How To Create A Facebook Ad Account

How to create a facebook ad account in your Facebook Business Manager ?

how to create a facebook ad account in 2020

You want to advertise your product or service on Facebook but you do not have a Faceebook Ad Account yet ?

Then you’ve clicked on the right page in the Google Search Results !

In this tutorial you will learn how you can create a Facebook Ad Account inside your Facebook Business Manager quickly.

So you can start advertise immediately and help humans like you and me in this world reaching our goals with your product or service faster.

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How to set up a facebook ad account ?

1. Open your facebook business manager .

2. Go to your Business Manger Settings, and you will see the tab “Ad Accounts” under “Accounts”.

If you haven’t had a Facebook Ad Account before you will see in a dropdown menu “Ad New Add Accounts”, as shown in the example below.

3.  When you want to create a new Advertising Account, please select ” Create a New Ad Account”. 

4. Then type in your Ad account name and choose your “timezone” and “currency”.

Please notice that the currency that you select has to be consistent with the currency of the payment method that you later select.

5. Now add yourself as an “Ad account admin” and your team members their roles to this ad account.

6. Now you can select your preferred payment method to activate your ad account.

Therefore just click on the “Payment Methods” link.  

Now you can select a Payment Method with “Billing Country”, “Currency”, and Credit/ Debit Card information. 

Now you can go back to the tab “Ad Accounts”.

Here you will see your new Ad Account. 🙂


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