The Ultimate Comparison Between ClickFunnels VS Hubspot 2020 !

No matter whether you have recently launched a start up.

Or whether you are a CEO of a large industry, online marketing is the key to enlarge your business to a great extent.

Online marketing offers you the platform through which you can easily reach to everyone’s doorstep.

(We mean digital screen) within the fraction of a minute !

But everything comes with a trail behind.

With the bliss of internet you are spoiled with numerous choices and now you are confused about which one should you pick up.

Just type “online marketing software” in Google and you will be drowned with hundreds of items right next to your hand.

But not all of the software is suitable for every single purpose.

Each of them is specially designed with one or other attractive feature to meet a certain purpose.

You only need to find out the right feature and function of the software which is compatible to your device and can serve the perfect work that you look for.

So far it sounds complicated enough, right ?

But don’t worry. We are here to guide you thoroughly.  

In this article we attempt to discuss what should you expect from any online marketing software and how should you select one from the range of software items.

With that motif at the back of our mind we will provide you a comparative study between ClickFunnels vs Hubspot software.

We will inform the exclusive features and detailed functions of each of the two software items so that you can recognize their difference.

You will obtain a comprehensive overview of both the software.

And finally you will end up buying the perfect software to satisfy your requirement.    

The ClickFunnels Software – Its Features and Functions

This software serves numerous purposes.

The most beneficial feature is that it is specially designed for individual purpose.

For instance, if you are running a local business then your motif must be different from that of a blogger.

Consequently you requirement of a software and its design should also alter with your individual motif.

It provides you exactly that solution.

It is made to fit each and every purpose and its user friendly feature is exclusive and specific for each profession.

The range of professions that this sales funnel software seeks to serve is extensive and specific.

Go through the following list to know the range of professions and categorize yours so as to derive the ultimate benefit of this online marketing software.

▪️ Freelancer (individual/agency)

▪️ Information oriented products


▪️ Coaching tuition/ Consultancy service

▪️ Local small business

▪️ B2B Lead generation

▪️ Blogging (Personal/ affiliate)

▪️ Non profits organization

▪️ Recent start up and other

Since we have already established that it is effectively more potential and beneficial marketing software for the users.

Let’s take a look to the benefits of the software and its Trial pack.

The 14 Day Free ClickFunnels Trial !

Aren’t we obsessed with free stuff ?

No matter how much great a product is we always rush after the free service.

You don’t need to rush! Free service will rush after you! Isn’t it amazing !

Read on to know more about this fantastic scheme !

With this 14 Day Free Trial pack you can create your very first Funnel absolutely for free.

Yes you read it right !

No strings attached! This is the basic difference between this and other brands’ software.

Everywhere you will have to face several clauses and only after complying to those conditions can you attain those free trial sessions.

Often you even have had to pay money for FREE pack !

Ridiculous, right ?

And that’s where this sales funnel comes to the rescue !

Here once you avail these 14 days free offer there’s no obligation that you must have to accomplish.

You don’t even have to sign any contract to obtain the free trial session.

You can also cancel the program any time you want.

You see, we told you already that the software prioritizes only YOU.

If you are still at a bit anxious whether or not to avail this free pack let us tell you a secret !

Thousands of subscribers have already used the advantage of this 14 day free trial plan.

This scheme is one hundred percent risk free.

All of them have been extremely satisfied with the service and have willingly ended up subscribing for the software.

But buying the software is utterly your choice.

For now you can simply opt for the 14 day free trial scheme and check out their service.

Even if you don’t like the software you can simply leave it anytime you want.

So you have nothing to lose really, you see !

However we are pretty sure that you will not be disappointed with the software because it is solely designed to meet your purpose.

How to Avail The 14 Day Free Trial ?

Those who are interested to check out ClickFunnels 14 days free trial but can’t still realize how to start worry no more.

We are here to guide you.

All you need to do is to follow these simple steps:

Step 1: If you have already gone through the earlier section.

You know about the different genres (such as local business, online course, tuition/ consultancy service, blogger etc.) that software seeks to serve.

When you start the 14 Day Free Trial program you will find a list including all of these options.

Select the specific option and go to step 2.

Tip: If you don’t have any specific business idea in mind or just want to check out the functioning procedure.

You can select “just getting started” option and hit the “next” button.

Step 2: You will be asked several questions depending upon the option you select.

But this is not a lengthy procedure.

You will have to submit 3-4 answers from the multiple choice questions set within the software itself.

All of these questions apparently seem to be futile but they exhibit much potential in building the software specifically for your purpose.

