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The Best Affordable Webhosting Providers 2020 !

In this article you will get to know the best Affodable Webhosting Providers 2019 !

Starting our own blog or website is a big step.

Whoever is planning to make money and monetize his or her website though, should make sure to start up with a paid site instead of a free platform.

On which monetizing can become difficult or impossible. 

A Web presence shows our capacity, service or paints a certain picture of us to our readers and visitors.

Obviously we would like this picture to be as accurate and pleasant as possible and hence boost our marketing options easily.

However, there are plenty of providers offering to help.

Some of them are cheap some of them are rather pricey.

If one isn’t acting in the field of IT on a daily base, it can be hard to make the right choice.

Various companies are being recommended by search sites or bloggers.

But whom can we trust?

It can get confusing to brows the Internet searching for the most fitting provider to host our precious information.

There are hundreds of companies providing affordable webhosting, economical webhosting, cheap webhosting and fair webhosting. 

That sounds good and exciting and most providers keep these promises. 

A closer look at Affordable Webhosting ...

But whom can we trust ?

It can get confusing to brows the Internet searching for the most fitting provider to host our precious information.

There are hundreds of companies providing affordable webhosting, economical webhosting, cheap webhosting and fair webhosting.

That sounds good and exciting and most providers keep these promises.

But where can we find that extra that will make the difference for us ? 

Only a few companies provide excellent and personal support service and maybe as a beginner in hosting your site, this is what you need.

Maybe what you need is a server that provides unlimited traffic, because your business gets millions of visitors already. 

Or maybe your priority is the migration from another provider you’re not satisfied with, without loosing any data, looking for fair unlimited terms.

Anyhow, we’ll list 3 providers for you and give you their strengths as well as their weaknesses.

We chose SiteGround, Bluehost and Hostgator for you today to share and compare and maybe this will help you to find your host that fulfils your individual needs. 

Why make the decision to go for Siteground ?

SiteGround is a privately run company without a big brother watching over them. They are registered in England and therefor on a European time zone.

Their costumer service though is available 24/7.

They have data centres located in the US, Europe and Asean region. 

That is why fast server access can be granted pretty much worldwide.

SiteGround is a transparent company that offers a StartUp, a GrowBig and a GoGeek plan.

Their ‘back to business’ special gives as much as 70% off normal prices, therefor is the StartUp option down to 4.45$ per month instead of the regular 14.95$ a month ! 

This is a cheap option to start up with a simple website that provides all necessities for a companies online appearance.

It includes up to 10 000 monthly page visits, 10GB web space and one hosted website.

Apart from that data transfer is unmetered and features like the drag & drop builder, shopping cart installer or free support via phone, chat or email is included.

The GrowBig Plan is the next step up from the beginners package and will be required once the monthly visits grow up to 25 000 visits per month. 

Web space reaches 20 GB and one can host an unlimited amount of Websites. Apart from the special features in the StartUp package.

The GrowBig plan provides backup and restore up to 30 copies a day.

Furthermore your issues will be solved on a priority basis with this pack costing you 7.45$ a month instead of the regular 24.95$ a month.

This monthly fee also includes the transfer of websites to SiteGround as part of the deal. 

For the more advanced user, SiteGround has the option named GoGeek.

Which is another economical option to keep your visitors and costumers up to date on your online platforms. 

With 11.45$ per month instead of the usual 39.95$ one gets up to 100 000 monthly visits, 30GB web space and free backups on demand for maximum security on your data.

Advanced features like for example FTP Accounts to upload information on other servers are provided by all three packages.

Essential features like a website builder with hundreds of templates as well as for example a cPanel & SSH are of course included in the StartUp, GrowBig and GoGeek plan.

Your sites will load fast and efficient with this affordable website host and you will be walked through every step of the way to become a professional ‘geek’ if you aren’t there yet.

If you are thinking about moving your blog from your current provider or starting up your own blog, this could be a well-made decision.

SiteGround is a personalised host who will assist you around the clock and make sure you get what you need.

Another interesting fact for advanced users is how easy SiteGround makes it to catch your traffic without an external plug in.

Not only that but they also provide a built-in Content Delivery Network (CDN) which will become essential after a countable amount of visitors.

This GoGeek plan is also equipped for you to build an e-shop and meets all required safety regulations.

SiteGround is a compelling host and offers more features then most competitors.

It can get tricky to use for newbies though. As a WordPress user, one will be best accommodated with SiteGround on all levels. 

After all that, if the costumers of Siteground aren’t happy with what they got – there is a 30 days money back guarantee for all mentioned packages. 

Bluehost in Comparison:

There are countable recommendations for this cheap webhosting provider.

From as little as 2.95$ per month starts their unbelievably cheap offer for shared Web hosting.

Then they offer a Plus, a Choice Plus and a Go Pro package.

