🥳 The ClickFunnels Plans
Available in 2020 !

So you informed yourself briefly about ClickFunnels and you came to the conclusion that it’s currently the best Sales Funnel Builder on the market.

Since you are interested in the different ClickFunnels Plans.

In this article I compare the $297 per month “Etison Suite” with the normal $97 per month ClickFunnels account.

Furthermore I would like to introduce you to an offer by ClickFunnels that only a few people are aware of that might spark your interest.

Welcome to this article, here you will learn about the different Plans and their Pricing which ClickFunnels offers.

Here you can read my article about the ClickFunnels Special Offer.

💻 Which Subscription Plans does ClickFunnels have ?

ClickFunnels offers at the moment two different subscription models to their service.

These ones have a price of $97 per month and $297 a month.

But that’s not all, fortunately has ClickFunnels also a product only a few people are aware of it’s called Funnel Builder Secrets.

And this one gives you a 6 months or 12 months access to your personal ClickFunnels Account.

Sure you still have to pay for your ClickFunnels Account but this option is much more cheaper than paying for the normal subscription plan by ClickFunnels.

In Detail has Funnel Builder Secrets three pricings.

The first one costs $1,997 and includes a 6 month ClickFunnels Enterprise Account.

This Enterprise Account is equal to the Etison Suite which you would have to pay for $297 per month.

Then there’s also a 12 months access to the ClickFunnels Copywriting Software “Funnel Scripts” included.

Normally you would have to pay $497 for a 12 month Funnel Scripts access.

That’s by far not all, moreover you get the Funnel Hacks Masterclass by Russell Brunson.

Here teaches Russell you how you can hack the Funnels of other businesses and model them for you.

Russell reveals a lot of his strategies and tactics regarding Funnel Hacking in this online course.

Next you have the Funnel Builder Secrets Training, this online course is taught by Julie Stoian and Russell Brunson.

In this Training you learn how to structure your Funnel, learn about your audience and finally build and launch it.

This course is very detailed and has many action steps for you.

Finally you get access to Traffic Secrets by John Reese.

Here teaches you John Reese a ton of different traffic sources you can leverage for your Online Business.

 In total he presents you with 127 different traffic methods which are more than enough to drive visitors to your Funnel.

Indeed it may be better for you when you focus on one traffic source and completely master it.

Instead of jumping from traffic source to another one and falling for the shiny object.

So let’s take a look at the second version of Funnel Builder Secrets.

Here you get access to exact the same products, the only difference is that you get access to a 12 months Enterprise ClickFunnels Plan.

When you need help from somebody learning about creating your first funnels and need advice for your Funnel creation process.

Then the third package of Funnel Builder Secrets might be the right one for you.

In this package has ClickFunnels included the unique ClickStart Coaching.

This is a Coaching Program where you get your personal ClickFunnels Coach, who can answer all your questions regarding Funnel Building & using ClickFunnels.

Subsequently you get 8 coaching calls with your personal ClickFunnels Consultant, each up to 1 hour.

The rest of the Funnel Builder Secrets Package is the same as the second one.

And the third Funnel Builder Secrets Package has a price of $5,997.

Now you know how you can save yourself a lot of money longterm by going with Funnel Builder Secrets.

The Two ClickFunnels Plans Compared & Discussed In Detail !

Nevertheless I compare the different ClickFunnels plans for you.

And I will give you my final verdict about which plan is better for you depending on your current situation.

🚀Let’s start off with the ClickFunnels $97 per month subscription.⭐

This plan comes along with a ton of awesome features.

✅You can create up to 20 Funnels with your ClickFunnels Account.

✅And you can up to 100 pages which is definitely for the beginning if you are just starting out absolutely sufficient.

✅Next you can drive up to 20,000 visitors to your Funnels and pages per month.

✅You have access to the whole Sales Funnel Building Library including all Funnel Templates and Funnel Features.

✅In Detail this means you have an unlimited amount of Contacts.

✅Furthermore you can create Click Optins and ClickPops.

