ClickFunnels VS ConvertKit
The Definitive In-Depth Comparison !

Reaching to a maximum number of customers is the biggest challenge of any business.

It forms one of the major confrontations of the Marketing department with professionals in the tea, framing many policies and frameworks to optimize their profits.

The process goes like a vicious circle.

Following pre-defined policies and framing new strategies, supervising that the implementation team follows it.

Seeing that the end product meets the consumers’ needs.

And promoting them as wide as you can is all a chain that will move on.

Like they say ”all roads lead to Rome”- the ultimate goal is to reach the customer.

 When we say strategies there are-old principles like the principles of marketing which focus on the product, price place, and promotion to the famous AIDA model.

Which again explains four principles- Awareness, Interest, Desi, and action, though they are traditional formulae, they don’t fade away with time.

Just like “old wine in a new bottle,” the channels through which businesses capture market keeps changing with the above-said strategies remaining intact.

The world has become small, so are the pathways through which a business can reach a customer.

The Internet has taken the business world by storm, and it is incumbent on business firms to follow the new trend to remain persistent in the market.

For this, apart from the existing old schemes, new channels of journey need to be implemented to stay connected with the tech-savvy generation.

The flight on this road also has many stages, like the way the offline market has, and the marketing team has to follow different strategies at different levels.

This, in marketing language, is known as sales Funnel, the various stages the customer goes through before deciding to buy the product.

Building funnels is not new to marketing professionals.

However, as discussed earlier, the Internet has revolutionized every sector, and Marketing is not an exception.

Instead of manual funnels, you tend to create online funnels through which business can expect high-level profits.

There are many modern ways through which a business can increase profits. In internet marketing alone.

There are innumerable ways of marketing a product.

Search Engine Optimisation, Search Engine Marketing, Email marketing, Pay-per-click advertising Social media marketing, Content Marketing, Funnelbuilding.

Are some of the essential ways of online marketing with each segment is specializing in itself in boosting up sales.

Let us discuss two critical aspects of online marketing- Sales funnels and Email marketing.

And also look at ClickFunnels vs Convertkit. 

What are Marketing Funnels ?

Funnel building is a modern marketing tool which helps in directing traffic towards your website.

Where you can formulate essential strategies like squeezing page identifying the target audience, release sales.

And finally sell it to customer. This is an effective sales booster.

But small and mid-size companies may find it challenging to build their sales and marketing funnels.

It involves a lot of investment and technical expertise in the form of website creation, domain name, designing the layouts and many more.

All this demands a lot of money time and an in-depth understanding of technology.

Hence there are other alternatives like built-in Funnels which are constructed with various features in them.

You can also add funnels of your requirement to them and share them with others.

All that you need to do is to drag and drop the required pipe.

CLICKFUNNELS is a successful sales funnel that has become very common with all kinds of businesses.

What is ClickFunnels ?

It is a drag and drop software which helps in landing pages and sales pages inside the funnels.

A user has to navigate through them to make any particular action like purchasing a product or check for discounts.

You can find many features in the Funnel which you can use to build various sales and marketing funnels.

Each element or conduit will help you in performing a specific task.

The Online Marketing Strategy: E-Mail Marketing

Another primary online marketing strategy is Email marketing.

This is a standard and traditional method of online marketing.

Which has existed since the commencement of the Internet.

It has kept evolving with time and stands as one of the most powerful marketing methods.

You can find many Email service providers out there in the market out of which CONVERT KIT is happening to be.

One of the most utilized email marketing tools.

What Is ConvertKit ?

Convert kit is an automated email service provider which helps small businesses in optimizing customer lifecycle and manages customer relationships.

It is an email marketing platform which offers secure automated workflows, handy widget, and necessary support.

It offers custom-built emails with all the top-notch features of established email marketing tools at a reasonable price.

The Features Of ClickFunnels:

Event triggered email: This feature enables the generation of automated email upon acting.

The email is triggered whenever there is an event or new product launch.

CRM and E-mail Autoresponder:

Customer Relation Management (CRM) is a powerful tool used in almost all marketing machines.

You can create funnels which enable customers to get connectivity to your products through email autoresponders.

As soon as a customer clicks on a particular product or service, there will be an autoresponder email.

Which explains the details about that specific product or service.

Campaign Analysis:

Campaign identification is in which you will be able to identify such as page views, visits, conversions, etc.

Can be easily tracked with the help of some campaigning funnels.

Insert graphical content:

You can use graphical content like images, icon, and menus you can insert graphical content.

This makes way for the natural interrelation of one module to another and helps customers in easily tracking their way.

For example, you can add a t-shirt icon for businesses related to garments.

Online page editor:

This feature enables creating pages editing and optimizing them, previewing and publishing them once they are ready.

By selecting a page, you can maximize customer visits and several leads.

