The ClickFunnels Pricing 2020 !

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Hello readers.

Today in this article, we’re going to talk about ClickFunnels, especially about ClickFunnels Pricing.

We’re going to talk about mainly the cost part, basically what kind of cost you’re looking for if you subscribe to one of its plans and is the pricing structure justified.

And I’m also going to be sharing with you a little trick to get access to ClickFunnels for an insanely low price.

Lastly, we will also talk more about the additional products and things they offer inside of ClickFunnels and their pricing too.

Now before we go any further, I want to quickly explain what exactly is ClickFunnels.

And how it could benefit you, your business, your brand, or whatever you want to use it for.

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What exactly is ClickFunnels ?

ClickFunnels is just a tool. It’s not some crazy system or anything like that; it’s literally just a tool that makes people doing actions that you want them to do.

So for instance, if you want people to sign up to a newsletter, purchase a product, claim a free session :

Or sign up for an event, whatever it is and whatever action you’re trying to drive;

ClickFunnels makes that process easier than a traditional website and increases conversion rate which is the most important thing.

Now let’s go over an example here.

I just typed in Google “martial art class in New York,” and I clicked on the very first organic result.

I’m not going to tell you the exact name of the site or the URL here for obvious reasons:

but if you’re in New York right now, you’ll probably get the same site on the top organic position.

To make it clear, I’m no way affiliated to this site I’m going to talk about now, neither I’m endorsing their business or services: 

I’m using it merely as an example to explain what exactly is ClickFunnels and how it can transform your business model in literally no time.

ClickFunnels: Why does it even exist ?

Now, let’s look at the site and what I see is a martial art training center in New York.

The first page I’m greeted with doesn’t tell me to do all that much. It says few details of their classes, their address, and other contact information.

As I’m scrolling down on the page, I can see they described several popular forms of martial arts in brief.

And that’s all, nothing else on the homepage except links of other pages at the bottom.

Now, the problem is, it doesn’t exactly tell me to go anywhere; it doesn’t tell me what they want me to do.

They are not asking for my email or phone number, neither they are giving me any free trial session or any discount in course fee if I want to join.

Basically, the site has no “action call” to its visitors.

They are not giving me any clear call-to-action, and I can almost guarantee that this website.

Is not converting too much of the traffic that it’s generating from being at the top position of Google’s search result.

Now the difference between this example site and ClickFunnels is astonishing.

So, let’s look at how ClickFunnels could essentially help this business, and you can apply your spin on it as per your unique requirements.

Again, I don’t do anything with martial art, and we’re going to use it as an example.

It could be for gardening, a motor training class, or it could be for anything.

Anything to which you want to drive an “action,” ClickFunnels system makes that process a heck of a ton easier.

If you don’t already have a ClickFunnels account, I suggest you get one right now.

You’ll also get 14 days of trial period so that you can figure out all the nooks and crannies of the system.

And find out how you’re going to implement this stuff in your own business.

Inside of ClickFunnels

So, after you go and get your 14-day free trial, you’ll find an endless amount of templates and resources inside.

Now I’ve already gone ahead and put a martial art campaign inside of my ClickFunnels account.

Martial art is the example we’re running with today, so let’s keep it like that.

Now, what I did is I loaded the campaign straight into my account.

And created a straightforward lead generation page.

And I’ve got a landing page here, where we are going to drive the “action.

” I’ve put a single email collection field here which says “enter your email address”.

Along with a big submit button which says “claim your free martial art class today.

” So that the visitors just enter their email addresses to receive their complimentary martial art class.

Why is this so powerful ?

Why does it work every time ?

Because it’s simple and straight to the point.

When someone comes to this page they aren’t confronted with a bunch of options.

With a lot of tabs about the site or anything like that.

They see the headline which is big and bold, and it’s directing them to take action.

You can elaborate on this, of course, you can add in all the information that your heart desires on this page.

And you’ll see how easy it is to do that once you get into the system.

For example, if you want to edit this page, all you need to do is open up the editor.

You can edit everything there, from headline to other texts on the page, and you can change the shape and size of every element – it’s all customizable.

You can add many items on your page, and there’s a crazy number of different elements and things you can put in here.

Again, that’s why I recommend you grab a 14-day free trial if you’re interested.

