The ClickFunnels Wiki 2020 !

Clickfunnels is a SaaS tool that allows entrepreneurs to sell, create, and market their products as well as services.

It is a one-stop platform which simplifies business processes with pre-built funnels for different purposes.

The sales funnels are undoubtedly the principal advantage of Clickfunnels.

It was founded by Russell Brunson in collaboration with his business partner, Todd Dickerson.

It was a self-funded venture that was established in 2014. 

Brunson is an accomplished businessman who has a couple of other investments under his belt.

However, Clickfunnels remain his most successful ventures to date.

The company has its headquarters at Idaho, United States.

The parent company under which it operates is Etison LLC.

Clickfunnels is quickly becoming one of the most preferred tools for online businesses.

Its net worth is $360 million as of 2018. 

Since its inception, it has reportedly made $100 million in sales.

The number of users actively engaged in business is more than fifty-five thousand.

Reasons why entrepreneurs use ClickFunnels for creating Funnels:

At Clickfunnels, there are different funnels for different business.

The three main types of funnels that entrepreneurs create are:

 Generating Leads

Leads for companies can be generated in two ways.

i. Squeeze page funnel.

It is the easiest and the quickest funnel available on the platform.

In this basic funnel, the emails of the customers are captured.

The idea is to generate an email lead or add them to the messenger list.

ii. Application funnel.

In this type of funnel, more details and information are collected.

This may include name, phone number, more details about the clients and their companies.

This funnel is commonly used by consultants as well as coaches.

It allows more effective and direct communication between the company and the clients.

Generating Sales

Products, as well as services, have better chances of getting sold while using these funnels. 

There are three funnels for generating sales. 

Sellers can use one funnel or use them in combination with each other depending on their products and services that they sell.

i. Two-step tripwire funnels.

It is also called the unboxing funnel. 

This funnel is typically for products of lower price category. 

These are often labeled as a loss leader as there is some loss associated with them in the beginning. 

The products may be low priced, but they generally are of good quality that makes advertising them very effortless.

 Therefore, the final result is to attract customers and to generate a profit using one-click upsells.

This funnel is very popular among e-commerce sellers, writers, and authors for selling books and other products.

ii. Video sales letter funnel.

It is also called a sales letter and is generally for higher-end products. 

It may require a presentation as well as an explanation behind the price of the products. 

As the name suggests, sellers can attach a video to improve the sales pitch. 

There is also the option to use text, which is why it is called a sales letter.

It also includes one-click upsells, which helps to increase the profit with every customer that visits the funnel.

iii. Product launch funnel.

This funnel is typically used when there is a new product to be launched.

 It is also called sideways sales letter, and it was made popular by Jeff Walker.

 Here, instead of one video, sellers can work with four videos to generate interest in the new product.

It works particularly well with premium-priced products as there is more opportunity to explain the products thoroughly.

Running online events

There are two ways of running an even with Clickfunnels.

They are:

i. Webinar funnel.

In this method, the live event is made possible using software such as gotowebinar and zoom.

Clickfunnels allows the customization of the registration process to maximize profits as well as conversions.

ii. Auto webinar funnel.

This is also called evergreen or on-demand webinar funnel.

This automated presentation is entirely run on Clickfunnels.

Here the videos that have already been made are presented and broadcast inside Clickfunnels.

The replays of the videos are also done inside it as well.

Advantages of Clickfunnels

Clickfunnels does more than streamlining the entire marketing process in one single dashboard.

The benefits and advantages that Clickfunnels provide are:

▪️ Different types of sales funnels that can be designed to suit a particular client.

▪️ Funnels for sales, webinars, and membership sites as well as subscriber lists.

▪️ Saves time by organizing the sales funnels and accelerating the entire setup.

▪️ Pre-built sales funnels for easy selection.

▪️ Proven and tested templates which consist of a wide variety.

▪️ User-friendly interface which allows seamless integration of videos, animation, and other elements to the chosen templates.

▪️ It is very easy to use, and beginners can use it with minimal training.

▪️ A/B testing is quicker as Clickfunnels gets rid of underperforming funnels almost instantly.

▪️ It is compatible with all platforms such as Windows, Mac as well as web-based.

▪️ Clickfunnels is cloud-hosted, which makes it very fast as well as efficient.

Products Available on ClickFunnels

The online tool is packed with products and features. 

But the most outstanding products are:

The One Funnel Away Challenge:

It is a challenge created by the founder, Brunson, himself.

It is basically a tool designed to transform businesses in 30 days.

The challenge extols that you are one funnel away from your dream job, success, or whatever else you might be striving for.

Participants sign up with a nominal fee of $100, which is fully refundable within thirty days.

The actual value of the entire One Funnel Away Challenge is an impressive $3126.

This package is meant for entrepreneurs or individuals:

Who wants to have guaranteed success while launching funnels.

Stuck in a lifeless job and has plans to start own business or start a home run business.

A beginner businessperson with great ideas but unsure where and how to start.

Working individuals who have no joy in the current job, even though the company may be flourishing.

Persons with existing business establishments who would like a wider audience.

Benefits Of The One Funnel Away Challenge:

The challenge is a very hands-on course that strategically combines knowledge, execution, and accountability.