Sales management:

This is a business discipline which involves framing strategies and managing sales operations.

This feature consists of framing the right approach to increase sales like offering discounts, free trials,one-day offer, etc.

You can create funnels or use the existing pipes to optimize sales.

Social media integrations:

To stand in up to date in the market, you need to adapt to change and stay connected through social media like facebook and twitter.

With the help of this feature, you can interact with customers on  Facebook and other social media platforms.

There are already existing templates in which you can enter to what type of customers you want a specific message to be sent.

Or trigger an ad at the click of a particular page.

This creates awareness among customers and enables them to understand the pros and cons of a product.

Other important features include:

▪️API connectors

▪️Communication management

▪️Sales trend analysis

▪️Email auto-responders

▪️interactive content

▪️Click-through tracking

▪️Visitor tracking

▪️A/B testing

▪️Tags & keywords

▪️Contact list segmentation

▪️Action Score lead scoring (RFMS)

▪️Subscriber collection & management

▪️Email & email performance tracking

The Advantages of ClickFunnels:

Top quality landing pages:

You can create high-quality funnels and beautiful pages to engage your customers in every step of sales.

Thereby converting them from visitors to customers.

This way, you can outperform any competitor.

Simplicity in work:

Creating, editing, and sharing funnels everything is made so simple that a person with zero knowledge of technology can efficiently work on the platform.

It doesn’t require any coding or high-end technical expertise to handle the operations.

All-in-one tool:

It is an all-in-one tool where you can create everything related to sales and marketing.

Like Lead capture funnels, webinar funnels, membership sites, websites, and promotion funnels.

Cloud-based platform:

ClickFunnels is a cloud-based automation software for SMBs.

This uses high-end technology to give customers the best working atmosphere.

Drag and drop webpage editor:

It consists of a simple drag and drops webpage in which you fill the page with your business products. 

You seriously need no strong technical knowledge to operate this.

Sharing made easy:

With share funnels feature, you can instantly add pipes into your account or share them to others.

It is not always mandatory that you create funnels.

Email and facebook marketing automation:

With the help of advanced funnels, you can create automated emails.

Wherein you will be able to reach your customers with just one email.

The automated emails enable you to communicate with your customers with relevant information.

You can also automatically generate facebook ads with modern funnels.

Generate leads:

You can generate leads through which you can get customers information like contact number and mail id by creating simple funnels.

This helps in following up with customers periodically.

Setting up emails and texts:

You can set up emails and text messages to go out when people join your lists, purchase a product, register for a webinar,.

And many more technical aspects.

Smart segmentation allows you to only show these messages to the right people inside of your funnel !

Follow-Up funnels:

With a unique feature called Actionetics MD, a built-in autoresponder, you can connect with your customers at any point in time.

The multi-dimensional marketing that it offers aids you in doing it.

It also enables you to send target- oriented emails to customers through desktop, email, and text notifications.

Inbuilt shopping cart:

It has a built-in shopping cart which enables you to track your customers orders.  

There is no need for signing up for another shopping cart service.


With the help of Backpack feature, you can run smart affiliate programs within your funnels.

You don’t have to pay at dollars for advertising with this new feature. Edison editor:

This feature is also a cost-effective tool which can help in creating and editing your web pages and funnels.

Which suits your requirement aptly. 

You need not pay a hefty amount to designers and programmers as all the pages are in-built.

ClickFunnels is the go-to option for all small and medium-size businesses.

The benefits that it offers are a boon to growing enterprises. Another marketing tool that is gaining importance is Convert Kit.

While looping a useful too, it is incumbent on the business to understand the pros and cons of each instrument and install the right one.

Now that we know how it works, let us see how Convert Kit has to offer to your business and which one will make for the right choice.

Features of Convert kit:

Convert Kit features opt-in forms which can be customized easily and embedded according to requirement.

Forms, workflow, and sequence automation.

Campaigns can be tracked with the help of a dashboard, and changes can be monitored using opt-in forms.

The Key Features Of Convert Kit Are:


These are Opt-in from which the user can customize according to requirement.

This feature uses use forms that are easily customized and embedded and helps you keep track of the performance of your website.

 It helps in directing subscribers to urgent call to action, which can either be relevant or personal or immediate.


Here, you can find homepage dashboard that shows the data of the subscriber and an opt-in conversion tally.

Visual Automation:

 This feature enables to create various workflows and automation rules that help to develop specific stages that customer travels throughout.

With just a click, you can perform actions, event, or conditions.

These events and circumstances were connected with the help of link.

And the following steps may be directed to guide subscribers to become potential consumers.

On each event, action and condition card, the data of running tally of consumers will be displayed on completing a step.


This feature helps in segmenting your users into various segments and sends them the right messages.

Subscribers can be grouped into divisions like new, existing and about to join.