And see for yourself, because you have to play around with it a little bit, and you have to tinker about much more than I can cover in this short article.

If you want to sell products, like sell martial art products or sell martial art class, for example, you can send them to that page and put a great offer together there.

You can give them one martial art session as a free trial, for instance, then on the next page you could bundle it up and say.

“Hey do you want to get a discount on ten sessions ?”

Then on the next page (if they didn’t take that previous offer), you say “Hey you didn’t purchase that ten sessions bundle.

How about we split that ten session bundle up into ten weeks to make it a little bit more cost-effective, does it make sense to you ?”

Now, If they press “yes,” then great !

If not, they go to the “thank you page” where they get their coupon for one free session or whatever you want to do.

Again, you’re going to put your own spin on this with your business, but I hope you can see how simple.

And easy it is to implement ClickFunnels into your business or brand, it makes everything so much easier.

ClickFunnels Pricing Explained

So how much ClickFunnels costs anyway ?

ClickFunnels had a few different packages, but they have narrowed it down to two separate packages now.

The basic package is $97 a month, and you’ll you get a 14-day trial.

If you want to try it out (as I mentioned earlier here while explaining ClickFunnels) and another $297/month package.

Basically, in the higher one, you get literally unlimited of almost everything (unlimited traffic, funnels, pages, domains, etc.)

And you get some awesome tools that are going to help you generate more leads and sales.

Like an advanced nest-gen autoresponder system called “Actionetics”.

Which not only acts as any other autoresponder does.

But also saves you tons of time and effort by sorting your visitors by channels.

And by their exact actions so that you can track and improvise your funnels based on the results.

And another cool system is included in the $297 package named “Backpack” which helps you track everything coming from your affiliates that goes through the Funnel.

What people are clicking on, or what people are doing, and how to direct them into the right place so that they are put in front of the right offers.

These are some of the incredible tasks what “Backpack” does for you, without needing you to invest in multiple other third-party tools.

So, the big difference is if you only have few websites, or if you’re a small company and you only have a few products to sell;.

Then $97 per month package is perfect for you.

You’re only going to get 20 funnels (but hundreds of pages altogether inside of those funnels), and you are only allowed 20,000 visitors in the basic package.

But if you want to go big and you think you’re going to get way more than 20,000 visitors.

And if you’re ready to drive a lot of traffic to your sites, then you definitely want to go with the $297 package.

This package comes with all the bells and whistles and is going to give you unlimited everything as I already said.

You’ll get unlimited traffic, unlimited domains, unlimited funnels, in short, there will be no bar at all, and you’ll be only limited by your own action.

If you pay up a year in advance (basically if you’re ready to commit for one full year), you won’t get the 14-day trial in either of the packages.

Instead, you get two months of free access, making the deal even sweeter !

But if you want to do month to month which is fine, then you get a 14-days trial, and you’ll be charged only after 14 days.

Hence, in case you don’t like the system which is very unlikely, you can always cancel your membership.

Before the end of those 14 days, and you’ll be charged absolutely zero, nada.

Funnel Hacks

Now, there is a secret discount that not a lot of people know.

You can get something called the “Funnel Hacks” offer if you’re already using the $97/month package and want to upgrade to the advanced package.

The Funnel Hacks offer is going to give you a whole bunch of savings; you’re going to pay only $997 for six months of the advanced suite.

Open your calculator for simple math, and it will show you that you’re getting all the benefits of the advanced package.

Plus some more for a mere $166/month instead of $297/month – for a total six months period !

Moreover, this particular upgrade comes with another 30-days money back guarantee.

So, you are saving hundreds of dollars right there.

Plus you’re going to get six weeks of “Funnel Hacks” masterclass, instant traffic hacks, the inception secrets, and “SOAP & Seinfeld Email Sequences.”

Also, they will send you a cool ClickFunnels branded t-shirt as an appreciation for being a loyal member of the system.

Here I want to talk about the “SOAP & Seinfeld Email Sequences” a bit.

This is something unique I ever found; there’s absolutely no alternative in the market which does the same thing, not even close.

Say you can drive a bunch of traffic to your funnels and get people to opt in, but you don’t convert, or you need to learn how to convert.

