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Welcome to this article about how you to buy Funnel Scripts !

I will show you exactly the process for buying Funnel Scripts.

This is a little mini tutorial.

Funnel Scripts has a price of $497 for one year.

If you would like to buy Funnel Scripts directly you can directly go to the Sales Page of Funnel Scripts.

Beyond that if you would like to see a demo of Funnel Scripts you can watch the Funnel Scripts Webinar here.

In the Funnel Scripts Webinar you get a clear overview about the functions of Funnel Scripts.

Plus Russell Brunson and Jim Edwards are presenting you the Funnel Scripts Demo.

In Funnel Scripts are included the Perfect Webinar Wizard, the Star, Story, Solution Wizard, 5 Fast Funnel Templates and the Funnel Scripts Blueprints.

Moreover has Funnel Scripts a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.

I really like Funnel Scripts because it saves a lot of time which I normally would have to invest in writing copy.

Or I would have to pay for Copywriters.

And this can get quite expensive especially if you hire experienced Copywriters who are producing quality work.

All I have to do with Funnel Scripts is to know my target audience.

And then answer a few questions of Funnel Scripts.

This takes 10 to 20 minutes in my experience.

After that Funnel Scripts produces the copy and you can just copy and paste it into your Sales Funnel.

You can also try Funnel Scripts for completely free.

Here you can test the Funnel Scripts Headline Editor.

This one let you instantly generate dozens of attention-grabbing, money sucking headlines that stop people in their tracks !

First you have to tell the Amazing Headline Script Generator your niche audience.

Here are some examples: beginner investor, ebook author, home seller, home buyer etc.

After that you have write down your main keyword topic.

This could be investing, e-book  marketing, for sale by owner, home buying etc.

Then you have to insert your second main keyword topic:

For instance winning stocks,e-book writing, house hunting etc.

Subsequently you have to answer the question “What is the #1 Big Result they want ? 

A little tip this one starts with a verb.

Here are some examples to give you inspiration.

Pick more money-making stocks, publish own outrageously profitable e-book, get your home sold for top dollar, buy your own dream home etc.

Then you have to answer the second big result they want.

My audience really wants to … earn a double-digit return on your stock investments, create passive income from amazon royalty checks.

Find a qualified buyer in your timeframe, get a monthly payment you can feel good about etc.

After that you have to answer the question “What is the Pain your audience wants to avoid in this area.

My audience really wants to avoid … losing money on stocks, trying to write it all yourself, paying a realtor commission, spending weeks in a car looking at houses etc.

Then you have to answer “What is a Roadblock they see as holding them back from their goal ?

For instance Even if … you have never invested in stocks before now, you think you can’t write, you have no marketing or sales experience, you have less-than-perfect credit etc.

Finally you have to answer the question in which timeframe you can deliver results for your audience.

You’ll see results in …. For example 30 Days, 15 minutes or less, one week etc.

After you have completed all these questions you just have to click the Build Button.


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