ClickFunnels Account Sharing Tutorial !

You learn in this article how you can share a ClickFunnels account with 2 additional Team Members.

Therefore, the ClickFunnels Platinum Plan is awesome.

Because you can create up to 3 Team Member Accounts with their own login and admin rights.

This means for you can give access to your ClickFunnels Platinum account to your team.

This is incredibly helpful when you are working on a big project together with your team.

That means up to 3 users can have their own individual logins to one account.

And the best part is that you can use the ClickFunnels Platinum 14 Days for Free.

To do that you just have to sign up for the 14 Day Free ClickFunnels Trial.

And you can explore all features of ClickFunnels Platinum.

Plus, you can instantly create the Team Member accounts for your friends, employees, collegues.

Thus, you can explore ClickFunnels Platinum together.

That means that your team members or friends can also access Funnel Flix and use all other features of ClickFunnels Platinum.

And when you are for example sharing your ClickFunnels Platinum account with your friends.

You can as well divide the monthly ClickFunnels of the Platinum Plan costs by 3 to save money.

Thus, each one is paying only $99 a month.

And each one of you gets to enjoy the benefits of ClickFunnels Platinum !

You can create Unlimited Funnels and Unlimited Pages.

All of you can watch all ClickFunnels Platinum courses inside of Funnel Flix.

So, you can advance your knowledge in all these different areas.

To be exact you can watch courses inside of Funnel Flix about Funnel Building, Copywriting.

On top of that you have courses about Personal Development, Sales, Traffic.

Plus, you can participate together with your team in the Weekly Peer Review Hackathons.

What’s also incredibly helpful is that you can use the E-Mail Marketing Program of ClickFunnels “Follow-Up Funnels”.

This means you don’t need an external E-Mail Marketing Software.

Thus, you can manage the whole marketing for your projects together with your team inside your ClickFunnels Platinum Account.


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