In Depth ClickFunnels VS WordPress Comparison 2020 !

Welcome to this article, here you will discover which software is better suited for your needs ClickFunnels or WordPress.

First of all I am going to explain you exactly for which purposes ClickFunnels is best suited and the same for WordPress. 

So you can see for yourself which software qualifies itself the best for your business.

🤔💭 What is ClickFunnels best suited for ?

ClickFunnels is mainly a sales funnel software.

Which enables entrepreneurs creating their own Funnels without having to hire expensive designers or programmers.

Furthermore has ClickFunnels in the advanced version an integrated E-Mail Marketing Software and an Affiliate Marketing/Management Software.

ClickFunnels is very versatile.

Whether you want to use Facebook Ads or Google Ads to send traffic to your landing pages and funnels.

Or you want to host online courses on a long-term basis.

You can do that with ClickFunnels !

In addition, you can run your entire email marketing through ClickFunnels without any problems.

And besides you don’t have to worry about a suitable Affiliate Marketing/ Management Software.

Because ClickFunnels provides you with “Backpack”, the Swiss Army Knife among the Affiliate Management Software.

ClickFunnels is also very well suited for search engine optimization.

As the software offers many options that you can use to rank your funnels and landingpages on Google and other search engines.

This can be extremely rewarding as you will get free & passive traffic to your funnel.

As you can see Clickfunnels has a large number of possible uses.

And that’s why I love to work with ClickFunnels because I don’t commit to a specific traffic option.

👨🏽‍💻 Which software is better now ClickFunnels or WordPress ?

Like I said, it totally depends on your needs.

WordPress allows you to create websites however, ClickFunnels can do that as well.

And you can also buy domains with ClickFunnels and register and use them directly.

Funnels are superior to a website because they have a much higher conversion rate.

And give the marketer the opportunity to integrate upsells and downsells into the funnel and thus increase the average cart value.

In contrast, a website does not really offer one marketer the opportunity to sell multiple products efficiently.

You can add plugins to your WordPress page, but in my opinion this is much more complicated than with ClickFunnels.

This is also true for the interface of WordPress.

For beginners it can take a long time to get used to it and understand all functions of WordPress.

The opposite is the case with ClickFunnels.

Right at the beginning after the registration you get a nice welcome from Russell Brunson.

And get all important information about the use & the functions of Clickfunnels illustrated in an introductory video.

After watching the video you even get a completely Free Funnelhacker T-Shirt from ClickFunnels.

Where ClickFunnels covers the whole costs including the shipping costs.

Let’s come to the costs of the two softwares.

Let’s start with WordPress, for this you need hosting I use Siteground as webhoster for my website.

This costs me about 70€ per year.

In addition there is my Divi Themes license, which costs me 89€ per year.

You have to consider that you have to buy additional plugins if you want to run an e-commerce shop or a funnel on your website.

ClickFunnels has two different versions, the standard version for $97 per month and the extended version Etison Suite for $297 per month.

With the normal version you can create 20 sales funnels & 100 pages and you have access to all other features of ClickFunnels.

The extended version of ClickFunnels also gives you access to Actionetics and Backpack, both of which are very useful.

Because you don’t need an external email marketing provider or affiliate marketing software.

Let’s get to the aspect of the time you need to get into ClickFunnels.

For me it was very easy and fast, because a lot of things are self-explanatory and clearly arranged.

In addition there are detailed explanation videos for everything and if you still have questions.

You can turn to the support which is super competent and helps you as fast as possible.

For WordPress this is different, here you have to invest much more time to build your website, index it on Google and then rank it for keywords at all.

For this you should plan at least 1 year until you register an significant amount of traffic.

With ClickFunnels you can create your first funnel after 10 minutes and launch it. 

Of course I wouldn’t recommend this, because you have to put a lot of work into your funnel, but theoretically this would be possible.

ClickFunnels has also launched the One Funnel Away Challenge.

In which Russell Brunson, Julie Stoian and Stephen Larsen show you how to successfully launch your first funnel within 30 days.

I highly recommend this challenge if you want to start with ClickFunnels.

The practical thing about ClickFunnels is that the software already provides you with a considerable number of tested successful funnels.

You can easily take them over and modify them for your niche.

ClickFunnels has a great community that is extremely helpful.

So the Facebook group of ClickFunnels currently has over 100,000 members where you can find like-minded people on your way to the Two Comma Club Award.

You are wondering what the Two Comma Club Award is ?

This is an award from ClickFunnels for the marketers who managed to realize 1 million dollars with only one funnel within a time period of 12 months.

If you want to learn more about Funnel I recommend you to read the books of Russell Brunson Expert Secrets and Dotcom Secrets.

In it he describes exactly how a funnel works and describes the process of creating a funnel in a comprehensible way.