The more genuine answers you provide the more authentically can the software research about you and collect data about your purpose.

Hence you will obtain the software solely designed to justify your purpose and therefore extremely individualistic.

It will also help you to access optimum effect while marketing because the software will serve specifically your need.   

Step 3: Voila! Your software building process is complete.

Now you can access your 14 days trial period and generate as much effect as you want for the entire trial session.


Now you may wonder what will be the purpose of going through all these steps and obtain 14 days free trial session.

Well, here it is.

▪️ Webpage editor is made simpler for your purpose.

▪️ Simply drag and drop the webpage editor and access more swiftly than ever before!

▪️Quickly create sales funnels which are easily convertible.

▪️You will also get a shopping cart along with single click upsells.

▪️ Smart technology you see !

▪️ Automated marketing in Email and Facebook.

▪️ This is extremely important because now you don’t need to worry about promoting about your product and service in social media.

▪️ It’s only a matter of a minute now !

▪️ And you can reach thousands of people at once !

▪️ Everything will be organized in a single dashboard.

▪️ This user friendly feature makes the access of software more convenient for everyone, even who are not too much tech savvy !

Why Do We Recommend The 14 Day Free Trial for Your Company ?

You may often get perplexed with such an extensive range of services.

We are here to rescue!

Inside this free account you will find numerous sorts of funnels which are scientifically proved to convert your website visitors into potential customers !

Wonder why ?

Here’s the reason.

It seeks to design its service specifically for each buyer.

With the free funnel templates you can easily achieve your dream.

These free templates are highly convertible and extremely user friendly.

If you have just launched your business and still indecisive about your marketing strategy it will showcase the exact funnel.

You need to vitalise and flourish your business and reach as much audience as possible.

Here’s the range of funnels that this sales funnel serve you regarding a specific purpose:

Let’s elaborate this point by discussing an easy example of book selling.

Suppose you want to become a best-selling author.

There’s a specific funnel you require and it will design it solely for your purpose.

Now you need to secure the leads so that you can sell them the books (or any products or service).

And you may also want to sell these leads outright. You will find another funnel for that as well.

Sell any product or any service you want. You demand it, the software serves it.

And now comes the best part.

If you want to sell your product to other businesses, you will find a whole new funnel for that purpose too !

Do you want to know the secret ?

You can avail all these highest convertible funnels for free during the 14 days free trial session.

It will cover all your demands with individual and specific funnels dedicated to flourish your business.

What more can you ask for !

The One Funnel Away Challenge

This online sales funnel seeks to serve you to the optimum level.

With that customer friendly motif it has recently launched One Funnel Away Challenge.

This event has already attracted thousands of eyes since its foundation.

If you are stuck in a job that you despise, if you want a kick start for your business.

And require a business idea, or if you want to create a bigger impact on your surrounding it is the right choice.

With its one free funnel away challenge it wants to reach to even more audience for a very nominal amount.

Let’s take a look at all the freebies that you get once you win this 30 days challenge:

▪️ One funnel kit that will immediately be shipped to your doorstep.

▪️ 550 pages of hardcover book (worth $97) that contains the entire idea of the software.

▪️ It will provide you 30 chapters full of 30 action plans that will surely help you to boost up your almost lost business.

▪️A spiral bound workbook copy (worth $97) that has multiple tasks and training links to brainstorm your ideas.

▪️ An MP3 player (worth $297) containing Russell’s daily training.

▪️ You will get 51 recordings or around 40 hours training audio lesson.

How to register for One Funnel Away Challenge

Simply go to the software link and you will find the One Funnel Away Challenge running on.

Participate it by hitting the Register button.

The participation fee is only $100.

You can avail all these free products once you register to the challenge with just $100.

That means you get almost thrice more worth of product than the amount you have to pay !

Believe in miracle !

Features and Functions of Hubspot Software

Since the article focuses on the comparison between ClickFunnels vs Hubspot software.

We must discuss about Hubspot software along with its service and facilities.

The software designers claim that HubSpot software is designed to acquire more customers and engage them to your business quite substantially.

You can also lodge push up messages and communicate with the audience and let them know about your upcoming ventures.

One of the beneficial features of Hubspot software is that its user friendly interface makes the new users access it quite freely.

Also you can cancel the subscription any time you want.   

Comparison between ClickFunnels and Hubspot 

Both of the software seeks to rejuvenate your marketing strategy and allow you to reach your potential customers more quickly and effectively.

Yet there’s a reason why ClickFunnels draws more attention from the tech experts and businessmen.

▪️ Firstly, unlike Hubspot, it has designed its software to serve specific purpose.

