👨‍💻 ClickFunnels VS Thrive Themes Comparison 2020 !

An In-Depth Comparison Both Funnel Builder Softwares Specified To Your Needs !

Today, online marketing is a new game changer, through which a business can grow to heights.

Most of the company and strategies solely are based on online marketing.

Hence, becomes an integral part of the marketing journey, looking at the current scenario.

It would be a better option to stick to online marketing strategy.

The sales funnels which are done correctly can be an excellent way through which it is possible to generate the highest number of leads.

It will also help to gain more revenue through a more significant number of clients.

There are many platforms available today for building excellent sales funnels.

Let’s compare the two best and powerful software – Thrive Themes vs. Clickfunnels.

Before comparing them, we have to understand these two platforms briefly.

Let’s get some general idea about these two platforms.  

We can understand this as a platform available for building sales funnels.

A sales funnel nothing but a series of webpages like landing pages, checkout pages, and opt-in pages.

These are the webpages which help in guiding the visitors and try to turn them into actual paying customers.

It offers the business with several funnels, which are pre-built and help in selling anything the company wants.

There will be tools for measuring the performance of the pipes.

Along with this, in the pro version of this platform, it also offers fresh for email autoresponder and CRM system.

What is Thrive Themes ?

Thrive membership is nothing but a collection of plugins and tools which are designed in such a way that they can be used along with WordPress.

Through making use of this tool, it is possible to create sales funnels along with many other types of websites.

Here also, businesses are offered with instruments for measuring the performance.

Thrive also offers landing page templates which are prebuilt, and there is a website builder as well.

By making use of all these businesses will be able to build complete sales funnels.

Along with these Thrive comes with plugins such as quizzes, countdown timers, and testimonials.

These features can be added to the website or even to the sales funnels which are built.

So, let’s summarize Thrive themes and ClickFunnels as per the information we understood above. Based on the above descriptions, here is a summary

ClickFunnels can be considered as a platform which provides all- in –one solution for building the sales funnels through which to sell services and products.

On the other way, Thrive Themes is nothing but a website building tool which can be used for creating all types of websites along with sales funnels.

So, we have briefly understood both of these platforms. So, now it’s time to dive in and understand what the features which these tools will offer are.

Thrive Themes: The Best Suite of Plugins and WordPress Tools

This is one among the diverse suite of the WordPress plugins and tools which can be used for building sales funnels.

Thrive comes with many plugins and tools. Let’s look into some of them.

Thrive Themes

Thrives Themes can be understood as a set of WordPress Themes which can be used when getting started with building the website.

Thrive Leads

Thrive Leads is nothing but a robust tool which can be used for creating the opt-in forms in the website.

Here using these, it is possible to develop inline forms, slider forms, pop- up forms, and even sticky forms and these can be added on the website.

Along with this, it is also possible to set these forms for showing up some event like when the user exits from the site or even when he scrolls halfway through the page.

The best part is, it is also possible to see, which are the forms that are converting best along with inbuilt analytic tools.

Thrive Architect

Thrive Architect is one of the tools available in Thrive, which is used as a website building tool.

It is possible to use Thrive Architect for building homepages, sales pages, landing pages, and even blog posts.

There are many other things which we can do with this tool.

Along with this, it can also be used for adding buttons, videos, and for adding pricing sections, and many other elements to the web pages.

Landing Pages

There is several templates offered by Thrive tool for building a sales funnel.

It is possible to find pre-built pages for anything and everything in Thrive.

It can be landing page, webinar page option the page, or even fora sales page; there are templates available in Thrive.

Everything which is needed for building sales funnel it is there in Thrive.

Clever Widgets

In case if the business has some website with a lot of content, in that case, it should show the relevant posts in widget sidebar.

This should be based on what the visitor is interested and reading at present, and there should not be the same posts all the time.

So, for this reason, the smart widget can be helpful.

Headline Optimizer

Irrespective of the business or service headlines are the essential things which attract the visitor.

Sometimes it is the thing which decides the post’s success or failure.

There is a feature called headline optimizer in Thrive, which allows for creating many headlines for a single post.

Later user can test and decide one among them.

Then the optimizer will also choose, and pick the most clicked headline, and this headline will be agreed as default for that post.

Thrive Ultimatum

This is a feature in Thrive which helps in adding countdown timer for offers that are presented by the sales page or website.

When the actual timer runs out, that particular offer will come to an end automatically.

Thrive Ovation

This is an excellent feature offered thrive, which allows users to collect testimonials from followers and customers.

This is done either through social media networks or through some submission forms.

Later by using design templates which are available in a considerable number, it is possible to display the same testimonials on the sales page.

