🚀 Is The 30 Day Free ClickFunnels Trial Still Available ?

Unfortunately, ClickFunnels doesn’t offer anymore the 30 Day Free ClickFunnels Trial.

Instead i recommend you to use the 14 Day Free ClickFunnels Trial ! 

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So now let’s have a look what you receive when you sign up under my affiliate link.

First of all I answer the question whether there’s  really a Extended ClickFunnels Trial available ?

Yes there’s an Extended ClickFunnels Trial which adds 16 full days of use time to your “normal” 14 Days ClickFunnels Trial.

So in summary you get 30 Days Free Days of the pure ClickFunnels experience !

The interesting thing is that most people aren’t aware of the option to get an extended 30 Day Trial.

Even I didn’t knew of the Extended Trial before I discovered this yesterday through Google.

So Congratulations, you are one of the few who know about this opportunity.

In this extended Trial you have access to all the extensions of ClickFunnels.

This includes the E-Mail Marketing Software “Actionetics” and the Affiliate Marketing/Management Software “Backpack”.

😍 What are you getting out of the extended 30 Day Trial ?

The extended Trial carries certain advantages such as obviously giving you more time to explore the whole ClickFunnels Cosmos.

And discover & see how the platform meets your business needs.

ClickFunnels facilitates the whole online marketing process for your business.

It provides you with the abilities to create sales funnels, membership sites, evergreen webinars, product launch funnels.

Basically everything that the heart of an online marketer desires.

That’s why I am absolutely convinced of ClickFunnels and how it can immensely leverage your business.

Moreover can you receive payments with ClickFunnels from credit cards, Paypal, third party platforms like Stripe & JVZoo or Clickbank.

💻💸 Is the ClickFunnels Trial worth it ?

The ClickFunnels 30 Day Extended Trial allows you to build all kinds of sales funnels you can imagine.

Besides allows ClickFunnels you to create membership sites and Automated Webinars as well as normal Webinars.

Furthermore can you set up your own E-Mail Marketing campaigns within your Extended Trial.

You can specify & customize these E-Mails in detail to your audience & create “Automated E-Mail Sequences”.

Which will get delivered automatically to your E-Mail Subscribers when they take a certain action for example on your website.

In my eyes this is really powerful because you can adapt your E-Mails based on the actual action one of your Newsletter subscriber has taken.

And thus your E-Mails have more impact & influence on your readers.

You can even expand your Portfolio of Affiliates with the Affiliate Marketing/Management Software also called “Backpack”.  

So you build up an army of Affiliate Marketers.

Which are actively promoting your products & in doing so earning you passively money.

The Affiliate Management Software even enables you to give out incentives to your active affiliates for new milestones.

And in general to motivate them to give their best.

🚀 What you can do with ClickFunnels ?

In addition has ClickFunnels exeptional website/funnel designing and text editing tools.

This takes the consumer experience of the Funnel and Website to an entirely new level.

And moreover gives you ClickFunnels insights about the behavior of your Funnel/Website visitors with their strong monitoring tool.

Basically helps this software you to keep track with the activities of your visitors.

You can use these insights to optimize your Funnel or to discover new findings about your audience.

To give you an idea about these insights, you see the click rate, drop rate, traffic flows and time spent on a certain page.

All these can you use as indicators to enhance your Funnel.

What I love about ClickFunnels is that you don’t have to re-invent the wheel.

Because ClickFunnels has already tested so many different kinds of Funnels that you can use these Templates for Free.

And trust me ClickFunnels has a very large collection of prebuild Funnels.

Which have been proven to work for different kinds of businesses.

So whatever your business is right now I am convinced that you will find a prebuild Funnel.

In the Template Section which will exactly fit your needs.

🧐 🚀Which products can you sell during your 30 Day Trial?

You can sell basically everything you want to, there are no restrictions by ClickFunnels during the 30 Day Trial.

If you want to sell a product or service you can just add the product information to your order form.

Then you can add  your product you want to sell, define the price of your product and start selling your product or service.

➡️You can distinct between to kinds of Products.

🎁Digital Products

If a customer has bought your product you can redirect him directly to your membership site, where the buyer can unlock with a code the access to your digital product.

🎁Physical Products

When a customer buys your physical product, you can let a fulfillment company take over which covers the shipping for you.

💻💸How much money should you be willing to pay for using the ClickFunnels Trial ?

ClickFunnels offers currently two different pricing options.

The standard suite for $97 per month and the extended suite also called “Etison Suite” for $297 monthly.

In the advanced version of ClickFunnels, the “Etison Suite” are included “Backpack” and “Actionetics”.

Besides that can you create as many Funnels as you want with the Etison Suite.

In the normal Suite you are limited to 20 Funnels & 70 Pages.

During the 30 Day Extended Trial you have access to everything what ClickFunnels offers with no restrictions.

After the 30 Day Period you will get billed by ClickFunnels if you decide to continue using ClickFunnels.