And send welcome messages to new ones, further product information to an existing one, etc.


 Sequences are useful in personalizing automated emails with the help of drag and drop sequence builders.

Can be customized by using drag-and-drop sequence builders.

This is typically used to improve subscriber list.

Subscriber management

This feature allows you to manage large subscribers list quickly with the help of segments and tasks.

You can also manipulate the list by performing specific tasks.


The broadcasts feature helps in automating the email distribution process.

Convert Kit lets a user automate email distribution for one-off messages, RSS feed, and more.


You can do email content editing with the help of this feature.

This can be done by selecting and clicking on a specific field item in the workflow. 

To make it simpler, emails are written in plain text to enable spam filters.

It is mainly an excellent tool because of its tags and segment using which a user can redeem subscribers from a single list.

Convert Kit enables users to write and send one-off messages and also helps in the automated posting of RSS feeds to a blog.

The Advantages of Convert Kit:

Targeted and relevant content:

Convert kit allows you to send only necessary content to consumers.

You will be able to know what is happening at each level and form strategies based on it. 

By understanding the number of conversions, you will be able to tell whether your content is working, or it needs improvement.

Editing made simple:

Editing is straightforward with Convert kit.

If you think that your conversions are not up to the desired level.

It is easy to make editing and make improvements and edit forms and sequences.

Simple workflow:

The workflow in Convert kit is quite simple.

If you don’t want to perform complete automation at one go, it is easy to do it any time with sequence-based rules which are easy to follow.

Relevant emails:

It is useless to send emails which are unnecessary to the user. Sending random emails to multiple users creates frustration and spoils your market.

On the other hand, sending an email whenever an action is triggered, or a particular condition is fulfilled.

These are called Trigger emails and are very helpful in gaining the right customers.

Simple automatic broadcasting:

Automatic broadcasting is made simple with Convert kit.

If you want to change the look of your website or configure to something new, you need to inform your users.

For this, you can send an automatic email to all your customers.

Comparison of Features and Advantages of ClickFunnels & ConvertKit:


Both of them have features and benefits.

Let us take in a deeper understanding of which one is the best for you.

ClickFunnels is an exclusive online marketing tool for marketers and entrepreneurs.

It will address their requirement of a complete lack of sales and marketing funnel system.

It frames emails and sets up designs for beginners and non-technical people to make customization easy and convenient.

That is why it has a logical user interface.

It has a unique feature called Actionetics, an advanced tool to enable users to design automation workflows.

Based on purchasing behaviour and other user filters.

The following are the details:

ClickFunnels  is an excellent choice for marketers and entrepreneurs.

Convert Kit

Convert kit is an online marketing tool which predominantly emphasizes on blogging, content marketing, and small businesses which have made their place in the online market.

Its seamlessly distinct features and friendly user interface enable bloggers and ordinary people to manage the functions easily.

Automation is also straightforward and can be changed within no time.

Even a technical novice will be able to learn and utilize its features very effectively to follow some of the installations offers that a user will get.

Overall, after a clear understanding of the features and advantages of both the tools.

It can be understood that Convert kit focusees little extra on blogging activities.

On the contrary, ClickFunnels allures its users with its exciting and additional ordinary features. 

It is an exclusive marketing tool that helps in optimizing sales and boost profits.

It is to an extent true that ClickFunnels are a little more expensive than Convert Kit.

Convert a Kit is also a useful tool, but it is more into blogs and small businesses. 

Moreover, its features are not as vast as Click funnel, and its area of operation is also limited.

It makes sense for a small firm, but not if your business is growing.

Looking at the broader spectrum, they have more elaborative and convenient features to make a small business drive away with profits.

 You can have many tubes which you can work out at every stage of marketing.

To decide on a particular tool, you need to experience its features and advantages on our own.

To make this happen, ClickFunnels also offers a 14 Day Free Trial.

And the One Funnel Away Challenge Where You Learn Everything About Funnel Building With ClickFunnels.

 The service providers are so confident of their product that they challenge price refund.

It is the exceptional features that make them dominate the online funnel market.

The fact that many customers have given a 5 star and 4-star rating, and many positive reviews; indicate the effect that it has shown on their businesses.

Many budding entrepreneurs have acknowledged ClickFunnels.

 This online sales funnel can work great guns in optimizing their profits.

It offers both beautiful high-end funnels and landing pages.

It is not just email automation or promotional platform but a Go-to destination for both small and mid-size for their total sales and marketing essentials.

No wonder why Sales Funnel is dominating the online marketing market, thanks to its exceptional features and comfortable work atmosphere.

I am an independent ClickFunnels Affiliate, not an employee.

I receive referral payments from ClickFunnels.

The opinions expressed here are my own and are not official statements of ClickFunnels or its parent company, Etison LLC.