🚀 ClickFunnels and Shopify !

👨‍💻 How ClickFunnels & Shopify Benefit Each Other !

In this article i show you exactly how you can connect ClickFunnels and Shopify so you can automate & empower your Sales.

For that you need an ClickFunnels Account and a Shopify Account.

And if you want to know which Software is better ClickFunnels or Shopify i recommend you to read this article about “ClickFunnels vs Shopify“.

In addition to that i absolutely recommend you to sign up for the new One Funnel Away Challenge of ClickFunnels.

There you learn exactly step by step how you can launch your first or next Funnel.

It’s pure gold if you want to learn how you can create high converting Sales Funnels for your Shopify Products.

If you didn’t already have read Russell Brunson’s two books “Dotcom Secret’s” and “Expert Secret’s” i highly recommend you to do so.

I’ve read them myself and they helped me in a massive way.

By the way there’s also a Free Livestream every Friday it’s called “Funnel Fridays“.

In which Russell Brunson reviews Funnels and teaches you how you he is building his own funnels.

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🚀 ClickFunnels and Shopify:
How they complement each other ...

ClickFunnels is a great sales funnel builder software and Shopify a very good Online Shop Software. 

That’s the reason why these two softwares are complementing each other so well. 

With ClickFunnels you can market anything you want to it’s versatile and in combination with Shopify even stronger. 

Because you can use the benefits of both tools and don’t have to renounce on features.

🧐 How to integrate Shopify with ClickFunnels:

First you have to login into your Shopify account.

Then you go to your ClickFunnels Interface there you go under “Menu” to “Integrations”.

Now you click on “Add New Integration”, then you search and select “Shopify” as your desired Integration.

Subsequently you type your Shopify URL into the field and you click on “Connect Integration”.

Now Shopify and ClickFunnels are connected with each other.

Then on the next page all you have to do is to click on “Install unlisted App”.

And there you go you just have integrated Shopify into ClickFunnels !

💻 How you can connect a Product in Shopify to your Funnel !

You will need these things:

  • A Shopify Integration
  • A Product created in your Shopify Account
  • The SKU of your Shopify Product

Now i show you how you can add your product, before we start make sure your product has a SKU in Shopify.

If it doesn’t have one login in to your Shopify Account and add a “SKU” to your Product.

First you go to your “Order Form Page” in your ClickFunnels Account, then you click on “Products”.

Click on “Add Product”.

There you enter all necessary data for your product including your desired Payment Gateway.(you learn this here)

After that you click on the “Shipping Tab” under “Product Settings”.

Now you have to check the box for “Shopify”.

Go to Integration and select your Shopify Account.

Under Product “SKU” select your desired Product you want to connnect to your Funnel.

Finally click on “create product” and you’ve made it !

🚀 ClickFunnels for Shopify !

Why you need a sales funnel for your shopify store.

Nowadays the competition in the Shopify store market is quite big.

That means you need to make things differently than others to differentiate your store from others.

Well, guess what ClickFunnels does.

Exactly that, ClickFunnels enables you to create Sales Funnels customized to your audience.

Let’s take the example of a mountainbike online shop.

ClickFunnels has a ton of premade templates for ecommerce stores which you can model.

Furthermore has ClickFunnels cutting edge trainings like the One Funnel Away Challenge or when you are really committed Funnel Builder Secrets.

In these trainings you learn all about Sales Funnels.

And how you can market and launch successful sales funnels directly from the online marketing expert himself Russell Brunson.

You learn a ton about Sales Psychology, Neuromarketing and Funnel building & Funnelhacking strategies so you are superior to your competition.

selling mountainbikes with clickfunnels and shopify

Normally you would create Facebook, Instagram and Google Ads and then redirect your visitors directly to your Shopify store.

This isn’t very effective because you may can retarget your visitors with the Facebook Pixel.

But that’s it you don’t have their email address and you have to spend extra money when you want to retarget them.

So instead of sending your visitors directly to your shopify store, you can send them into a ClickFunnels Funnel.

In this Funnel you can first get their email address with a “Squeeze page”.

After that before you present the potential customer your main offer you send him to another product which complements your main product.  

When your main product is a mountainbike you can first present the potential customer a bicycle helmet.

Subsequently you give the visitor your opportunity to order their mountainbike.

But the Funnel isn’t finished yet.

Next you can add a Downsale, this could be an online course for special Downhill Mountainbike driving strategies.

I think you see where I am going as you can enables the Sales Funnel you the ability to max out the shopping experience of your customers.

This increases also the Average Cart Value which is very valuable.

Moreover have i written an entire article about Russell Brunson !

So when you want to find out about Russell Brunsons Age you definately should read this one.

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