The Founders of ClickFunnels Revealed !

In this article you will learn exactly who the ClickFunnels Founder is.

Moreover  I show you some really valuable & useful products of ClickFunnels.

Which can help you a lot when you would like to learn more about Funnel Building and Online Marketing.

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So now that I’ve mentioned these things I can tell you who the Founder of ClickFunnels is.

There are actually two Founder of ClickFunnels, two Co-Founder to be exact.

Todd Dickerson and Russell Brunson are the Co-Founder of ClickFunnels.

Russell Brunson made a very interesting Interview with Mixergy where he tells a lot about the origins of ClickFunnels.

Here you can take a look at the Team of ClickFunnels.

🛣️ The Beginnings of ClickFunnels !

Due to the frustrations and time required to sell products through a normal website.

Russell and Todd got together and brainstormed.

Todd programmed ClickFunnels and Russell makes the marketing.

But let’s start at the beginning of Russell Brunson’s journey.

In college Russell started selling products online.

His first product was a DVD which taught other people how they could build their own potato gun.

Russell sold one DVD at a price of $27.

And he made around $2000 per month with this business model.

His traffic source back then was Google Ads.

So he would search for keywords which showed an buyer intent on the potato gun topic.

And then redirected the potential buyer to his potato gun DVD offer.

But after some time Google increased the price of their Ads so the Profit Margin on Russells product decreased and became in the end unprofitable.

Thus Russell searched for a way to make his offer profitable again.

He knew two guys who sold potato guns so he would add this as an upsell to his Funnel.

So the Funnel looked like this.

The visitor searched on google for the keyword “how to make a potato gun”.

Then he would see Russell Brunsons ad and click on it.

Subsequently he would order Russells potato gun video course.

Normally he would leave here the buyer journey but since Russell added a real potato gun as an upsell.

He would make more money of this single customer and so he automatically increased the Customer Lifetime Value.

And finally his google campaigns got profitable again which allowed him to spend more on his ads.                                                                                                                                         

Thereby Russell recognized the power of sales funnels.

So he searched for softwares that would enable him creating sales funnels for his products more effectively.

🏗️ The Founding Process of ClickFunnels !

He couldn’t find a software which met his demands so he decided to create this software together with Todd Dickerson.

To this day ClickFunnels is non venture capital backed.

So Russell Brunson and Todd Dickerson scaled ClickFunnels to over $100 million dollars without venture capital.

Besides their main software has ClickFunnels many other products which are educating & teaching entrepreneurs how they can start building their funnel.

A good example for this is the One Funnel Away Challenge where Russell Brunson, Julie Stoian and Stephen Larsen.

Are helping aspiring entrepreneurs & entrepreneurs creating their first or next Funnel with ClickFunnels.

The whole Challenge goes has a time range of 30 Days.

During those 30 Days the members are receiving Live Coaching Calls from Stephen Larsen and they have daily challenges which they have to fulfill.

At the end of those thirty days is can the members launch their Funnel.

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