✅Then you can create 3 Custom Domains for free.

✅You can run A/B Split Tests.

✅Next you push your E-Mails to any major E-Mail Service Provider with the E-Mail Integration Feature.

✅You can create all kinds of Advanced Sales Funnels this includes Optin Funnels, Membership Funnels, Auto Webinar Funnels, Hangout Funnels and Webinar Funnels.

✅Additionally you can create Order Pages, Upsell Pages and Downsale Pages.

✅Finally you have the “Share Your Funnels” Feature.

✅This means you can share your Funnels with your friends and team members.

✅They just have to click on the “Integrate” Button and then your Funnel is automatically in their ClickFunnels Account.

✅With the $97 ClickFunnels Account you have 1 SMTP Integration and 1 Per Type Billing Integration.

🚀 So let’s take a look at the $297 ClickFunnels Account.⭐

✅This one enables you to create Unlimited Funnels, such as Unlimited Pages, receive Unlimited Visitors and Unlimited Contacts.

✅And you can create Unlimited Custom Domains.

✅Obviously you have the same features as the $97 ClickFunnels Account.

✅So I am going to show you now the Features which are exclusive for the “Etison Suite” or also “Enterprise Account” of ClickFunnels.

✅Let’s begin with “Actionetics”, this is the E-Mail Marketing Extension of ClickFunnels.

✅You have an Visual E-Mail Builder and you can manage your E-Mail Lists.

✅Additionally you can send Broadcast Emails to your List.

✅Next you can track your Open- and Clicks of your E-Mails.

✅You can also create Auto Responder Series, this means you can automate your E-Mail Workflow.

✅An additional feature are the Action Funnels which enables you to Send Emails Based On Location & based on Social Media.

✅Thus you have an Flexible & Advance Segmentation of your E-Mails.

✅So you can target and approach your E-Mail contacts in a much more efficient and direct way.

✅This can result in a way better relationship between you and your email readers.

✅Therefore Actionetics has Lead Scoring and Action Scores.

✅Finally Actionetics let’s you create Magic Social Contact Profiles.

✅Let’s take a look at the Backpack Feature of the Etison Suite.

✅The Backpack Extension is an Affiliate Marketing & Management Software.

✅You can recruit an unlimited amount of Affiliates to promote your products.

✅Thus you can also create an unlimited amount of Commission Plans.

✅Everything in the Backpack Interface is easy to setup with 1 Click.

✅You can do One Time Payments and Subscription Plans for your Affiliates depending on your product.

✅Obviously you can manage your Affiliates.

✅So you can see your Top Affiliates.

✅Subsequently you can manage your commissions paid and your commissions owed.

✅Moreover enables Actionetics you to create a Branded Affiliate Sign Up.

✅And to customize the complete Affiliate Interface to help your Affiliates marketing your products.

✅The Etison Suite has 3 SMTP Integrations and 3 Billing Integrations per Type.

🤔 Which ClickFunnels Plan Should You Choose ?

So now you have an overview about the two ClickFunnels Plans ClickFunnels currently has.

Now the final question is which Plan you should choose.

This totally depends on your business needs.

When you are currently starting your business the $97 per month plan might be the best for you.

When you want the Actionetics or Backpack Add On, or simply a bigger Funnel, Pages, Visitor Limit.

Then you can easily upgrade to the Etison Suite.

I recommend you to start with the 14 Day Free Trial of ClickFunnels.

There you can try all Features of ClickFunnels for completely free.

When you already have a business or you want to have directly all Features of ClickFunnels, then the Etison Suite Plan might be the best option for you.

Besides that there’s also the Funnel Builder Secrets Package where 6 months and 12 months of the Etison Suite is included.

Beyond that you can learn here more about the ClickFunnels Discounts.

And you can read my comparison between ClickFunnels and Shopify.


I am an independent ClickFunnels Affiliate, not an employee.

I receive referral payments from ClickFunnels.

The opinions expressed here are my own and are not official statements of ClickFunnels or its parent company, Etison LLC.