💰Funnel Scripts Pricing 2019💻
(Everything you have to know about it) ...

The anual membership for the software license of Funnel Scripts has a price of $497 anually. 

That’s just $41,41 per month and you can use the whole Copywrtiting Software which  saves you an enormous amount of time. 

If you want to sign up for Funnel Scripts there’s only a yearly plan available, but for me this isn’t a problem. 

Funnel Scripts offers currently a Free Trial which i really recommend to you if you want to save a lot of time & of exhausting copywriting. 

🧐 What is Funnel Scripts ?

Russell Brunson the Founder of ClickFunnels and his good friend & copywriting expert Jim Edwards saw that many Funnelbuilders & ClickFunnels Users struggled with writing compelling copy to their target audience.

Because it’s hard and very time intensive to first of all understand your target audience.

And then formulate your offer in exactly these words which resonate with your target group.

That’s the reason why hiring copywriters is so expensive.

And many entrepreneurs who are starting out don’t have the money to hire those copywriting

So Russell Brunson & Jim Edwards decided develop a product for exactly those entrepreneurs who are struggling creating copy for their Funnels.

They analyzed a lot of different copy and finally created the copywriting software which know today as “Funnel Scripts”.

Which can write your Webinar Slides, Sales Letters and Scripts in under 10 minutes & without you having to hire an expensive copywriter.

Funnel Scripts Pricing in 2019

😌 Is there a Funnel Scripts Free Trial ?

Yes there is ClickFunnels offers you a Free Trial of Funnel Scripts.

They provide you with the Amazing Headline Script Generator.

With the Amazing Headline Script Generator you have to answer different, specific questions like “My main topic is stock investing.”

Then after you answered all required questions the software gives you a list of Headlines which are adjusted to your target audience.

The free version of the Amazing Headline Script Generator gives you four Headline suggestions.

And if you want to see the 113 remaining Headlines you have to optin your e-mail address.

Then the software sends you all generated Headlines.

🤔 Which functions are in Funnel Scripts included ?

Here is a detailed overview about what you can create with Funnel Scripts.

✅Ad Copies

✅Sales Copies

✅CTA Copies

✅Email Scripts


✅Video Sales Letter Scripts

✅Email Subject Lines

✅Product Description

✅Lead Capture Scripts

✅Webinar Optin Scripts

🚀 Benefits of Funnel Scripts

Funnel Scripts can save you a big chunk of time because you no longer have to invest your time into thinking about how to write engaging copy.

Funnel Scripts is easy & fast to use, you only have to answer the questions and click “build” … and here’s your customized copy !

Moreover you don’t need to have copywriting knowledge to use Funnel Scripts and you can passively learn a lot about copywriting using Funnel Scripts.

If you are a little confused about how to use Funnel Scripts properly, then you can watch the detailed instruction/training videos which are provided by Funnel Scripts.

If you are not satisfied with a copy made by Funnel Scripts you can edit & change it easily and align it to your standards.

Every month Funnel Scripts publishes a new Live Training with Russell Brunson & Jim Edwards where you can ask your questions & learn directly from the pros.

If you have a new idea for specific script which doesn’t exist yet, you can request it !

👎 Cons of Funnel Scripts

I literally don’t see any cons in using Funnel Scripts for your copy other than sometimes you have to proofread the created copy, but this is uncommon. 

💻 How to use Funnel Scripts

As you might already know is Funnel Scripts very easy to use.

You don’t have to download & install a application on your computer because Funnel Scripts is web based.

Which means you can use Funnel Scripts from anywhere in the world as long you have an internet access.

If you want to use Funnel Scripts all you have to do is to fill in the required asks forms.

In this way makes Funnel Scripts itself a picture from your target audience.

And then finally if you click on the “Build” button Funnel Scripts gives you a big list of recommendations.

Your only job is then to read through the given suggestions and choose a copy which you think engages with your target audience the most.

And if you are unhappy with one script you can tweak & edit it totally on your demands.

This way you can distinguish yourself from the other Funnel Scripts users which can be a big benefit when you have matchlessly copy.

You can get 12 Months Access to Funnel Scripts for FREE !

If you decide to buy Russell Brunson’s – Funnel Builder Secrets you get a 12 months access to Funnel Scripts for Free.

funnel scripts 12 months for free

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