If you decide to cancel your ClickFunnels Membership you don’t have to pay anything.

🤔 Which of those those two plans should you pick ?

This totally depends on for what you want to use the ClickFunnels Software.

If you solely want to use it for creating your Funnels, then the $97 plan is right the perfect one you.

But if you don’t want to restrict yourself to certain functions, then you should pick definitely the “Etison Suite” for $297 per month.

😍 How you can create more sales during your 30 Day Trial !

I reveal you now some tactics & strategies which you can implement in your Funnel, so you can successfully generate more sales.

✅One Click Upsells:

Add a box to your check out page, where the visitor only have to make a “check mark” to get your upsell, this is very effective especially if the upsell is priced low.

The reason for that is the shopping thrill of the customer which he oftentimes wants to sustain.

✅A Launch Funnel:

In delaying the launch of your product, you can build up the tension of your potential customer about the product.

And increase so it’s perceived value.

This tactic gets often applied for expensive products to build up excitement.

And you can use the extra time to emphasize the benefits of your product with a webinar.

✅A VSL (Video Sales Letter):

Here you basically implement an Video on your Landingpage.

 In this video you can establish an relationship with your customer use it to explain the your product briefly. 

This strategy is useful for products which needs explanations about how the customer can use it etc.

Moreover can you use the video to showcase your product in action & give a little Tutorial.

✅Adding a Affiliate Center to your Product:

This can be very effective if you have a good partner program & promote it. 

Then affiliates can sign up on yours to promote your products and you earn passively your money.

 ClickFunnels provides you with the “Backpack” for that which is the Affiliate Management / Marketing Software.

✅ Downsells:

If your customer don’t wants to get for your product you can redirect him to your “Downsell” which can be the same product but lower priced.

 In doing so, you can massively increase your conversion rate.


Obviously you can do the same just the other way around. 

When you see that your customer puts your product into his shopping cart, you can automatically redirect him to a higher priced product of yours.

💡Extended Trial Conclusion ⤵️

As you can see has ClickFunnels a lot of different marketing elements which you can use to remarkably  enhance your Funnels.

And these are by far not all ClickFunnels has.

The Extended Trial of Click Funnels is unquestionably a Software for entrepreneurs who wants to take the Fastlane to Success.

Without spending exhausting hours learn how to code websites.

By this saves ClickFunnels you enormous amounts of time, money & stress.

So if you are serious about building your online business ClickFunnels is worth the investment.

In conclusion is ClickFunnels a crammed software with numerous features with the aim to increase your leads & sales online.

📈 What is a Sales Funnel ?

A Sales Funnel is basically a series of different pages a potential customer can navigate through to buy a product.

During his journey through your Sales Funnel you can sell him other products.

And build up trust which can be very valuable in the longterm relationship with your customer.

The beauty of a Sales Funnel that is set up correctly is that it no longer requires your time.

You can imagine it as a salesperson who can make sales in the morning, at night when your sleeping just anytime.

Even if you are not working your Sales Funnel earns you money if it’s set up correctly.

✅The 30 Day ClickFunnels Free Trial Explained !

In using the 30 Day Free ClickFunnels Trial.

You get the unique opportunity to try all Features of ClickFunnels before you finally buy it.

And with the 30 Day Trial you have enough time to see whether ClickFunnels fits you or not.

🧙 How you can get your Free 30 Day ClickFunnels Trial ?

I show you know exactly step by step how you can secure yourself the 30 Day ClickFunnels Trial.

Click on this link, then you get redirected to you the Sign up Page of ClickFunnels.

There you have to enter your e-mail address and a password.

After that you have to put in your payment details & your credit card information.

Don’t worry you only get billed if you decide to use ClickFunnels after your 30 Day Free Trial has come to an end.

And you can cancel the ClickFunnels membership anytime during these 30 Days.

After that you can select the Account Type you want to use.

ClickFunnnels offers two different Accounts types.

✅The Basic Plan

This Plan enables you to create all kinds of different sales funnels, membership sites just everything.

But you can only create up to 20 Funnels and 70 Pages.

✅The Etison Suite (Advanced Plan)

Compared to the basic plan enables you the “Etison Suite” to recruit your own Affiliates for your products and to do your E-Mail Marketing Campaigns.

Which are two very useful Features.

Moreover has the “Etison Suite” no restrictions for the amount of Funnels & Pages.

So your account is Unlimited.

After you have registered yourself as a member of ClickFunnels.

You get access to the ClickFunnels Onboarding training.

Where Russell Brunson (the CEO of ClickFunnels) introduces you to all the Features of ClickFunnels & how you can use them.

After you have watched this onboarding training you’ll be able to receive a Free Funnel Hacker Shirt.

Which I personally really like, ClickFunnels ships worldwide and covers the shipping costs as well.

So it’s literally completely free for you.

I hope I could help you with this comprehensive article about the 30 Day Extended Click Funnels Trial.

And you know now exactly how you can get this 30 Day Free Extended Trial.

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Hendrik 🙂