👨‍💻 The Best Funnel Builder Secrets Software !

As a business owner, your primary target is to maximize your sales and increase profits.

The current world we live in has been overrun with technological advancements that’s have revolutionized everything that we do.

Businesses can now use online tools and integrate them into their business models to make much more than they were previously.

These tools help them reach their target audiences much more efficiently.

🤔 What is Clickfunnels ?

Clickfunnels is one such online tool that helps businesses in the terms of sales, marketing and the delivery of their products.

By creating a sales funnel, the funnel building software allows you to control what is shown to your target audiences and how frequently it is shown.

You can set the parameters as per your requirement and the system keeps on working that way automatically till the next edit.

The biggest advantage that business owners get from clickfunnels is that they no longer have to worry about coding.

They can simply focus on their business and leave the rest to the system.

Clickfunnels checks your requirements and allows a boost to your overall sales which becomes pretty evident in the software’s 14 day trial period.

The company wants you to try it their software out before you buy the actual thing for yourself. 

You can read several reviews online because most of them have shown the funnel building software in a positive light.

90% of all who have tried and bought the service have seen an increase in their percentage sales.

🧐 How does Clickfunnels Work ?

Clickfunnels helps you ease your pains of having to sell to thousands of customers online.

It assists in the core elements needed for a functional sales funnel.

Example of the kind of core elements include landing pages, web hosting as well as auto responders.

The following assist options do not require any coding and are user-friendly so that you can incorporate them into your sales strategy.

Marketing is one of clickfunnels major uses.

Through marketing, you are able to tell the story of your product to thousands of internet users online who are interested in a product like yours.

It has never been more easier to reach customers than it is now.

However, the internet brings with it, its own problems because you are not the only company out there who is trying to sell something they believe in.

Hundreds of other companies exist just in your area alone so imagine the thousands that exist around the globe.

This is where clickfunnels makes the distinctions between your sales pitch and everyone else’s through marketing.

It helps you drive your target audience to a landing page that will consist of your product’s ad.

The customer is redirected after they open a new window, click a download button or even clicking randomly on the page.

If left on your own, the process of building an effective sales funnel can be tiring and may require a lot of time.

You are prone to make a lot of errors in the process as well which is why the process has been streamlined enough for you to understand what goes in and out.

🚀💻 What are the Top Features of Clickfunnels?

With a range of 22 funnels, all with different features that assist you in generating revenue, you can get lost if you do not have anyone to guide you.

All of these 22 funnels can be categorized into three groups.

These include the lead capture funnels, sales page funnels and event funnels.

All three funnels provide the user with customizable templates that are both paid and unpaid.

The requirement of a website is a myth when it comes to using funnels because you can make one without any prior knowledge of page making.

The landing pages you create will help in gathering the emailing list that can be used later on to send updates of the product to your customers.

The 14 day trial lets you experiment with these things before you finally decide to purchase them.

Other features include.

✅ 1. Visual Drag and Drop Editor:

This features lets you customize your funnel page and make it as visually appealing as possible.

You can pick whatever you don’t like and place it wherever you think it looks best.

You also have the option to remove it completely from the equation.

You are like the artist in the equation because with this feature.

You are given the tools to paint whatever you feel like is the best way the page will attract customers.

Any modification regarding the brand page can be made using the fly-out sidebar.

In short, the visual drag and drop editor is your tool to achieving a unique landing page.

✅ 2. Huge Selection of Page Elements:

Whatever elements you receive from this feature are a result of all the feedback the team has received through the years.

The page elements give you the flexibility needed to enhance the user experience of the page.

You can choose buttons to place, headlines, video widgets and even input forms that let you design the exact page you want.

Other elements that clickfunnels provides include surveys, progress bar, pricing tables and progress bars that prove to be essential in customer feedback and experience.

The clickfunnels system has greatly learned from the continuous usage by customers as they best understand what is lacking.

The team over at clickfunnels helps to add as many new elements to assist the business owners as possible.

The updated versions usually have better functionality of the elements provided.

You can even select how to change the background, margins and even the color combinations that you associate with the design of your choice.

✅ 3. Share Funnels:

The Share Funnel feature is extremely helpful as it lets your friends share the funnel page across different mediums to get more reach of customers.

It is located in the settings tab of any funnel that you have designed.

The share URL not only helps you reach the customers but if they are to end up using the website through your reference.

You get bonus cash depending on the length of their usage and the time at which they purchase the product for themselves.

The URL acts as a kind of referral link that generates profit for you as a benefit and more customers for owners of ClickFunnels.

