In-Depth Funnel Scripts Review 2020 !

These days a big component of any project’s success is how well you market it.

There are dozens of aspects you need to consider for the success of your idea and the proper advertising and marketing is one of them. 

Sadly, this means that you have to dedicate a large chunk of your time, money, and effort towards writing out your advertisement materials.

The common go to method for most people is to hire a professional copywriter to take care of the job.

But this is neither easy, nor cheap to do.

Many people find that they have to dedicate a significant portion of their time and their funding towards getting the right copywriter.

Funds that could otherwise go into the business are spent as an upfront investment towards your publicity.

It’s a tough pill to swallow, but there has never been a feasible alternative.

Thankfully, those times are nearly over.

These days you can get professional copywriting software that will take care of all your needs.

You will be able to generate fresh and new copywritten material that’s well suited for any marketing release.

We’ll be looking at one of the most premium copywriting softwares called Funnel Scripts.

You may have heard about this software being mentioned online but might not have as much information on it.

That’s why we’re going to delve deep into it in this Funnel Scripts Review so you can get a good idea of what the software is really like.

What is Funnel Scripts?

Funnel Scripts is a premium grade copywriting software made by its founder Russell Brandon.

The software comes from the Click Funnels line of products which have a great reputation in marketing and advertising.

These days Funnel Scripts is a fantastic piece of software that is being used by all kinds of businesses and content promoters across the globe.

The software has been invaluable especially to startups and entrepreneurs given how accessible it is.

Not only is it affordable, but it’s also easy to work with and generate great copy written content.

This is why you will find glowing Funnel Scripts reviews on the internet.

It provides you a great way to rid yourself of some of the limitations that a startup faces and allow you to function without hiring expensive copywriters.

What is Funnel Scripts Used For?

If you have never used Funnel Scripts or any other copywriting software, you may be wondering what it can be used for.

As you’ll find out in this Funnel Scripts review, there’s more than one use for something like Funnel Scripts.

First and foremost, this software is designed to be your designated copywriter which frees you from having to do the work yourself or hiring someone else to do it.

It does this very efficiently giving you instant sales copies that you can start distributing.

But that’s not where it ends; Funnel Scripts can be used to do much more. 

Apart from general copywriting work, the software also helps you write your webinar scripts,

✅opt-in pages,

✅Facebook ads,

✅professional sales copies,

✅call to action marketing,

✅sales letters for video scripts,

✅email marketing scripts,

✅newsfeed marketing scripts,

✅exclusive offer scripts,

✅lead capture scripts,

and much more.

This means that you have a great amount of flexibility in the type of work you can get done with this software.

If used correctly, Funnel Scripts can be the be-all, end-all of all your marketing and advertising needs.

You won’t have to sit around for hours coming up with best pitch or the best scripts when it can be easily taken care of for you.

You can also generate as many sales copies as you want for as many different scripts or campaigns as you want.

Who is Funnel Scripts for?

If you are wondering if you are the right fit for what this software has to offer, then don’t worry.

When it comes to Funnel Scripts, there’s a wide variety of applications that it can do.

This makes it the perfect software for a wide range of people out there.

The primary audience for something like Funnel Scripts is anyone that is looking for online marketing.

There’s a berth of different needs that needs to be fulfilled by online marketing.

If you’re someone that is launching their blog, website, webinar, or any other content page then you might know the plight of doing everything by yourself.

From generating content to managing all the different variables, things can get pretty hectic, which means you are likely to hire someone to copywrite for you.

This can be very expensive and time consuming to do, especially early on.

This is why you should consider a software like Funnel Scripts.

Likewise, if you’re someone that has just launched a business and wants to get your marketing down.

You might want to think about investing in something like Funnel Scripts.

You’ll spend less time on all the business back ends and will be able to generate your sales copies efficiently and cost effectively.

And as a result, you’ll have a great headstart for your business.

Using Funnel Scripts

If you’re new to using copywriting software, the biggest question on your mind will be how accessible Funnel Scripts is for newcomers.

Luckily, it’s very easy to use and generate sales copies for yourself.

All you have to do is select what kind of ad campaign you’re looking to generate.

Then you just have to type in all your details like the title, tagline, and the topic of your campaign.

In a short while, you will have all your sales copies ready to be deployed wherever you want to use them.

You will end up saving a lot of time that can be spent doing other things like focusing more on your business or your product.

You won’t have to wait for a copywriter to get their portion of the work done.

