👨🏽‍💻 Is the Funnel Scripts $297 Discount still available ?

Unfortunately has the $297 Funnel Scripts offer expired.

But nevertheless offers ClickFunnels a Free Funnel Scripts Trial.

In this Free Trial you can try out the Headline Generator of Funnel Scripts for completely free.

Moreover has Russell Brunson created an in depth Webinar about Funnel Scripts.

In this webinar Russell Brunson shows you how to effectively use Funnel Scripts.

In detail reveals Russell Brunson you how to get all of your sales letters, scripts and webinar slides written in under 10 minutes without hiring an expensive copywriter.

(Learn here more about the Funnel Scripts Costs.)

🚀 Logical Reasons for Buying Funnel Scripts for $497 !

When you have an online business what is the most time consuming task ?

Exactly writing copy, that’s by the way also the reason why experienced copywriters are very expensive.

But why is that ?

Well, first of all you have to understand that copy is the groundwork of your online marketing.

It doesn’t matter what you try to sell.

When you have bad copy which doesn’t establishes an emotional relationship to your customers.

It can be very difficult to for you to get loyal customers.

Beyond that is the copy everywhere when you launch a Facebook Ad you need a very good Ad Copy to separate your Ad from your competition.

When you launch your new product and you use a Funnel to convert your visitors to customers you need an intriguing copy for your Funnel Slides.

When you collected E-Mail addresses for your webinar, then you need very good webinar slides which are tailored to the needs of your audience.

But far more important gives good copy you a lot of power which you can use to separate your products from the ones of your competition.

As you probably understand now is copywriting a crucial element nowadays for your online business.

But it isn’t simple and hard to learn that’s why Russell Brunson and Jim Edwards developed Funnel Scripts.

With Funnel Scripts you can create specifically tailored copy for your audience.

Besides that are learning  with the in depth tutorials from Jim Edwards the ins and outs of Copywriting.

Furthermore you receive 12 month access to Funnel Scripts for just $497.

The precious time you are saving yourself as an entrepreneur.

funnel scripts $297 discount

 I assume is more worth for you am I right ?

So additionally ClickFunnels gives you the “Perfect Webinar Wizard”, which enables you to create fluently the copy for you webinars tailored to the audience you are serving during the webinar.

Next you receive the “Star, Story and Solution Wizard”, this enables lay out your whole sales process.

Specifically facilitates this tool the process of building a relationship with your audience tremendously.

Last but no least you receive 5 Fast Funnel Templates which are automatically added to your ClickFunnels Account.

These “5 Fast Funnel Templates” can be very useful when you want to accelerate the process of building your funnel.

And finally you receive the Funnel Scripts Blueprints, these are prewritten copy samples.

You can leverage them to learn more about copywriting and enhancing your own skills which can be very useful since you are the entrepreneur and know your product the best.

Beyond that offers ClickFunnels  a 30 day money back guarantee.

So if you are unhappy for any reason Clickfunnels will refund you your money “No questions asked”.

Let’s see exactly for which copies you can leverage Funnel Scripts.

Well first of all you can create all kinds of Advertisement Copies.

Following that you can develop

✅ Sales Copies,

✅ Email Scripts, Headings, 

✅Call to Action Copies, 

✅Video Sales Letter Scripts, 

✅Email Subject Lines, Webinar 

✅Opt in copy, 

✅Lead Capture Scripts 

✅and finally also Product Descriptions.

🧐 Is there a Funnel Scripts Discount in 2019 ?

ClickFunnels offered Funnel Scripts once for $297 but since ClickFunnels has enhanced Funnel Scripts and it’s capacities tremendously.

Nowadays there’s no more a Funnel Scripts Discount offered.

Nevertheless is Funnel Scripts a great software which is appreciated all over the ClickFunnels community.

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