This “SOAP & Seinfeld Email Sequences” does that for you.

It will help you by writing a sequence of emails such way that you’re bound to convert that previously non-converting traffic to your paying customers.

You get all this training plus you get their support as well, making this “Funnel Hacks” a no-brainer offer.

Unfortunately, this “Funnel Hacks” offer is not available right now; they replaced the offer with another more awesome campaign named “Funnel Builder Secrets.”

If you are disappointed to know that the “Funnel Hacks” has been discontinued.

You’re in a for a real surprise, because they did make the things even more interesting with this new system – Funnel Builder Secrets.

Let’s see why.

Funnel Builder Secrets

So, what is this new package ?

Here you can read more about the Funnel Builder Secrets Review.

Let me explain this to you so that you can take an informed decision about whether you need it or not.

This package came up as an upgraded version of “Funnel Hacks,” which was already an incredible value in itself.

But as I said this is an updated version, and this deal is even more delicious.

Obviously here you are going to get lot more than you were getting in the “Funnel Hacks” offer.

Let me tell you at first that this package includes all the training of “Funnel Hacks !”.

Yep, that’s right, you’re getting all that, plus much more, just wait for it, and I’m coming there in a moment.

It further includes twelve months of the advanced enterprise package of ClickFunnels which itself is a $297/month package (a total $2997 yearly value),

And a full year of “Funnel Scripts” subscription package.

It doesn’t end here, along with the Funnel Hacks training, it comes with another two training programs.

Traffic Secrets membership program and the “Funnel Builder Secrets” training program.

This whole package was designed such a way that you get all the scripts, funnels and training you need to write your very first copy.

And create your very first Funnel, to ultimately achieve your very first sale in no time.

And that’s just the start !

Basically, this package is giving you everything you need in the ClickFunnels system, and there’s nothing else left in which you need to invest any money any further.

Yes, there’s nothing you need to buy any more in the ClickFunnels system if you buy the “Funnel Builder Secrets” package once.

Just as I promised you that this deal is going to be simply astounding compared to our previous “Funnel Hacks” package.

But if you ask me what’s the catch and is everything golden about this package ?

Not really.

The most apparent catch is its price, which starts from $1,997 and goes up to $5,997, with a mid-level package which costs $2,997.

Though the amounts look and sound scary, if you compare the products and training you’re getting in this package, the prices are very well justified.

In fact, I’d say, anybody who can afford this one-time investment and not going for this package, instead of buying the regular $297 package.

Must be a stupid as he/she is not able to recognize the great value this particular package is offering.

And what’s more that this package comes with a full 30 days guarantee.

Where if you’re not getting what you’ve expected, you’ll be entitled to get your entire investment back without any question.

But not everybody can afford such a steep one-time cost, and I understand that.

Those people are not forgotten too, as there’s something for everybody here.

If you’re not ready to commit such exorbitant price right now, it’s okay, and I got you covered.

I’ll talk about that in a moment, but before that, let me explain the different packages of “Funnel Builder Secrets” first.

The difference between $1997 and $2997 packages: While everything you’ll get in these two packages is same, there’s one thing which is different.

The duration of the advanced package which is a $297 value if you upgrade by usual way.

In the $1997 package, you get six months of advanced package subscription, and in $2997 package, you get full 12 months of subscription.

That’s the only difference, and rest everything is identical and equal in both of the packages, which includes

1. Funnel Hacks Masterclass,

2. Funnel Builder Secrets Training,

3. Traffic Secrets Membership,

4. 12 Months of Funnel Scripts, and

5. Unlimited Funnels Bonus.

What’s exclusive in $5997 package: This package is for those who want to get spoon-fed, wait for it, by the creators of the ClickFunnels !

That’s right; you’ll get total eight calls where you’ll be taught everything through one-on-one personalized coaching sessions.

You can ask everything or anything about the ClickFunnels program.

And they will help you to get started as soon as possible by taking you through a total of eight hands-on training sessions.

This package just eliminates any chance of failure by telling you what you need to do precisely step-by-step.

Along with this, you’re also getting everything of the other two packages here, plus the 30 days no question asked refund guarantee.

Affiliate Bootcamp Summit 2019:

Let’s talk about the affiliate bootcamp summit 2019 now. It’s new and exciting, and it’s an excellent opportunity if you’re brand new to affiliate marketing to get your feet wet.