✅ 4. Tutorials:

Nothing can be done when you are confused about what to do.

Clickfunnels provides you with the opportunity to learn from the multiple tutorials available on their website.

So you may get acquainted with the basics as well as the do’s and don’ts of the entire process.

The tutorial regarding the customization, settings, how to generate a funnel page as well as the different elements available are present online.

The first few tutorials help to figure out the basics of each tab and selection. Once you get used to that, you will end up loving the user-friendliness of the website.

💸 So, how much does ClickFunnels Cost ?

ClickFunnels has two price models depending in the features of each plan. 

The first plan is the basic plan that costs $97 and other is the Full Suite costing around $297.

The primary difference between the two plans is the number of sales funnels and landing pages allocated each month.

😍💻 The ‘One Funnel Away’ Challenge ?

Beginners in clickfunnels might find the system a little bit intimidating.

They might not understand the correct usage of the product unless they are told how to hence where the ‘one funnel away’ challenge come in.

It allows users to be able to train for 30 days in the basics of funnel making with a step by step process on how to make your very first funnel.

The three coaches who provide you with the training you need are also the ones who have made the whole thing possible.

This includes Russell Brunson, the co-founder of clickfunnels as well as Julie Stoian, and Stephen Larsen.

The other two are successful entrepreneurs who have been successful in implementing the system in their business model.

Stephen Larsen in particular is responsible for making thing much more interesting for you so you may learn the basics really quickly.

You can recognize the man from his podcasts.

He is always full of energy and drive to make sure you understand everything through the ‘one funnel away’ challenge.

The three send links to your email as well as personalized messages to give you feedback on what you are doing wrong and right throughout the crash course.

😍💻 What is Funnel Builder Secrets ?

With clickfunnels, you already get loads of new opportunities to enhance your business but what if we told you that you could take a step further ?

Yes, funnel builder secrets allows you to not only avail the clickfunnels benefits but also avail extra bonuses.

These bonuses allow you further flexibility and premium service of the software for your online selling, marketing and delivery goals.

The $295 package is good enough but if you want to experience an even better system, funnel builder secrets offers three exciting packages to choose from.

The very first offer is that of $1997 which is followed by $2997 and then the top most package of $5997.

All these packages have varying benefits such as personal Funnel Builder Secrets Training, Traffic Secrets Membership, a 6-12 month enterprise account for Clickfunnels.

The Traffic Secrets & Funnel Scripts feature absolutely changes the game.

If you’re looking to learn how to drive traffic to your funnels, then Traffic Secrets alone makes the Funnel Builder Secrets deal totally worth it.

👍 Benefits of Funnel Builder Secrets ?

Funnel builder secrets is totally worth your purchase if you have the money to spare for it.

Your investment simply needs to cover itself in the first few months after which all that you make is profit from it.

This combined with a good business model can monstrous combo, bringing in loads of revenue from several online clients.

If you have the initial money requirement, we recommend you go over and purchase the Funnel Builder Secrets.

One of the benefits you receive is the satisfaction from not having to stress upon the 20 funnel limit.

The standard clickfunnels account limits you with 20 funnels and over a 100 pages.

But if you were to buy one of the three funnel builders secrets packages, you automatically receive limitless pages and funnels.

20 funnels might seem a lot in the start but once you start using the system, you will end up using them all pretty fast.

It is therefore recommended that once you see that the system is working out for you, go on and purchase the funnel builder secrets for yourself.

Another benefit of the funnel builder secrets is the value for your money when it comes to copywriting.

It has become a significant job as the use of the right words means more traffic on your website.

The more traffic you have, the better the change of someone clicking that ‘buy’ button.

The ‘funnel script’ feature is a powerful tool in the funnel builder secrets that can make your life as easy as possible.

Your copywriter will find it simpler than before to integrate SEO into their writing as well only select those keywords that are in highest demand around the world.

Conclusion of the Funnel Builder Software !

Clickfunnels or funnel builder secrets are both advanced tools that any business owner can use to increase profits and grow.

The amount of reach you get through the use of these software has no limit provided you invest time, money and effort into.

Making the funnels as appealing as well as functional as possible.

It’ll be a waste of money to see that you do not use the funnels to their true potential which is why you should definitely go for ‘one funnel away’ challenge.

Having the masterminds behind the clickfunnels system can greatly increase your knowledge and maybe give you a few tricks to work with.

Disclosure: I am an independent ClickFunnels Affiliate, not an employee.

I receive referral payments from ClickFunnels.

The opinions expressed here are my own and are not official statements of ClickFunnels or its parent company, Etison LLC.