personal affiliate marketing profile; using Facebook groups;

And lastly by running Ads which is believed to be the most effective means of promotion.

To promote with a Facebook group, you can either promote it by creating your own group or by using another group for promotion.

This requires you to use other peoples’ group where you will be recognized as an affiliate.

Start by providing excessive value when you join new groups by introducing yourself.

Let the other members of the group know about you, what you do and how you are associated with this tool.

Also, share how you are going to positively impact the group with your presence.

Lastly, also share as to how you came across the group and why you chose it.

This will build up the trust factors and turn the group members and their followers into potential leads.

However, ensure that you never promote your affiliate link on the group as this may lead you getting banned from the group.

Once you are through with the preliminary that involves introducing yourself in the group, start posting contents that serve the purpose of the group.

Share your suggestions and actively participate in other’s post by answering their questions.

This will onset the growth of your own network where the other members will eventually become your friends.

And you will be able to share your affiliate link with these people and eventually their friends and followers.

This kind of marketing is known as an ‘attraction marketing’ technique.

The other way of promotion through a Group is by creating your own group which need not be an Affiliate Group.

You can choose a theme which you particularly have expertise in.

Here you need to keep your group highly engaged while gradually building a strong relationship with the members of your group.

You can build your network with more members adding on to your group.

You can then share your affiliate link for generating leads that convert.

Facebooks ads are yet another means of promotion.

Although you will have to pay for the ads, you can rest assured of getting quality leads that convert.

You will have to consider a few factors for your Facebook Ad to work towards bringing in the leads.

It starts with you creating an attractive Ad copy that will attract your target audience.

Keep a simple email capture page and always be certain that your ad is in compliance with the Facebook Ad policies.

How To Promote ClickFunnels Using Quora ?

Quora is a question and answer platform which is fast growing as a reliable source of information.

Especially where a visitor post questions and other visitors provide answers for the same either directly or by sharing links of blog posts.

It is one of the ideal platforms for promoting by giving away expert answers to questions posed by the related audience.

You must note that you can directly promote your affiliate link as it is against Quora’s acceptable use policy.

However, you can post your blog link where you can share your affiliate link through the blog.

That is, you can share your answers and ask the reader to click on your blog link for more information.

You can provide your affiliate link in the blog post which the visitors can click on when they read your blog post.

You can also directly promote your blog links on social media and YouTube.

The affiliate Bootcamp 2019 will help you learn the tricks of successfully promoting the tool where your leads will convert enabling you to earn commissions.

This boot camp serves as an opportunity for people new to it and also to those who have not found success in affiliate marketing.

To polish their marketing strategies to gain more traffic and eventually potential leads that convert.

Writing blogs was one of the initial means of promoting products and services through affiliate marketing.

When you write informative blogs you can  attract thousands of visitors who are either interested to become an affiliate or are owners of online businesses.

Who want to create effective sales funnel to sell their products and services.

You can achieve this huge traffic provided your blog is both informative and interesting.

You will also have to optimize it as per idea SEO standards.

But most importantly, you will have to research the popular keywords relevant to the sales tool.

And your blog must have a good keyword density for organic SEO and otherwise.

The blog link, URL, blog image, videos, infographics, etc.

Must also contain the major keywords to increase your blog’s rank on the SERP or the search engine results page.

Using Google AdWords is also another means of promotion and to drive traffic that converts to your offers.

It requires you to bid on the keywords as per your targeting options.

As like the other means of promotion, while using Google Ads.

Make sure that you do not drive the target audience to your affiliate link and instead build a list of it and redirect it the sign-up page.

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This Bootcamp is not just limited to learning how to promote a sales funnel tool.

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Getting deeper into the affiliate boot camp you will realize that are more than 66 video modules.

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You can truly consider the 100-day challenge to retire as a super affiliate provided you dedicate those 100 days.

Initially, you will have to invest time and money to implement some of the promotional strategies like Google AdWords, Facebook Ads, etc.

Once you get it all rolling, you can see the influx of commissions gradually and by the end of 100 days.

You can have gained the confidence of retiring for good to pursue being an affiliate.

On signing up, you will an email every day with training modules that you would be able to understand and assimilate.

If you would want to access to all the modules without having to wait for the videos to be shared each day, it allows you to unlock the entire affiliate boot camp program.

But with the in-depth information and course materials provided, one may feel overwhelmed to understand the entire boot camp content at one go.

Once you receive the initial five videos, the founder of ClickFunnels Russell Brunson will explain all about a sales funnel.

And also what constitutes its building block with respect to doing business online.

After signing up for the Affiliate Bootcamp, you will be introduced to building funnels and testing them;

You will learn all about driving traffic; you will be provided valuable insights to create amazing offers that will prompt your audience to convert;

You will also learn about using social media marketing where you will gain confidence to make the most of social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Apart from the video modules, you will also receive worksheets and other downloads.

On the whole, the affiliate program pays its affiliates commissions for not just the software.

But also to promote other products like Funnel Scripts, Funnel University, Funnel Builder Secrets; Dotcom Secrets, Expert Secrets, etc.

It has grown in popularity for not just building sales funnels in meager minutes but also due to its commission package where the recurring commission is a whopping 40%.

You will also earn a second-tier commission where people you refer or their affiliate program would be included in your second-tier.

And you will earn a 5% commissions for every sale your referral will make.

Thus it is a platform where you can earn commission through not just your affiliate program but also through your referrals.

By learning how to promote ClickFunnels at the Affiliate Bootcamp you can further increase your chances of potentially retiring after the 100-day challenge.

I am an independent ClickFunnels Affiliate, not an employee.

I receive referral payments from ClickFunnels.

The opinions expressed here are my own and are not official statements of ClickFunnels or its parent company, Etison LLC.