This job is harder than you think, but now we have ways to make it more simplified.

If you are familiar with online marketing strategies and tools, then you might have heard of website funnels, If not, here you can learn more about them:

Marketing has always been an effective way to expand your business and bring in new customers.

Additionally, it serves the purpose of making people explore new prospects.

But recently with the advent of internet, marketing has been upgraded to what we now know as online marketing now.

Online marketing is something beyond any businessman could have comprehended back in the day.

But now it has revolutionised how we promote our business and work in general.

How online marketing works ?

There is a lot of planning and work that goes into making a successful marketing strategy and then implementing it just as successfully.

For every business owner, his website is the main platform that initiates the beginning of its online marketing strategy.

It is of utmost importance that you make it easy to comprehend so that your message is delivered efficiently.

You also need to make it convenient to navigate between different pages and social media portals.

You need more than just a developer and a coder to keep your website relevant all the time.

First you need to direct the attention of the visitor who has come to your website to your content.

Then you build their interest and invoke the desire for them to take action and try your product or whatever else you are selling.

What are Website Funnels ?

Website funnels are a way of keeping your online marketing plans and implementations at one place.

You can create a string of all the pages on your website and arrange them according to your preference.

In simpler words, a funnel is a path that you will make a visitor or a potential customer take to direct them to the end result you want.

You need more than just a few tools to evaluate various key performance indicators (KPI).

That includes tracking the traffic the your site receives which includes knowing when and how long people have stayed on a specific page.

Further, tools for social media integrations, auto-responder and SEO.

There are many softwares who are efficient funnel builder but we will only discuss the best one:


ClickFunnels is the easiest and the most rewarding way to get your business noticed across the web world without hiring a Tech team.

The software is an expert in creating efficient marketing and sales funnels without causing you much stress.

You don’t have to do much once you start using this software.

Just state your business, your goal and until when you want to achieve this goal in the inquiry section.

And before you know it, you have a perfectly tailored marketing funnels for you.

Why do you need ClickFunnels ?

As mentioned above, ClickFunnels will help you embody the idea that has just popped up in your brain in just 10 minutes !

Now, you don’t to look for designers and coders to present your idea to the world.

And pay those hundreds and hundreds of dollars without being sure of the outcome.

ClickFunnels is quick and efficient and will be able to put your business prospect out in the world within minutes after you have thought of it.

What does ClickFunnels offer ?

Before moving forward, it is important to know what you intend to achieve with your marketing funnels.

Are you looking to generate more leads or just hoping to increase the number of visitors to your website ?

Maybe you are intending to convert those visitors to potential customers ?

Your goal defines the plan ClickFunnels will choose for you.

Until now, we have emphasized how ClickFunnels is the solution to all your marketing problems.

Now it’s time to justify our claims by discussing some of ClickFunnels Training programs thoroughly.

After reading everything above, one thing you need to know is that without proper ClickFunnels Training, you are likely to lose money initially.

You need to get the hang of the software to make profit.

ClickFunnels offers basic training with pictures and video tutorial free for its members.

But if you want to make the most of their services, then you better invest some money and time in their detailed training programs such as Funnel Builder Secrets.

The ClickFunnels Training Program: Funnel Builder Secrets

We cannot emphasize enough how beneficial this ClickFunnels training is for you.

The quality and standard of this training is enough that after completing this training, you can literally go up against any degree holder and professional.

Simply put, if you are an entrepreneur fresh out of high school or college with dreams then this ClickFunnels Training is just for you.

You will not only learn how to start your business but also keep it in check while employing efficient marketing strategies.

More about Funnel Builder Secrets:

Funnel Builder Secrets is a 6 and 12 month ClickFunnels training program that educates you about online marketing and funnels builders and conversion.

Here is a detailed overview what ClickFunnels’ Training Program, Funnels Builder Secrets offers:

✅ Access to ClickFunnels Services:

Depending on the Funnels Builders Secrets plan you’ve chosen for yourself, you will either get a 6 months or a 12 months access to all the services offered by the ClickFunnels.

✅ Funnel Builders Secret Training:

As we’ve mentioned before, this training will make you a pro in building funnels and profitable funnels at that.

You’ll know more about online traffic, generating leads, funnel strategies, writing copy and everything else that is hard for you to understand now.

This a 10 weeks training program that teaches you from the bottom and feeds you knowledge every step of the way.

Until you are ready to start building your funnels !

✅ Funnel Hacks Masterclass:

This is an exceptional 6 weeks ClickFunnels Training program that helps you duplicate an already built funnel setting without raising any ethical and copyright issues.

✅ Traffic Secrets Membership:

No matter how unaware you are about the funnels and online marketing, one thing you’ll definitely know is that traffic keeps your business afloat.

If you are not getting enough traffic, it means people are not interested or your business is not being able to reach a wider audience.

Through this membership, you’ll know new and innovative ways to direct traffic to your website.

✅ Unlimited Funnels Bonus:

The benefits don’t just end here !

