🚀 3 ClickFunnels Examples from Outstanding Marketers !

Welcome to this article about “ClickFunnels Examples”.

I present you in this article 5 ClickFunnels Examples of Online Marketers who are using ClickFunnels successfully.

In these examples I am going to describe the product or services what they are selling & the sales process.

Moreover I am going to include a link to their Sales Funnel so you can see exactly what their sales process looks like.

Furthermore you can buy their product if you are in a similar niche, so you can basically “Funnel Hack” them.

This method is incredible valuable, because you are getting deep insights into how the sales funnel of your competitors.

For example you see which upsells or downsells they have added to their sales funnel and what they’re copy looks like.

Because this is so immensely important to understand the process of Funnel Hacking.

Russell Brunson has created Funnel Builder Secrets in which he shows you step by step how he “Funnel Hacks” his competition.

In several niches and how you can do this too.

For learning more about this topic you can watch his Webinar about the “Secret Funnel Strategy”.

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🚀 #1 ClickFunnels Example: Spencer Mechams Course "Affiliate Secrets 2.0" Funnel !

Now let’s get started.

I picked Spencer Mechams ClickFunnels Funnel as the first example I want to present you.

In case you don’t know Spencer Mecham he’s the first ClickFunnels Affiliate.

 Who earned an Two Comma Club Award for earning more than $1,000,000 in ClickFunnels commissions.

Therefore he created Affiliate Secrets 2.0.

That’s his training course in which he reveals exactly step by step how he achieved this insane milestone.

His Funnel starts with an optin in page to his case study how he created a 7 figure Affiliate Revenue with ClickFunnels.

At this optin page you have to type in your e-mail address and your name.

After that he sends you his “$1,000 Formula” to your E-Mail Inbox.

When you open Spencer’s E-Mail you will get redirected to this Webinar Optin Page.

When you have opt in your e-mail you can watch the Replay of Spencer Mechams Webinar in which he presents Affiliate Secrets 2.0..

Subsequently you get redirected to the sales page of Affiliate Secrets 2.0, he created all of this Funnel with ClickFunnels.

Which is pretty impressive and shows how useful ClickFunnels is.

🚀 #2 ClickFunnels Prototype: Russell Brunsons "Secret Funnel Strategy" Funnel !

The next ClickFunnels example I want to present you is from Russell Brunson himself.

It’s the “Secret Funnel Strategy” Funnel.

This Funnel begins with a Webinar Optin Page, where you have to type in your E-Mail .

Then you get access to the webinar, but more important you can read the whole transcript of Russell Brunsons presentation with all his slides.

Finally when you clicked on the red button with the text “Read Transcript”, and you scrolled the whole page down until the summary of what you will get.

You can click on the big blue button with the copy “Get Funnel Builder Secrets”.

That’s the next step of the Funnel because now you are on the final sales page of Funnel Builder Secrets.

At the top of this page explains Russell Brunson exactly what you will receive if you decide to buy the Funnel Builder Secrets Product.

In the middle of the sales page you can see the three different pricing options which ClickFunnels offers for Funnel Builder Secrets.

Moreover can you see exactly what’s included in the different plans of Funnel Builder Secrets.

At the bottom of the page is an sign up form for ClickFunnels.

And that’s basically the Funnel Builder Secrets Funnel.

🚀 #3 ClickFunnels Example: Russell Brunsons "One Funnel Away" Challenge Funnel !

The next Funnel I want to present you is the “One Funnel Away Challenge” from ClickFunnels itself.

Here ClickFunnels sells an incredible 30 Day coaching for just $100.

This is a very low price and that’s why this coaching is so demanded by ClickFunnels users.

On the Front End is this Funnel for ClickFunnels hardly profitable.

But it’s still worth it for ClickFunnels, because when ClickFunnels teaches you how to create & launch your Funnels successfully, you will start using their Software.

And exactly that makes ClickFunnels money on the backend.

So it’s the perfect win-win situation.

And if you want to get deep Funnel Building & Hacking insights from Russell Brunson himself.

Then the One Funnel Away Challenge might be a very valuable advanced training for you.

I’ve also wrote an extensive review about the One Funnel Away Challenge so if you want to learn more about it make sure you read my article.

So let’s begin with the One Funnel Away Challenge Funnel.

The only page of this Funnel is the Sales Page which passively educates the visitor about the topic with a video.

Moreover Is there an countdown timer which shows the time when a new challenge ends or starts.

By scrolling down the page the visitor learns more and more about the challenge.

The copy of the sales page reveals in detail which products & services the potential customer will receive.

In this case a “One Funnel Away Challenge Kit”.

I have to admit that the copy is very persuasive & written good.

 So if you want to learn something you should orientate you on the Funnels of Russell Brunson and ClickFunnels.

By the way has ClickFunnels an own Copywriting Software, it’s called Funnel Scripts.

That means if you hate writing copy this software is perfect one for you.

All you have to do is to answer some questions about your audience and their preferences.

And you have to give Funnel Scripts further details which you have done in 10 to 30 minutes.

After that you only have to click on “Build” and the software creates your individual copy which is specifically customized for your audience and their fears and desires.

ClickFunnels offers also an Free Trial of Funnel Scripts !

I hope I could help you with this extensive article about some ClickFunnels Examples.

Don’t forget if you want to start with ClickFunnels to take advantage of their 14 Day Free Trial !

And if you are already ClickFunnels Member and you want to enhance your Funnel Knowledge make sure you check out the Funnel University and the One Funnel Away Challenge !

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