It’s easy and straightforward enough for a complete beginner to start with even a little hands-on experience.

Once you’re set up you can start making scripts and copies for all kinds of advertising and marketing campaigns out there.

If you do end up getting lost, the official website has all kinds of helpful resources for you to pour through.

Funnel Scripts Review

By now if you’re intrigued by the idea of what Funnel Scripts can do, you might be considering of giving it a go.

But there are many different aspects to look at before you can decide that this software is for you.

We will be trying to break down all the different factors about it in this Funnel Scripts review so you can be the judge of that by yourself.

These will also give you an idea of what the main functionalities of the software are.

To make sure that you get the full picture on what using Funnel Scripts is like, this Funnel Scripts review will be looking at the main aspects of the software.

Here are some of those below:


It stands to reason that anyone looking into getting copywriting software would want to know all the different features they can get.

Rest assured, Funnel Scripts is packed with all kinds of great and exciting features that will make your job that much easier.

Apart from being a great software to make your sales copies with.

Funnel Script is also capable of doing much more than your average copywriting software.

This software will also generate unique scripts for your social media campaigns.

You won’t have to individually write or produce scripts for each site.

Scripts for all popular sites like Facebook are automatically generated and you get the best spread for your campaign.

Additionally, this software is also fairly easy to get around and you won’t have much trouble generating scripts either.


As you might have noticed in this Funnel Scripts review, the main pull for something like this software is the potential savings.

Running an ad campaign all on your own is hard enough without having to worry about copywriting.

If you’re thinking about professionally marketing your product, you’re looking at a minimum of thousands of dollars at the very least.

Factor in the fact that you have to spend time looking for people who know how the process actually works, and it becomes completely unfeasible.

Thankfully, you don’t have to incur such high costs if you want your ad campaigns to take off the ground without leaving a hole in your budget.

The cost of using Funnel Scripts is just $497 a year for an unlimited number of ad campaigns.

This makes it all the more worthwhile because you’re not forced to spend an upwards of thousands of dollars.

You also save time that you would spend copywriting or looking for someone who does.

The best part about the cost of Funnel Scripts is that you get a trial period with a money back guarantee.

If you don’t find that software is within your standards in the first 30 days of your purchase.

You can simply request a refund and get your money back with no questions asked.

User Interface

This wouldn’t be a proper Funnel Scripts review if we didn’t delve into the UI of the software.

We’re happy to report that using Funnel Scripts is easier than you can imagine.

You don’t have to be an expert of any kind to know your way around this software.

Everything has been designed in a clean and user-friendly UI that’s easy on the eyes.

Most of the time, you can see all the options and details in full view.

If you do feel like you’re confused, there’s an excellent guide and video series on how to use the software on the official website.

Generating scripts itself is fairly straightforward and you just have to select the type of script you’re generating and add in the details.

The rest gets taken care of for you at a moment’s notice.

Customer Support

The great thing about using Funnel Scripts is the amount of support you get.

The official website has all kinds of helpful resources on how to get you started.

Because of this, you don’t need to have any prior experience and you can just jump right in without worrying too much about the details.

You’ll find all kinds of expert guides and video series on how to make professional looking scripts using the software.

The support team for Funnel Scripts is always on hand in case you have any problems.

The helpdesk is there to help you navigate any problems or questions you may have.

The response is generally very quick and you get expert guidance with a swift response.

The support team is more than happy to help you with the utmost courtesy.

This is something you normally can’t get even when hiring professional copywriters.


Funnel Scripts is loaded with tons of great features for a comparatively low price.

But if you’re someone that’s looking into getting the software for yourself, you’re more likely to wonder if you can get the results you want from it.

Through our extensive testing, we’ve determined that Funnel Scripts provides a more than favorable results.

It generates professional level copywrites that you would expect from hiring an actual professional.

What’s more, you can see the results of your marketing easily.

We were able to generate multiple sales copies swiftly within the hour.

And over the next few weeks, we were able to see the kinds of conversions into sales.

No doubt, Funnel Scripts is excellent at what it does.


Marketing can be a hard and stressful job but it doesn’t always have to be so.

You don’t have to invest hours of your time, or hundreds of dollars into making sure you have your sales copies up to the mark.

Copywriting software like Funnel Scripts will make sure you don’t have to spend even a second thinking about hiring any experts for your work.

You can get professional level work done with incomparable ease and see great sales conversions all round.

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