Even if you’re not a newcomer to all these affiliate marketing things, this program is something that can help you immensely to up your game.

So, let’s go ahead, and I’ll show you what is this all about.

First, let’s open the new affiliate bootcamp website, it is just affiliate bootcamp (dot) com, and once you open the site.

You’ll see Russell Brunson is showing you multiple cards with texts on them in the video without talking or any voice.

He is literally just explaining the power of the affiliate marketing program with ClickFunnels with those cards.

Now, here’s something I want to point out is that Russell Brunson was a huge affiliate marketer.

Before he created ClickFunnels, and this time he completely started from scratch and ultimately built a brand-new affiliate bootcamp coaching session.

Here which will force you to become successful! Yes, that’s correct, and that’s the uniqueness of this system.

If you are in that site already and have seen the video where Russell is talking with you through the cards (hilarious, isn’t it?)

For the sake of not feeding you any BS and just stating one problem and a unique solution of the same.

Problem: As per Russell, only a tiny fraction of all his ClickFunnels members are actually making some significant amount of money which is enough to support a family.

More than 81% of the members are making $200 or less per month, and that’s the hard fact or problem whatever you want to say.

But just like anything else, here’s another perspective of this story which is – actually 19% of the ClickFunnels subscribers making more than $200.

And more or less 1% of them making most of the money.

This 1 % of people are those who qualified for their dream car (paid by ClickFunnels).

And they totaled approximately 22 million USD as affiliate commission payout from the ClickFunnels last year alone.

They are called Super Affiliates for good reasons, right ?

So, the question is, why most people who are paying hard money as subscription fee every month to ClickFunnels are not earning their worth ?

What’s the problem behind this ridiculously low income while using a great program like ClickFunnels ?

Solution: The solution may sound a little bit odd to you, but Russel, being the most unorthodox marketer, we’ve ever seen.

Did something really out of the box this time.

He sent out emails to all of his Super Affiliates with a question “What if you had to feed your family with your affiliate income and you had just 100 days ?

How would you have been utilized this 100-day period to achieve your family support goal ?”

Yes, he literally asked about their marketing secrets, and likewise, most of them refused to tell or didn’t reply back.

Which is pretty understandable, right ?

However, while most of them denied talking about their secret sauce, 15 people responded with an affirmative answer and agreed to share their strategy.

That’s something huge! Just think about it, a whopping 15 people did agree to share the exact marketing strategies.

They would have applied if they had to reach to a family-support income threshold.

So, affiliate bootcamp summit 2019 is exactly that, 15 super affiliates will share their exact day-to-day work routine.

With all the ClickFunnels members in this bootcamp summit.

And do you know what the most exciting part about this is ?

This affiliate bootcamp is free of cost for every paying member of ClickFunnels.

That’s correct !

You’re getting the very secret knowledge of the top affiliate marketers for free of charge,.

And mind you that most of the top marketers just outright denied talking about their strategies.

If you think about it that way, it should not be weighed by any material value.

Because this is the exact knowledge that most of the pro marketers won’t tell you no matter how much you pay to them.

And you’re getting this without spending a dime !

But there’s a catch !

And I know what you’re thinking now.

“Hey man, I knew that there’s a catch, now you’ll try to upsell another product of yours here, right ?”

Actually, NOPE, sorry to disappoint you.

Let me tell you that there’s no further upsell here.

So, what’s the catch then ?

The catch: The catch here actually is the availability of those training videos.

Russel clearly said that he is doing it for you, the people who are not making much money.

Hence, he wants you to get succeeded, cause as per him, there’s no way he makes any money unless you make money !

So, he wants to force you; he wants to shove these training videos every day down your throat and make you work exactly as the training program says.

So, every day you’ll receive an email with a video training link which will expire after 24 hours.

That means if you do not watch that video within 24 hours, that training will be gone forever. You won’t be able to view that video ever again;

it will simply vanish from the internet forever.

Why he did that ?

He did that so that his paying-subscription-but-not-earning members.

Watch these videos every single day and take the necessary steps every single day, up to 100 days.

To become an earning member, without wasting any time.