The main thing is to get the funnel up and running by the end of the challenge.

The entire process is designed to help aspiring business persons to customize their plans and implement them within thirty days.

The challenge kit includes:

i. The 30 days Hardcover Book.

This hardcover book has 550 pages filled with what the founder calls them the battleplans.

All the thirty chapters include action plans that will equip the participants to formulate effective business plans.

ii. Challenge Workbook.

Throughout the entire challenge, there are tasks for each day.

The workbook acts are a ready reference in order to complete the tasks.

It includes the checklists that need to be performed every day, links to training videos, as well as other resources.

It also comes with ample space to journal fresh ideas.

The workbook is also available in a digital version.

iii. Mp3 Player.

It contains the recordings for each day made by Russell Brunson as well as Stephen Larson.

The mp3 recordings are a great way to keep yourself motivated and be in the challenge mode while participants are up an about.

It can be easily used while picking up the kids, running errands, working out at the gym, or driving on your way to work.

🚀 The 14 Day Free Clickfunnels Trial:

This is probably among, if not the best, feature of Clickfunnels.

As the name suggests, it is completely free, which can be availed with basic information.

This package is 100 %, with no obligations or contracts.

Participants can cancel their trial at any time.

The Benefits of this Trial Package are:

▪️ Webpage editor which has drag and drop facility. It is the simplest form of editing, which is effortless even for a beginner.

▪️ The smart shopping cart has one-click upsells.

▪️ The marketing automation is available for both emails as well as Facebook.

▪️ Sales funnels that are built are instantly put into conversion modes.

▪️ The entire process is well organized and streamlined on a dashboard.

The Exclusive Funnel Builder Secrets Selection:

It is the ultimate package for a serious business individual who wants maximum profits.

This is an intensive package deal which goes in-depth than the first two products.

It is designed to not only change businesses but the customer’s experience as well.

The funnel builder secret comes in a six months course which is available at $1997.

It also comes in twelve-month duration, which is available at $2997 and $5997.

Benefits included in these packages are:

i. Enterprise Account 

In the six months of Clickfunnels, participants have access to enterprise accounts for six months, while the twelve-month deal offers access for the entire year.

This access is entirely free.

Participants who can sign up during the offer period also get other bonus such as a backpack.

ii. The Funnel Builder Secrets Masterclass 

It is a ten-week training program. It covers everything the entrepreneurs need to know about creating funnels, designing it, and directing traffic to the site. 

It is essentially intended to generate revenue as soon as your funnel is up and working.

iii. Funnel Hacking 101 

Also called the spy for profit, covers areas about what competitors might be offering, and their copies, among others.

It is a very in-depth training focusing on different aspects to come out at the top.

iv. Traffic Secrets Training Course 

It is training on how to get traffic to the site from more than a hundred and twenty-five sources available on the internet.

The different sources are not used all at once.

But they keep accumulating so that the end result is getting traffic from multiple sources.

This is vital for generating leads, which ultimately leads to profit and income.

v. One Year Access to Funnel Scripts 

Here, Clickfunnels provide all the necessary software that includes slides, bullet points, headlines, emails among others.

Users only need to answer the questions and fill them in the blanks.

The software does the majority of the work of generating copies, follow-up emails, and Facebook ads.

This one year access is the same for both six months as well as twelve months of Clickfunnels.

Mr. Brunson has famously said that this is almost the same as hiring a copywriter, except this is free.

vi. Clickstart Program 

It is part of the funnels bonus where users can have access to a personal coach.

He or she will assist in the setting up funnels.

vii. Money Back Guarantee 

The entire amount is refundable within thirty days in case of any issues.

What else to expect from ClickFunnels ?

Apart from the benefits that are mentioned earlier and features, Clickfunnels digitizes every aspect of the business in one platform.

It makes businesses more manageable, efficient as well as quicker.

This is made achievable by the integration of different applications such as:

1. Etison  It eliminates the need to hire designers.

This reduces the cost of designing and coding by a significant amount.

The pages of Clickfunnels feature a simple drag-and-drop feature which allows even amateurs to create professional quality pages.

2. Actionetics 

It is an integrated tool which communicates with the customers directly by creating smartlists.

This smart tool identifies the browsing and shopping behaviors of the visitors that come through a particular funnel and corresponds to them accordingly.

The follow-up funnels reconnect with the customers at any time in one single platform.

It also reduces the monthly messaging bills.

3. Backpack 

It is a software that is an all-in-one affiliate.

It allows users to add an affiliate program to the funnels without the complexity of using unknown software.

The pre-designed template pages allow the addition of applications to the back on any sales funnels.

4. Wasabi 

Users simply select the pre-developed template and upload the training videos very quickly.

It gets rid of complications as well as the expenses of performing expensive coding.

Wasabi is currently under development and is yet to be introduced on the Clickfunnels’ site.

5. Pypeline 

It is a CRM system that is set to transform a casual visitor into a buyer.

It is a high-touch software which will eliminate the need for sophisticated software that are used for customer relationship management.

Pypeline is also yet to be introduced on the website.

I am an independent ClickFunnels Affiliate, not an employee.

I receive referral payments from ClickFunnels.

The opinions expressed here are my own and are not official statements of ClickFunnels or its parent company, Etison LLC.