There are several small Funnels Bonuses you’ll come across throughout your training.

These bonuses will not only enhance your knowledge but also leave room for new opportunities to emerge.

✅ Access to Funnel Scripts:

You’ll get a 12 months access to Funnel Scripts which is also part of ClickFunnels Training.

With the amount of information you’ll be absorbing in this training, you’ll probably feel confused what to do first and what page goes where.

With the help of Funnel Scripts, you’ll be able to navigate through such complexities.

✅ Money Back Guarantee:

ClickFunnels specifically says that if you are not satisfied with their training, you can easily get your money back within 30 days of your purchase.

That way you won’t be suffering any losses.

✅ One-to-one Coaching Calls:

If you are want a one-to-one training experience where a coach guides you through your whole funnels build up process then you should go for the ClickStart Coaching Program.

You will get everything that’s included in the other two plans as well as an 8 weeks’ session with a professional coach.

This session will include one call per week. You can’t get anything better than this.

The Pricing of Funnel Builder Secrets:

There are three prospects for this ClickFunnels Training program that are as follows:

➡️ Funnel Builder Secrets for 6 months will cost $1,997 (actual value $9,997)

➡️ Funnel Builder Secrets for 12 months will cost $2,997 (actual value: : $11,552)

➡️ ClickStart Coaching Program for 12 months will cost $5,997 (actual value: $15,116)

Why should you buy Funnel Builder Secrets?

There are many reasons to buy this ClickFunnels Training program and some of them are as follows:

Funnel Builder Secrets is a comprehensive solution to all your queries and problems.

Once you are done with this program, your knowledge and experience will be on par with the professionals working in the field for years.

You’ll get more content and training in the most reasonable price possible !

ClickFunnels would have been able to earn thousands of dollars if they priced each of their training program included in Funnels Builder Secrets separately.

They did no such thing, so now you get an almost $12,000 valued training program for around $2000.

A fetching deal isn’t it ?

Unlike other training programs and universities that offer nothing but certifications and degrees to you.

ClickFunnels Training helps you making profit off your business after training with ClickFunnels.

There are not many training programs that will assign you a coach for one-to-one training but by buying ClickStart Coaching Program, you’ll be getting just that and more !

The One Funnel Away Challenge:

Are you tired of your boring routine life and want to break out of it ?

Do you think picking a new direction in your life might be the right choice for you now ?

Then the One Funnel Away Challenge is the best option for you after Funnels Builder Secrets program.

You might ask, why ?

We’ve explained it in detail below:

ClickFunnels Training programs are all detailed and efficient but not everyone can afford them.

Especially someone who is just fresh out of college and has nothing to offer except his aspirations and ideas.

How does the One Funnel Away Challenge work ?

You can start your One Funnel Away Challenge today in just $100 and a kit containing your training essentials will be sent to you right away.

It is important to know that the actual value of the kit is $3,126.

What does the One Funnel Away Kit include?

You must be curious about the contents of this kit and eager to start your 30 day challenge then your wait is over !  

Here’s a detailed overview of what this kit includes:

✅Two Comma Club Interviews- Behind The Scenes (Bonus):

Two Comma Clubs are a group of ClickFunnels users who have made $1 million using ClickFunnels’ funnels.

You will have access to their interviews and through these interviews you can glean additional information that can suit your interest.

✅ 30 Days Hardcover Book (Bonus):

The Two Comma Club members were asked that if they were left with nothing in their banks and safe deposits as well as no other savings.

This means that they have exhausted all their resources but they still have a one month access to ClickFunnels.

This book consists of all those plans submitted by these Two Comma Club members when put in a difficult situation.

This book will give you plenty to think about!

✅ The Challenge Workbook (Bonus):

As you work through these video lessons, missions and readings, you can fill this workbook with your thoughts and notes.

Not to forget, it has plenty of useful exercises to jog your brain.

✅ 30 Days of Video Missions:

Ever heard of Russel Brunson?

If not, at ClickFunnels you’ll cross path with him again and again as he is your trainer for most ClickFunnels Training programs including Funnels Builder Secrets.

Russel is a strategist and the founder of ClickFunnels.

He has plenty of experience in his field and he will be the one who will give you your missions that you have to complete each day to keep up with the challenge.

✅ 30 Days of Coaching:

Not only Brunson but Stephen Larsen and Julie Stoian also step up to coach you throughout this challenge and help you make the most out of it.

✅ MP3 Player (Bonus):

You can listen to Brunson’s training as well as recordings of Larsen’s live coaching calls.

Now you can complete this challenge without disturbing your daily routine!

✅ Unlimited Access to 30 Days Interviews:

Interviews of people who have succeeded in their enterprise could be great source of knowledge and inspiration.

Disclosure: I am an independent ClickFunnels Affiliate, not an employee.

I receive referral payments from ClickFunnels.

The opinions expressed here are my own and are not official statements of ClickFunnels or its parent company, Etison LLC.