He just wants to ensure that you don’t waste your and his time and do what you’re told to do.

Russel is giving this incredible program for free.

And leaving no stones unturned to make you succeeded !

The One Funnel Away Challenge

If you’re already a member of ClickFunnels and haven’t yet bite this challenge, you’re missing out a lot really !

This is not your everyday marketing fluff with all the upsells and bullshits, this is something pretty solid, and it has much higher value beyond the ClickFunnels program.

This challenge takes you from nothing to everything, that too in just 30 days.

Sounds interesting ?

Okay, then read on.

What is this challenge ?

This is a combined training course divided by 30 days that show you the exact path.

A straight roadmap of how to launch your very first Funnel (or your next Funnel if you’ve already built one) at the end of the 30 days.

And who are the teachers here ?

Total three of them exactly, Russell Brunson, Stephen Larsen, and Julie Stoian.

They will be coaching you on various aspects every single day of this 30-days challenge and will make sure you launch a funnel at the end.

Provided of course you followed their guidelines religiously each day without fail.

That’s the point of calling this specialized training program a “challenge,”.

It challenges you to overcome your fears and hesitations and dive into the program.

The best part is, you don’t have to bring anything with you, you don’t have to put anything on the table, there’s no pre-requisite at all.

All you have to do is be a subscribed member of the ClickFunnels program.

(Which you’re already I guess, if not, then stop reading here and subscribe there first) and spend an extra $100 to buy this “one funnel away challenge.”

That’s it; everything else is already covered in the ClickFunnels membership account.

You need to “act,” and act religiously.

And you’ll be able to start a high-converting successful funnel during this challenge.

Now, let’s get introduced to our three coaches and their roles in this challenge here.

Russell Brunson needs no further introduction if you have read this far.

He is obviously the co-founder and the key brain behind the ClickFunnels system.

In this 30-day challenge, he will be talking about the everyday strategies and the significance of the specific task of any particular day.

Our second coach is Stephen Larsen, and he will be the one who will teach you accountability.

Accountability to your own self, to the system itself, and to every dream you ever dreamed of achieving in your life.

His very purpose will be to prevent you from failing this challenge, and he will make sure you finish the race till the end point, no matter what.

Coming to our third mentor, Julie Stoian.

She is a successful entrepreneur in the digital marketing domain who makes millions of dollars every year.

Who can be better than her to guide you through the actual step-by-step tasks you need to do every day, right ?

She will show you how to do your daily assignments to finish the challenge successfully.

We are moving to our next point, the course content.

At the very first week, you’ll go through a series of preparation videos and materials.

Where you’ll be taught to set your mindset to a certain level, which is necessary to overcome this challenge.

Without a proper state of mind, you can never be successful in anything in your life.

So that’s the fundamental part of this course too.

Can you see that where this course is different than any other typical online marketing training program, you receive in your email’s spam folder always ?

Once you finish the first week’s preparation program, you’ll start the actual training program, which is spread over four weeks.

Now, you’ll start getting daily notifications in your email inbox with links of the session of that particular day.

Here’s something very crucial you need to know.

You literally can’t skip any of the daily programs here, because each class is based on its previous day’s lesson and every session is tightly linked and equally important.

There’s no fluff, nothing you can skip.

Hence, if you ever miss a course for any unavoidable reason, make sure to go through that first before you move to the next session.

There will be homework for you too, so that you can apply whatever you’ll learn in a day.

Here you can read about my $97 VS $297 ClickFunnels Comparison.

What you're getting in the One Funnel Away Challenge ?

Apart from the 30-day online training program, you’ll also receive physical courseware set in your mailbox.

And that’s a really cool thing. It literally shows how to add value in something.

You’re selling or providing and how to make your customers feel they are getting way more than they have paid.

This is Russell Brunson, who is basically teaching you how to make it worthwhile by doing it himself with a large gift box to your doorstep.

And the box is itself a shiny testimonial of Russell’s idea of adding value.

Open the box, and at first, you’ll find a hardcover book named “30 days.”

The book has 550 pages which basically contains first-hand strategies of the elite “two comma” club affiliates answering one single but the very vital question.

“How to start over from the scratch if you lose everything you’ve made suddenly ?”

The book is basically survival strategies of those renowned marketers if they ever have to start from nothing.