🧐🔎 ClickFunnels vs WordPress -> All Features Compared !



💳 The costs of both softwares:

➡️ 💰Basic plan (without Backpack & Actionetics) = $97 per month 


➡️ 💰Etison Suite (Advanced Plan) = $297 per month





✅ ClickFunnels offers a 14 Day Free Trial !

💰 Siteground Hosting = around 70€ per year

💰Divi Themes License = 89€ per year

💰 E-Mail Marketing Software (Aweber lowest plan) = $19 per month

💰 Affiliate Marketing Software (Post Affiliate Pro) = $97 per month

💰 Online Course Hosting Software (Teachable ) = $79 per month

💰 Domain (Siteground) = 12.95€ per year

💰 Wordpress = FREE !

⛔ No Free Trial !


💡 The Ease of use of ClickFunnels and WordPress:

👍 ClickFunnels is easy to learn and self explanatory.

Moreover gives ClickFunnels you very good ressources to learn from.

Besides that has Russell Brunson many incredible products about Funnels.

📚 Expert Secrets, Dotcom Secrets, 108 Proven Split Test Winners

💻 FunnelBuilder Secrets, 10X Secrets Masterclass, One Funnel Away

⌛ You have to invest a lot of time in WordPress !

You also might have to hire a Web Designer or Programmer for your website.



👨‍💻 Support of ClickFunnels vs WordPress:

ClickFunnels offers an instant messenger support.

The Support shows you exactly how you can build your funnels.

And assists you with helpful  tips for your Funnels.

Siteground has a very good support & incredible helpful for almost all areas.

Here are 5 Reasons for using ClickFunnels and not a WordPress Website !

The number one problem with websites is that they are not conversion focused.

This means when you are using a website instead of a sales funnels you are missing out on valuable sales for your company.

A Sales Funnel in contrast knows the the desires & needs of the visitor.

 Subsequently takes the sales funnel the customer by the hand and guides him step by step through the Funnel.

During this process learns the Sales Funnel automatically more about the visitor.

And so you can customize the final offer exactly on the needs of the potential customer.

The big problem with websites is that there isn’t an end goal.

The website gives the visitor no directions or instructions what to do next.

A sales funnel is the complete opposite the end goal here is to convert a potential customer into a visitor.

And that makes the sales funnel so successful, because of the detailed instructions its giving the visitor.

You can compare a sales funnel with a highly educated sales person who closes the sale.

A WordPress website on the other hand is more like a sales person stands in front of the potential customer but doesn’t even speak.

The second big benefit of sales funnels is that they are data driven.

Websites are designed to look nice in using ClickFunnels you can see every data of your elements.

By doing Split Tests you can modify and enhance your  sales funnels and increase so the conversion rate.

Another reason why I would personally prefer using ClickFunnels than WordPress is that Websites have way too many “Call to Actions”.

This makes It very difficult for the visitor to understand what he should do next and can be very overwhelming.

When the visitor visits a sales funnel with every page the Call to Actions are getting more narrowed for the visitor specifically.

Moreover aren’t sales funnel static, so they are also a real experience for the potential customer.

Furthermore are websites aren’t trackable so when you are a online marketer and you are using a WordPress Website.

It can be very difficult to find out which of your actions have resulted in sales.

Here’s lies power of ClickFunnels every single element is trackable and if an offer isn’t working you can simply remove it.

But the even better part of this is that if you are seeing that you are making sales.

You see exactly which of your actions were accountable for producing this result.

And then you can just replicate your actions and scale.

Another big advantage of ClickFunnels is that you can change your Funnels every single day so you can adapt to new situations.

WordPress on the other hand isn’t that flexible from my experience.

Because it takes time till Google recognizes your changes and finally displays them in the internet.

That’s a big disadvantage in the world of internet marketing which changes rapidly.

Another big benefit of ClickFunnels is that it doesn’t require coding skills at all.

You don’t need to have coding knowledge to use ClickFunnels, everything is simple and you have many resources from where you can learn from.

But if you want to change your WordPress site it can be tricky if you doesn’t have design or coding skills.

The final reason why I would recommend you to try ClickFunnels is that with sales funnels you can max out every opportunity.

The visitors of a website come and go and when a website has a high bounce rate the webmaster can’t really do anything about it.

Because he doesn’t have the data.

When that happens in a sales funnel and you recognize that a group of visitors are underserved.

You can expand & adapt your funnel to exactly this group because you have to data.

Moreover can you build E-Mail lists so you are building a relationship between your product and your visitors which is incredible important.

Learn more about the ClickFunnels Pricing Here :=)


Disclosure: I am an independent ClickFunnels Affiliate, not an employee.

  I receive referral payments from ClickFunnels.

The opinions expressed here are my own and are not official statements of ClickFunnels or its parent company, Etison LLC.