Proudly they provide a Basic plan for as little as 2.95$ per month instead of the normally charged 7.99$ a month.

This will include one Website, 50GB and a standard performance.

The Plus package provides unlimited websites, unmetered storage and 200$ marketing offers for 5.95$ instead of the usual 10.99$.

This is definitely a big bonus for pop up companies or businesses that are looking for more exposure.

Since Bluehost is part of a big Group called Endurance International Group in short EIG, they do have a large platform to cross-market with adds on countless communities.

With the third option called Choice Plus one will get the same deal plus extra security in form of spam experts and domain privacy.

With a CodeGuard Basic plan included for only 5.95$ a month instead of the usual 14.99$.

This is the mostly recommended option with Bluehost and a very affordable webhosting option.

Just like SiteGround, Bluehost also provides Cloudfare and is endorsed by WordPress.

Which makes procedures very easy once you are starting to build your online presence in word and picture.

Bluehost also comes with the easiest to use one click WordPress installs.

The GoPro option includes everything the ChoicePlus package already offers plus a high performance server.

GoPro and ChoicePlus include a CodeGuard Basic Plan for high security and monitoring. 

Bluehost is definitely a good and budget friendly choice in a world of countless providers scattered over the web.

It is important to make a decision according to individual needs.

Bluehost seems to be one of the most popular service providers and therefor more reviews and opinions can be found in online communities.

Costumer service with this Webhost has been known to be a little less personalized then smaller providers as for example SiteGround.

But also provides a 24/7-customer service through phone.

The downside here is that there is no email support and phone service only on a US number.

So for costumers located outside the United States, complicated issues might become a problem. 

SiteGround or Bluehost? Pros and Cons at once:

SiteGround is one of the best host options for WordPress.

Each WordPress plan runs on excellent speed and uptime.

The pricing is scaled to grow with you, so as your popularity on the net grows.

You have the opportunity to upgrade your package step by step without any downtime.

There is no need to jump to another form of hosting, with SiteGround your page can grow within a reasonable rate.

And top speed. This is partly due to the specifically listed cloudflare and catching they provide.

 The support system wins in every way. Response times are low and therefore set the bar very high for other hosts.

FAQ as well as online support are efficient and fast.

Customer service over the support phone line is fast and very helpful.

A set up ‘Do it Yourself’ option is also provided, if one likes to know exactly how it’s done.

For starters this is definitely a very good option to set up a website fast and easy.

Costs are still low for the speed and support we get with this host.

Another wonderful plus we should mention again here, is the free transfer.

The process of your switch over, if you already have an existing site, is offered to be done by SiteGround.

If you have been using WordPress on your previous provider, SiteGround will also do the necessary tweaks and make sure everything works for you.

If we compare this move with a house move – SiteGround will be the moving company that with not only move your boxes.

But unpack and put things in the right place for you.

It is what makes this host great, service is personalised and people helping you make you feel like they actually care for your business.

As if it was their own.

This clearly gives us the peace of mind we need if our own technical skills are not advanced enough to build a unique and good-looking online presence. 

Web Hosting

Bluehost stands out through their pricing and their control panel.

Things are made to be easy here but if there is an issue, contacting support can cause delays with your online setup. 

If one knows already what to do, Bluehost will win their hearts in an instant. WordPress and the implemented cPanel melt into each other smoothly.

And provide therefor a seamless functionality without sacrificing usability.

Plugins and themes can be browsed without opening another tab, which can be installed directly through the marketplace.

WordPress plans come with top-notch security features to keep your data safe.

Bluehost is one of a few providers that include that service in the fee. 

This host will also do daily, weekly and monthly backups for your account to a certain level.

Although there are restrictions. Bluehost can only restore everything at once.

If you need to restore specific files or databases only, there will be a Bluehost PRO backup service that needs to be paid separately.

 Talking about costs, Bluehost discount prices are not valid on a monthly base.

Discount plans you are signing up for are yearly and a top up of your package can only be done after that term ends.

It is therefor a bit harder to grow with increasing traffic or top-ups on the go. 

Before we sign up for a plan with Bluehost, we need to estimate carefully, where we are going to be in a few months from now.

The month-to-month prices are a bit higher but it can be done if you are choosing Bluehost due to their easy to use designs. 

Everything is in one place and compared to SiteGround, Bluehost definitely wins this category. 

The cPanel is a bit more out-dated on SiteGround but they make it up with their excellent support.

Bluehost and Siteground are both affordable and have a very good background of reviews. 

For people who love a more eye-to-eye service, SiteGround will be the better choice but also a bit more expensive. 

Siteground will step one through the setup and hold their hand during difficulties.

If one likes to test things on his own and do the learning by doing kind of thing, Bluehost will be the right provider. 