▪️ So you can obtain customised templates and marketing strategy for your individual business and cater to your target audience more efficiently.

▪️ Secondly, software has more user friendly interface and renowned third party software like zoom or gotowebinar too use it in order to enhance effective production.

▪️ This speaks loud of the credibility of this software which further makes it easy choice.

▪️ Further, it also offers you a one free funnel away challenge which ensures multiple expensive, useful and attractive products for just $100.

▪️ Last but not the least the best benefit is that it lets you access all its service, templates and products for 14 days through the free trial period.

▪️ This ensures that you are certain enough about its accessibility and service range prior to purchasing the product.

User Friendly Service

Once you check out the Free Trial program link, you can check out several options that fulfill your demands.

You can find the following options:

1. If you want to use Funnels in order to generate links

2. If you want to use Funnels in order to sell products

3. I want to use Funnels to run a webinar

There’s a fourth option recently to be launched “I want to use Funnels to send emails and more”

Once you click on your preferable option you will find a few steps for each of these options:

1. If you want to use Funnels in order to generate links

In the first step the CEO Russell Brunson will teach you about the ins and outs of your selected item.

That means you get a comprehensive insight of how to generate links and become a leading businessman in no time.

The second step leads you to some classic Squeeze Pages and also an application Funnel.

You will find multiple templates for both Squeeze pages and application form.

And as we said earlier, these templates are absolutely free for the free trial duration.

2. If you want to use Funnels in order to sell products

Here too in the first step ClickFunnels CEO Russell Brunson is seen to instruct you how to start Ecommerce Business shortly.

The second step comprises of selecting a certain sort of Sales Funnel.

You will have Tripwire (this Funnel is designed to sell lower cost products so as to acquire more customers),

Sales Letter (this Funnel ensures even more selling utilising sales letter or a VSL).

Product Launch Funnels (this Funnel is used in order to launch or relaunch a product and create a new sensation in the market).

Webinar Funnels (this Funnel will more viewers through high valued presentation).

The tool will further guide you to select the right Funnel once you input your purpose and business type.

Once you select your preferable type of Sales Funnel you can reach to more audience in just a short period.

3. I want to use Funnels to run a webinar

If you require Funnels to operate a Webinar or arrange an automated Webinar event for the sustenance of your company it is there to guide you thoroughly.

The members will produce top most converting event Funnels absolutely for free to meet your purpose!

Here you can avail a live Webinar that uses a third party software such as zoom or GoToWebinar.

These third party software use the tool in order to customize their registration procedure so that the conversion and consequently the sales increase to a great extent.

You can also opt for automated evergreen webinar that is solely authenticated.

This will enable you to use Funnels to run through the entire event.

Why Should You Choose ClickFunnels Over Other Brands ?

This is a crucial question that may occur in the mind of any prospective customer.

When we started the article we said that we will guide you which software to choose.

And here’s your answer. Read each passage minutely and compare the benefits.

You yourself will understand.

Well the answer is simple enough – because of its hazard free software service.

But don’t stop there.

We have a whole list of the feature and functions; ready to answer all of your doubts and queries.

Wholesome service:

It covers you from all the crucial aspects you will require during online marketing.

It will provide you every single thing which you need in order to market, sell, deliver your produced items, and to cater your service online.

The Free Trial:

Providing a 14 day free trial session is not an ordinary thing.

You can get an insight of the software from the free trial period with zero amount of investment and then decide whether or not to use it in the long run.

User friendly interface:

The software is specially designed for general people to use it in a hassle free easy manner.

So you need not worry about any complexities that you may face in other software.

Here you can easily operate the software and execute your objective even more easily and swiftly.

Replace the entire tech team:

Now you don’t have to depend on the tech team to execute your online marketing including all the steps ranging from marketing, selling and delivering.

The single software can do that.

One time investment:

Imagine how much would you have to pay if you hire the entire tech time ?

And here you can buy all those advantage only at one time investment !

What could be better than this !

No messiness:

Manual team can commit minor mistakes for which you may have to pay a fortune but the software is more trustworthy in this field.

You command, it serves !

Pretty easy, right ?


In our verdict the latter is the deserving winner in the comparison between Hubspot and ClickFunnels.

Though Hubspot gives a tough competition with its various features, nevertheless, it is the sole software that gathers all of your digital marketing requirements under one roof.

Participate in the One Funnel Away Challenge with only $100 and obtain all the crucial items.

That could otherwise cost you around $800 had you bought them separately.

Avail the software for free during the 14 Day Free Trial sessions and if you are satisfied you will end up subscribing for the software for the coming years.   

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