I guess I don’t have to tell you how priceless this book is, right ?

Next, you’ll find a notebook with spiral binding.

This is the challenge notebook which will be very useful for you to take everyday notes from lessons and make some to-do lists regarding your daily tasks.

There’s also a daily task checklist in the notebook, which will be beneficial too.

You’ll also get an MP3 player inside the box where all the Russell’s and Stephen’s training sessions are already loaded as audio files.

You can hear the coaching sessions anywhere and at any place whenever you wish.

You don’t even have to open your laptop or be connected to the internet; all you need to do is just take that tiny player out of your pocket and listen.

Talk about convenience !

Final Words About The ClickFunnels Pricing:

Do you know how much One Funnel Away Challenge costs ?

I love to tell this to people only to see their jaw dropped in surprise! If you’re wondering how much it costs, it’s $100 !

Yes, I know it’s unbelievable, and don’t blame me for this, blame Russell.

As I said already, he knows how to make things interesting.

Just the hardcover book inside the physical box covers the entire cost and some more in my own opinion, rest you can consider as a bonus.

Even they added a full 30-day money-refund guarantee; you can get your 100 bucks back if you ship the physical box back to them.

Honestly, that’s not worth the time, effort, and cost, if you ask me.

Because such a big box with all the content inside it will attract a hefty shipping fee in the first place.

And I never heard anybody returned their box to get their money refunded; it’s such a value-for-quality product.

Do the content worth your time ? Is the challenge worth accepting ?

Believe me or not, initially, I took the course with a pinch of salt, as being a veteran affiliate marketer, I am well aware of all bits and pieces of online marketing.

Or so I thought !

The more days passed, the more I listened to the course on a daily basis.

The more I started implementing whatever tasks I was being assigned – the more I realized how much still I can learn and how much still I can make.

If you’re new to the affiliate marketing and website building scene, this course is hands down the perfect guide for you to make your very first paycheck.

Or if you’re already a seasoned marketer, this course will be an eye-opener for you.

And you’ll realize how much potential inside yourself still left to be explored!

🎁 My Bonuses For Russell Brunson Courses:

In order to get my bonuses you have to copy this link, open it in an incognito window.

In your browser and sign up for ClickFunnels 97$ per month plan or $297 per month plan.

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After you’ve successfully done that just send me a message with your email that you used for your ClickFunnels account to my messenger here.

Your bonuses get delivered automatically in the next 24 hours to your Facebook messenger.

So now let’s have a look what you receive when you sign up under my affiliate link.

#1 Bonus: The ClickFunnels Power Course Full Access !
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ClickFunnels has a learning curve, and if you’ve never worked with ClickFunnels before, you may get stuck.

That’s why I’m offering you this helpful ClickFunnels video training, compiled by my friend Brian Schwarze.

I’ve searched very hard to find the best way to teach people ClickFunnels, and that’s it.

Inside you’ll find over 40 different lessons that will take you from beginner to advanced ClickFunnels user in the blink of an eye.

Brian is a great teacher and I recommend this course to all my partners.

#2 Bonus: Lifetime Recurring Affiliate Programs List
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You receive the Ultimate List of Lifetime Recurring Affiliate Programs with 130+ affiliate programs, it’s the largest list of it’s kind.

This list helps you to find the most profitable affiliate programs which you can leverage to build yourself automated passive income cashflows. 

#3 Bonus: ClickFunnels Share Funnels Library
(Value $97)

That’s a list of 46 different share funnels you can integrate into your own ClickFunnels Account. 

That you can use to discover how other marketers & Funnel Hackers are building their Funnels. 

#4 Bonus: Million Dollar Ad Swipe Library
(Value $47)

I took a look at the Facebook ads of 40 of the top internet entrepreneurs and created this amazing swipe file for you to study and use.

Inside, you’ll see the entire ad copy and images of millionaire marketers like Russell Brunson, Dan Henry, Ryan Levesque, Peng Joon and more.

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Learn more about the ClickFunnels Shared Funnels Plan here.

I am an independent ClickFunnels Affiliate, not an employee.

I receive referral payments from ClickFunnels.

The opinions expressed here are my own and are not official statements of ClickFunnels or its parent company, Etison LLC.