It gives an easy base to build and adventure through options and with a little bit of invested time one can proudly present his or her personal platform.

 It is a very individual choice as you can see.

But both providers have mostly pros because they obviously already rank among the best hosts on the World Wide Web. 

Both have an excellent security service, their features are modern and the servers are among the best.

This provides speed and optimal storage space for your data.

Bluehost also provides private hosted servers if that is what you need but keep in mind that not shared servers are more costly than shared ones.

 Both sites provide cloud hosting which is a back up procedure that stores your information on several clouds for maximum security.

And nearly no loss of data even if one server might crash at one point you will be safe. 

Easy and affordable with Hostgator ...

HostGator will be the last economical webhosting provider we’ll introduce to you.

‘Web Hosting Made Easy And Affordable’ sounds their catchy slogan and they have been around for quite some time. 

Their recommended Hatchling plan tempts with a 62% off discount where a single domain with easy one click installs and a unmetered bandwidth.

Plus a SSL certificate is offered for only 2.64 $ a month.

SSL comes with all of the introduced packages included in essential features. 

All mentioned providers give you a certificate to secure your website domains and subdomains through encryption between servers and visitors.

 The Baby plan with the same 62% off sale includes everything included in the Hatchling plan but for 3.78$ we get unlimited domains on top.

These plans are recommended to be used for personal websites or small businesses.

 The unmetered bandwidth has to stay within fair webhosting and be reasonable according to the provider’s terms and conditions.

Unmetered providers don’t charge for the amount of disk space or bandwidth one uses but will ask you to reduce usage once you are exceeding 25% or more.

Of the system resources for longer than 90 seconds.

But as mentioned, small personal or business pages rarely exceed these limits. 

The third option with HostGator is the Business plan. 

With the Business plan we get unlimited domains, one click installs, unmetered bandwidth, SSL certificate, a free upgrade to positive SSL, a dedicated IP and SEO Tools.

The SSL certificate secures domains with a $10K warranty and provides a TrustLogo to display on the Website. 

With a value of $50 per year as start package this feature provides tools to increase online visibility, drives more site traffic and boosts online rankings.

This Business Bundle is available for a starting price of 5.68$ a month. 

All those offers come with a pack of 4500 templates, an easy to use control panel and unlimited email addresses.

HostGator also provides technical support via email, live chat or telephone within the United States.

Compared to most money back offers, HostGator can be cancelled within the first 45 days instead of only 30 days. 

This host moves on a whole different level due to its unbelievable low pricing and simple to use system.

HostGator gives the newbie on the web a super easy step into the business deal. 

The cPanel is similar to the one provided by Bluehost. HostGator also belongs to the big international group EIG together with Bluehost.

There are opinions that will say that support and service is lacking with hosts that are owned by large groups or that are being taken over by large groups such as EIG. 

Others though testify that Bluehost as well as HostGator provide exactly what they advertise to maximum satisfaction.

At the end of the day it will be your decision if you’d like to thrive cheap at first and once you get the hack of it you might want to swap to a more specified provider.

Or if the HostGator playground is 100% sufficient to your needs. 

Having mentioned all these prices we should also add, that the printed discount price is only valid for the first term.

Every coming month after that will be back to the regular pricing.


The Hosting Providers from Good to Excellent ...

SiteGround, Bluehost and HostGater all move within the best providers worldwide.

We broke it down to the following categories: features, pricing, server types, ease of use, security and support.

The rating never drops past good, which is what makes it hard to choose between the three.

Let us start with SiteGround. Features, server types, security and support are excellent with this host.

Pricing is still very good while the ease of use is rated with a good. 

Buehost gets an excellent for features, security and support. Pricing, server types and the ease of use are good. 

HostGator has excellent features, pricing, server types and is easy to use. Security and support is rated with a good. 

SiteGround is clearly a good option for those using WordPress hosting.

This is a fully featured solution that provides you with excellent security and outstanding support.

It isn’t as easy to use but definitely makes you look good once everything is set and running. 

Bluehost is a good choice for large corporations, which do have an IT office on location that knows their business.

Still it’s made easy to use and performs in the most optimal ratio compared to the price options.

Usually more pricey server options are still held very affordable and therefor host high impact website ideally. 

HostGator has been online for a long time and knows their clients best.

They stand out with an easy to use navigation and are one of the cheapest providers around this area of website hosting.

Support is less accessible but due to a very easy to use panel, that might not be required and this is the road HostGator drives on. 

After all this said, facts hopefully give you a better insight in where your needs will fit.

Keep in mind how important a website is for your business and what an impact you would like to leave.

This is your personal online footprint that will summarize your service or your voice.

It is important to find a fitting provider that helps you to achieve that and more.

This article contains affiliate links.

This means i receive a little commission when you buy a product over one of my links.