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How to get Your ClickFunnels Account for the Best Price !

Updated 20.03.2019

By reading this article you will learn the secret methods for getting yourself a ClickFunnels Discount on your monthly membership.

As you know has ClickFunnels two different pricing plans the one for $97 per month and the Etison Suite for $297 a month.

In my guide I show you how you can get an reduced price on the ClickFunnels membership plan.

Here you can learn more about the ClickFunnels Pricing.

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I reveal all my secret tactics and strategies in this article so hope I can help you with this one.

🗺️ The $567 ClickFunnels Discount Tactic !

The first strategy of getting a Discount on your ClickFunnels Account is by buying the Funnel Hacks or now called Funnel Builder Secrets package.

This package includes a 6 & 12 month membership depending on the one you decide to buy.

This means for you access to an ClickFunnels Enterprise Account with all Features included.

So you can build as many Funnels as you want to plus using Backpack and Actionetics.

Normally this would cost you $297 a month.

When we make the math and multiply $297 with 6 months.

We see that this alone would cost you $1782, only for the Etison Suite Membership.

If we do the same with the 12 months membership, you would have to pay $3564, only for the Etison Suite.

This is a lot of money.

Thus ClickFunnels offers you the Funnel Builder Secrets Package with three pricing options.

The first one costs you $1,997 and includes a 6 month Enterprise ClickFunnels Account Membership.

A 12 months access to Funnel Scripts.

Traffic Secrets by John Reese.

Funnel Builder Secrets Training by Russell Brunson & Julie Stoian.

Funnel Hacks Masterclass by Russell Brunson.

And the Unlimited Funnel Bonus.

In the third version of Funnel Builder Secrets, ClickFunnels includes the ClickStart Coaching for you.

What would you normally have to pay for all the courses & software which is provided for you in Funnel Builder Secrets?

12 Months Funnel Scripts Access: $497

6 Months / 12 Months ClickFunnels Enterprise Account: $1782 for 6 Months / $3564 for 12 Months

Traffic Secrets: Only available in the Dotcom Secrets Funnel for $418

Funnel Builder Secrets: Not for Sale except in Funnel Builder Secrets.

Funnel Hacks Masterclass: Not for Sale except in Funnel Builder Secrets.

ClickStart Coaching Program: $5500

So normally the products which are included in Funnel Builder Secrets would costs you much more.

That’s why this is a great deal for you, if you take your online business serious.

All the products together would cost you $8197 with the 6 month ClickFunnels Account:

And $9979 with the 12 months long ClickFunnels Account membership.

Please note that here are the prices for Funnel Hacks Masterclass & Funnel Builder Secrets Training not included.

Since they are not offered for sale by ClickFunnels and only available in the Funnel Builder Secrets Bundle.

So you are saving by buying the lowest priced $1,997 Funnel Builder Secrets Bundle $700.

By buying the middle priced Funnel Builder Secrets Package for $2,997 you save $ 1482.

If you buy the high priced $5,997 Funnel Builder Secrets Collection you save $3,982.

So as you can see this is a great ClickFunnels Discount.

💻 The $38 ClickFunnels Account Discount Trick !

There’s also another way you can pay less for your ClickFunnels Account.

First of all you need therefore register yourself for a Free ClickFunnels Trial.

This Trial is 14 days long, and during this time period you can use all the features of ClickFunnels.

At the end of your Free Trial before ClickFunnels charges you the $97 or $297 per month.

You go to account ->  billing settings -> cancel my account.

Here you will see three different offer which ClickFunnels provides you to save you as their customer.

The first one is the “Personal Plan” for $37 per month.

This ClickFunnels Account enables you to create up to 5 Funnels, 20 pages and to drive 5,000 visitors to your Funnels.

The next Offer by ClickFunnels is the $67 per month “Bootstrap Plan”.

Here you can build up to 10 Funnels, 50 Pages and drive up to 10,000 visitors to your Funnels.

The last option ClickFunnels offers you is the 9$ per month “Pause Plan”.

Here saves ClickFunnels all your Funnels, E-Mails, Affiliates.

Reserve your Subdomains, Pages simply all your data.

But you can’t edit or change your Funnels or Pages.

To do that you have to reactivate your account.

Because you’ve read so far here’s a bonus from me for you !

Moreover can you get your 30 day Free Trial by clicking here.

I also wrote an in depth article about the Free 30 Days ClickFunnels Trial.


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