🧐 How to find low competition keywords ✅(The Ultimate Guide 2019)

In this guide I show you exactly the different strategies you can apply to find low competition keywords for free.

Therefore I will reveal some of my secret strategies to you.

So at the end of this guide you will know exactly how you can find low competition keywords with high traffic  and how you can find profitable keywords with low competition.

 Moreover you will know how you can find high volume & high search keywords for youtube as well as long tail keywords.

Furthermore I will introduce you to my favorite keyword research tool the KWFinder. 

To summarize this all will have all the knowledge required build up with your own strong keyword empire.

📝How to find low competition keywords for free and with 📈high traffic !

I use for my keyword research the KWFinder it is the best Keyword Research Tool in my opinion, with the best price performance ratio on the market.

Besides that has the KWFinder a Free Version, with that you can perform 5 Free Searches per Day.

And if you want to do more searches you can buy one of their pricing plans depending on your needs, I personally use the Basic Plan for $29,90 per month and I am super satisfied with it.  

Now now I will introduce you to my strategies which I apply to my keyword research.

Before you start with your keyword research, you need to know your niche your website is about.

If you don’t have a niche yet I recommend you to checkout this article from NicheHacks, there are 1879 Niches summarized. I didn’t even knew that some of them even existed.

So make sure you read through this article and pick a niche.

When you have your niche you first go to AnswerThePublic. That’s a great tool which helps you to get an big & detailed overview about your topic.

Just type in your keyword and pick the language in that you want to analyze the searchquerys.

Now download all the searchquerys in a .csv file.

🤔So now how can you  find now low competition keywords with high potential ?

Therefore you go to the KWFinder and click on the “Import List” Feature, now you open your downloaded .csv file and copy all the words an d upload them into the KWFinder.

Now you get to see a lot of different metrics like the search volume, the PPC & the Keyword Difficulty.

I recommend you to target Keywords with an search volume of at least 100 searches per month, but if your website is new and hasn’t yet a lot of domain authority you can also target search phrases which have less monthly search volume.

So now you have a list of Keywords, but if you want to discover new keywords other Webmasters don’t know of you can use the “Autocomplete” Feature of the KWFinder.

The “Autocomplete” Feature complete’s your search phrase and gives you many longtail keywords which you can target.

In addition you can use the Filter Feature, there I recommend to type in the field “Minimal Words” 3 and in the Keyword Difficulty field not above 25.

Obviously can you customize your Keyword Difficutly Score depending how strong your website in Google’s Eyes is.

Next you can use the “Question” Feature of the KWFinder to find great longtail keyword nuggets.

Therefore I recommend you to find a popular keyword (with a lot of search volume) and then type this one into the questions section.

Oftentimes you will see some really good long tail keywords like this one “How to find profitable keywords with low competition”. These are 8 words so this is super longtail and so also easier to rank in comparison to the search phrase “How to find keywords”.

But even the search phrase “How to find keywords” has a longtail version of it, for example “How to find high search low competition keywords”.

I think you see that these keywords are not so obvious but therefore there’s also much less competition, so you can build up more digital real estate easier.

Another great tactic to discover new keyword ideas is to search for synonyms of keywords you already know. So for example an synonym of keyword is searchquery, so now I could go to the KWFinder and type in how to find searchquerys into the “Autocomplete” Feature.

I think you see where I am going.

Besides that there are also some really interesting keyword modifiers you should know of.

I use them often only with the “Autocomplete” feature of the KWFinder, for example if I have a branded product name and I want to write an product comparison of that product.

Then I could use modifiers like “vs” or “versus” or “which is better” or “against” or “or”.

So an example could be KWFinder “or” Product X or KWFinder vs Product Y.

With this strategy you can find a lot of keywords with commercial intent, that means the person who searches for a comparison of two products often already wants to buy one of these products, so you can profit of this commercial intent.

To give you an example you could write an in depth comparison of two products and at the end you could link to both, for the link you could use an affiliate link so you get a provision in case somebody buys one of your compared products.

If you want to learn more about Affiliate Marketing then you can watch this Free Webinar from Spencer Mecham.

📝How to find low competition keywords for Youtube 💻 !

For finding low competition keywords for Youtube  I can recommend you to install yourself a Chrome Extension called “Keywords Everywhere” it’s free and it’s extremely helpful.

The extension shows you for every search phrase the monthly search volume, also at Youtube.

That means you can type in for example an question into Youtube and will see directly the montly search volume for that keyword.

This is extremely helpful if you want to build up your digital real estate in Youtube, for example if you want to rank videos and want to know wether it’s worth it.

For Youtube you can use the same strategy as I described above, use AnswerThePublic or the “Suggestions” Feature of the KWFinder and type in your search phrase. Then you can type these into Youtube and see directly how high the search volume of your keyword is per month.

I hope I could help you with this guide for finding low competition keywords if you want to support me, then you can use my affiliate link for buying the KWFinder

There are no additional costs for you, I just get a provision from Mangools for referring you to the KWFinder.

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