Can you have a Landing page without a website?

Can You Have A Landing Page
Without A Website ?

Would you like to know whether you can have a Landing page without a website?

The answer is yes.

For instance, with the software ClickFunnels you can build a Landing page without having a website.

And it’s very easy as well since you do not need any coding skills.

Because ClickFunnels has an easy to use Drag and Drop builder that you can use to build your pages.

ClickFunnels even teaches you how to build a Landing page with their inside of Funnel Flix.

Funnel Flix

There you have access to courses about Funnel Building, Copywriting, Sales, Traffic and Personal and Business Development.

And all that is included in your ClickFunnels account.

Plus, ClickFunnels offers a 14 Day Free Trial.

There you have access to all ClickFunnels features, and you can start building your first Landing page immediately.

Why can it make sense to have a Landing page without a website?

There is no obligation to have a website when you have a Landing page.

landing page drag and drop editor

Does it make Sense To Have A Landing Page And A Website ?

It can make sense to have both.

But when you want to test a specific market for example with paid traffic it can make definitely sense to build a Landing page instead of big website.

The Landing page is a single focused site with the one goal to drive a conversion.

That means with ClickFunnels you can build quickly with the drag and drop editor a Landing page.

Then drive traffic with paid ads and see how many leads you can capture to test new markets.

It is much easier to do split tests with a Landing page than with a website.

Because with a website it’s harder to find out what element of your website drove the conversion.

With ClickFunnels you can make constantly split tests to learn more about your target audience.

The Benefits Of Using ClickFunnels To Build
Your Landing Pages & Funnels:

For instance, you can make changes at the copy of your Landing pages.

You could add a video and see how that affects the conversion rate.

There are so many things one can do with Landing pages to improve the conversion rate.

With ClickFunnels you have 3 domains included in the $97 a month plan.

And 9 domains included in ClickFunnels Platinum.

That means when you have multiple brands or funnels you can run them all through the same ClickFunnels account.

In addition, you can also buy additional domains through ClickFunnels for your Landing pages and funnels.

What I also appreciate about ClickFunnels are the Templates that you have already access to within your 14 Day Free Trial.

Thus, you do not have to start from scratch when you build your first Landing pages.

You can choose from the 102+ Funnel Templates that ClickFunnels has in its library.

clickfunnels free funnel templates designs

And then begin to customize your chosen funnel to your offer.

On top of that is in ClickFunnels Platinum also an integrated e-mail marketing & text software called “Follow Up Funnels”.

That means you do not have to pay for an external e-mail marketing software.

Hence you can create Unlimited E-Mail Marketing Sequences, Workflow Automations, Broadcast E-Mails, Action Funnels, Contacts.

But when you prefer to use another e-mail marketing software that’s no problem as well.

You can connect ClickFunnels with pretty much all big e-mail marketing softwares.

What I also want to highlight is that you have with ClickFunnels Platinum access to the Weekly Peer Review Funnel Hackathons of ClickFunnels.

There the expert coaches of ClickFunnels are showing how to build your Landing pages in real time.

And you can ask them any questions you would like to know more about.

Furthermore, you can ask all your questions at any time in the Funnel Hacker Forum of ClickFunnels.

There you can ask questions, start conversations and threads and ask about topics like.

Landing pages, List-building, Lead generation, Funnel-building, Traffic generation, Copywriting, Design, Product Creation, Offer creation, Follow-up funnels.

And pretty much any topic around building your business online.

And you can further educate yourself on all these topics with Funnel Flix.

Already in your 14 Day Free ClickFunnels Trial you receive access to four courses of ClickFunnels.

The first one is “Product Secrets” there you learn how you can create a product that solves a problem for your target market.

The second one is Funnel Builder Secrets, inside this course you learn how to plan, structure, split test and build Landing pages and funnels with the ClickFunnels editor.

So, when you are starting with your 14 Day Free ClickFunnels Trial I recommend you to watch this course first.

The third course you receive access to is Ad Skills with Justin Brooke.

In this course you learn how to leverage the different traffic sources of the internet.

And in specific how to drive traffic from Instagram Ads, Facebook Ads, Youtube Ads, Google Ads, Linkedin Ads, Twitter Ads, Native Ads to Bulletproof Landing Pages.

The fourth course you receive access to is the Tony Robbins Private Collection.

In this course Tony Robbins helps rewiring your brain to help you become more successful.

Tony Robbins Private Collection

In detail you learn how you can get all the NOISE out of your head that’s doing you a dis-service and holding you back.

All in all think that when you want to create Landing pages and Funnels in 2020.

ClickFunnels is right software to do that.

Since with ClickFunnels you have an intuitive, easy to use drag and drop editor to build your Landing pages and Funnels.

You have access to a wide variety of courses that help you to build better Landing pages.

You have weekly peer review hackathons where you can watch expert coaches building funnels LIVE over the shoulders and ask questions.

You have access to 102+ Landing page/ Funnel Templates that you can plug and play and start customizing them to your offer.

You have a Forum where you can ask all your questions about pretty much any online business-related topic.

And discuss them with other entrepreneurs and marketers.

Plus, you have a 14 Day Free Trial.

Where you can explore and discover ClickFunnels for yourself and see how the software can help you building better Landing pages and funnels.


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