This will help in enhancing the conversion rates.

Thrive Quiz Builder

This is one of the excellent tools offered by Thrive. It can be used for building quizzes for the website.

Here also there is an option to A/B testing the examinations.

Later user can tie them to some offer and make use of the answer for segmenting the users and meantime uncover the valuable data.

Thrive Comments

This is a plugin which offers website visitors ability for commenting on the posts, and this helps the business in creating more and more engagement.

Thrive Optimize

Using this tool; it is possible to perform A/B test on the pages which are present on the website or the sales funnel, which comes with some variations.

Later it becomes easy to pick some who have the highest clicks or best deals and make that page as the default.

This is everything about Thrive Theme.

Now let’s talk about ClickFunnels.

There are many features offered by this online sales funnel and let’s try to understand some of the best ones.

🚀 The Best Building System for Sales Funnels:

It can be understood as simplest, quickest, and best way available for entrepreneurs as well as for marketers for building highly effective sales funnels.

Here are some of the best features offered.

💻 ClickFunnels: The Competent Builder For Sales Funnels

The best and most crucial feature is its presence. Yes. It is true.

To understand this, one must try to use this tool. It is straightforward to get hang of it, and business will be offered with ready-to-use funnels here.

These can be used for collecting emails, selling products, and even for hosting some webinars.

The best part is these all can be created in just one click. So, understand that even with a lot of features available, it is easy to use.

For example, take some digital course online, which helps in training pets.

So, this is the business, and the entrepreneur here wants to get the highest number of leads for his business.

Here let’s say that this business needs at least three pages.

The main thing is the sales page, which comes with an opt-in form.

Other can be important checkout page, and one more can be the thank you page.

If he chooses to use Thrive Theme, then he should build all these three pages separately.

He should make these by using these free templates available, but in the case of ClickFunnels, it is not so.

There are many sales funnels available automatically, and they can be created in any order.

There is the only thing which the users should do that is editing the actual content along with that add the digital course.

In the case of other examples, this can be anything that the business is selling.

Backpack And Running Unique Affiliate Programs

There is no need for the business to sell their products or service alone.

There are others through which it is possible to market your business.

Let’s understand this.

By using the backpack feature and through the affiliate programs offered by it, this can be done.

The business should run these affiliate programs, and through that, they should provide people with some commissions.

Which will be in exchange for selling the products.

Through this, it becomes possible to earn their salespeople just for free.

And make them ready to sell their products or services without much effort.

Actionetics and Running Targeted Marketing Campaigns

Understand that this is more than just a tool. This can be understood as a complete system for building sales funnels.

So, if the business gets subscribes for the pro version, then it will unlock complete setoff tools which are well known as Actionetics.

Through this tool, it becomes easy to manage leads for the business.

It is also possible to divide them into some segments; the company can send them targeted messages and emails.

Along with this, they can even see their marketing campaign in entirety.

Later after studying their marketing campaign, if needed, they can do some edit and add additional emails and funnels to the same.

So, through adding a single feature, it is possible to end up with a complete, robust CRM system for the business, along with email autoresponder tool.

Thrive Themes & ClickFunnels Compared In Different Aspects:

Even though there are many features which both of these tools provide.

We have to understand and decide which is better when it comes to creating sales funnels.

We may need to compare them in all aspects. So, let’s take one at the time and let’s begin with the price.

💸 The Pricing Of ClickFunnels:

ClickFunnels costs  $97 per month.

This is the basic plan.

In case if the business needs all the features like CRM system, email autoresponder, and even affiliate system, then marketing should go for some advanced plans.

There are many advanced plans like Edison Suite.

The Advanced Plan costs $297 per month.

💰 The Thrive Themes Pricing:

Thrive indeed costs just $30 for a month for getting the membership.

Through this, it is possible to get all most all the tools in Thrive and plugins as well.

But there is a limit that these can be used for just 25 websites.

This may not be worth it because if the business is some agency, then they need to serve more than 25 sites.

So, there is one more option that is agency membership, and that costs $69 for a month.

It looks like, on the surface, the membership which is offered by Thrive Theme is cheaper.

That too if we compare the two tools in their premium plans, it seems a significantly costly option.

But we should not compare in this way.

This is not right since there is another side which we have to look into.

We have to think about the features which this sales funnel brings.

Free Hosting With ClickFunnels:

There is no need to worry about hosting. It hosts all out websites, and there is no need to pay anything for hosting.

This is not present in case of Thrive Themes.

As long as there is subscription, the business will own all the web pages they have created.

Since hosting is taken care of by ClickFunnels, there is an enormous amount which can be saved.

