👨‍💻 How Much Does ClickFunnels Cost
In 2020?

Welcome to this article here you will find out exactly how much does ClickFunnels cost.

ClickFunnels has two different membership versions, the first one has a price of $97 per month and the second one costs $297 per month.

At the end of this article i show you how you can save up to $3564 of ClickFunnels Costs by buying Funnel Builder Secrets.

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Beyond that offers ClickFunnels a 14 Day Free Trial.

Within that 14 Day Free Trial you receive full access to all features of ClickFunnels.

The special part about the $297 Etison Suite plan of ClickFunnels is that here you receive access to two exclusive Features.

These are the Backpack & the Actionetics Feature.

Backpack enables you to manage your own Affiliates and to do the Affiliate Marketing for your own products.

Actionetics let you manage your E-Mail Marketing Campaigns.

Moreover can you make you whole E-Mail Marketing over Actionetics.

This includes setting up Autoresponders & automating your E-Mail Marketing Workflow.

But obviously the most important Feature of ClickFunnels is the sales funnel builder.

ClickFunnels provides you therefore with a selection with templates for a lot of different businesses.

So whether you want to create Automated Webinars for your E-Commerce Store.

Or you would like to get new clients for your agency.

ClickFunnels has you covered with their Templates.

This saves you a lot of time and you can customize the Templates perfectly to your business.

💻 The Cheapest Funnel Building Online Course of ClickFunnels !

Moreover has ClickFunnels a very helpful online training called the One Funnel Away Challenge.

Here Russell Brunson, Julie Stoian and Stephen Larsen are teaching you the steps you need to take to create & launch your Funnel.

The whole program has a period of 30 days.

Each of these 30 days you receive tasks you have to complete.

Thus you can join Livestreams from Stephen Larsen.

Stephen Larsen holds you accountable during the 30 Day Challenge and provides you with his learnings.

Russell Brunson teaches you the fundamentals of Funnels.

How they work, the psychology behind a funnel and how you build one.

Julie Stoian helps you mapping and planning out your funnel.

After that she shows you exactly how to realize your funnel and start building it.

Furthermore sends ClickFunnels you a whole Package for the One Funnel Away Challenge.

This package includes the 30 Days Book.

Russell Brunson has asked his Two Comma Club Winners what they would do if they had to start all over again.

And had only 30 Days to earn enough money to pay for their rent.

The only things they had are a ClickFunnels Account, a laptop and an internet access.

In the 30 Days book reveal the Two Comma Club Winners their exact plan and lay It out exactly each day from day  1 to day 30 for you.

Overall has the 30 Days Book 550 pages with incredible insightful content.

Besides that sends includes the One Funnel Away Package as well the “One Funnel Away Workbook”.

In this Workbook are all To Do’s for the 30 Day Challenge listed for you.

Moreover have you place there to take notes, to brainstorm and to reflect on your progress.

Beyond has ClickFunnels included a MP3 Player into your One Funnel Away Package.

On this MP3 Player are 40 + hours of content from Russell Brunson.

So you can hear & learn more about Funnel Building while you are working out or you are cooking.

This helps you staying focused and brainstorming new ideas for your funnel.

The best part about the One Funnel Away Challenge is that it only costs $100.

💸 How You Can Save Yourself A Lot Of ClickFunnels Costs !

If you are thinking about buying ClickFunnels let me give you a little tip on how you can save a lot of money.

ClickFunnels has a product called Funnel Builder Secrets.

This one has three different pricings.

$1,997, $2,997 and $5,997 at the first sight these prices might seem expensive.

But if we take a look at the products which ClickFunnels offers for these prices it’s a bargain.

funnel builder secrets clickfunnels costs

In the $1,997 ClickFunnels Collection is included a 6 months Access to the ClickFunnels Enterprise Suite.

Normally this one would cost you $297 * 6 months = $1782

Plus ClickFunnels has as well included a 12 months access to to their own copywriting software “Funnel Scripts”.

The copywriting software costs normally $ 497.

Beyond that gives provides ClickFunnels you with the Traffic Secrets course from John Reese.

Funnel Builder Secrets Training and the Funnel Hacks Masterclass from Russell Brunson.

These courses are only available in the Funnel Builder Secrets Collections.

I couldn’t find any price on the Funnel Hacks Masterclass and on the Funnel Builder Secrets Training.

But I found by my research that John Reese sold his course Traffic Secrets for $997.

Finally adds ClickFunnels the Unlimited Funnels Bonus to your ClickFunnels Account.

So you can create as many Funnels with your Account as you would like to.

The $2,997 Funnel Builder Secrets Selection provides you with a 12 months access to the ClickFunnels Enterprise Account.

This normally would have a price of 12 months * $297 = $3564

Beyond that gives ClickFunnels here you as well 12 months access to ($497) Funnel Scripts.

Furthermore provides ClickFunnels you with the courses Traffic Secrets, Funnel Builder Secrets Training and the Funnel Hacks Masterclass.

And as well ClickFunnels upgrades your Account with the Unlimited Funnels Bonus.

So now let’s take a look at the third version of the Funnel Builder Secrets Selection.

This one has the most bonuses and is simultaneously the most expensive one with $5,997.

Here provides ClickFunnels you with the unique ClickStart Coaching.

Here you receive 8 Coaching Sessions with your personal ClickFunnels Coach, each coaching session has a length up to 1 hour.

If you would like to buy this ClickStart Coaching alone you would have to buy it for $5,500.

Moreover you get access to the 12 months ClickFunnels Enterprise Account.

And obviously also you get your Account upgraded with the Unlimited Funnels Bonus.

So your 12 months ClickFunnels account has already a value of $3564.

Additionally gives ClickFunnels you 12 months access to ($497) Funnel Scripts.

Beyond that you also receive access to Traffic Secrets, the Funnel Builder Secrets Training and the Funnel Hacks Masterclass from Russell Brunson.

I hope you can see how much money you normally would have to pay for these ClickFunnels Products.

And how much you can save by buying one of the Funnel Builder Secrets Selections.

So now you have a brief overview about the ClickFunnels pricing and you know exactly what ClickFunnels does cost.

I hope I could help you with this article about the ClickFunnels Prices & Costs !



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