👨‍💻 The Funnel Scripts Cost 2019 !

So in this article you will learn exactly about the Funnel Scripts Costs in 2019.

So you are interested in buying Funnel Scripts but you are indecisive because of the possible costs Funnel Scripts has.

So let’s get straight to the point.

Funnel Scripts has a price of $497 per year.

This means you receive the Copywriting software which saves you a ton of your precious time plus the expenses of copywriters.

Now is the question whether you would like to spend $497 to save your time plus a lot more money which you would have normally spend on copywriters to writer your sales lettes.

This makes Funnel Scripts for you.

And this requires only a tiny amount of your time.

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Especially when you hate writing copy is Funnel Scripts awesome since all you have to do is to answer a few questions, which is done in 10 minutes.

Per month would Funnel Scripts cost you $41,41 which I think is an absolutely fair price for the time saved .

With Funnel Scripts you get 12 month access to the Copywriting Software.

Furthermore you get the Perfect Webinar Wizard.

For more Details of the Funnel Scipts Pricing click here.

Perfect Webinar Wizard is all about creating a webinar presentation, all the closes, and the sales copy to promote a specific webinar.

Next you get the Star, Story and Solution Wizard.

This Wizard gives you the blueprint for the “Star”, “Story” and the “Solution” you are finally presenting in your funnel.

Moreover you get the “5 Fast Funnels Templates”.

These are 5 prebuilt Funnel Templates you can model and implement directly into your ClickFunnels Account.

Finally you receive “Funnel Scripts Blueprint”.

So there you go now you know exactly what Funnel Scripts costs you per year.

If you would like to test Funnel Scripts before you buy it, you can do that by using the Funnel Scripts Free Trial.

In this Free Funnel Scripts Trial y you can use the “Amazing Headline Script Generator” to generate your own unique amazing headlines.

💸 How much is Funnel Scripts ?

So as I already mentioned has Funnel Scripts in 2019 a price of $497 dollars per 12 months.

This equals $41,41 per month which is in my experience a fair price for Funnel Scripts.

I really like Funnel Scripts.

It helps me generating the copy for my funnels.

This would normally require a lot of my time. Or I would have to hire a copywriter.

By using Funnel Scripts I just have to answer some questions on my audience and the aim of the copy.

And then Funnel Scripts makes’s the work.

Especially in my case is Funnel Scripts very useful since I don’t really like writing copy for my Webinar Funnels.

🧐 What is Funnel Scripts ?

Funnel Scripts is an online copywriting software by ClickFunnels.

This automatically creates the copy for your Sales Letters and Webinars.

By asking you questions about your audience and your product.

And then finally crafting the copy customized to your product & your audience.

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