So, it is worth paying that much for the subscription.

Inbuilt Payment Integrations With ClickFunnels:

Inside, it is possible for the business to set up their payments for their customer.

There is no need to go for some other third-party solution for the fees.

This is a highly significant feature which should be noted.

This is not present in case of Thrive Theme.

If the business is making use of Thrive Theme, then they should look for some payment integration which is offered by the third party.

This can be an additional task to be done, and it may cost a significant amount.

The Preinstalled CRM System Of ClickFunnels:

Even though there is an option in Thrive Theme for collection leads, it does not support a system for storing the same.

This can again be a certain amount of effort. But this is not the case with this online sales funnel builder.

It offers the business an option to save leads, and along with this, it also helps in segmenting them and makes them into lists.

These lists are based on the real actions which they take.

In this case too, if it is Thrive Themes, then it is necessary for integration to be done with the third part CRM system for getting this functionality.

The Integrated Email Autoresponder Of ClickFunnels:

It can it is possible to send all kinds of automated emails to their leads just after they are not in the funnel.

But this is not the case when the business makes use of Thrive Themes.

There is no option to add automated email, and if the company needs this feature, then they should be got for some third party system for email autoresponder.

Adding Upsells & Downsells To Your Funnel With ClickFunnels:

Once the customer buys the initial product or service offered.

It’s possible to sell other services & products in the same funnel with upsellls & downsells.

This is possible when the company makes use of ClickFunnels.

Similar to many additional features mentioned above, even this is not present in Thrive Theme.

And business must make use of some third party solution or tool for this.

So, it makes sure that it provides almost all the features needed by the business like CRM systems, email autoresponder, and hosting the websites.

Even though the cost is a little more, it is worth buying ClickFunnels  since there is no need to worry about using any third party services.

💁‍♂️ My Conclusion Of ClickFunnels VS ThriveThemes:

Of course, Thrive Themes indeed is one among the cheapest service available for building a funnel. But this is the only thing it can provide.

So, this is not the best choice when the business is looking for more functionality.

If the requirement is to have more and more features.

For managing the sales funnels, then if the company uses Thrive Theme, it should look out for integration of extra services needed.

But meantime, it is also true that some entrepreneurs and marketers like to have this freedom of choosing third-party services for extra features.

This allows them to select services and tools of their choice, which help them in managing the funnel.

But the majority of the entrepreneurs do not opt this.

This is because there is an extra burden of signing up as well as paying for all these third-party extensions and tools.

So this is extra effort and hassle which can be avoided when a better sales funnel is used.

So, if the business or entrepreneur or marketer comes in the latter category, then he should go for ClickFunnels.

This is because it is best suitable when someone is looking for complete, and all in one solution or tool for building sales funnels.

More than this, all these bundles of features are available for a fixed price.

So, if people are looking for a complete solution fora single price, then it is the right choice.

There is a FREE 14-day trial which is available, and anybody can try this to understand the features offered.

This sales funnel comes with each and everything that is needed for creating a  sales funnel.

Along with this, when it helps to manage the lead, and it is also possible to automate the entire process of marketing process through tools.

And this automation is done just under a single roof. So, it is designed in the best way to help to build sales funnels.

Having an internal payment method and hosting are the two best features.

Even though at first, it may feel that this tool is costly, but it can be understood that it is worth buying this.

When the business chooses other platforms like Thrive Themes.

Which doesn’t come with a payment solution, then it has to depend on choosing other payment solution which can become expensive.

Along with this, hosting with their expenses can also be expensive.

Along with this, email autoresponder and CRM system can also be helpful for the business.

So, instead of looking at the price, today’s modern companies should look into the platform.

Which comes with complete and all-in-one solutions so that there is no need to get the help of third-party solutions for each and everything.

This will add up the expenses, and there will always be some or other headache in choosing and integrating different systems with the existing platforms.

So, when it comes to comparing, ClickFunnels always works the best, and every business should try out the Free 14 Day Trial offered by ClickFunnels.

When used correctly, it can be the best solution for an entrepreneur or a startup business.

Full funnel view, payment system integration which is available on – page, built in feature for plain text auto email autoresponder.

Are some of the best features which are offered and these are not present in Thrive Theme and many other competitors.

One more thing is splitting the test page variations which can be done within some funnel step.

This is the biggest plus point. So, whenever there is a requirement for all – in – one solution, the business should look for the best sales tool builder.

My personal favorite sales funnel tool is ClickFunnels.

I am an independent ClickFunnels Affiliate, not an employee.

I receive referral payments from ClickFunnels.

The opinions expressed here are my own and are not official statements of ClickFunnels or its parent company, Etison LLC.