The ClickFunnels Fees 2020 Explained !

In this article you learn about the ClickFunnels Fees in 2020

ClickFunnels is a software that provides all kinds of online businesses with a complete sales funnel.

It was designed to assist the entrepreneur to control his/her customer’s buying journey, at every stage, by automating the entire sales process.

This way, it renders the whole meaning of acquiring a tech team unnecessary, as the process of collecting leads.

And generating sales can be supported by the business owner on his/her own, no matter of their technological background.

Some of the privileges that the ClickFunnels offers to its users are analyzed below:

The Product Secrets

Other than providing sales funnels, Click Funnels software also offers training on how to create a product, which is called “Product Secrets.”

Through the training process, there are being suggested 27 different ways that can be used in order to create a product and sell it online quickly.

The “Product Secrets” refer to entrepreneurs who either have a ready-to-sell product or not.

The Funnel Builder Secrets

Furthermore, Click Funnels supply its customers with the training course called “Funnel Builder Secrets.”

This is the same course that Brandon and Kaelin Poulin, the creators of the “LadyBoss” company attended.

And followed step-by-step, and, as a result, they managed to generate fame and profits in only three years, by starting at the very beginning.

You don’t need to stress about the ClickFunnels fees either.

The purchase price of a Funnel Builder Secrets is more than below its actual value.

In fact, instead of paying for 12 months for gaining access to the ClickFunnels Platinum.

The users can benefit more by paying less for acquiring the Funnel Builder Secrets and utilize its training videos as their guide.

AdSkills by Justin Brooke

Creating a product and building a funnel it’s just the first piece of the puzzle.

Attracting visitors, who can be turned into leads and, subsequently, into buyers, are of great importance, too.

On the grounds of that, ClickFunnels offers courses on the traffic, called “AdSkills.”

This course is conducted by Justin Brooke, a major authority on driving traffic through paid ads.

There are being examined different traffic-driving strategies, for example, YouTube ads, Facebook/Instagram ads, GDN ads, AdWords ads, etc.

And how to transform them into a successful business brand promotion tool.

The Tony Robbins Private Collection

As mentality plays a crucial role during the whole journey, ClickFunnels contributes to this.

By providing all the business owners with “Tony Robbins Private Collection.”

In this collection are included presentations and courses held by Tony Robbins.

A world-famed life-coach, who displays ways to lead a business successfully and more.

Except for the courses, ClickFunnels also offers some huge bonuses for its customers.

One of them is the ready-to-go funnel templates that are available for the software’s costumers.

There are more than 100 template options, and all of them are ready-to-use.

Moreover, the customers have access to the private “Funnel Hacker community.”

This means that they can connect with other entrepreneurs and ask for help or advice about funnels or, even, about their business.

In the Funnel Hacker community are also shared many ideas, though, and strategies, and users can take advantage of them in favor of their own businesses.

The ClickFunnels team offers a 14-day trial for free for those who would like to get a taste of the software and all the benefits it provides to its users.

During the 14 day trivia, everyone who joins the free trial will have access to all the courses mentioned above without any financial burdens.

So, you can try the software freely before thinking about the ClickFunnels fees.

In addition to the online courses, ClickFunnels also challenges the business owners.

Who wish to make the very next step regarding their companies, with the “One Funnel Away Challenge.”

It lasts 30 days, and it consists of everything that is needed to take over the challenge.

The “30 Days” 550 Page Hardcover Book

The “30 Days” book encloses the plan of 30 successful members of the ClickFunnels, who managed to generate more than $1 Million.

This plan refers to a scenario in which they have nothing left from their business.

Including money and reputation, except for a ClickFunnels account that lasts no more than 30 days.

In other words, in this book is explained, day by day, how to take a business on the top, starting from scratch.

The “One Funnel Away Challenge” workbook

The challenge begins here. The workbook consists of a checklist of all the tasks that need to be done every day.

Also, plenty of space where all the ideas, key thoughts and questions followed by their answers can be written.

Links of training videos and other resources that are useful for completing the tasks.

MP3 Player

The MP3 player contains the recordings of Russell’s daily pieces of training, from day 1 to 30, and recording of Stephen’s live coaching calls.

The purpose of the MP3 player is to accompany the participants of the challenge to their everyday activities, no matter the place or the time.

The “One Funnel Away Challenge” promises very positive results, albeit under one condition: the absolute commitment and dedication to it.

Without these two variables, there will be no results at all.

The ClickFunnels team offers the opportunity to all the business owners.

Who wish to take their businesses to the next level, by giving away the whole “One Funnel Away Challenge” kit only for $100.

More information is available here:

Finally, the ClickFunnels team offers 48-hour access to the presentation video of the top members of the software.

Revealing three simple steps that can lead to a massive boost in sales.

The only action that the users must do by their side is to register to the following site:

To this day, the ClickFunnels software has more than 100,000 users worldwide, more than 5,000,000 funnels, and has processed more than $4,000.000.000 through the ClickFunnels.

These numbers indicate the size of the value that the software brings to its users. Anyone who struggles with their businesses or tries to start one.

ClickFunnels is here to assist with every step.

It doesn’t imply that it is easy, but it promises that it is feasible.

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