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Welcome to this in depth article about the ClickFunnels ClickStart Program.

Here you will learn exactly what is included in the ClickFunnels Clickstart program.

Many people have bombarded ClickFunnels with requests for a 1 person to 1 person coaching program.

That would help them create their own funnels according to tested principles.

So now ClickFunnels has finally launched Clickstart !

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clickfunnels coaching

Clickstart coaching is divided into 8 sessions with your own ClickFunnels certified Funnel Coach.

The Clickstart program extends over a period of 8 weeks during which you work intensively with your ClickFunnels coach on your Funnels.

At the end of the Clickstart coaching your Funnel will be live and you will have the skillls and the knowledge to build any Funnel of your choice without any problems.

Plus the ClickStart coaching with a 100% money back guarantee if you notice after the first Welcome session that Clickstart is not for you.

If you want to do a faster or slower clickstart, you can create an individual schedule with your coach, the training doesn’t have to be done in 8 or 6 weeks.

Clickstart Coaching gives you a total of 8 coaching sessions, each up to one hour long.

Between your coaching sessions, your coach will give you tasks to complete.

In addition, the sessions are recorded so that you can watch & study them again later.

💰 What does ClickFunnels ClickStart cost ?

ClickFunnels currently offers ClickStart for 2 payments of $2750.

This results in a total price of $5500.

🚀😍 What exactly do you learn in your ClickStart Coaching ?

In the 30 minute welcome session your coach will ask you about your business, goals and ideas.

With this information he will prepare for the first coaching session so you can start right away.

In the first 1 hour session your coach will help you to create a Value Ladder tailored for your business.

Afterwards your ClickStart coach will provide you with his experience in building successful funnels.

With this experience your ClickStart coach will choose the right funnel for your business, matching your goals and needs.

After your first session you will have a clear direction in how to successfully market your company.

With a funnel and how to effectively present your products or services.

Your second meeting is about the building process of your funnel based on the blueprint you evaluated and developed in the first session.

So your coach will start building your funnel and introduce you to its strategies and tricks.

You will also learn how to write your texts for your funnel with the in-house copywriting software of clickfunnels Funnel Scripts.

Your coach will show you exactly what you need and will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Your third meeting is focused on teaching you the Page Editor and the ClickFunnels software in general under the guidance of your coach.

Here you and a coach will test your funnels together and evaluate them from the customer’s perspective.

If one of your funnels doesn’t work, your coach will help you fix it.

Your coach will show you the most common errors, so after this briefing you can fix your funnels on your own.

Session 4 is dedicated to creating and optimizing your entire funnel with order pages, one time offers, products and additional integrations of your choice.

This includes your autoresponder, web services, sms text messaging, payment processor, SMTP and your custom domains.

Your coach will show you exactly how to set up these features, so you don’t have to worry about them when your funnel is up and running.

Session 5 is there to clarify all your questions of any kind.

This means if you want to set up an affiliate area for your products, your coach will show you step by step how to do it.

Or if you want to know how to create a membership page with ClickFunnels no problem your coach will help you.

Even if you have another question, just ask it.

Your coach will offer you strategic advice in session 5 on how to build your funnel based on it’s necessities.

In the 6th meeting you will work out the blueprint for the Follow Up Funnel.

This automated follow up sequence allows you to transform your generated leads into customers on autopilot.

In depth you will have the ability to reach your leads with SMS, text messages, email, voicemail broadcast and the Facebook pixel.

The follow up process is incredibly important as this is where most of the revenue comes from.

In session 7 you will work with your coach to create several email lists in Actionetics adapted to your individual follow-up process in session 6.

With these email sequences you can provide your leads & clients 24/7 around the clock with valuable information on how they can best solve their problems.

Your coach will also show you how to reach your email list with dedicated messages at any time.

You will also learn how to set up a newsletter with Actionetics.

In your 8 strategy session, your coach will put it all together.

You will launch and test your funnel so that everything runs smoothly.

In addition, your coach will show you how to strategically improve your funnel with split tests to be superior to your competition.

At the end of the ClickStart coaching your funnel will be finalized and you will have the knowledge to realize more projects & funnels.

😍💻 Why the ClickStart Coaching is so incredible valuable ?

Your coach holds you accountable, provides you with in depth knowledge and you are starting to gain momentum for your business.

You see realtime demonstrations of how to work on your Funnel with an knowledgeable Coach who has successfully launched Funnels.

But most importantly you save a ton of valuable time, so you don’t have to go through countless hours of frustrating trial and error with your Funnel.

With the ClickStart Program you can jump directly to the source of information that works.

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